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The Magus Era - Chapter 109


Chapter 109: Delivering a Message

About twenty miles away from the Gold Black Mountain in the north, across a thousands of miles wide, rapidly flowing river, was where the Southern Wasteland land abruptly ended.

Standing beside the river, one would see a vast vacant space, which was boundless and unmeasurable. Looking into this vacant space, one could see a few different-sized, floating islands afar, which were rotating in the air, like stars.

In the air, hundreds of gigantic birds that had wingspans of a few miles length, were hovering around the vacant space and hunting for food. These birds would let out sharp calls towards the sky from time to time;every time they called out, huge and powerful sound waves would turn into white air ripples and swept across the vacant space, shaking all the mountains within the radius of thousands of miles and created hundreds of zhang high waves from the river.

A flying ship suddenly darted out of the Southern Wasteland jungle along with a fierce gust of wind, and flew into the vacant space. The entire body of this exquisitely built ship was forged from metal;from both sides of the shipboard, tens of exquisite wings were sticking out, shaking continuously.

All those gigantic birds that were hovering in the sky, turned their heads around simultaneously and looked at this metal ship.

A gigantic bird flapped its wings and swept purposely past the metal ship. The huge wings of the bird flapped hard towards the ship and made the ship roll in the air, after which, all of the gigantic birds called out simultaneously, with voices that were filled with joy and viciousness.

A totem of an erect eye that had been embossed on the prow of the flying ship suddenly lit up, from which, a beam, which was as thick as a tank, of fiery light darted out along with a thunderous boom, puncturing the gigantic bird's head. The head of the gigantic bird that had provoked the ship, exploded instantly;its huge body then, while rotating, dropped onto the invisible bottom of the vast, boundless vacant space.

The flock of birds stopped calling;they were aware that this strangely-shaped ship was not that easy to deal with;therefore, all of them turned their heads around and flew away from this area, looking for another hunting ground.

The metal ship darted into space along with a loud swooshing sound. The erect eye on the prow of the ship sparkled from time to time, leading the ship to fly towards a certain destination at its highest speed. Every hour, the ship moved over tens of thousands of miles in the vacant space. About three days later, a floating island, which had a radius of tens of thousands miles, abruptly appeared in front of the ship.

The gigantic floating island was covered by a primitive jungle, which was formed by all kinds of thriving plants and towering trees, and clear, mirror-like lakes. Within the jungle and the lakes, countless wild animals were following the ancient, natural rules of living;fighting against each other and trying to kill each other. Occasionally, the thunderous sounds made by the conflict between two giant beasts would transmit to hundreds of miles away along with the wind.

In the middle of the floating island, a hexagon-shaped fort was located on the highest spot of the highland, as if it was proudly looking down at the entire island.

A hundred of zhangs tall tower was built on top of the hexagon-shaped fort, directly reaching into the sky. Surrounding the tower top, was a large cloud of blood-red mist, and within the dim blood-red mist, a zhang tall erect eye was slowly opening and closing. The scarlet pupils of the erect eye were constantly emitting a blood-red light that had shrouded the entire surrounding area.

On top of the tower, a Jia Clan's warrior, who was wearing a gold armour, and had pure golden skin, making it look as if his entire body had been forged with pure gold, had steadily been standing behind the fending wall, which reached the height of his waist. Both of his arms were crossed in front his chest, and his four shining eyes were vigilantly looking at the surrounding area. At that moment, the metal ship was still thousands of miles far from the fort, but the golden Jia Clan's four eyes had been fixed on the ship long ago.

’’Yes...this totem...It's the Blood Fang's slave ship,’’ murmured the Jia Clan's warrior in a muffled voice, ’’The property of the Di family, a branch family of the Di Shi family, which possessed the Blood-Moon's bloodline power. I've received news from the clan, saying that the man from the Di Shi family will most probably be promoted to the next Governing Emperor.’’

Murmuring a while about the family background and power of the Blood Fang, the Jia Clan warrior thrust half of his body out of the fencing wall, yelling towards groups of warriors down of the tower, ’’The Blood Fang's ship is coming, be nice to them. Although they're just a bunch of lowly slave traders, they do have a certain background. Don't offend them...I don't want to see your heads on the pillars outside the fighting ground next time!’’

A few horned and winged lions quickly rose into the air, carrying the Jia Clan's warrior who had been riding on their backs, flying fast towards the Blood Fang's slave ship.

A while later, a Jia Clan's warrior with a deadly pale face, seemingly badly panicked, abruptly rushed onto the tower, towards the golden Jia Clan warrior, then politely kneeled on the ground and saluted the golden Jia Clan's warrior, and started speaking.

’’My respectful Lord, I'm To Meng, I'm blood Fang's logistic adjutant, I am begging for your approval, to let us use the emergency transporting formation of your battle fort.’’

’’To have the forename 'To', which means that you're an appendage of the Di family,’’ said the golden Jia Clan's warrior while keeping his arms crossed in front of his chest, and proudly looking down at To Meng, ’’What qualification do you have to make that request to me? You should know the status-difference between us. You want to make a request in front of me? Just tell a Di family's direct line of descent to come.’’

To Meng let out a hollowed laugh, then took out a fist-sized leather bag, which was decorated with large amounts of complicated spell symbols on its surface, and said, ’’This is a little gift for you, my respectful Lord. Our Blood Fang has been annihilated, including Lord Di Luo, all of the Di Family's direct line of descents in the Blood Fang had been killed.’’

To Meng then raised his head, looked at the golden Jia Clan's warrior, who was showing a shocked face and continued, ’’The Jia Clan's clansmen like us, who have become the appendage of another clans, surely cannot compare in status with such a noble man, who has come from a noble Jia Clan's family as you. However, if you approve my request, you will certainly earn the friendship from General Di Sha.’’

’’Di Sha...the new general of the Blood Moon?’’ slowly said the golden Jia Clan's warrior while throwing a glance at To Meng, ’’Your words persuaded me. I am Gang Yan, hopefully, I can make friends with Di Sha. You should tell Di Sha that I will send the bill to him for all the costs of using the emergency transporting formation.’’

Traveling through the boundless vacant space, flying past tens of thousands of different sized floating islands, which were either gathering together or separated, a group of floating islands had appeared. The floating island group was very broad, it was even hard to measure its area. In the floating island group, countless floating island had been slowly rotating around a broad floating land in the middle, like a huge swirl.

The floating land in the middle was incredibly huge. If the Southern Wasteland jungle, where Ji Hao's family house was located, would be compared to it, then it would be the same as comparing a huge mountain to a small bean - which clearly illustrated how amazing this floating island was.

Right on this floating land, on a fertile area that was located in the joints of nice great rivers, an incomparably magnificent city could be seen quietly standing.

The dawn was just breaking. The watery mist that came from above the rivers shrouded the entire city. The over hundreds of zhangs tall, metal city walls were just like vicious beasts that had been resting in the mist;from time to time, large amounts of spell-symbols flashed across the surface of the city wall, bursting out bright fire sparks and letting out ear-piercing popping sounds.

Followed by a muffled yet loud noise, on the four city walls, thirty-six, miles wide gates opened simultaneously. On the city walls near those gates, countless spell symbols lit up - the great power of the magic formation had pushed the tens of zhangs thick gates slowly sliding outwardly, into the city walls.

In a heavily guarded fort located outside of the city, on a small highland, To Meng staggered out from a tower. He couldn't even stand steadily, and all of his four eyeballs were rotating fast and disorderly in his eye-sockets as if he was badly drunk. To Meng borrowed a wolf-shaped riding beast from that fort, then rode on the beast's back, madly spurring the beast and rushing towards the city.

To Meng had been shouting all the way and ceaselessly whipping the riding beast, forcing it to run at its highest speed. Soon, To Meng and the beast carrying To Meng rushed into the city.


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