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The Magus Era - Chapter 102


Chapter 102: Return


Mr. Crow thrust his head again out from Ji Hao's cloth, opened his beak looking stunned, and gazed at those Blood Fang warriors, who had already turned into ashes.

There were tens of thousands of elite warriors, and hundreds of Senior level powerful warriors from the Blood Fang among them;however, all of those people were killed by a single shot of Si Wen Ming. What was even more terrifying, was that this shot, which had silently killed tens of thousands of people just now, didn't break a single piece of armour;not even a single leaf, or a single grass in the jungle had been damaged by this shot.

Ji Hao was totally stunned, and while gazing at those swaying armours and helmets, which had fallen onto the ground, he couldn't help but gasp deeply in shock.

Ji Hao couldn't even imagine the strength and the power level of Si Wen Ming. He could transform a destructive power, which seemed to be able to destroy an entire world, into such a gentle and light shot, just like how the dragonflies quickly dipped their tails into the surface of the water;Ji Hao was just wondering in order to achieve things like this, how powerful a man needed to be.

Si Wen Ming then lazily waved the, ancient, pure black sword, which was forged from black iron and without any luster, and didn't even light up a single spell symbol while he launched the attack with it. Si Wen Ming then grabbed a long rope made of hemp down from his shoulder, wrapped the sword around it and hung it back on his back.

’’Hm, I haven't exercised for quite a while, I'm a bit out of practice, almost ruined those treasures that were being carried by them,’’ said Si Wen Ming while laughing. He smilingly thrust his hand out in the air, right after which, a shiny, exquisitely crafted sword, with hundreds of different-coloured precious stones, thickly dotted on the hilt, flew into his hand by itself.

’’This sword is pretty nice, too garish though, but it was made of real high quality materials and by skilled craftsmanship, so it's a good one. If I take it back to the Pu Ban city, I can probably trade thousands of good animals and over a thousand vats of delicious booze,’’ laughed Si Wen Ming, while slowly stroking the sharp edge of the sword, and lightly knocked the sword hilt. He then smilingly nodded towards Ji Hao and said, ’’According to the Southern Wasteland's rule, whoever has seen this should all have a share, haha! Hm, I'll take this sword to trade for booze back to my city, as for the rest, you two kids can just split them!’’

Man Man grabbed Ji Hao's sleeve, slowly shaked her head and said, ’’I don't want them. Man Man has enough armours and weapons. Ji Hao can have them all, his clan could use more of those things.’’

Ji Hao didn't decline, he grinned, coughed the last bit of extravagated blood out from his body, then took a very deep breath of fresh air, feeling that his entire body was relaxed and comfortable. He then politely saluted to Si Wen Ming and said, ’’Since dear uncle, you have granted these things to me, there's no reason for me to not accept. These are all good stuff, indeed, our Fire Crow Clan don't have much of these high-quality armours and weapons.’’

Si Wen Ming nodded to Ji Hao and smiled, patted the pigeon, that had been standing on his shoulder and staring at Mr. Crow from head tot to toe, and said in a very generous tone, ’’Hm, it's good then. Ji Hao, are you a Fire Crow Clan's kid? Fire Crow Clan, hmmm, Fire Crow Clan...since such bad things have happened around here, then I should just take a trip to the Fire Crow Clan with you too.’’

Shrugging, Si Wen Ming then laughed out relaxingly and said, ’’I don't have any particular destiny anyway, it can be everywhere.’’

Ji Hao and Man Man curiously watched Si Wen Ming's next movement. Si Wen Ming drew a complicated spell symbol on the moist and soft ground, after which he pressed his right hand in the middle of the spell symbol, and started enchanting a spell in a low voice.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyed and released his sensitive spiritual power towards the surrounding jungle. He clearly sensed waves of magical soul power coming out from Si Wen Ming's body and quickly spreading towards the surrounding area, covering the jungle within thousands of miles around within only a moment.

Soon, roars came from far away. Followed by the cracking sound of branches, two fifty to sixty feet long, black leopards darted out, with their feet treading on clouds of black smoke. The two gigantic leopards took a glance at Si Wen Ming from quite a long distance, narrowed their eyes and carefully sensed the soul power that had been released from his body, after which, their originally deep and threatening roars turned into gentle whimper. The two leopards then started swaying their tails and drew near Si Wen Ming as if they were two soft kittens.

After some time, a couple of bright-coloured, gigantic tigers rushed out of the jungle.

Just like the two leopards, these tigers were very cautious and held their vigilance towards Man Man and Ji Hao, but impelled by Si Wen Ming's soul power, these tigers soon put their vigilance down and walked up to Ji Hao and Man Man, intimately rubbing their bodies with their heads;Ji Hao even had the feeling that these tigers were smiling.

Leopards, tigers, elephants and mammoths...hundreds of gigantic wild animals had come only after a quarter of an hour. Ji Hao and Man Man had been busy on picking those armours and weapons up from the ground, after which they tied them tightly up with vines, and put them on these animals' back.

Taking over two hours, they had finally cleaned everything up. Si Wen Ming rode in front of the animal troops on a sturdy buffalo's back, while leading the way. Ji Hao and Man Man climbed onto a gigantic leopard's back and closely followed Si Wen Ming. This large group of wild animals started moving fast in orderly lines, quickly going into the dense jungle, heading towards the Fire Crow Clan.

Accompanied by Si Wen Ming, who was as powerful as gods and demons, Ji Hao and Man Man finally relaxed both, their bodies and their minds.

They had just been hunted by the Blood Fang for days and had been badly wounded over and over again. Man Man was so tired and sad that she even wanted to die. After they had sat down on the leopard's back, she leaned her head against Ji Hao's shoulder and fell into a deep sleep.

Ji Hao sat with his legs crossed, supporting Man Man with his shoulder, narrowed his eyes, concentrating on running the soul-healing magic of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], and replenishing his power. The natural power was continuously drawing towards Ji Hao's body from the surrounding area, circulating inside his body through those interleaving meridians for a few times, ultimately turning into pure power, and melted into Ji Hao's Yuan Dan.

Si Wen Ming, who had been riding on the buffalo's back, abruptly felt a strange movement of the natural power in the surrounding area;he turned back his head in curiosity, and took a deep glance at Ji Hao.

A stream of dim and mysterious light emerged in Si Wen Ming's pupils, and started rotating;he carefully looked at Ji Hao from head to toe. In his eyes, Ji Hao's body looked like a spiral at the moment, the inexhaustible natural power had been gathering towards his body, and completely disappearing into the black-hole-like center of the swirl in Ji Hao's body.

’’This little guy is very interesting.’’

While packing those armours and weapons, Si Wen Ming had learned what had happened to Ji Hao and Man Man from Man Man's mouth.

With the junior power-level, and the bloodline power, which had been activated not long ago, Ji Hao had killed tens of Senior-level Jia Clan's warriors, and brought Man Man along, while fleeing for nearly thousands of miles far, under the mad hunt of the Blood Fang;even a man like Si Wen Ming was slightly shocked by that.

More importantly, Ji Hao was at such a young age, and unlike Man Man, who had a incomparably noble family background, Ji Hao was born in a faded clan of the Southern Wasteland;the resources he had, and the inherited magics that he could get, was so little that it was not even worth mentioning to Si Wen Ming.

However, with these little resources and inherited magics, Ji Hao could get such a good fighting result. Si Wen Ming felt that he had been attracted by Ji Hao.

’’Such a good boy, hm, I wonder if he is mature enough...he is just like a baby eagle, does he has the guts to fly away from his nest?’’ murmured Si Wen Ming.

Ji Hao didn't have any extra energy to pay attention to Si Wen Ming. When he was concentrating on replenishing his body and gaining his power back, he had also been silently thinking about all those horrible scares and great happiness that he had gained throughout the hunt;those deadly dangers, and the survival, during this journey.

He only felt that deep down in his heart, everything was now so clear and pure;in his previous life, he had felt that there was always a heavy, black curtain, that firmly blocked his soul, but now, it had suddenly and completely collapsed and disappeared.

He seemingly saw a bright road, which was clearly visible in front of his soul. All of his blood started to boil, and all of his spiritual power activated and he growled deeply. All kinds of natural power and energy quickly gathered, converging towards his body. This mysteriously vast, and unspeakable universal power were all being pushed by the power of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], and appeared in Ji Hao's spiritual space, gushing straight into his Yuan Dan, which had already condensed into a solid sphere.

Suddenly, Ji Hao opened his eyes and a wisp of purple mist spurted out, three feet far, from his pupils.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, nine glowing, golden spell symbols of the [Mantra Dan of the Nine Secret Words] appeared above the Yuan Dan. Some kind of magical, tremendous, and irreversible change was now happening inside the Yuan Dan, an originally incorporeal being - The Yuan Dan was transforming into a corporeal Gold Dan.

Si Wen Ming stared at Ji Hao in shock. He saw that the natural power of the area which was hundreds of miles in radius had been stirred by some magical power contained in Ji Hao's body, and was intensely shaking.

To cause a vibration this intense, and of this much of natural power, not to mention someone at the Junior level warrior stage, even a Senior level Maguspriest couldn't make this happen without tens of years of practice!

’’I must have this kid,’’ Si Wen Ming knocked his own forehead hard, and laughed out loud silently.


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