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The Magus Era - Chapter 110


Chapter 110: Bad News

Inside the city.

The hundreds of zhangs wide road was cast fully with metal, and with innumerable complicated spell symbols embossed into the surface of the road. At the joints of these spell symbols, countless fist-sized, different coloured crystals were thickly dotted into the road.

Thick and tall walls, that were only a little bit shorter than the city walls, were standing on both sides of the road. Magnificent mansions were surrounded by these walls. Looking through these walls, one could see a soaring tower in the central area of each mansion;different coloured mist were circling around each of the tower tops;above each tower top, and within each sphere of mist, was a looming, scarlet, and erect eye.

In the great city, apart from tens of thousands of different sized towers, twelve spectacular, ten thousand zhangs tall, gigantic towers had been standing in the central area of the entire city, in a circle.

The twelve gigantic towers were in different colours, such as blood-red, gold and silver;each of the twelve towers were covered in spell symbols. Great, loomingly visible, different coloured power were regularly rolling around each of the twelve towers. These towers reached straightly into the sky. Because of the power that was rolling around them, there was not a single wisp of cloud that could be seen around these towers;even the flashing and huge erect eyes floating on top of those towers could be seen from the ground.

To Meng was riding on a wolf-shaped beast and rushing quickly towards a blood-red gigantic tower that had a red power, which was expanding and shrinking around the tower following a certain frequency, similar to the beating of a heart;the red power was giving a weird depressing feeling. Lines of fully armed Jia Clan warriors walked past To Meng from time to time. To Meng was holding a blood-red tablet in his right-hand high;all the other Jia Clan's warriors would quickly move and make way for To Meng, after having taken a glance at the tablet.

Under the blood-red gigantic tower, was a hexagon-shaped fort. The thick and solid fort was also in a blood-red colour, and was covered in a layer of one-foot thick red light;within the blood-red light, fist-sized spell symbols flashed across like fishes, giving a mysterious and indestructible feeling.

A hundred of armed three-eyed Yu Clan's warriors were guarding on each side of the only gate of the fort, in two lines. When the lights of the rising sun shone on their bodies, their armours, which were as bright as mirrors, would reflect an eye-piercing light.

All of these Yu Clan's warriors were wearing luxury clothes;their armours were embossed with all kinds of complicated patterns, including rare plants, birds and animals. All of the long and blood-red cloaks that were worn by them, were made of top-quality silk and brocade, then dyed into a blood-red colour with the blood of a certain kind of rare bird. Each of their accessories, weapons and other objects that were being carried by them, were breathtakingly beautiful, and could even be considered as works of art that had been made with marvelous craftsmanship, which had even reached the peak of perfection.

To Meng rode on the riding beast to the gate of the fort, then leapt down from the beast's back, and rushed towards the gate in big steps.

The Yu Clan' warriors who were guarding beside the gate didn't move a little bit when they saw To Meng come, even the faint smile on their faces didn't have any changes;they were only quietly standing there, like two lines of the gorgeously dressed flower vases.

Unlike these Yu Clan's warriors, two sturdy Jia Clan's warriors rushed out of the fort gate and blocked To Meng's way. After asking To Meng a series of questions, they took him into the fort.

Looking from the outside, every single wall of the fort was no more than ten miles long, which made the floor area of the fort seemingly quite limited;however, one would discover the space inside the fort was actually incredibly broad, once they would have walked inside the gate. Tens of military camps were located behind the fort gate. Each of these camps were over a hundred miles, in a square. A strong sense of power was being released from these camps;under the sunshine, tens of thousands of Jia Clan's warriors with bared bodies were fighting against each other with all of their powers.

In these camps, seemingly there were no difference between enemies and companions, or in another words, every single one of them was the enemy of the other.

These Jia Clan's warriors were madly shouting and roaring, waving their powerful fists and fighting against everyone besides themselves. A jade tablet was floating above each of their head, and every time they knocked a warrior down, a small red spot would appear on the surface of the jade tablets above their heads.

Within these Jia Clan's warriors, the most powerful few had jade tablets floating above them that were already been thickly dotted with small red spots, which clearly showed that each of them had at least beaten over a thousand people down.

The blood mixed with sweat splashed everywhere. These Jia Clan's warriors were growling, the hot air that was being released by their bodies transformed into visible swirl winds and soared into the sky along with their resonant growls, blew across the banners that had been standing around those camps and made them shake violently.

In the middle of one camp, Di Sha was standing on the edge of an acre broad platform and looking down at these fighting Jia Clan's warriors with three cold and sharp eyes. He was wearing a full metal armour, with both of the arms crossed around his chest;from time to time, he seemingly would make a few comments about certain Jia Clan's warriors, and a few Yu Clan's warriors would quickly write his words down on a thick spool file.

This hexagon-shaped fort was the residence of the Blood Moon.

Di Sha was now the leader of one of the main forces that belonged to the Blood Fang. Under his command were a thousand noble Yu Clan's warriors, thirty thousand powerful Jia Clan's warriors, and over ten thousands elite slave warriors that were able to help in a battle.

This was quite a powerful force. Di Sha complacently looked at the thirty thousand Jia Clan's warriors, who were doing the morning practice in front of him, and then satisfyingly raised his head, gazing at the sun that was slowly rising in the sky. Soon, he would lead this terrifyingly powerful force, which was nearly able to sweep over anything, to build exploits, accumulate achievements, while trying his best to earn a higher position.

Di Sha didn't think himself as an ambitious person. He had never excessively dreamed of positions that were too high for him, such as the Governing Emperor;those kind of high positions were not for Yu Clan's noblemen, who hadn't been born in a top-class family, like himself, to dream about.

However, becoming the archon of a certain area and built his own small kingdom, slowly accumulating the family's power that would only belong to himself with the help of his brother, Di Luo, then finally create his own family;all these, were still possible for Di Sha. Probably thousands of years later, he would have become the creator of one of the major branch families, just like those famous ancestors of the Di family.

’’Those bastards who made me come to this primitive world,’’ sniffed Di Sha and said, ’’We are risking our lives and spending all of our efforts here to seize sources and wealth for them, while they are standing high and enjoying their luxurious life. Even those dumb things can live like that, why can't I?!’’ Di Sha clinched his fists and murmured to himself, ’’Power and strength. The great power will also earn me a very long life, I'm not hoping to get the eternity, to me, immortal is enough.’’

’’Hopefully, Di Luo can practice himself well in the Southern Wasteland, gather as much wealth as he can for our family, for the both of us,’’ said Di Sha while shaking his head, ’’With enough wealth, I will be able to fulfil our goal better and quicker. Di Luo, Di Luo, do not let me down. You're my close paternal brother, you're the only one I can really trust among the entire family!’’

While Di Sha was thinking about all these, To Meng rushed over and fell down on the ground in front of Di Sha's feet.

’’Lord Di Sha, Lord Di Luo’’ To Meng tremblingly yelled.

’’Talk! What happened to Di Luo?! And, did you came back alone?! You suppose to have come back from the Southern Westland, how can you be so fast? Have you borrowed the military emergency transporting formation? What exactly happened that was worth for you to do that?’’ shouted Di Sha harshly, ’’Di Luo, or the Blood Fang, what happened to them?!’’

To Men huddled up on the ground, pitifully looking at Di Sha and said, ’’Lord Di Luo was...killed! Except a few logistic slave warriors, all of the elite forces of the Blood Fang have been wiped out.’’

Di Sha's body suddenly quivered. The erect eye between his eyebrows abruptly opened, spurted a stream of blood out about seven to eight Zhangs far.


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