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The Magus Era - Chapter 112


Chapter 112: Force Attack

A dragon-like, resonant roar came from afar, causing the dense jungle surrounding the Cold Stream Valley to shake violently. Rows of towering trees fell down one after another;obviously, some gigantic creatures were approaching the valley across the jungle. The ground slightly shook, sent small cobblestones up and hit the fence wall, and created loud noises.

Ji Hao and the others were standing on the fence wall, staring in shock at the three battle banners that had different totems painted on them.

’’Why did these stinking snakes from the Black Water Serpent Clan appear here?’’ yelled Ji Zhuo in anger, ’’According to the news from the Gold Black Mountain, our clan had pushed the battlefront into their territory for thousands of miles, making them retreat over and over again;how could they appear here and attack the Cold Stream Valley?!’’

’’Grandpa, I'm already a little bit sick of Ji Shu and Jiang Bo’’, said Ji Hao in a cold voice while fiddling with the tablet that had been thrust into his hands by Man Man before she had left, ’’I think we should kill Ji Shu and make Abba the leader of the Fire Crow Clan's warrior again, otherwise...’’

Before he could finish his speech, Ji Xia slapped hard on his head and said, ’’You bad kid, otherwise what? Ji Shu had followed the rules of our ancestors and gained this position! What are you even talking about? Those enemies out there, why do they have anything to do with Ji Shu?’’

’’Abba, deep down in your heart, do you really think this has nothing to do with Ji Shu?’’ said Ji Hao calmly;he didn't stop fiddling with the tablet.

Ji Xia didn't respond this time, neither did Ji Zhuo say anything. Looking at the three battle banners that were floating in the air, the faces of both of them were extremely dark. The faces of Ji Zhuo and Ji Xia twitched intensely every time they saw the red light that would flash across the tablet from time to time, which was held in Ji Hao's hands, and represented Man Man's status.

This tablet's power could kill a Senior Magus with a single shot. And the person, who was represented by this tablet, was a huge deal that it was even beyond any description. Not to mention the Fire Crow Clan, a hundred, even if a thousand Bi Fang Clans combined their powers, they still would be unable to survive a simple order from that man. With Man Man's temper, and the friendship between her and Ji Hao, if Ji Hao only asked, the Bi Fang Clan would certainly be wiped out from the Southern Wasteland.

’’Bastard!’’ Ji Zhuo abruptly let out a growl in depression, no one had any idea whether he was cursing Ji Shu, or the enemies outside of the valley in the dense jungle.

The cracking sounds of branches never stopped. Soon, a gigantic horned water-turtle, with a black tergum tens of zhangs in radius, which was covered in thick, sharp thorns, crushed a few trees and crawled out of the jungle.

Ji Hao instantly sensed a great power coming from this water-turtle. Four hoofs trod on the ground, each step of this turtle would cause the ground to shake for a while. Large clouds of watery mist quickly gathered around the water-turtle, and slowly condensed into a thick ice-armour on its body.

Along with a loud wind swooshing sound that came from the dense jungle, another two similar sized water-turtles crawled out of the jungle as well. They had brought up a fierce gust of cold wind, turning the rain water on the ground into thick and hard ice;after that the light blue layer of ice started spreading towards the Cold Stream Valley's fence wall.

A bright red light suddenly darted out of the fence wall - fire essence crystals that had been inlaid in the fence wall had released their power and emitted a great red light, along with which, large amounts of spell symbols on the fence wall spurted out eye-piercing fiery lights as well. The cold wind that was brought up by the three water-turtle, heavily struck against the fence wall, along with the ice, and caused instantly thunderous booms.

The power of the fire essence crystals and the ice clashed against each other on the fence wall. Without a doubt, the ice took the natural advantage - the raindrops that were constantly falling from the sky were quickly freezing due to the cold wind, turning into thumb-sized ice pieces and hitting against the fence wall, and sent large amounts of fire sparks towards all directions, while ceaselessly consuming the fire essence power contained in those fire essence crystals.

’’Trying to find out who can endure longer? Tell those slaves to mine quicker!’’ shouted Ji Xia proudly while crossing his arms in front of his chest, ’’Our Cold Stream Valley doesn't have much, but we will be never short on fire essence crystals. I doubt that they could bring that many water-turtles, and travel so far.’’

’’Roger that!’’

Ji Ying responded. A beam of fiery light darted out from his back, after which Ji Ying leapt high into the air, darting towards the mining ground deeper in the valley, while leaving series of afterimages behind.

Ji Hao let out a smile. Ji Xia was right, if it was simply about power consumption, with the support of the large-scale mine in the Cold Stream Valley, these two fence walls would definitely become a nightmare to all kinds of enemies.

The three water turtles had been spurting cold air for around half an hour, then slowly withdraw while gasping.

Qing Ying and a few other Qing Yi Clan's warriors, who were standing beside Ji Hao and had remained silent for all this time, pulled their long bows open and shot hundreds of arrows out. The long arrows that had been dripped in poison split the rain, swooshing towards the three water-turtles like raindrops.

The three water-turtle quickly drew their heads, tails, and feet into their shell, which had been covered in thick ice-armours. Those long arrows slightly scratched their ice armours but failed to hurt even a little bit of their bodies.

Soon after, hissing sounds came out of the jungle, and larger amounts of trees started shaking. Along with a small frictional sound, which sounded like something that had been rubbing against the ground, two gigantic, striped water-serpents slowly wriggled out of the dense jungle.

Although Ji Hao had seen countless kinds of weird creatures in the Southern Wasteland, including many of those gigantic and powerful animals, he still couldn't help to gasp deeply in shock when he saw these two vicious serpents.

’’What do they feed these serpents with? How much can they eat for one meal?’’ Ji Hao even got goosebumps, even the finest hair on his body was standing straight up. He wasn't afraid of those serpents, it was just his instinctive reaction to certain abnormal creatures.

These two striped water-serpents' bodies were covered in green and brown stripes;their heads only were as big as the water-turtles that had showed up earlier, and their bodies were unbelievably long and thick;hundreds of zhangs long parts of their bodies had already come out of the jungle, but Ji Hao couldn't tell for sure how long the remaining part of their bodies that were still inside the jungle, were.

The two striped water-serpents moved slowly towards the Cold Stream Valley then stopped in front of the fence walls, and slowly raised half of their bodies straight up, just like two gigantic pillars that even reached to the sky. Over two hundred zhangs tall serpent bodies started swaying slightly, then abruptly and madly smashed towards the fencing walls.

’’The Water Serpent Clan has also got involved in this!’’ Ji Zhuo let out a few hollowed laughter and said, ’’Hao, you're right. These water serpents of the Water Serpent Clan, no matter where they go, the ground would shake all the way. Their territories are located very far from our Fire Crow Clan, how can we believe that no one has noticed them during their journey over here?!’’

The water-serpents smashed down while roaring, however, countless tank-thick tree roots suddenly thrust out of the ground, formed a gigantic net, which had a radius of miles, quickly moving towards the two serpents.

The serpents' bodies heavily hit on the root-net, and cracked tens of roots, causing a loud popping sound;it seemed as if the root-net wouldn't be able to hold for long. The strength of the two water-serpents was terrifyingly great, they didn't seem to have any magical power, neither had any kind of special ability, but only with their gigantic bodies and terrifyingly great strength, they could be amazingly destructive.

Inside the Cold Steam Valley, the two tens of thousands of years old treeman, who were called out by Ji Hao's friend Treeman for help earlier, and then allured by Ji Hao with booze and made an agreement with Qing Fu with a certain kind of special magics, started roaring in anger. They opened their eyes wide within which, green flames were blazing. Those tree roots that had thrust out of the ground, suddenly expanded from tank-thick to three-zhang-thick.

Gigantic tree roots pierced into the water serpents bodies and started squirming inside their bodies, madly extracting their blood.

The two water serpent wailed out in pain, their tremendous bodies fell hard on the ground, rolling and struggling, however, countless tree roots had bound them tightly, no matter where they fled to, more roots would reach them.

Large amounts of cold air again gushed out of the dense jungle. This time, whole twenty over hundreds zhangs long gigantic horned serpents wriggled out of the jungle.

On each of these horned serpent's head, was a Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magi, who were releasing the sense of great and mysterious power from their bodies.


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