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The Magus Era - Chapter 106


The Guards of Gods

Ji Xia's body had been twitching in pain.

Flames tightly attached on his skin around those bone-deep whipping wounds;small wisps of flames flickered through Ji Xia's bones, which were faint golden-red coloured, and making a popping sound. Ji Hao had started learning many of the magic from those Magus Priests since he had been a little kid, therefore, he was now a quite knowledgeable kid. His knowledge allowed him to clearly know that this kind of popping sound was made by bones when the bone marrow had been refined out from the bones by some special flames.

That must have been incomparable painfull, compared to which even the pain of being skinned alive or bones being broken, couldn't be compared.

Ji Xia's tall and muscular body was twitching because of this great pain;the cold sweat poured down from his whole body in streams;however, he didn't show any sign of crying out due to weakness or begging to be spared, he was only staring at that proud young man straight into the eyes, and said in a fortitudinous tone, word by a word, ’’Hao is my son, he would never do things such as you have said!’’

With his body intensely quivering, Ji Xia shouted out aloud, ’’Murder others for treasures and wealth, flee from the crime, such things, Hao would never do!!’’

The young man let a cold smile out, then slightly waved his right hand;along with his movement, an over twenty zhangs long, little-finger-thick, fiery red whip swooshed down, while bringing up an ear-piercing sound, and heavily struck on Ji Xia's back.

This hit was unexpectedly powerful. Although Ji Xia had the power of a Senior Magi and an extremely hard body that was even harder than steel by hundreds, or even thousands of times, the thin whip still broke through his skin and blew his muscles into pieces.

Ji Xia let a growl out in pain. This time the young man had whipped even harder than before. Not only a large piece of muscle that was whipped flew away from Ji Xia's back, a few bones too were cracked by the whip;the flames slowly drilled into his bones along with those cracks, and set his marrow ablaze.

Ji Hao stood on the fence wall of the Cold Stream Vally, clearly seeing all this from a long distance.

Murder others for treasures and wealth, flee from the crime? Did the good-looking young man, who had been riding on a fiery kylin's back and floating high in the air, just talked about him like this?

Ji Hao then fixed his eyes on the valley, and tried to have a better vision. Suddenly, rage gushed into his head from his heart. His pupils turned blood-red coloured. The bright blood-red light, which was so bright that it seemed as if it even could be touch by hand, darted out of his pupils three feet far. The natural power surrounding the Cold Stream Valley began to move fast. All of the raindrops within the area within a radius of ten miles, suddenly froze in the air, after which they were blown away by an invisible whirlwind and started rotating around Ji Hao rapidly.

The frozen raindrops tore the air apart, causing a loud sizzling sound. Ji Hao's Golden Dan started rotating fast in Ji Hao's spiritual space, and sent the power that contained in it out like floods. Behind Ji Hao's body, a sphere of golden-red fiery light suddenly spurted out, within which, two round Fire Crow's pupils were ragingly blazing.

All these supernatural changes had taken place outside of the Cold Stream Valley;inside the valley, the rain was still the rain and the wind was still the wind, no one had noticed what was happening outside of the valley.

’’Man Man, who is this guy?’’ Ji Hao pointed his finger at the handsome young man and asked.

’’Man Man's seventh brother's guard, Pu Lian. Such a repugnant guy. Why did he come here? If they thought I was killed, shouldn't my oldest brother send people to investigate this?’’ answered Man Man while popping up her eyes. She then pointed at Ji Xia and asked Ji Hao, ’’Ji Hao, who is he?’’

’’My Abba!’’ Ji Hao growled out in a deep voice, then pointed his finger at a beautiful lady, who was laid in the mud behind Ji Xia, and continuously vomiting blood, and said frowningly with his teeth gnashing, ’’That's my Amma...My Abba is strong and powerful, he can take the beating, but my Amma...’’

At the moment, Pu Lian was looking at Ji Xia scornfully, and said with a careless tone, ’’I didn't come here to argue with you. I came only to tell you that Ji Hao has killed someone he shouldn't have, therefore, he must die. But, only him is not enough, he has to pay more for his crime!’’

Ji Xia struggled angrily, however, the two warriors with red armours were pressing him hard onto the ground, not giving the slightest of space for him to move his body.

’’Ji Hao would never do things like that!’’ roared Ji Xia.

Pu Lian let a out sneer and said, ’’We have authentic evidence for that. Kill this woman first! Use the 'Splitting the Body with Five Beasts' penalty on her! I would like to see if, after this woman has been torn into a few pieces, will she be as beautiful and attractive as she is now!’’

The few warriors who had been riding on the fiery dragons'backs leapt off from their riding beasts, held thumb-sized red chains that were continuously spurting out flames, and walked towards Qing Fu in big steps. The few fiery flood dragons raised their heads high and roared towards the sky in excitement, spewing out fire sparks from time to time.

’’'Splitting the Body with Five Beasts' penalty?’’ murmured Si Wen Ming in dislike, ’’This was a penalty that had been invented in ancient time, used by Emperor Xuan Yuan when he killed the great devil, Chi You. Emperor Xuan Yuan had abolished this penalty long ago, because it was too cruel, to the point that it even hurt the natural kindness of this world.’’

'Splitting the Body with Five Beasts' penalty. Even Ji Hao's skin had turned into a red colour.

What! 'Splitting the Body with Five Beasts' penalty?! This was what people called 'dismemberment by five horses' in his previous life, how would Qing Fu be able to take a brutal torture like that?!

’’Die!’’ Ji Hao let out a great roar and stamped his feet hard against the ground. Suddenly, all of the dark clouds in the sky descended from the air by hundreds of zhangs, as if the sky had collapsed. A fierce gale rolled countless raindrops that had been rotating fast with beams of silver light, blowing towards the Cold Stream Valley from all directions.

The Cold Stream Valley suddenly was filled with the flashing silver light, along with which, countless frozen raindrops darted down from the sky. That scene seemed like hundreds of thousands of locusts were sweeping across the entire sky, giving a horrible feeling, as if it was the end of the world.

Pausing for a second, Pu Lian laughed out aloud with a scornful face.

He opened his mouth and slightly breathed a mouthful of air out. A fist-sized, white lotus, which had been emitting a faint white light, slowly rose from this mouth. Within the span of few breaths, the white lotus expanded into the size of a bowl, let out a tens of zhangs in radius sphere of bright white light, and shrouded Pu Lian and all of the warriors beside him.

Countless frozen raindrops hit against the white light that was being emitted by the white lotus, along with swishing sounds. Light-ripples appeared in the sphere of light;countless raindrops suddenly exploded after hittin the white light, causing deep booms. The white light started shaking intensely;soon, the area that had been shrouded by the white light, which was originally fifty zhangs in radius, shrunk to forty-five zhangs in radius.

Pu Lian turned his head around and looked at Ji Hao with a hard-to-believe face. He clearly saw the young and tender face of Ji Hao, couldn't help but exclaimed out loud, ’’Kid! How old are you? How could you shake my spirit white lotus?!’’

Ji Hao raised his head and let out a great growl towards the sky, suddenly darted out and left a miles-long trail of fiery light behind, then heavily landed beside Qing Fu, who had been lying on the ground and couldn't stop vomiting blood. Ji Hao sent a series of spell symbols out with the power of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] from his palm into Qing Fu's body;along with his movement, the natural life-force energy from the surrounding area started gathering towards Qing Fu and gushing into her body.

’’Is it a big deal to be able to shake your spirit white lotus?’’ Ji Hao sneered and said;at the same time, he took out the terrifyingly powerful red tablet, which he hadn't give back to Man Man yet.

Usually, after releasing the power once, this tablet had to bask under the sunlight for a whole day to be fully refilled, before it could be used again;however, Ji Hao had put it with Mr.Crow and the leather map, with the power of these two, the tablet could now be refilled every couple of hours.

Pu Lian screamed out hoarsely once Pu Lian saw this tablet, ’’How dare you! You murdered Man Man, and now you're using her...’’

Followed by a thunderous boom, Pu Lian's white lotus suddenly shattered by a horrible power - Man Man darted up to Pu Lian while yelling loudly, like a mad female pre-historic beast;she raised her foot in front of Pu Lian and threw a kick towards Pu Lian's chest with all of her power.

After the boom, the long red cloak that had quite a strong defensive power, suddenly shattered into pieces, as well as the tight armour thatPu Lian had worn under his cloak. His chest became deeply hollowed, and blood instantly gushed out of his mouth. Pu Lian was sent flying by Man Man's kick for tens of miles far, and couldn't even make a moan in pain.

In the next moment, a red light flashed across the tablet carried in Ji Hao's hand. A beam of eye-piercing red light then darted out of the tablet, and melted the heads of those few guards, who had been holding the chains and were walking towards Qing Fu. These guards died even before the evil smile on their faces had faded.

Another guard, who had been riding on a fiery flood dragon, abruptly screamed out when he saw this, ’’How dare, dare you kill, kill the guards of the Gods, the Zhu, Zhu Rong family's guards?!’’

Man Man rushed up to that warrior, slapped him up into the air for over three-hundred zhangs high.


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