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The Magus Era - Chapter 126


Chapter 126: Tidying Up

The gale and the rain had stopped. Ji Hao sat on a fiery dragon's back, looking at the Cold Stream Valley, which was located over tens of miles away.

During these couple of days, the war situation of the Cold Stream Valley hadn't changed a lot. The enemies were powerful, but the Cold Stream Valley's defense was not weak either. Those mysterious creatures and spirits that had been called out by Ji Hao and his friends to help were powerful and violent and even beyond of what the enemies could have imagined.

Looking from a distance, tens of Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magi had built an altar outside of the valley, and were slaughtering a group of slaves, which they had captured from unknown places, and were performing the blood-offering ceremony. They injected all of the vast bloodline power that was being gained through the offering ceremony into a horned serpent's body, then used this serpent as the main attacking force, attempting to break the fence wall.

With the help of the extra bloodline power, this horned serpent transformed temporarily into a flood dragon. A pair of horns grew out on its forehead, four caruncles, which seemed to develop into feet, had emerged from under its stomach, and its head started turning into a head of a dragon. When it moved, clouds and winds would move along its movement;and once it twisted its body, large amounts of frosty ice crystals swished down from its body.

Ji Zhuo was standing on the back of his contracted Fire Crow, holding the long spear in his hand and constantly releasing raging flames, crashing against the ice crystals that were being spew out from the horned serpent's mouth, into the air.

The ice and the fire violently collided against each other in the air, and caused thunderous booms;red and blue light were flashing across the air, and the airwaves that were being sent out by the collision were so strong that it even shook Ji Zhuo and the horned serpents, causing them to be caught off their balance, making them unable to stand steadily.

A Black Water Serpent Clan's MagusPriest, who had been performing the blood offering ceremony, suddenly let out a great growl and cut his own left hand off. His entire hand then transformed into a beam of blood-red light and merged into the body of the horned serpent;after that, the horned serpent's body shrunk into around twenty zhangs long, and the four caruncles under its stomach instantly burst out, from which, four sharp dragon claws, each having three fingers, thrust out.

A resonating dragon call came from its mouth. The horned serpent then widely opened its mouth, and spew out a stream of bone-piercing cold water, flooding towards Ji Zhuo.

Ji Zhuo shouted out, raised his long spear and pierced hard into the stream of water;however, the water stream, which seemed as if it could be easily broken by a single shot, was continuously pressing Ji Zhuo down along with the long spear that was made of mulberry wood. Within only the span of few breaths, the black water stream had poured over Ji Zhuo's body.

Ji Zhuo started quivering instantly, and his contracted Fire Crow fell onto the ground with its head upside down. His body was covered in a thick layer of black ice, and was trembling intensely. A large piece of skin was broken due to the frost formed by the terrifying ice-power, and had fallen of, baring the bloody muscles under his skin.

The horned serpent let out a long howl, then dived down from the air, raising one of its claws high and made a grasping-motion towards Ji Zhuo.

Boom! Boom!

Two gigantic stonemen darted out from the ground, waved their huge fists towards the serpent, and attempted to smash it;the horned serpent rotated its body and heavily lashed at the two stonemen with its long tail;instantly, the two stonemen bumped against the ground with cracks densely covering their bodies.

The two stonemen were Stone's friends, who had come to help. Apparently, they had been through death trials during these past couple of days, just like the other warriors from the Cold Stream Valley.

Ji Hao looked coldly towards the proud and violent horned serpent, slowly raised his right arm, while pointing at the horned serpent, and said a word in a cold tone.


A ten-zhang tall giant, who had been standing behind Ji Hao, with his entire body coiled around by raging fire and lava, pulled the longbow, which he had been holding in his hands, open. The five-zhang long, full-metal long bow let out a loud buzzing sound, followed by which, an arrow that was as thick as an ordinary man's waist, darted out along with a trail of eye-piercing fiery light behind it.

This lava-giant was a peak Magus-King level powerful being and the deputy commander of the first army that was under Zhu Rong Tonggong's command.

Ji Hao didn't have a clear idea of what a peak Magus King level warrior meant in the Southern Wasteland. All he knew was that the arrow that was shot by the lava-giant, flashed across the air and reached the horned serpent's body, which had just beaten Ji Zhuo, within only a single moment. The next moment, the horned serpent had vanished.

The horned serpent had completely vanished, without leaving even a single scale of its body.

After having made the horned serpent disappear, the huge arrow didn't seem to be stopping. It flew silently across three thousand miles. Soon, a towering mountain that even reached into the sky, was also hit by the arrow and immediately disappeared as well. After that, this arrow finally fell and boomed against the ground, opening up, hundreds of miles in radius deep pit, in the dense jungle.


The lava-giant then carried the longbow on his back, pulled out a terrifyingly gigantic lava-axe, while letting out a muffled roar.


Fifty thousand Zhu Rong Country's warriors rushed out of the jungle. They were either riding on fiery dragons or standing on a four-wheeled chariot that was being pulled by horned fiery horses. These huge troops looked just like a flood of blazing fire, rushing towards the enemies along with a bright fiery light that seemed capable of even burning the sky.

The lava giant was the first one to rush into the group of the Black Water Serpent Clan, with big steps.

He only waved his axe slightly, but caused a large group of Black Water Serpent Clan's magi to disappear. From those senior-level horned serpents to those Senior Magi and Maguspriests, then to those ordinary warriors;all of them completely vanished in the fire.

A few gigantic striped water serpents were wailing deeply, wriggling their tremendous bodies and trying to flee into the deeper parts of the jungle in a flurry, but just after they had raised their upper bodies, a few gigantic dragon-heads lowered from the air, each spewing slightly mouthful of fire towards those water serpents.

The dense, raging fire swept across the entire area. The few tens of miles long striped water serpents were set ablaze from the heads to the tails. Their thick scales and skins were instantly burned into ashes, and their tremendous bodies were soon grilled into huge meat strands, which emitted a dense and nice smell of meat.

The remaining Senior Magi from the Water Serpent Clan and Water Turtle Clan started screaming in despair.

Every clan that resided in the Southern Wasteland had heard about the terror the Zhu Rong Country's army represented. The Zhu Rong Country was the ruler of this land, which was standing upon the whole world and held the definite control of the Southern Wasteland. However, according to the accident agreement between the Zhu Rong Country and the Southern Wasteland clans, the Zhu Rong army, this powerful, legendary being, would not meddle in the conflict between ordinary clans.

’’Damn you! Black Water Qiu! Is this what you meant when you said that the reinforcements would never show?!’’ hoarsely yelled a few Black Turtle Clan's elders in despair, ’’This is the reinforcement that would never come!! The Zhu Rong army! Do you have any idea about what kind of horrible beings we have messed with?!’’

Before his voice had faded, tens of four-wheeled chariots swooshed over in the air. Those Zhu Rong army's warriors easily swung their long spears across the few elders'necks, and sent a few heads that had long white hairs up into the air;soon after, all of those elders' heads and bodies were burned into wisps of smokes, and dissipated in the air.

And after that...nothing had been left.

The powerful force that had combined all of the elite warriors of the three clans, which had launched a sneak-attacked on the Cold Stream Valley, had completely vanished.

Facing fifty thousand elite Zhu Rong Army warriors, the allied forces were like small pieces of snow under the blazing sun, and had vanished after a short span of a single breath, not leaving even a single dead body.

Every single attack launched by the Zhu Rong army had contained a horrible fire-power;their wild attacks annihilated the enemies, but few of the plants and flowers in the jungle surrounding the Cold Stream Valley had been affected.

Riding on a fiery kylin's back, Ji Hao quickly flew to the entrance of the valley and started yelling loudly.

’’Abba! Grandpa! Can you still move? We are going to smash the Black Water Serpent Clan's ancestral temples!’’

’’We are going to kill that snake ancestor of the Black Water Serpent Clan, are you coming?’’ continued Ji Hao.


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