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The Magus Era - Chapter 107


Beating Hard


Ji Hao helped Qing Fu up from the ground, sent her to a few Fire Crow Clan's women, and told them to take her back to the house. Qing Fu's injuries were bad, but she was a Magus Priestess herself, who had mastered the skills of medicine-making and healing magics;as long as she could rest well for a while, those injuries wouldn't be a problem.

Ji Xia tremblingly struggled back up from the ground, let out a great laughter then threw a heavy slap towards the guard, who had pressed him down on the ground, and sent the guard flying nearly a mile away;all of the guard's teeth were shattered in pieces by the power of Ji Xia, and spew out of his mouth along with blood.

Pu Lian flew back with a badly darkened face. A white lotus was circling around his chest, releasing beams of white light, which were constantly drilling into the hollowed wound on his chest. Along with a small bone-cracking sound, Pu Lian's hollowed chest slowly puffed back out, and his wounds were healing quickly.

Pu Lian took a raging glance at the few corpses of the guards, with a gloomy face, then abruptly roared out towards Ji Hao.

’’How dare you!!’’

Straight after he had let out these few words, Man Man rushed up to Pu Lian, grabbed his arms with both of her hands, pulled him up into the air and heavily smashed him onto the ground. The ground vibrated intensely, and Pu Lian's entire body got inlaid into the ground;large amounts of blood gushed out of his mouth once again.

’’How dare you!’’

Man Man stamped hard on Pu Lia's handsome face while yelling harshly, ’’Ji Hao saved my life! Who sent you to his clan to bully his parents?!’’

Pu Lian opened his mouth stunned for quite a while, then screamed out while staring at Man Man, ’’Did he save you?! How did that happen?! I heard that Ji Hao colluded with those monsters who had come from outside of the Southern Wasteland, killed you for wealth, that's why I took the guards and came here...’’

Before he had finished his speech, Man Man raised her feet and stamped down on his face once again.

The originally handsome and delicate face of Pu Lian had now become smashed and flat;his mouth, eyes and nose were all twisted, and his entire face was covered in blood, which couldn't even let a complete sentence out. What could he do at the moment besides only letting out a very muffled moan. His face was badly twitching, and his pupils, which were filled with blood, were also full of fear and hatred.

He had heard some of Man Man's 'good reputations' before, and knew that in many situations Man Man meant 'hell trouble';however, this was the very first time that Pu Lian directly dealt with Man Man, he had never even dreamed about that Man Man was actually way more than trouble, she was actually an absolute nightmare!

How could she beat others so hard just because of a simple misunderstanding?! This was way too unreasonable!

Ji Hao checked Ji Xia's wounds, especially those bone-deep whipping wounds on his back. He then walked up to Pu Lian with a sour face, grabbed his neck and pulled him up from the ground, threw a punch to his lower belly without saying a single word.

Pu Lian let out a great howl in pain. He felt that Ji Hao's fist was like a glowing-red iron stake, which had poked into his stomach and burned all of his internal organs. He lost his eyesight and fell into the dark, then his entire body started twitching intensely;the white lotus, which had been floating around his chest, began to tremble because he was losing his consciousness, until finally the lotus had almost collapsed.

’’How dare you punch me?!’’ Pu Lian had lost the guts to look at Man Man's face, but he still thought he had a definitive mental advantage over Ji Hao;he yelled hoarsely while spewing out blood-bubbles from time to time, ’’How dare you punch me?! You lowly barbarian! How dare you beat the courier of Zhu Rong country, the country of the gods?! You...’’

Hearing Pu Lian's cursing, Ji Hao nimbly jerked out a horn-shape knife from around the waist of a Fire Crow Clansmen who had been standing beside him. The three-feet long, stone-made knife had been burnished sharp and shining;showering in blood for years, giving this cyan-stone made, sharp knife a faint blood-red light, which had been shining on its edge.

Ji Hao sent a slight trace of power into the knife, and in the next second, he deeply pierced the horn-shaped knife into Pu Lian's lower abdomen.

Ji Hao had a good understanding about the human body. When he pierced the knife into Pu Lian's body, he had carefully avoided all of the vital internal organs in that area, only penetrating two layers of muscles, which wouldn't bring any serious harm;the knife tip then drilled out from Pu Lian's back.

However, Pu Lian seeing that Ji Hao abruptly pierced such a long knife into his own body, clearly felt how hard and cold this knife was with his own body. He felt that his heart was broken into ashes, then started madly twitching his body like a fish that was about to die.

A strange sound came out of Pu Lian's throat. He showed the whites of his eyes, while staring at Ji Hao with a badly frightened face. Suddenly, a smell came out from between his legs - this guy had pissed and pooped on himself, in great fear.

’’Ew! So disgusting! You bastard!!’’ yelled Man Man while stepping backward in disgust. She then frowned and shouted towards the rest of the guards with a cold face, ’’You! A bunch of stupid things! Come over here and speak! Who sent you here? And who told you to beat Ji Hao's parents?’’

The tens of guards, who had been riding on the backs of fiery flood dragons, and floating in the air, had leapt down from their riding beasts' backs and tremblingly kneeled down on the ground long ago. All of those proud and excited fiery flood dragons were now huddled up on the ground, and quietly lied behind their riders' backs, not even daring to move.

After these guards heard Man Man, the leader of these guards, who was extremely tall and sturdy, reaching the height of five meters, and had a red horn located on his forehead, instantly stood up from the ground, took two steps forward, then heavily kneeled down in front of Man Man, with his head down on the ground.

’’Man Man, our young master, we were only following our order, which was to come here with Pu Lian. We are not the direct guards of the seventh prince, those few direct guards, were all killed by this young friend here.’’ The horned, muscular guard said with a muffled voice, ’’We never bullied these Fire Crow Clan's clansmen.’’

Pu Lian tightly grabbed the hilt of the sharp knife, which was stuck in his lower abdomen, while screaming madly and raucously.

’’How dare you kill the seventh prince's guards?! How dare you try to kill me?! You're all gonna die! Die! Ah! Man Man! I, I am with the seventh prince! How can you be with someone outside of your family, who is trying to kill me?!’’

The sharp knife inside his body seemed to have completely broken Pu Lian down. He then yelled with a strange, high-pitched voice, ’’I have the official order from the seventh prince, he ordered me to come here and settle things up! If you, you kill me, you will be fighting against the seventh prince! Man Man the seventh prince is your elder brother, how can you collude with outsiders and try to kill me?! How can you?!’’

Man Man slapped Pu Lian hard on his face without any hesitation, then yelled harshly at him, ’’What's the big deal about my seventh brother's guard? If I want to kill you, then I will kill you! Oy! I don't know a lot about the family affairs, but this is the northeast territory. I don't think this area is my seventh brother's responsibility, it should be my big brother's! He has always been in charge of this area. But, you're with the seventh brother, how come you were sent here?’’

Pu Lian opened his mouth but didn't say anything, just grabbed the knife hilt tight, while twitching his body on the ground like a half-dead fish.

Ji Hao frowningly stared at Pu Lian, countless thoughts flashed across his mind within a moment.

Si Wen Ming had been standing aside and was quietly watching what was happening around here. He couldn't help but sigh and shake his head when he saw such a weird reaction from Pu Lian. He then took two steps forward, pressed one of his hand on Ji Hao's shoulder and another hand on Man Man's head.

’’Man Man, I'm just planning a journey to the Zhu Rong Mountain. In fact, this time, I had come for something else, but never thought something like this would happen during my journey. Hm, Ji Hao, you should stay with your Abba and Amma. But when I come back, are you willing to go to Pu Ban City with me?’’

Ji Hao didn't respond within a short while.

However, the eyes of Ji Zhuo, who had been standing beside Ji Hao, suddenly shone brightly. Ji Zhuo then turned his head sideways and looked at Si Wen Ming with great excitement.

’’Pu Ban City!’’ murmured Ji Zhuo in a low voice.


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