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The Magus Era - Chapter 129


Chapter 129: Remains

The Water Ape lowered the Black Underworld Water-Manipulating flag.

Zhou Rong Tonggong temporarily stopped releasing the power of the natural Southern Spirit Cauldron as well, put his hands behind his back, while proudly looking at the Water Ape. Indeed as the Water Ape had said, he was the prince of the Zhu Rong family;he was allowed to do certain things, but he also had to allow some space for negotiation.

After all, the reason why the Water Ape Clan had come to the Southern Wasteland with a batch of its dependency clans, was because long ago, the Water God, Gong Gong, had closed an agreement with the last generation of the Fire God, Zhu Rong;and with Zhu Rong Tonggong's current status, breaking this ancient agreement would indeed be inappropriate.

’’Old Monkey, how do you plan to conclude this?’’ Zhou Rong Tonggong said while he looked at the water ape with a smile, ’’Since I'm already here in person, you have to give me a reasonable solution. If I'm not satisfied with your solution, whatever the agreement may have been, it won't be able to save you.’’

’’It's truly easy to satisfy you, my dear prince. Could you please share the reason behind why you did come to deal with the Black Water Serpent Clan yourself?’’ said the water ape while staring at Zhu Rong Tonggong with a pair of shining eyes, ’’With your status, I doubt that you, a noble prince, would even notice the Black Water Serpent Clan. Besides, dear Prince, you have countless Magus King level people working for you, anyone of them could have easily wiped the entire Black Water Serpent Clan out;I don't think it would be necessary for you to have come by yourself.’’

Zhou Rong Tonggong remained briefly silent, then looked at Ji Hao, and while pointing his finger at him, hesaid, ’’Ji Hao, he saved Zhu Rong Man Man, my blood little sister's life. Earlier hee asked for my help. I bet it would be very reasonable if I eliminate the Black Water Serpent Clan, for only the sake of Man Man.’’

The Water Ape threw a weird glance at Ji Hao, then slowly nodded and said, ’’Is this kid from the Fire Crow Clan? Since my dear prince, you came here to help him, then it's really easy to satisfy you.’’

The Water Ape then turned around and let out a few growls towards the Black Flood Dragon, which had been floating on the water, in an extremely high-pitched, yet hoarse voice.

The Black Flood Dragon unhappily raised its head and growled back towards the Water Ape with its own beast language.

The Water Ape's face instantly darkened, then slapped hard on the Black Flood Dragon's head, directly breaking one of its horns and half of its teeth. The Black Flood Dragon immediately stopped growling, and quietly dived into the Black Dragon Pool.

Ji Hao laughed out aloud and said, ’’Is this the ancestor, which those stinking snakes had been worshipping? Haha, it is just as same as those sticky snakes, as long as you beat them hard enough, they'll be just nice and behave!’’

’’Ji Hao, not only the Black Water Serpent Clan, all of Gong Gong's dogs are just like this!’’ said Zhu Rong Tonggong while laughing as well.

The Water Ape's face suddenly twitched, however, it pretended not to having heard the conversation between Ji Hao and Zhu Rong Tonggong.

Not much later, along with the rippling of the water surface, the Black Flood Dragon darted out from the deep area of the pool, and a sphere of water, which had the diameter of a few miles was closely behind it. Within the sphere of water, there were bright fiery lights and rolling hot airwaves. The Black Flood Dragon wailed loudly towards the sky, and followed its voice, the sphere of water suddenly exploded;from out of the spheres, three three-legged Gold Crow skeletons flew out.

These three three-legged Gold Crow skeletons had wingspans of over a mile width and were wrapped in piercing gold lights, which were ceaselessly glowing and releasing fire power from their bodies. After they had flown out of the sphere of water, these three three-legged Gold Crow skeletons sensed the powers, which was being released from the bodies of Ji Hao, Ji Xia and Ji Zhuo. The three three-legged Gold Crow skeletons quickly flew towards them and released unmeasurably bright fiery light, which seemed capable of even litting up the entire universe.

Ji Xia, Ji Zhuo and the other Fire Crow Clan's clansmen kneeled down on the ground simultaneously, and saluted to these three-legged Gold Crow skeletons, the totem of the Fire Crow Clan.

Ji Hao stared at the three three-legged Gold Crow skeletons, stunned. He had heard from Ji Kui, the Fire Crow Clan's master Maguspriest that the secret mulberry woods under the Gold Black Mountain, where the dome for their clan's meeting was located, was supported by the last skeleton of a three-legged Gold Crow that had remained in the Fire Crow Clan.

The power released from the skeleton of the three-legged Gold Crow had created a broad secret space under the Gold Black Mountain, and was filled with dense, pure fire power. This space was a holy place for the Fire Crow's clansmen to delve deeply into practicing their powers.

If the skeletons of these three three-legged Gold Crows were sent into that secret space, by how many times could potentially the power of the Fire Crow Clan improve?

On the surface of the Black Dragon Pool, tens of Black Water Serpent Clan's old Maguspriest had already fallen down on the water surface while crying and wailing.

’’Dear ancestor, please don't do this! Hundreds of thousands of warriors from our elder generations had died in order to seize these three Gold Crow skeletons from those ugly birds' holy land!

’’Dear ancestor, our ancestor! If they have these Gold Crow skeletons back, those ugly birds' potential would greatly be improved, and then the possibility of re-emerging of Magus Kings from their clan will exist, and our Black Water Serpent Clan would have to face the risk of being eliminated!’’

’’Dear ancestor, you can't give these skeletons back to them! We...we can risk our lives and fight against them...’’

Zhu Rong Tonggong pointed his finger at those Maguspriests, and followed by his move, the natural Southern Spirit Cauldron instantly darted towards them with a long trail of fiery light;the cauldron fell into the crowd of Magus Priests along with a thunderous boom;a sphere of fiery light gushed out of the cauldron, right after which, tens of Maguspriests and hundreds of elite warriors around them, were torn into pieces and soon burnt to ashes.

’’Risk your lives? Do you even qualify to risk your lives and fight against me, Zhu Rong Tonggong?’’

After letting out a cold smile, Zhu Rong Tonggong took a glance at the three skeletons of the three-legged Gold Crows and said, ’’Gold Crow's skeletons? Your Fire Crow Clan needs them? Well, hundreds of Gold Crow's skeletons, remains of those ancient Gold Crows that had worked for us, the Zhu Rong family, are placed in the storeroom of our palace. After we have finished this, you can just carry all those back to your clan.’’

Pausing for a second, Zhu Rong Tonggong grinned towards Ji Zhuo and said, ’’From now on, your Fire, you should change the name of your clan into Gold Crow Clan, and you will be directly under my command. If you can create Magus Kings, I'll let you be the leaders of my armies!’’

Ji Xia and Ji Zhuo were overwhelmed by such great joy;the two of them and other Fire Crow Clan's clansmen just couldn't stop bowing in front of Zhu Rong Tonggong and thanking him.

To the clansmen of a Southern Wasteland clan such as the the Fire Crow Clan, becoming a clan that was directly under the eldest Zhu Rong Prince's command, was similar to a beggar suddenly becoming a prince's courtier, which was a skyrocketing promotion.

More importantly, the Fire Crow Clan finally got their original name back. The Gold Crow Clan, such a nice name! With Zhu Rong Tonggong's permission, the Fire Crow Clan's people could proudly puff their chests out and loudly introduce their own clan with the clan's original name, which had been used by their ancestors!

’’Good, good, I accept your gratitude,’’ said Zhu Rong Tonggong gently. ’’Since you have agreed to give these three Gold Crow skeletons back to the Gold Crow Clan, I will not fight against you by myself today. However, you still owe me a solution for the conflict between the Gold Crow Clan and the Black Water Serpent Clan.’’

The Water Ape blandly smiled, glanced at Ji Hao and said calmly, ’’Since you, our dear Prince have said so, today, we will certainly solve this out. If all these were started because of this kid, then why don't we let this kid take his peers to run our bet?’’

While speaking, the Water Ape clapped its hands;at the same time, the black flood dragon howled towards the sky. Large groups of young warriors, who were wearing tight snake leather armors and holding long swords, quickly walked out from those small islands on the Black Dragon Pool. If they were being measured by taking a glance, at least three-thousand young warriors had shown up.

’’They are the most elite clansmen of our Black Water Serpent Clan, and are all representing the future of the Black Water Serpent Clan.’’

’’If your Fire Crow Clan's young warriors are brave enough, why don't you pick three-thousands young warriors out as well, who are in the same age group as ours;let our young warriors fight against each other. The bet will only stop and the winner will be determined, only when the last remaining person on of the sides have died.’’

’’If the Black Water Serpent Clan wins, the relationship between the two clans should stay as now, but the Zhu Rong Prince shall refrain from stepping into the middle of any conflicts between these two clans.’’

’’And of course, since you, our Zhu Rong Prince have come in person, the Black Water Serpent Clan shall show you their honesty.’’

’’If the Fire Crow Clan wins, the Black Water Serpent Clan will give all of their current territories to the Fire Crow Clan;besides, all of the inherited treasures that the Black Water Serpent Clan has gained from the Fire Crow Clan's ancestors, who died during previous battles, will be given back to the Fire Crow Clan.’’

Followed by the Water Ape's voice, the Black Flood Dragon howled again, and spew a cloud of frosty air out.

From within the frosty air, nearly a hundred inherited treasures, which were all emitting bright fiery lights, flew out.


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