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The Magus Era - Chapter 125


Chapter 125: Conflict

In the Zhu Rong Country, the sky was filled with fiery clouds that were rolling in the sky.

Zhu Rong Tonggong stood on a mountain top, beside the edge of a cliff, looking at the mighty army which was flying past him, with a faint smile on his face.

Zhou Rong Tianming was standing behind Zhu Rong Tonggong, scornfully looking at those Zhu Rong Country's warriors who rode on the backs of the fiery dragons, or drove four-wheeled chariots and were flying across the air in front of him. The Fire God had gone to Pu Ban City, therefore, Zhu Rong Tonggong was now in charge of all kinds of affairs within the country on behalf of his father, which meant that at the moment, only he was qualified to put this regular army force, the most powerful army in the country of god, to use.

A trace of greed flashed across Zhu Rong Tianming's pupils. He then intentionally said with a relaxed tone, ’’Big brother, Ji Hao is only a little kid, he probably hasn't even grown all of his teeth out yet. Why do you treat him so nicely?’’

Zhu Rong Tonggong's facial expression didn't even change a little bit after he heard Zhu Rong Tianming. He then responded blandly, ’’This little kid has saved Man Man from the hands of thousands of those Jia Clan monsters. Seven, if you had encountered that kind of situation when you were ten years old, I'm afraid you would have been chopped into pieces long ago.’’

Zhou Rong Tianming's face suddenly became embarrassed, and resentfully murmured, ’’We possess the god-kind's bloodline, the speed with which our powers improve is naturally slow. How can we be compared with these Southern Wasteland barbarians?’’

’’Even if so, you're still not as good as him. Talented people deserve to be treated well, that is what our father has told me,’’ said Zhu Rong Tonggong with a gentle voice, ’’The world is not peaceful now, there is suffering in all kinds of wars. The main reason that our Southern Wasteland can stay as calm as this, is because our father has never been stingy in supporting any talented man.’’

’’But, of course, even if Ji Hao hadn't been talented at all, I still would help him. Because he saved Man Man, the little sister that shares the same mother with me. I'm sending the regular army for such a thing, can't be any more reasonable.’’ Zhu Rong Tonggong smilingly continued after pausing for a second.

Zhu Rong Tianming remained silent. He raised his head, looking at a fiery cloud that had been floating in the air far away from the mountaintop, with an evil and weird smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

’’Seven,’’ Zhu Rong Tonggong soon started speaking again, ’’The North of the Southern Wasteland has always been mine. This was decided by our father. The Bi Fang clan is one of my feudatories. They have betrayed me by ganging up with you. Therefore, the Bi Fang Clan has to accept their punishment, and give half of their territories to the Fire Crow Clan. This is my decision.’’

Hearing Zhu Rong Tonggong's words, Zhu Rong Tianming's expression suddenly changed, but before he could say anything, Zhu Rong Tonggong had pressed his hand on Zhu Rong Tianming's shoulder. Zhu Rong Tianming felt a great pressure coming from Zhu Rong Tonggong's palm, even all of his bones started creaking, and his florid face suddenly became deadly pale.

’’Seven, the Bi Fang Clan is mine. You liked to snatch my things ever since you were a little kid, but don't you remember how hard I beat you every time? Since you haven't been beaten for such a long time, you probably have forgotten it.’’

Zhou Rong Tonggong then let out a weird laughter, abruptly grabbed Zhu Rong Tianming's neck and threw him down the cliff.

This cliff was at least tens of thousands of zhangs high. Zhu Rong Tianming screamed in the air, swishing down the cliff with a long trail of red light behind his body, similar to a shooting star that was about to hit the ground. Along with a loud boom, the ground within a thousand miles around shook violently. Thrown down the cliff by Zhu Rong Tonggong, Zhu Rong Tianming had smashed opened the ground miles in radius, and created a hundreds of zhangs deep pit. All of the sands, rocks, and soil in the pit had instantly evaporated, not even leaving a single residue.

Zhu Rong Tianming vomited blood in big mouthfuls, and lay at the bottom of the deep pit with his face towards the ground, unable to move.

Zhu Rong Tonggong looked down at Zhu Rong Tianming from the cliff, his eyes shining with fiery lights, and calmly said, ’’Seven, to be honest, I like your old name more. What Prince Tianming, it's so unpleasant to hear it. But, since you like it, I'll just accept it.’’

’’All of the servants serving the Seventh Prince in his palace were useless. They couldn't even persuade their master to follow the basic rules, they are all guilty. Send a team to the palace of the Seventh Prince, execute all his servants, and enslave all of their families. Go!’’

Along with his order, tens of thousands of guards who rode on fiery dragon's backs rose high into the air, while flying afar in a formidable array.

Zhu Rong Tianming, who had been lying on the bottom of the deep pit, had quite a few broken bones, and spat out another mouthful of blood, closed his eyes and gave up on the struggle.

Zhu Rong Tonggong lowered his head, once again looked at his own brother, smiled and said, ’’Seven, I've told you plenty of times, do not try to snatch my things. I have focused on practice for only three years, and those stupid things in the Bi Fang Clan have turned to you. What should I do with them if I let them live?’’

While speaking, Zhu Rong Tonggong waved his sleeve in the air. A beam of fiery light rose into the air in front of him, and slowly expanded into an opened fiery gate. Zhou Tonggong then walked into that fiery gate with big steps, after which his silhouette gradually dissipated in the gate.

The fiery gate then disappeared. Zhou Ron Tianming suddenly opened his eyes in the deep pit, and then slowly stood up from the ground, stretching his body. A stream of faint light coiled around Zhu Rong Tianming's body which quickly vanished the blood that was covering his entire body. After a short while, all of Zhu Rong Tianming's inner injuries had fully recovered.

’’Big brother, you have been practicing for three years, and is this how much your power has improved?’’

’’I am wondering if this is really all you have got, or were you just pretending. I feel nothing this time. It didn't even hurt as much as that time when we were both young and I tried to fight against you for having a couple of your pretty female slaves.’’

’’Hm,’’ sneered Zhu Rong Tianming before continuing to murmuring to himself, ’’Do you have any problem with my name, Prince Tianming? But I, Zhu Rong Tianming am destined to become the dominator of this whole world! You, Zhu Rong Tonggong, have nothing but a noble mother and a powerful mother's clan which has been taking good care of you. Apart from all this, you are just nothing!’’

Finishing his speech, Zhu Rong Tianming heavily spat on the ground. He then bit his tongue until it was broken and squeezed out a mouthful of blood, spreading the blood on his face, then tremblingly trod on the fiery clouds, slowly rising into the air, and flew towards his own palace.

Zhu Rong Tianming's Palace was as magnificent as Man Man's palace, however, at this moment, the entire palace had been flushed by streams of blood. Countless human heads were rolling all over the floor.

As a grown up prince, Zhu Rong Tianming had his own army and minister group. In his palace, only the number of ministers and administrators, who were responsible for managing his vast territories and other related affairs for him, reached the tens of thousands. Adding to that were the hundreds of thousands of female and male slaves, and the countless number of guards who took turns and guarded his palace day and night.

Nevertheless, once the guards sent by Zhu Rong Tonggong arrived at Zhu Rong Tiamming's palace, and took out a Fire God's order tablet, rising and floating in the air, all of the ministers, administrators, servants and slaves who served in his palace suddenly kneeled on the ground, and didn't dared to even move;just tremblingly waited for Tonggong's guards to drag them out of the crowd and chop their heads off.

Hot and fresh blood converged into streams on the floor, rapidly flowing down along with the stairs in front of Zhu Rong Tianming's palace.

Human heads rolled all over the palace. Maguspriests from Zhu Rong Tonggong's army had been holding all kinds of magic banners in their hands, gathering all of these killed people' souls into the banners. When they had all these souls transformed with certain secret magics, the power of these banners would have been largely improved.

Zhu Rong Tiangming flew to the front gate of his palace, landed on the ground with his feet staggering. Then raised his arms and buried his faces into his sleeves, and started wailing and crying. He kneeled down with his face covered in tears, even hitting his head against the ground, and letting out muffled booms. It seemed that he was suffering from great pain.

No one could see that the handsome face that was hidden behind his sleeve, was now filled with a pleased sneer.

’’Good, good, just kill them all, I wanted this. These bastards were all useless, and at least half of them were spies who had been sent here by my other brothers. Killing them all is the most useful thing that could have happened here. After all these bastards have been wiped out, all of my new underlings will be people who I could trust.’’

Streams of warm blood flowed down through the stairs in front of Zhu Rong Tianming, and flowed around his feet. Slowly, Zhu Rong Tianming's entire body had been soaked in fresh blood.


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