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The Magus Era - Chapter 130


Chapter 130: Single One

Ji Xia's knees thudded loudly against the ground, and his square, simple and honest face was now covered with blood.

While making continuous thudding sounds, Ji Xia couldn't stop kowtowing in front of the nearly hundred inherited magic treasures, which were wrapped in bright fiery lights, while continuously murmuring.

’’Abba, big brother, younger brothers, grandpas, my ancestors...Ji Xia is useless, Ji Xia is so useless!’’

Ji Hao was staring at these inherited magic treasures, and could feel that an extremely familiar and warm sense of power was being released from those treasures, which acted as a stimulant towards Ji Hao's own power, making his blood boil and heart race. He felt that waves of power had started gushing around within his body, and he subconsciously opened his mouth, letting out a long and resonant shout.

After having practiced the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] for so many years, Ji Hao's internal power had become abundant and stable, greatly different from other Senior Magi's explosive powers. His shout sounded like a dragon's hum, which could directly transmit into the heaven. Waves after waves, every time when people felt that his shout was going to end, his voice would suddenly rise again, even rippling the surface of the Black Dragon Pool.

The Water Ape and the Black Flood Dragon, as well as countless Black Water Serpent Clan's clansmen, who were standing on those small islands, stared at Ji Hao as if they were staring at a ghost. How could a normal person make a shout like that?! He had been shouting towards the sky in one breath, for nearly ten minutes, and showed still no sign of stopping!

Zhu Rong Tonggong looked at Ji Hao delighted and constantly nodded his head. The more he came to know about Ji Hao, the more he liked him. Zhu Rong Tonggong had now made his mind up that he was going to help the Gold Crow Clan. Thousands of years ago, the Gold Crow Clan had been a famous big scale clan in the Southern Wasteland, only declining a bit in recent years.

Ji Hao's shout abruptly stopped. He looked at those inherited treasures, dragged Ji Xia up from the ground and said, ’’Abba, did all those magic treasures belong to our clansmen?’’

Ji Xia rapidly nodded his head while taking a deep breath. He raised his head high and let out a great roar as well, while at the same time, he started to beat hard on his own chest, like a mad gorilla. The beating sound was just like war drums, instantly resounded across the entire jungle.

Together with the thunderous sounds of beating, spots of fiery lights started emerging from Ji Xia's arms and legs, after which, tens of his Magus Acupoints started to lit up. Not long after, those once damaged Acupoints in Ji Xia's chest and stomach, lit up one after another and spurted out eye-piercing fiery lights.

A few tall and scrawny men, who were standing on one of those small islands, suddenly exclaimed out. ’’He has healed! How could that have happened?! We had completely damaged his Acupoints! We had even used our ancestor's venom! How could he possibly have been healed?!’’

’’Ha!’’ Ji Xia shouted out while raising his arms high. Over a hundred Magus Acupoints were brightly glowing on his body, and releasing waves of great fire power, which then transformed into a hurricane, blowing into every direction. Ji Hao could only lower his body, trying very hard to support his body with his feet in order to keep himself from being blown away by the hurricane that had been started by Ji Xia.

’’Old monkey! Let's fight!’’ growled Ji Xia harshly, ’’These inherited treasures all belong to our clan. Countless of our clansmen have died in battles, and you have seized these treasures! Today, we, the Fire, the Gold Crow Clan will take all of the inherited treasures of our ancestors back!’’

Ji Hao slowly straightened his body and raised his arms as well. Just like his father, a bright fiery light spurted out from his body.

Although the sense of fire power that was being released from Ji Hao's body wasn't as strong or as fierce compared to Ji Xia's power sense, Ji Hao's power sense was wilder and purer, similar to that of the rising sun that had unstoppable passion and endless life force energy.

Those magic treasures that were releasing such strong sense of power, which had stimulated Ji Hao's power sense, had belonged to clansmen of the Gold Crow Clan, with whom Ji Xia and Ji Hao shared their bloodline with. For countless years, these magic treasures had been nourished by the spirit of blood of generations of direct ancestors and relatives of Ji Xia and Ji Hao, who had been divine Magi, Magus Kings, and Senior Magi.

These inherited magic treasures were connected to Ji Hao through their bloodline, and as long he was the one wielding it, it would be capable of releasing even greater power then it generally could.

In the Southern Wasteland, every single piece of magic treasure was precious. These nearly hundred pieces of inherited magic treasures were made from rare materials, which were exploited by generations of the Gold Crow Clan's ancestors, forged by themselves, and nourished by unmeasurable amount of their spirit blood, finally becoming precious magic treasures that could make bloodline connections with their clansmen!

During the fights against the Black Water Serpent Clan, powerful warriors of the Gold Crow Clan had died one after another, and their inherited magic treasures were seized by the Black Water Serpent Clan. Each time when an inherited magic treasure had been lost, the power of the Gold Crow Clan had been weakened by a bit. By now, all the male clansmen who shared the same bloodline with Ji Hao and Ji Xia had died out, and the two of them had no inherited magic treasures remaining in their hands!

Seeing how Ji Xia and Ji Hao were acting, the Water Ape and the Black Flood Dragon couldn't help but grin viciously.

The Water Ape turned its head and looked at Zhu Rong Tonggong, and said while proudly smiling, ’’Zhu Rong Prince, what do you think? Just as we have agreed, if the Black Water Serpent Clan wins, we will not demand too much, just let them keep their current territories, and you will withdraw your army.’’

Zhu Rong Tonggong slightly nodded and said blandly, ’’If the Gold Crow Clan win, the Black Water Serpent Clan should give all of their territories to the winner, and return to the territory of the Water Ape clan;none of their clansmen could take a single step out of the Water Ape Clan for the next one hundred years...Besides that, they also have to give a hundred thousand elite warriors to the Gold Crow Clan, as an offering.

The Water Ape's body suddenly twitched and he yelled in anger, ’’Zhu Rong Prince, did you just raise the stakes? Give a hundred thousand elite warriors to the Gold Crow Clan as an offering? Don't you, my noble price, feel that this might be too much?’’

Zhu Rong Tonggong waved his hand and responded blandly, ’’Looking at all these inherited magic treasures, how many people of the Gold Crow Clan have you killed? If you don't agree with me, then we seem to be unable to solve this problem with only a hundred thousand people!’’

Along with a swooshing sound, the lava giant, who had been standing beside Ji Hao, suddenly raised the pair of gigantic axes.

’’Ho! Ha!’’

Fifty thousand soldiers in the Zhu Rong Country's army simultaneously pulled out their weapons, and a thousand heavily armed chariots, which had landed on the ground, sported fiery clouds out while being quickly dragged into the air by horned fiery horses, and created a formation in the air that was the most suitable for forceful attacks.

’’Okay!’’ The Water Ape hurriedly nodded and said, ’’If the Black Water Serpent Clan loses, they will return to the Water Ape Clan's territories, not one of their clansmen will get out of the Water Ape Clan for the next one hundred years, and they will leave a hundred thousand elite warriors to the Gold Crow Clan, as an offering. I swear on the names of generations of our Water Ape Clan's ancestors, deal.’’

The Water Ape then rubbed its own hands together, grinned and said, ’’So, where are the warriors of the Gold Crow Clan, which are going to join the upcoming deadly fight? The oldest kid among these Black Water Serpent Clan's young warriors is about only fifteen, and there are three thousand young warriors in total. Where are the three thousand Gold Crow Clan's young warriors?’’

Ji Xia and Ji Zhuo glanced at each other. Ji Zhuo then said with a muffled voice, ’’Just a moment, we will contact the Gold Black Mountain right away, telling them to send our kids here! Three thousands kids in a deadly fight! When did our Gold Crow Clan's men ever been afraid of your bunch of stinking snakes?!’’

Ji Xia laughed out loud proudly and began to talk as well.

’’When did you stinking snakes ever won in frontal confrontations on the battlefields?!’’

The Water Ape remained silent and grinned while the Black Flood Dragon proudly raised its head.

Ji Hao abruptly rushed out while laughing loudly, then said, ’’It's nothing but a deadly fight, why do we need three thousand people? Old Monkey, old Black Snake, I, Ji Hao, will fight against your kids, all by myself! Do you, the Black Water Serpent Clan, even dare?’’

Ji Hao's voice was just like the thunder, and resounded above the Black Dragon Pool. Ji Xia and Ji Zhuo were stunned for a moment, then smiled.

Zhu Rong Tonggong suddenly clapped his hands and laughed loudly.

’’Good! Ji Hao! If you win, I'll give you two Fiery Serpents as your mounts!’’

’’Ho! Ha!’’

Fifty thousand soldiers of the Zhu Rong Country's army started cheering and shouting for Ji Hao all together. They beat their own chest armours with their weapons, making loud clashing sounds that would even shake the sky.


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