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The Magus Era - Chapter 113


Chapter 113: Encircle the Valley

’’Black Water Qiu, you old bastard finally crawled out of your nest and showed your face!’’ sneered and yelled Ji Zhuo towards an extremely short and scrawny, stick-like elderly man, who had been standing on the head of the horned serpents that had been wriggling in front of the twenty horned serpents.

’’How can I not come out? Our kids were all buillied and killed by your Fire Crow Clan,’’ sighed Black Water Qiu, who had a natural bitter face, ’’Black Water Jiao, we all thought that he was a especially talented kid, but you have killed him. Your Fire Crow Clan has really been busy recently.’’

Sneering, Black Water Qiu then pointed his finger at Ji Xia and Ji Hao and said, ’’You have killed a talented kid of our Clan, we will make you pay back at least ten times. For example, if I can eliminate one of the Magus King's bloodlines of your clan, then we will be even.’’

Ji Xia was standing steadily on the fence wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest, laughed aloud and said, ’’Old bastard, if you want to kill others, then you should first be ready to be killed. You want to kill us? With this small number of people?’’

Thunderous stepping sounds came from the valley. That was Stone and five of his stone friends, who were between five to thirty zhangs tall, Heng Luo and large groups of mysterious creatures living in the jungle, Ape and his thirteen Senior-level friends, and Treeman and the other three gigantic treemen. All of them had slowly walked to the fence wall.

Amongst them, smaller creatures like Heng Luo and Ape, directly climbed up on the fence wall, and coldly looked down at Black Water Qui and the other enemies. While Stone and other gigantic creatures, who had tremendous bodies that were even much taller than the fence walls, stood behind the fence walls, deeply roaring towards the enemies outside the fence wall.

’’Booze is really good!’’ said Ji Hao sincerely, while nodding to his group of friends.

Heng Luo, who was as pretty as a blooming flower, covered her own mouth and chuckled. Booze was really good, was it? Everyone loved the delicious fruit booze that was made by Ji Hao himself. During these days, Ji Hao's friends Heng Luo, Stone, Ape, and Treeman had recruited more spirit creatures from the jungle, convinced them to stay in the Cold Stream Valley, and in exchange, the valley would provide as much as booze they needed.

In total, the Cold Stream Valley had now over thirty senior-level spirit creatures. Each of them had different types of power and special abilities, including wood-powers, earth-powers, gold-powers, and other spiritual powers, and also adding all kinds of special abilities that they had developed based on their powers, therefore the power of each of these creatures were a lot greater than equal-leveled Senior human Magii.

With the help of all these creatures, added with Ji Zhu, Ji Xia, other Fire Crow Clan's warriors and Ji Hao's personal slaves, Big Cattle, Small Cattle, Big Tiger, Small Tiger, and Wing Eagle, who had just broken into the senior level not long ago, the Cold Stream Valley had gathered more than fifty senior-level warriors.

With so many high-level warriors and helpers, both Ji Xia and Ji Zhuo felt no stress while facing the three clans that were being lead by the Black Water Serpent Clan and had just launched a surprise attack on the valley.

Along with a loud, high-pitched wail, the two gigantic striped water-serpents, which had been madly struggling, finally broke loose from countless tree roots, and while swaying their bodies, they drew back into the jungle, while those bone-deep wounds on their bodies ceaselessly spurted blood out.

The two tens of thousand years old treemen let out deep roars as well. Their bodies, which had been hunkered inside the Cold Stream Valley, quickly expanded into six-hundred zhangs tall. Their towering bodies madly waved countless tank-sized branches and roots that had even covered the entire ground and sky, causing even the daylight around the Cold Stream Valley to become a lot dimmer.

They were very unsatisfied that the two water-serpents had just broken loose from their roots. They were just gobbling up the water-serpents' blood to absorb the power within the blood and in this, short time span, they had already absorbed large amounts of power, and gained lots of benefits. If those horned serpents and Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magi hadn't abruptly shown up, the two treemen would have chased the two water-serpents into jungle, and would've never given up on chasing them until they had killed the two water-serpents.

’’Dammit! Who said that the Cold Stream Valley had tops ten Senior Magi?!’’ yelled Black Water Qiu. He then started viciously cursing the bastards that had given him the wrong information.

The ground slightly shook, another seven water-turtles slowly crawled out of the jungle. Twenty senior-level warriors and Magus Priest were standing on these giant turtle's heads. Added with the three water-turtles, which had showed up earlier and tried to break the fence wall, this clan had sent thirty senior-level fighters to the Cold Stream Valley in total.

Right after the seven water-turtles came out of the jungle, another three giant water-serpents wriggled out of the jungle, and ten Senior Magi were standing on their heads.

’’Five water-serpent in total,’’ Ji Zhuo explained to Ji Hao in low voice, ’’this is the biggest number of water-serpents that they can send out at one time - these gigantic water-serpents are extremely hard to raise, the entire Water Serpent Clan had only raised less than twenty water-serpents with all of their powers;they have sent five of them here this time, this should be all of the available fighting power of them.’’

The three banners with totems painted on them had been fluttering in the air. Along with a series of branch-cracking sounds, three especially huge, over a hundred and five zhangs long, horned serpents slowly wriggled out of the jungle. Standing on these horned serpents' heads, were a whole twenty, short and scrawny, Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior levelMagus Priests, each of them holding a different shaped and coloured, bone cane.

’’You have some balls!’’ shouted Ji Xia harshly, ’’Your clans are being attacked by our clan right now, and your warriors have been dying in the battle! How dare you send all these elite warriors and Magus Priests here to attack this Cold Stream Valley?!’’

Black Water Qui let out an odd laughter while slowly pulling out a thin sword, which was nearly as long as the height of his own body. He then pointed the sword tip towards Ji Xia and said, ’’So what? When we attack this valley, no matter how the situation goes, no one will come to rescue you. We will not withdraw until we break into this valley!’’

Followed by loud hissing sounds, the five striped water-serpents opened their jaws all together and breathed deeply towards the ground.

Five water columns instantly rose high into the air, then went into the water-serpents' stomachs through their mouths. The water's serpents bodies quickly swelled, turning into incomparably huge spheres, while thick liquid was constantly dripping down from the corners of their jaws.

’’Defend with full power!’’ growled Ji Zhuo while heavily stamping his foot against the ground.

Qing Fu and the other tens of Magus Priests stood behind the fence wall in a line and started enchanting spells, activating all the spell symbols on the fence wall. Large groups of slaves were running between the fence wall and the mining ground, carrying baskets of jade and fire essence crystals into the magic formation that was set by Qing Fu behind the fence wall, providing power to the entire fence wall.

Within the span of a few breaths, over ten thousands pieces of fire essence crystals and thirty thousands pieces of jade had disappeared into the magic formation;at the same time, the fence wall suddenly burst out a piercing red light, three zhangs long, which darted out from the surface of the fence wall.

The faces of Black Water Qiu and the others quickly darkened, they knew that the Cold Stream Valley had a rich mine, but they could never have even imagined that this mine could be this rich. To break a valley that had tens of Seniorlevel fighters, and a powerful defense magic formation, adding the fact that the great fence wall was being supported by continuously incoming fire essence crystals, how much that would cost?

The fire water-serpents then opened their jaws, squeezing their bodies and large amounts water instantly shot out of their bodies in the shapes of five water dragons.

With the power and strength of the water-serpents, the five black, water dragons seemed alive. They smashed heavily against the fence wall, and immediately caused the ground to shake. The fiery light that was being emitted by the fence wall shook for a while, and Ji Hao and the others who had been standing on the fence wall also felt the shake from under their feet, nearly falling to the ground.

Tens of giant water-turtles called out towards the sky simultaneously, then breathed out large amounts of cold air.

Fifteen horned serpents wildly opened their jaws as well, and let out countless ice thorns and crystals.

In the meanwhile, all of the senior-level Magi and Magus Priests moved all together, casting all kinds of magics and launching all kinds of attacks. Their power transformed into a large cloud of black smoke and watery mist, quickly pushing towards the Cold Stream Valley.


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