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The Magus Era - Chapter 11



Ji Hao was wearing a leather armour with his face painted black. The leather armour was made of serpent skin, which was only used by the Black Water Serpent Clan's warriors.

Ji Hao silently and windingly rushed through the jungle, which was also the special method used for attacks by the Black Water Serpent Clan's warriors.

While leaving a series of afterimages behind him,Ji Hao quietly appeared behind Jiang Yao, who was still coughing up blood. He waved his arms forward, while he had triggered the force of the [Nine Secret Words]. The steam of red spring water had suddenly frozen, it turned into dozens of black ice-knives and stabbed towards Jiang Yao's back.

’’Fire Crow woman...Die!’’ Ji Hao's voice was hoarse and old, sounding like a ninety-year-old man.

The [Nice Secret Words] allowed Ji Hao to precisely control every part of his body. He had just slightly twisted his vocal cords with his internal power and changed his voice.

Ji Wu had just been dragged out from the pool by Jiang Yao. He hadn't completely awakened from his unconsciousness until he saw Ji Hao murderously rushing towards him like a black serpent.

Ji Wu was deeply shocked by Ji Hao. He had difficulty opening his mouth yet couldn't make any sound. Only the moment when those black ice-knives were about to pierce Jiang Yao's body, Ji Wu screamed frighteningly out loud.


Jiang Yao's body shivered, while she turned around subconsciously. A dozen of black, sharp ice-knives were shining with a cold light. The nearest knife-tip had nearly touched her skin.

Jiang Yao's pupils shrank till they were pinhead-size. She subconsciously pulled Ji Wu up, and shielded herself from the attack. Ji Wu began to scream and tremble with fear immediately. All of the ice-knives accurately plunged into his body.

Those ice-knives melted quickly in his body, causing a large amount of blood to spurt out from his chest and belly. He even forgot to take a look at the face of his attacker. Instead, he turned his head painfully and puzzledly around and screamed ’’Amma!’’ again.

Even Ji Hao was astonished by Jiang Yao. He glanced at her face.

This woman had shielded herself with her own son!

This reminded Ji Hao of the battle from ten years ago, at the Gold Black Mountain when assassins from the Black Water Serpent Clan had attempted to kill Ji Hao. Qing Fu and Ji Xia had blocked all the attacks with their own bodies and saved his young life.

In comparison, Jiang Yao was unbelievably selfish.

’’Woman...You have surprised me...’’ Ji Hao laughed oddly. A black snake had ejected from around Ji Hao's waist and flew towards Ji Wu's throat with its big mouth opened.

Ji Wu was a Tenth-Level Novice Magus, far more stronger and difficult to kill than an ordinary person. Though he had been stabbed by a dozen of ice-knives, the knives had all missed his heart and weren't enough to kill him.

But this snake, a 'Three-Step Viper', found by Heng Luo, which was extremely poisonous. Any ordinary Novice Magus wouldn't be able to run farther than three steps before dying immediately after being bitten by a 'Three-Step Viper'.

’’Amma! Amma! Help!’’ When he saw the snake which was flying towards him, Ji Wu cried hopelessly with blood all over his body.

Jiang Yao was dragging Ji Wu behind her and running like hell. She waved her arm and left a dense black mist behind her. The viper rushed into the mist and was corroded into a pool of blood only in a second.

Ji Hao was frightened when he saw that the viper had died only in a second. He let go with a sudden yell, nearly exposed his real voice. He quickly moved his body and avoided the black mist.

’’What a cruel woman. But I like you...O beautiful Maguspriest...You could be worth a fortune!’’ Ji Hao oddly laughed out aloud. Meanwhile, he pulled out a long sword, which had a strange shape and stabbed towards Ji Wu's heart.

This sword had been his loot. Ji Hao had gained it when he had hunted the Black Water Serpent Clan's warriors in the jungle with Mr. Crow. The Fire Crow warriors prefered heavy and gigantic weapons. Light weapons like this could only belong to sneaky fighters of the Black Water Serpent Clan.

Ji Hao flicked his wrist, the withy sword suddenly reached Ji Wu's chest, while making a hissing sound.

’’Amma! Help!’’ Ji Wu screamed again with a terrible smell coming along with it. He looked at the sword which was about to penetrate into his chest, got so scared it caused him to pee on himself.

Jiang Yao shook her body and almost doubled her speed. She waved her arm backwards again, more poisonous power had been thrown to Ji Hao. In the meanwhile, a dozen of black and winged scorpions rushed out from Ji Yao's clothing, and flew towards Ji Hao with a loud buzzing sound.

’’Black Ghost Scorpions?’’ Ji Hao said coldly. ’’ Woman, you're quite talented...But it's not gonna work!’’

Though Ji Hao had intentionally said that in a relaxing voice, he still drew back subconsciously and tried to avoid these scorpions. Black Ghost Scorpions were also highly poisonous. Different from the Three-Step Viper, this type of scorpion didn't kill enemies immediately. Instead, the venom of the Black Ghost Scorpion will make enemies suffer from extreme pain. People that had been beaten by the Black Ghost Scorpions will eventually die in great pain. Even Senior Magi couldn't stand a single bite from the Black Ghost Scorpion.

Ji Hao waved the sword and split these scorpions into pieces.

Jiang Yao didn't stop fleeing. Meanwhile, she turned her head and shouted: ’’Black Water Serpent Clan? I, Jiang Yao, I will remember you! You old bastard, I have memorized your voice! ’’

Inside the jungle, Stone was hiding behind a tree. He grabbed a 'Dark Bronze Vine', which was growing for at least five hundred years and was harder than steel. A dozen of white spell symbols were sparkling on Stone's body.

Jiang Yao ran into the jungle with Ji Wu grabbed in her hand.

’’Booze!’’ Stone cast a roar and lashed Jiang Yao with the Dark Bronze Vine.

The vine hit right on her chest. Jiang Yao and Ji Wu were thrown away by the tremendous power and flew towards the spring pool, followed by the sound of bones breaking.

Nearly a mile away, on the top of a tree, Heng Luo kneeled on a branch and pulled her bow. She aimed at Jiang Yao's throat and took a deep breath. Then a 'Human-face Ghost Spider' was accurately shot towards Jiang Yao's neck.

Jiang Yao quickly noticed the spider. She cast a curse then jerked out a palm-size, red bone from her sleeve and crumbled it. Once she crumbled the bone, a huge flame spurted out along with a thundering noise. Soon, the flame wrapped Jiang Yao and Ji Wu, turned into a fire-red, single-leg Bi Fang bird. The bird rushed into the sky becoming a beam of fiery light after which they had disappeared without a trace.

’’Damn!’’ Ji Hao had just split the last scorpion. He angrily looked at where the Bi Fang Bird had disappeared.

’’Jiang Yao! This isn't over!’’

Ji Hao yelled toward the sky. He threw the few leather armour pieces and the sword on the ground. After that, he sharply whistled and quickly drew back into the dense jungle.

Since Ji Hao and his friends failed to kill Jiang Yao and her son, he had to leave some traces and let them suspect the Black Water Serpent Clan of launching that attack. It should seem as if Ji Hao had nothing to do with this attack.


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