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The Magus Era - Chapter 118


Chapter 118: Predestined

’’My dear fellow, please wait!’’

Ji Hao felt so gross. He activated his power as quick as he could, merging his own body into the heavy rain and the watery mist;however, the two young men's spiritual power was tightly following Ji Hao, like gangrenes that attached itself on the bones.

The spiritual power was gained through the practice with natural born soul powers, and could be considered as a form of the soul power, when it was being released. A real spiritual power is impervious to the wind, rain, thunder, lightning, or any other natural phenomenon.

The two young men had been practicing on a certain magic, just like Ji Hao had been practising with the [Mantra Dan With Nine Secret Words], and had gained this spiritual power, something which those Southern Wasteland Senior Magi could never acquire. Their spiritual power was much greater than Ji Hao's, although Ji Hao had the [Escaping Magic] that allowed him to escape temporally, but due to the huge power-level-difference between Ji Hao and the two young man, Ji Hao was not likely to truly escape from their spiritual powers.

Ji Hao's hazy and misty silhouette quickly flashed across the air, and darted away for over ten miles within a single moment.

A fist-sized pearl, which was shining with a faint, white light, fell down from the sky and heavily hit towards Ji Hao's back.

The clear light that was being emitted by the light armour worn by Ji Hao suddenly became much brighter;thirty-six light-lotuses quickly emerged from the clear light, moving towards the white pearl one after another, trying to hold its power off. The white pearl heavily clashed against the first light-lotus without making any sound;the white light, which was emitted from the pearl, began to shake while those light-lotuses dimmed down one after another;in the end, the white pearl hit hard onto Ji Hao's body.

The light armour shook intensely because of the white pearl, as did the clear light that was wrapped around Ji Hao.

This time, the light armour failed to block all of the power that was contained in the white pearl, a small part of the power still hit onto Ji Hao's body. Ji Hao felt like he was punched by an incredibly great power, even hearing a cracking sound coming from his spine, which was actually hit by the great power, and nearly broken;he clearly sensed that a few parts of his spine had slightly been fractured.

The violent power intensely vibrated all of Ji Hao's internal organs, making him feek as if a fire was burning inside him. Mouthfuls of blood spew out of his mouth along with wisps of golden-red flame, and sprayed onto the ground, burning a huge pit in the ground that had a radius of tens of zhangs.

A large cloud of hot air rose high into the air. Raindrops fell into the pit along with fierce gusts of wind, clashing against the lava that was formed by the rocks which were melted by the blood and flame that had spewed from Ji Hao's mouth, and puffed out larger amounts of steam.

Ji Hao let out a deep roar, and chanted 'Lin', 'Bing', 'Dou', 'Zhe', 'Jie', 'Zhen', 'Lie', 'Qian', 'Xing', which were the nine secret words from the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words]. Followed by his voice, his body started glowing brightly from the inside, and the natural energy and universal power started gushing into his body. Ji Hao's glowing skin became translucent and crystal-like, looked like a precious pearl, and not even the slightest bit of power had escaped from his body.

The power that hit onto Ji Hao's body from the white pearl, which was great enough to cause more serious injuries on Ji Hao's by tens of times, started gushing around inside Ji hero's body like a dammed flood. It then spurted out from Ji Hao's mouth, by following along the path that Ji hao had opened inside his body with the power of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words].

A beam of white light quickly flashed through the air for miles, shattering all the towering trees on its path, finally hitting a small hill, turning it into ashes.

The injuries inside Ji Hao's body stopped becoming worse. With the vast amount of natural energy and universal power that had been ceaselessly gushing into Ji Hao's body, and his own strong life force energy, Ji Hao's inner wounds started healing themselves quickly. Along with a series of cracking sounds, which were coming from Ji Hao's spine, he felt the huge pain from his spine begin to fade, and his spine was quickly wrapped up by a cool power.

Ji Hao again let out a great roar, then turned his head around and took a glance at the two young men, keeping their appearances in his mind, after which, a pair of fiery wings burst out from Ji Hao's back, while at the same time, tens of meridians that corresponded with the fiery wings, started blazing inside Ji Hao's body. These tens of meridians began to quickly absorb the natural energy and universal power, transforming them into a driving power and injected the power into Ji Hao's fiery wings.


Mr Crow let out a high-pitched caw in excitement, while two black feathers rose from its body, and lightly dropped on Ji Hao's legs;the two black feathers quietly set themselves ablaze, then transformed into two small and twisted spell-symbols, which were attached on Ji Hao's legs.

This was a type of support magic that was launched by Mr Crow, and with the power of these two small spell symbols, Ji Hao's speed could be raised by two times within the next quarter of an hour.

’’This great lesson from you, my two dear fellows, I will certainly pay back some day!’’ shouted Ji Hao while transforming his body into a thin beam of fiery light, and rose directly high into the sky, slicing through the rain and the dark clouds, as he left large amounts of afterimages behind, while darting towards his destination.

The speed of Ji Hao's fiery wings was amazingly fast, added with the power of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] that was released by Ji Hao to help with the fiery wings, Ji Hao's moving speed had now become even more alarming. Although to maintain this speed would cost a lot of power, which is why Ji Hao could only fly at this speed for half an hour at the most, but in the eyes of the two young men, Ji Hao's flying speed was dreadful.

They could never fly like this, not even if they activated all of their powers!

Countless raindrops dripped onto Ji Hao's body, then instantly turned into steam by his scorching hot skin, along with a sizzling sound. The two young men then leapt high into the air as well, as if their butts had been burnt by a fire, and their feet trod on faint clouds while rushing towards Ji Hao;however, it was easy to tell that their speeds were about thirty percent slower than that of Ji Hao.

Normally, their speeds should have been a lot faster than Ji Hao's, however, Mr Crow had just given the two black feathers to Ji Hao, and cast a support magic, which allowed Ji Hao to double his speed and fly faster than the two young men. The two young men couldn't help but begin to curse loudly, their pupils began to shine and the greed on their faces became more and more obvious.

The white pearl was a precious treasure, belonging to the senior Brother, and was given by his master as a life-saving treasure. This senior Brother had killed a flood dragon that was a lot more powerful than himself when he had been practicing using this pearl - It was obvious how powerful and destructive this white pearl was.

But such a powerful treasure only made Ji Hao cough up a mouthful of blood, which clearly showed that the armour worn by Ji Hao was a lot powerful than the white pearl;after all, there was a huge power-level-difference between Ji Hao and the two young men.

’’My dear fellow, please stay! That armour of yours, is fated to be mine, you can never leave without handing it to me first!’’ yelled one of the two young men and both of them laughed out loud. The senior fellow bit the tip of his tongue til it broke, and spat a mouthful of spirit blood onto the white pearl. Followed by this move, the white pearl released a beam of bright white light, and wrapped his body up. With the bright white light, his speed was suddenly raised by fifty percent, which allowed him to quickly approach Ji Hao.

After he had spat out a mouthful of blood, the senior Brother's face instantly became more pale. Apparently, he had spent a lot of power on this.

Even if so, the smile on his face hadn't disappeared, he had even time to turn his head back proudly and take a glance at his junior Brother who had been left behind - once he caught up with Ji Hao, the junior Brother would completely lose the chance to have the armour that was worn by Ji Hao.

Ji Hao frowned. He clearly sensed a strong power that was coming towards him from behind. The senior Brother's eyebrows were slowly raised, and the attempt of killing Ji Hao and seizing the armour was so obvious on his face. Moreover, Ji had spent a certain amount of spirit blood, and Ji Hao could never run away from that!

At this moment, Ji Hao bypassed a small hill that was located in front of a screen-like cliff where another young man, who was wearing the same white flax clothes like the other two, and holding a short bamboo flute in his hand, was trodding on a dark cloud, and caught up with Ji Hao from behind.

’’My dear fellow!’’ said the young man once he saw Ji Hao's face, then laughed out and continued, ’’the precious treasure that is being worn by you, is fated to be mine, so please stay.’’

While speaking, the young man waived the bamboo flute in the air, along with his movement, three fist-long, shining, crescent-shaped daggers darted out towards Ji Hao and transformed into three zhangs long beams of cold light in the air.

’’Fly-flying dagger?!’’ Ji Hao was startled by this surprise attack, and subconsciously shouted out.


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