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The Magus Era - Chapter 114


Chapter 114: Horrifying

’’Shoot! Kill that one!!’’ yelled Qing Ying while pointing his fingers at a peak-level Junior Magi, who was wearing a thick turtle shell.

Three Qing Yi Clan's warriors pulled their long bows open towards the warrior that had been pointed out by Qing Ying. A large amount of highly poisonous arrows swooshed across the air and thickly stuck on the warrior's body. That Junior Magi huddled his body into the turtle shell that he was wearing, and dodged ninety-nine percent of the arrows that were shot towards him;however, the last arrow silently darted over and punctured his left palm that hadn't been hidden into the shell yet.

The Junior Magi howled in pain, pressed the wounds on his left hand that had started to spurt black blood, leapt down from the fence wall and tried to flee.

However, he only made five zhangs far before Ji Hao let out a great roar and let out a pair of fiery wings, which started shaking intensely right after they had burst out from Ji Hao's back. Ji Hao caught up to that Junior Magi along with a fierce gust of hot wind and a series of afterimages, like a furious ghost. Along with a shrill swishing sound, a long spear that was wrapped in a blazing flame, thrust towards the Junior Magi, punctured the half-a-foot-thick turtle shell and pierced into his chest.


Flames spurted from all over the body of the Junior Magi, who was punctured by the long spread;within the blink of an eye, he had turned into a human-shaped torch.

Tens of elite Black Water Serpent Clan's peak-level Junior Magi rushed up together, waving those odd-shaped long words that they had been holding in their hands, following some strange movements, silently piercing towards every vital part of Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao's tight armour suddenly emitted a layer of clear light, and a few fist-sized lotus flowers loomingly appeared on the surfaces of the armour. All of the tens of swords that were piercing towards Ji Hao were rebounded by the clear yet bright light, once they had touched the light. The great backlash of power made the tens of enemies unable to even stand steady, their feet were all staggering at the moment.


Growled Ji Hao, while he swung the long spear held in his hands sidewards, leaving an arc-shaped fiery light trail in the air;subconsciously, Ji Hao had followed the mysterious arc that he had drawn when the mysterious man had controlled his body and launched the [Sky Opening].

Find a opening and attack it, this would allow one to break any kind of attack in the world.

The [Sky Opening] was unspeakably mysterious and powerful. Ji Hao easily broke the defence formation that these few had made brashly, with the long spear;the spear tip accurately swept across their throats, slicing all of their heads off from their bodies.

Large amounts of blazing blood gushed out of their broken necks. The tens of elite Black Water Serpent Clan's Junior Magi instantly fell on the ground, and their bodies started twitching. Soon, their entire bodies were swallowed by the blazing flame, and quickly burnt into ashes.

’’Kill this kid! No! Capture him alive! Alive!’’ yelled Black Water Qiu while standing on one gigantic horned serpent's head far from the fence wall, and was at a stalemate with Ji Zhuo. His eyes had been shining brightly, carefully observing the entire situation of this fight;seing Ji Hao abruptly leap down from the fence wall, he yelled in surprise.

Followed by his voice, twenty Water Turtle Clan's warriors, who had especially great defending powers rushed over. While running, they raised the weird-shaped heavy axes high, hacking towards Ji Hao's head. All of these Water Turtle Clan's warriors were high-level, even peak-level, elite Junior Magi;those heavy axes held in their hands had brought up large amounts of watery mist and cold air when they were still tens of zhangs far from Ji Hao's body;those watery mist and cold air quickly transformed into over twenty millstone-sized, giant water-turtle-shaped airwaves, smashing towards Ji Hao.

The Water Turtle Clan's warrior's water-power came from the ancient beast 'Kui Water Turtle'bloodline power. They had amazing defence powers, and great physical strength added with natural born special abilities of water control. Although their power didn't have too many flexibilities, the lethalities of their direct attacks and special lights were extraordinarily great.

Facing over twenty powerful water-turtle-shaped airwaves, Ji Hao laughed out aloud, stood still and puffed out his chest.

The tight armour made by Po had an amazing defending power, even the elite Jia Clan's warriors of the Blood Fang had been unable to break this armour, not to mention these Junior Magi here. Over twenty airwaves heavily hit against Ji Hao's chest along with the raindrops rolled up by them, splashing large amounts of water drops towards every direction;however, Ji Hao didn't move even a little bit.

’’Die!’’ shouted Ji Hao again. A sphere of fiery light suddenly lit up around his chest;at the same moment, a sphere of sticky, golden-red flame burst out from his mouth along with a thunderous boom.

|Gold Crow Breath|, the third special abilities Ji Hao had gained from his bloodline power. The flame that had been gathered in his chest was a true flame, coming from the sun;although the Fire Crow's bloodline had become very thin in these days, Ji Hao's bloodline power had largely been improved when he had performed the [Nine Suns Above the Sky], the blood offering ceremony;therefore, the flame that spew out by him now felt slightly like the terrifyingly powerful flame that would come from the ancient Gold Crow's beak.

The large sphere of fiery light transformed into a tens of zhangs tall fiery wall and pushed forwards;every inch of ground that the fiery wall had passed over, the soil was instantly melted into glass-like liquid;the twenty Turtle Clan's warriors were burnt into ashes before they even could let out a wail;moreover, hundreds of ordinary Novice Magi had been burnt into puffs of smokes by the fiery wall as well.

’’Who else?’’ shouted Ji Hao will waving the inherited, mulberry-wood long spear that he had borrowed from Ji Zhuo. With one move, tens of beams of fiery lights darted out of the spearhead, which burnt groups of ant-like enemies within the area of hundreds of zhangs in radius, who had been rushing towards Ji Hao, into ashes, while they were howling and struggling in the flame.

’’How dare you attack the Cold Stream Valley? You shall all die!’’

Relying on the amazing defence power of the light armour made by Po, Ji Hao fearlessly darted in the crowd of tens of thousands enemies down the fence wall, while waving the long spear and letting out beams of raindrops-like fiery lights. Every time he waived the spear, hundreds of enemies, who were standing in his path, would be set ablaze and burn into ashes, then ultimately dissipated in the air.

This was the third day after the three clans had launched the surprise attack on the Cold Stream Valley. The fence wall of the valley stayed absolutely still, however, a lot of enemies had died under the powerful counterattacks that had been launched by Ji Hao and the others. Only the number of Junior Magi who had died by Ji Hao's hand was over three hundred, while countless ordinary Novice Magi had been burnt by Ji Hao.

Three hundred Junior Magi! In any Southern Wasteland clan, this would be a number that would be enough to break those elders and Magus Priests' hearts. But in the Cold Stream Valley, Ji Hao had killed the whole three hundred Junior Magi within only three days, all by himself!

Black Water Qiu and all of the other clans' elders had been glaring at Ji Hao, even their eyeballs had turned into blood-red colour, and were filled with hatred.

One Black Water Serpent Clan's Magus Priest let out a shout in anger, threw a cane that was made of black snake bones out towards Ji Hao. The snake bones cane turned into a beam of black light in the air and darted towards Ji Hao. Before Ji Hao could react, a stoneman let out a great roar and threw a gigantic stone out from the Cold Steam Valley.

The gigantic stone blocked the black light art hundreds of zhang far away from Ji Hao, after which the stone and the black light scattered and dissipated simultaneously.

Behind the fence wall, a few stonemen, treemen and three of ape's friends that had gigantic, ape-like bodies, had fixed their eyes on Ji Hao, concentrating on protecting him from all kinds of deadly dangers. Although the three clans had taken the advantage of the number of Senior Magi, it still didn't make it easier to capture and kill Ji Hao.

Not to mention the amazing defence power Ji Hao had, Ji Zhuo's mulberry-wood long spear that he was holding in his hands allowed him great attacking powers that were no weaker than that of a Senior Magus. Ji Hao could be considered as a weird creature that had turned the entire battlefield into a mess.

’’Kill that little bastard!’’ screamed Black Water Qiu;at the same time, the horned serpent that had been treaded by him suddenly darted out, and the sharp sword held in his hand abruptly turned into tens of fierce gusts of black, cold wind, blowing towards Ji Zhuo.

Once Black Water Qiu moved, all of the Senior Magi from all three clans, who had been standing behind him moved all together. Each of them had found themselves an opponent and launched attacks. Relying on the advantage of a number of peoples, they were trying their best to keep all of the Cold Stream Valley's senior-level fighters busy, and create opportunities for other of their own Senior Magi to kill Ji Hao.

They had tried this in the past three days for a few times. This time, Blackwater Qiu and the other senior Magi had also successfully kept all of the Cold Stream Valley's senior-level fighters' hands full, and all of the rest of senior-level warriors on their side darted towards Ji Hao.

However, Ji Hao slightly turned his body, letting one of the Senior Magi's long sword pierce on his chest, at the exactly same moment, he thrust the long spear forwards and punctured the senior Magi's chest.

A layer of bright light that exited from the light armour was rotating around Ji Hao's body. Just like before, Ji Hao wasn't hurt even a little bit. Unlike Ji Hao, the Senior Magi, whose chest had been punctured by Ji Hao with the long spear, was sent flying backwards while coughing up blood.

He had only made a few steps back, when Qing Ying, who had been standing on the fence wall silently, shot out a long poisonous arrow and pierced into his right eye. The Senior Magi hadn't see this coming;he howled aloud in pain, but soon, his voice faded - Qing Ying's arrow had deeply pierced into his brain, instantly killing him.

After three days of fighting, the first Senior Magus had died.


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