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The Magus Era - Chapter 103


Chapter 103: The Trial of Yuan Dan

Horrible terrors, and great happiness!

The hunt they had been through during these couple of days, started flashing back in Ji Hao's mind. He got badly hurt, then barely escaped from near-death dangers over and over again. The fright that he had felt everytime he had been beaten, coughed blood up and fell into a deadly and despairing situation, was continuously striking his soul like the tidewaters.

And the great, endless happiness he had felt everytime he escaped from those deadly dangers, killed powerful enemies and carried Man Man, who was also seriously wounded, and ran away from those desperate situations, in which there seemed to be no chance of survival, was also like the tidewaters, madly striking against his soul.

The scares and happiness combined into a torrent, struck hard against Ji Hao's soul, making him feel hard to stabilize his soul, and pushed his soul to hide into the Yuan Dan, which had been undergoing a qualitative change.

Countless scenes fleetingly flashed in front of his eyes. His previous life, current life, and everything that he had been through.

Those scenes, those people, and those moments;from his birth in the previous life, to the rebirth in this world as Ji Hao;from the very first time he had followed Ji Kui's guidance and cast his first magic, the [Poisonous-Bug-Call], to being led by the mysterious man's movement and launching the [Sky-Opening] with all of his power.

Ji Hao even clearly recalled that in an ordinary day of his previous life, when he walked past a crossroad, a mosquito flew across the air in front of his face, and brought up a few particles of dirt;he clearly remembered how those few particles of dirt looked like, without omitting anything.

These were all his thoughts and his experiences;countless fragments of memory had been drifting profusely and disorderly in his mind, and gathering towards his soul from all directions;every single fragment contained a strand of soul power. In the joint of the horrible scares and the great happiness, these memory fragments gushed into his Yuan Dan, melting into Ji Hao's soul one after another. Ji Hao's soul power started improving rapidly.

Ji Hao suddenly rose into the air. He trod on the fierce wind, flew out of the dense jungle, went beyond the tallest treetops, and rose straight into the sky and disappeared into the thick clouds.

’’Good boy! It's amazing! Ayaya, I have to take this kid back with me! Hm, who is he? Is he a descendant of a god? A natural born genius? Or...a reincarnation of some powerful person?’’ Si Wen Ming fixed his eyes on the small silhouette of Ji Hao, which had already disappeared in the clouds while his ten fingers quickly flicked and counted the names of all of those deceased powerful people, who had been known by this world, ever since there was a written record.

When an astonishingly powerful person or god died, his soul might reincarnate somewhere, and start another life. After long and difficult practice, he might regain the power and the high status that he had in his previous life. Such things were not that rare in this primitive world. As far as Si Wen Ming knew, even a few of his close friends were reincarnations of previous gods.

However, the sense of power that was being released from Ji Hao's body, was extremely special;although Si Wen Ming could be considered as a very knowledge and experienced person, he had absolutely no idea about who Ji Hao really might be.

’’Ayaya, I'm so curious! My heart is even itching! Can't stand it!’’ Si Wen Men suddenly grabbed a snow-white tortoise shell, which had a jade-like luster, bit the tip of his tongue, and spat a mouthful of blood onto the tortoise shell;After that, he quickly threw out tens of weird spell symbols onto the shell with both of his hands, and said, ’’I only want to know which terrifying person you are reincarnated from. I'm just purely curious, please don't mind, don't mind.’’

However, a light call came from the shell, along with which, all tens of fingertips of Si Wen Meng had burst out large pieces of grey, mist-like lightning;at the same time, the jade-like, white tortoise shell suddenly cracked into countless pieces.

Si Wen Ming was stunned for a short while, and looked at the shell regretfully. Then he gently smiled, raising his head, and gazed at the dense clouds, which had already started rotating fast, and said, ’’Ah, seems like a really extraordinary person. Good, good, at the moment, we're just lacking this kind of person. Hopefully, we, our human kind, will have one more backbone...I'm already too tired, too exhausted.’’

A slight trace of bitterness and exhaustion flashed across the upright and generous face of Si Wen Ming, but after only a moment, this negative emotion had gone. Si Wen Ming puffed out his chest and raised both of his arms, waving hands hard towards the dense clouds, while laughing and shouting, ’’Ji Hao! Are you interested in going to the Middle Land with me? Go to the Pu Ban city with me! The capital of our human world, Pu Ban city!’’

’’Haha!’’ Si Wen Ming laughed out loud, then stood up on the buffalo's back and yelled, ’’I can introduce you to many pretty girls! Oy! Pretty girls! The most pretty girls from the Dong Yi Clan, the most powerful clan of the Eastern Wasteland!’’

At the moment, Ji Hao had no spare power to consider Si Wen Ming's invitation. He rose straightly into the clouds, then rushed out of the clouds. Above those dark and dense clouds, there was bright sunshine Ji Hao felt that the entire, boundless world had been displayed in front of his eyes without any obstacles. He trod on the dark clouds, wantonly showering in the hot and bright sunshine.

A sphere of gold-red fiery light gushed out of Ji Hao's back, within which, a silhouette of three-legged Gold Fire Crow emerged out from..

From all directions, loomingly visible, gold-coloured sunlight gathered towards Ji Hao, transforming into a faint fiery light and merged into Ji Hao's body. The remaining Senior Magi's blood inside Ji Hao's body had quickly been digested and absorbed by his body;all of his muscles were slightly squirming and swelling;a cracking sound came from his bones. Soon, Ji Hao's body grew about an inch taller.

Ji Hao's soul had been hidden inside the Yuan Dan in his spiritual space. Under the purification by the purple flame of the Yuan Dan, large amounts of negative power had to be transformed into thick, black smoke, and continuously discharged from Ji Hao's soul. The negative power had soon dissipated, the soul of Ji Hao was becoming more and more crystal-like, gradually becoming smooth and firm like a precious beak.

His soul power was improving very quickly. Ji Hao opened his arms as if he was hugging the sky. He felt like the sun, which was located on the edge of the sky, was swelled to several time larger. Beams of sunlight were continuously being absorbed by Ji Hao's body, merging into the hundreds of meridians that had been lit up by the Fire Crow's bloodline power.

Followed by a loud crack sound, a slight dot of golden light burst out from Ji Hao's Yuan Dan. From inside the originally mist-like Yuan Dan, a slight substantial part emerged;the new emerging part was golden, heavy, and incomparable hard as if it was forged by purple gold. Ji Hao took a deep breath, and with this single breath, hundreds of mile long of river-like power strands, which were condensed from the vast universal energy, had been completely inhaled into Ji Hao's body. After which, the thumb-sized, golden part of the Yuan Dan suddenly started expanding at a very high speed.

The final transformation of the Yuan Dan had started - The Yuan Dan had started transforming into the Golden Dan.

The accomplishment sign of the first level practice of [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] was to create the 'Sea Soul of the Purple Palace [1], which referred to this Golden Dan of the Purple Palace that had just transformed from the Yuan Dan, in Ji Hao's spiritual space. Once the transformation from the Yuan Dan to Gold Dan had been completed, Ji Hao could immediately achieve the unity of the universe and the human body, which meant, he would be able to easily manipulate all kinds of natural power, and the power of all kinds of magic that he had learned would be stronger by over ten times. Additionally, his pure and great soul power, which had been improved by hundreds of times, would become the most reliable basis and motivation for his further practice in the future.

In this primitive world and in this life, Ji Hao would become the very first Magus that had gained a Golden Dan with his soul-power.

The [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] was one of the most powerful magic that had originated from the era when magic was about to vanish, and gathered the strengths of Buddhism, Taoism, and many other powerful sects' magic power systems. In a certain degree, the Golden Dan that Ji Hao had, tempered with the power of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], was created based on the excellences of Buddhism, Taoism, and all kinds of classic magic power systems, and had reached a new level that was even higher than [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] itself.

The little part of Gold, quickly spread towards the entire region of the Yuan Dan, like a raging wildfire that had set the whole grassland ablaze.

The sky for tens of thousands miles around Ji Hao's body seemed frozen for a moment as if time had stopped - within that moment, a Golden Dan, that no one in this world had seen before, had appeared;it seemed as if even this whole world was shocked by this occurrence.

Seemingly with a slight trace of hesitation, a cyan-blue cloud flew across the air above Ji Hao;followed by a series of thunder, nine thumb-sized lightning bolts darted down from the cloud and struck on Ji Hao's head one after another. Black smoke puffed out from Ji Hao's entire body, he then fell onto the ground from the sky tens of thousands of feet high with his head downward.

While falling, all of Ji Hao's muscles and bones started squirming;afterwards, bright lightning bolts suddenly darted out from his body, along with which, wisps of black smoke that had transformed from all of the impurities inside his body, gushed out in streams.

He had passed the lightning tribulation of the Golden Dan within only a moment, which meant, the transformation from Yuan Dan to Golden Dan, had been accomplished!


[1]Purple Palace: Translated from the word 'Zi Fu'. 'Zi' means purple, 'Fu' means space, house, mansion, office;I suppose Zi Fu refers the spiritual space here.


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