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The Magus Era - Chapter 119


Chapter 119: Forcing Assault

Ji Hao was staring at the two flying daggers, which had transformed into three beams of lights, and were swishing towards him, while his eyes were filled with excitement.

He was too excited, even every single fine hair on his body had started twitching. Although three daggers were flying towards him, obviously, the power that controlled them came from the [Sword Manipulation Magic]. In the world that Ji Hao had lived in his previous life, the [Sword Manipulation Magic] had only been a legend. Ji Hao had looked up in all kinds of books that introduced Taoist, Buddhist and other classic magic power systems, and rarely found any useful information about the [Sword Manipulation Magic]..

Manipulating swords with one's spiritual power. The sword could then move tens of thousands miles within a single moment, and would allow the manipulators to kill the enemies from tens of thousands miles away.

It had been for a very long time that Ji Hao was deeply obsessed with the legend of the [Sword Manipulation Magic], and this was one of the main reasons that he had been trying so hard to study the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words]. Unfortunately, in his previous life, he couldn't even find a good sword that was able to create a connection with its owner.

But now, these three, shining flying daggers, which were releasing strong senses of power, were darting towards him.

Ji Hao was more than excited. He even forgot that he was actually in a fight, and could easily be killed. He slightly rotated his body, left an arc-shaped trail in the air and dodged the three flying dagger. When the lights transformed from the three daggers, flew across the air in front of his face, he even pulled out his own steel dagger from around his waist and slightly knocked on the lights.

His own top quality steel dagger, was silently shattered into ashes by the opponent's dagger light and Ji Hao didn't even feel anything solid when his dagger touched the light.

When Ji Hao's dagger touched the light, a gust of sharp airwaves, which were brought up by the dagger lights, swept across Ji Hao's hand, sliced the skin and muscles on the back of his hand off, and bared his glowing, crystal-like bones. A layer of bright light instantly came out of the armour made by Po, trying to hold the dagger lights' power off;however, the armour had been hit hard by the white pearl just now, and its power was not yet recovered, therefore, Ji Hao was instantly wounded.

Blood gushed out of his hand, Ji Hao even lost his eyesight temporarily because of the pain. He activated a healing magic in a flurry, forcibly sealing the vessels near the wound, and stopped the bleeding.

The three beams of dagger lights hovered around in the air and darted towards Ji Hao again. This time, Ji Hao didn't take the risk again, instead, he roared out and injected more power into the pair of fiery wings, fleeing towards the dense jungle at the side.

The other two young men with white flax clothes flew over, laughed to the third young man simultaneously and said, ’’Elder Apprentice Brother, never thought that you would be interested in this kind of small thing.’’

The third young men waved the short bamboo flute, put it near his mouth and slightly fluted, then smiled and said to the other two young men, ’’my dear Junior Apprentice Brothers, the armour worn by this kid is a real treasure, I'm very interested in it. My dear Brothers, you won't go against me about me having this treasure, will you?’’

Hearing this Eldest Apprentice Brother's word, the other two young men's white and delicate faces instantly darkened as if they had just been forced to eat piles of cow dung.

But since their Eldest Apprentice Brother had said so, the two of them could only reluctantly nod their heads, let out a few hollowed laughter and said, ’’this treasure is certainly fated to be yours! Our dearest Eldest Apprentice Brother.’’

All three of them laughed out, the sound of their laughters was filled with warm fellowship feelings between each other, but none had noticed the scorn that had flashed across the Eldest Apprentice Brother's eyes and had soon disappeared;the same could be said about the hatred that was hidden behind the two Junior Apprentice Brother's smiles.

The Eldest Apprentice Brother pointed his finger to the direction that Ji Hao had just fled to, the three beams of dagger light then turned around and chased Ji Hao, following his movements. He then put the short bamboo flute near his lips, then smilingly said, ’’then, my dear Junior Brothers, thanks for helping me catch this kid. This kid is quite a hard piece at such a young age.’’

The two Junior Brothers smiled embarrassedly, speeded up and chased after Ji Hao as well.

Ji Hao had been fleeing at his highest speed, and was about to go into the dense jungle. The two young men were still over half a mile behind him, but the three beams of dagger lights were only less than twenty zhangs away from him. But Ji Hao believed that he could get into the jungle and disappear before the dagger lights caught up with him.

The Southern Wasteland land was incredibly rugged, and the jungle was full of all kinds of plants;it was a great place for Ji Hao to hide and get away from the deadly danger.

However, the Eldest Apprentice Brother silently smiled, put both of his hands on the short bamboo flute and started fluting. In the fierce and heavy rain, a slow and beautiful melody instantly transmitted to tens of miles away, just like a gust of warm breeze.

Everything in front of Ji Hao's eyes suddenly went black and the Golden Dan in his spiritual space began rotating rapidly. The beautiful melody coming from the bamboo flute turned into a deadly killing song inside his head, Ji Hao felt like thousands of sharp daggers were madly piercing his soul.

More horribly, countless scary monsters emerged from the air around Ji Hao, thrust their bloody arms and tried to catch Ji Hao. A strong, ice-cold air came from the surrounding areas and wrapped Ji Hao up. Ji Hao's body went stiff and he felt like all of his internal organs were about to freeze.

Illusions, illusions, must be illusions!

Ji Hao let out a great growl, and chanted 'Dou', 'Zhen', 'Lie', three secret words from the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], after which, he gathered all of his spiritual powers into the Golden Dan, and soon grew an indestructible, great power inside his body.

A gigantic sphere of golden-red flame, which contained the ancient Gold Crow's power, which was about to break all kinds of evil in the world, suddenly burst out from Ji Hao's mouth, and quickly spread to the area tens of zhangs around Ji Hao. All of the monsters in the dark dissipated while screaming and wailing, and Ji Hao finally got his eyesight back. He saw the jungle in front of his eyes, which was still ruled by the fierce wind and the heavy rain.

’’Hm?’’ The Eldest Apprentice Brother hadn't seen this coming. Along with a slight cracking sound, he found that a small crack had appeared on the short bamboo flute that was held in his hands.

’’You little bastard! Die!’’ shouted the Eldest Apprentice Brother in rage, while again pointing his finger at Ji Hao. The three beams of dagger light speeded up by thirty percent added with the fact that Ji Hao was just confused by the flute melody and paused for a second, the three beams of dagger light had finally caught up with Ji Hao and hit hard onto his back.

Ji Hao shouted out in pain. The light armour had released the bright light, and prevented the dagger lights from cutting into Ji Hao's body, but a small part of the power that was brought by the dagger lights had still hit onto Ji Hao's body, into his internal organs like countless small yet sharp daggers.

Ji Hao felt a great pain from his stomach, opened his mouth and spew out a mouthful of hot blood.

The three dagger lights turned around in the air then quickly rose back high into the air, rotated above Ji Hao's head like a windmill for a second, then abruptly darted down towards Ji Hao's neck.

Ji Hao finally made up his mind. He turned around, and discovered that he had been in the same line as all of the three young men.

Ji Hao glared at the three young men, let out a vicious smile and took out the red tablet, which was given to him by Man Man and represented her status, and possessed a great, destructive power. Although the tablet could only be used once a time, the power contained in it was definitely greater than any Senior Magus's power.

A red light flashed across the tablet, after which, a beam of fiery light straightly darted out. The three young men had been chasing Ji Hao in a line, and Ji Hao held the tablet steadily towards them, without shaking his hand even a little bit. The red light accurately punctured all three of their heads, directly evaporating theirs into wisps of smoke.

The three beams of dagger light were about to cut into Ji Hao's neck, because of the sudden death of their manipulators, the three beams of dagger lights paused in the air, and quickly dimmed down, showing up three shining daggers.

Ji Hao laughed, wiped the blood hung in his own mouth corners with his hands, then thrust his hand out, and caught the three extremely exquisite crescent-shaped daggers, while happily looking at them.

After a while of trying, Ji Hao sent a wisp of spiritual power out and rotated around the three daggers for a few times, carefully leaving a mark with his soul power on the each of the corner's spell symbols that had been embossed on the surfaces of these three daggers. After that, he instantly sensed that he had built a certain magical connection with the three daggers.

Laughing proudly for a while, Ji Hao walked up to the three headless corpses and took everything that they had been carrying on them.

The most surprising discovery was a palm-sized bag that Ji Hao found from the Eldest Apprentice Brother's waist. The tiny bag's inner space was actually half zhang square, big enough to contain a large amount of tools and weapons.

A while later, Ji Hao transformed his body into a beam of fiery light and flew away, with a bright smile on his face, while the three corpses had become three puffs of smoke.

Ji Hao hadn't noticed that a fist-sized, black ape had been hiding in the jungle, and was staring at Ji Hao's disappearing silhouette with his widely opened three green beady eyes on its face.


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