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The Magus Era - Chapter 127


Chapter 127: Boiling the Sea

’’Hao, good job!’’ Ji Xia rode on the back of the same fiery dragon as Ji Hao, and punched towards Ji Hao while he laughed.

Ji Hao laughed out loud, raised his fist and bumped his fist hard back against Ji Xia's fist, twice. He agreed that he had done a great job. The elite allied forces of the three clans had vanished, especially the old monsters like Black Water Kiu had been eliminated;this was definitely a big win.

More importantly, the Zhu Rong Country's troops were now moving towards the nest of the Black Water Serpent Clan, what they were going to do next was the most important thing.

Ji Zhuo remained a lot calmer compared to Ji Xia. He had swallowed a couple of healing pills, after which he carefully asked Ji Hao about what had happened during his journey.

Ji Hao told him everything that had happened during his journey in detail, except about the three young men in white clothes, who had showed up abruptly and tried to kill him. As for the three young men, they seemed not to be one of the Southern Wasteland people, which is why Ji Hao wasn't sure if he should tell Ji Zhuo and Ji Xia now, therefore, he decided not to tell them for the time being..

The Zhu Rong Country's troops had been moving extremely fast. With the magical power that the Magus King level leader was releasing, the speed of the troops was ten times faster compared to the fastest speed that Mr Crow was able to do. After only a small half day, the large troops had traversed across the Fire Crow Clan's territory, and went deep into the Black Water Serpent Clan's territory.

Looking down from the sky, the land that was under the Black Water Serpent Clan's control was thickly dotted with lakes and rivers, as well as countless waterfalls and deep pools. The percentage of the area that was occupied by the water, was over thirty percent of the total area. Besides, in their territories, the existence of other kinds of wild beast was rare, this entire area was being dominated by all kinds of different sized snakes and serpents.

Within the dense jungle, serpents were wiggling across, and snakes were dancing, while countless different-coloured poisonous snakes were coiled around the branches, letting out hissing sounds while thrusting out their fork-shaped tongues.

Dense mist, mixed with miasma, was spreading everywhere. Compared to the Fire Crow Clan's territory, which had picturesque sceneries, the Black Water Serpent Clan's territory seemed turbid, comparable to a pot of sticky thin porridge. The air was filled with mist and miasma, which would make it difficult for people to breathe in.

The sounds of a deep war drum came from afar. A large scale Black Water Serpent Clan army was moving towards the border of the two clans.

A three-headed fiery dragon carried tens of Zhu Rong Country warriors on its back and darted towards the army. The Senior Magus level fiery dragon opened its mouth and spewed out a column of flame that was powerful enough to destroy everything. The glowing red flame rolled and roared, covering up miles round of land and nearly ten thousand Black Water Serpent Clan elite warriors simultaneously were burnt into ashes by this flame.

From out the huge army, two Senior Magi leapt high into the air against the raging flame, which was spewed out by the fiery dragon. They raised their long swords high and launched attacks towards the tens of Zhu Rong Country warriors.

However, before they could release the power of their swords, the tens of Zhu Rong Country's warriors had pulled their long bows open, and shot out tens of arrows, which were forged from the best quality metal and made by excellent blacksmiths, containing also powerful spell symbols and had the ability to penetrate any type of full metal armor. The two Senior Magi instantly exploded and were burnt into wisps of smokes once those arrows pierced through their bodies.

The Zhu Rong Country's troops broke into the Black Water Serpent Clan's territory in a formidable array. Hundreds of different scaled Black Water Serpent Clan's villages, which were located in their path, were all burnt down.

Staring at those villages, which were shrouded by smoke and flames, Ji Hao couldn't help but ask, ’’The Southern Wasteland is the Fire God's territory, why did these water clans, like the Black Water Serpent Clan, show up here in the Southern wasteland?’’

During the past countless years, the Black Water Serpent Clan and the Fire Crow Clan had been fighting against each other without any breaks. Generation after generation, countless elite warriors had died in battle, and many of Ji Hao's elders had died in fights against the Black Water Serpent Clan.

However, the Southern Wasteland was the territory of the Zhu Rong Country, the country of God, and belonged to the Fire God.

Only one troop of the Zhu Rong Country was already powerful enough to wipe the entire Black Water Serpent Clan out, how could a clan like this survive in the Southern Wasteland for this many years?

The peak Magus Kings level lava giant coughed and responded in a muffled voice, ’’They have their reason to stay here. That was an ancient agreement. Although they were all people of Gong Gong, the Water God, they have their right to live and procreate in this piece of land.’’

The ancient agreement.

The people of Gong Gong, the Water God, had lived in the territory of Zhu Rong, the Fire God. Ji Hao memorized what the lava giant said, then asked more questions.

’’So, where is the territory of the Water God, Gong Gong?’’

The lava giant turned his head and looked towards the North, while he said with a resonating voice, ’’In the deepest part of the North. The Northern Underworld Sea is where Gong Gong has been hiding in. Gong Gong's forces with water power, those disgusting things. Sooner or later, I'll chop the heads of those few bastards off.’’

It seemed that Ji Hao's questions had brought up the lava giant's interest to talk, he then pointed towards the East and said, ’’The Eastern Wasteland is the Wood God, Emperor Qing's territory. But the last generation of the Wood God has died in the battle, as well as most of the princes. Now the Eastern Wasteland is in chaos. Little miss Man Man's mother is one of the elder sisters of the last generation of the Wood God.’’

Soon after, the lava giant pointed his finger to the West and continued loudly, ’’The West has been barren and poor, I haven't heard from Emperor Bai, the Gold God, or any of his relatives for years, just wondering what the West looks like now. This pair of heavy axes of mine have the powers of gods, and were forged by a royal blacksmith, who shares his bloodline with Emperor Bai.’’

The lava giant then shook his head and concluded his speech. ’’Emperor Qing and Emperor Bai were all good, but Gong Gong and his people are a bunch of bastards. Ji Hao, my little brother, if you ever encounter Gong Gong's dogs in the future, stay alive.’’

Ji Hao stared at the lava giant and didn't know how to respond. Such a straightforward suggestion.

It seemed that there were big conflicts between the Zhu Rong Country and the Gong Gong country, but how could the Zhu Rong Country tolerate the Black Water Serpent Clan to live in the Southern Wasteland? What on earth was this so called ’’ancient agreement’’?

The troops kept moving forward at a fast speed for another hour;abruptly, a great pool of water showed up in front of them.

The water surface was white and boundless, and as sticky as rice porridge. Ji Hao stood on a fiery dragon's back, looking down from thousands of feet high in the air, with eyes that had been largely improved by his [Gold Crow Eyes]. However, he still failed to see the entire surface of the water country.

This was the Black Dragon Pool, the core area of the Black Water Serpent Clan. During the past hundreds of years, the Fire Crow Clan's armies had reached the edge of the Black Dragon Pool tens of times. Nevertheless, every time they eventually failed to break through the naturally formed defenses of the pool, and could only dejectedly withdraw.

But today, the Black Dragon Pool was facing a destructive disaster.

Zhu Rong Tonggong was squatting by the edge of the Black Dragon Pool, with a glowing small red cauldron floating above his head. A pot full of white water was boiling in the small cauldron;the water of the entire Black Dragon Pool was also boiling and bubbling, sending up waves of hot steams, just like the water in the small cauldron.

The entire Black Dragon Pool was boiling, and countless bodies of dead fishes floated up. One could sense a dense scent of fresh fish soup, even at a distance of hundreds of miles away from the Black Dragon Pool.

On the hundreds of small islands in the Black Dragon Pool, countless Black Water Serpent Clan's clansmen were screaming hoarsely. They were about to be cooked by the hot steam.

Hundreds of zhangs tall, gigantic water apes, whose bodies were covered in thick and silver fur, were standing on the water surface of the Black Dragon Pool and growling at Zhu Rong Tonggong, ’’Prince Zhu Rong, are you going to violate the agreement that your ancestors made with us?’’

Behind the water ape, a thousand-zhang long black flood dragon was spurting large amounts of frosty air in rage, trying its best to cool the Black Dragon Pool down. However, facing Zhu Rong Tonggong's mysterious and magical power, all of its efforts were in vain.

After Ji Hao showed up, Zhu Rong Tonggong finally started talking.

’’To things like agreements, back then, our ancestors could make them and now, we can destroy them. What do you think? Am I right?’’


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