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The Magus Era - Chapter 100


Chapter 100: A Middle-aged Man

Turbid waves rose high from the river, and even reached to the sky. The river had been roaring furiously, like dragons and tiger, even making the entire valley shake.

Ji Hao tightly held Man Man in front of his chest with both of his arms;he was afraid that the flood would flush her away. He blocked all those gigantic tree trunks and rocks, which were being flushed down by the river, for Man Man, with his own back.

A hundreds of feet long, gigantic tree trunk, which was so thick that it would take a couple of strong men to put their arms around it, hit hard against Ji Hao's back like a hill;streams of bright and clear lights that had been released by the armour made by Po, were circling around Ji Hao's body and formed a dim, glowing lotus, easily negating the forces of the impact with the tree trunk.

Huge rocks were rolled by the whirlpools in the river and smashed against Ji Hao's back;the clear light coiled around these rocks and turned them into sands and ashes one after another.

Ji Hao held his breath;his fingers were locked together and continuously changed motions. The water surrounding their bodies, started rotating rapidly;soon, extremely thin wisps of air were being extracted from the water, and formed a half-inch thick air-cover around Ji Hao and Man Man's body, which was able to supply enough air for them to breath.

The water-flow pushed Ji Hao hard from behind. Ji Hao's body seemed like that of the agilest fish, fleetingly swimming and speeding up in the water without any obstacles, leaving a faint, white trail behind. He could swim a thousand feet far within a moment, and miles within a blink of an eye. Just Like a ghost under water, Ji Hao held Man Man, and fled away along with the water flow.

This was the [After-born Water Manipulating Escape Magic], a mystical escape magic created by Ji Hao in his previous life, after he had learned about nearly all of the water-related escape magic spells from the Taoist, Buddhist sutras, and other classic scriptures. He had combined all of the good points of those escape magic and created this one. Although the natural power had been scarse in the world, the [After-born Water Manipulating Escape] still had innumerable magical usages;in this world, that was filled with the natural power, this escape magic had become even more powerful.

With this escape magic, the bodies of Ji Hao and Man Man had almost merged with the flood water. Not even a single trace of power was being released from their bodies, neither was any sound made by them, however, within only the span of two breaths, after Ji Hao had jumped into the river, he had brought Man Man and darted for over ten miles far under the water, along the roaring river.

Suddenly, the river segment behind Ji Hao exploded, followed by which, the tens of miles long river segment evaporated within a moment.

Along with the sizzling sound, the hot team rose directly into the air;countless water-beasts and gigantic fishes were boiled thoroughly, then quickly started burning, and turned into wisps smoke and disappeared, without leaving a trace.

Tens of three-eyed young men had been floating in the air behind Ji Hao, with deadly pale faces;blazing flame, lightning bolts, and other supernatural visions were quickly spurting out from their erect eyes like heavy raindrops.

’’Lord Di Luo has been badly wounded, we must capture that little kid!’’

’’How dare he wound Lord Di Luo! We have to capture him! Or we will all be in huge trouble!’’

’’Damn! And that little girl, she must die! Must die! We have to kill her!’’

The dry riverbed was shaking, as if it had been struggling and twitching. Tens of miles long parts of the river had completely been dried out, after which, all of the rocks on the riverbed started melting and evaporating, emitting an eye-piercing light. Soon, this part of riverbed collapsed and was deeply hollowed out , becoming a huge and deep pit with a radius of nearly twenty miles.

Ji Hao tightly held Man Man. A horrible power abruptly came from behind Ji Hao along with the flood, heavily hitting against his back.

Po's armour was protecting Ji Hao's body, but still, he felt a terribly hot power had gushed into his body like a flood current, which had almost melted all of his internal organs down;the destructive power then hit right on Man Man's body through Ji Hao.

The small body of Man Man instantly started quivering. The wound in her back hadn't healed yet, but was now torn by the power again;large amounts of lava-hot blood that was gushing out of Man Man's body, quickly evaporated the river water around, forming visible bubbles and white steam upon the surface of the river.

Hundreds of Blood Fang's warriors from the Jia Clan keenly noticed those bubbles and steam, and instantly followed up along with the river bank.

They, rushing fast along with the river bank, fixed their eyes on those bubbles and steam on the water surfaces and madly launched attacks towards those bubbles. Heavy weapons emitted bright lights and boomed into the river.

Stretches of rivers burst out one after another. Every single of those attacks launched by the Jia Clan's warriors could completely destroy one stretch of the river, and leave a huge dip that was miles in radius, in the river way. The flowing river seemed like a long line that had strung those beads-like huge pits, left by those attacks, into a bead necklace.

Ji Hao released all of his power, trying to flee faster with the escape magic. The Yuan Dan was rotating rapidly in his spiritual space like a windmill, and making a swishing sound;the water-energy contained in the river ceaselessly gushed into his body, turned into pure power, and supported the escape magic, allowing Ji Hao to keep moving.

The Jia Clan's madly lauched attacks were like thunder and lighting, coming towards Ji Hao from all directions. Ji Hao was trying his best to difficultly dodge those attacks under the water. Waves of explosion forces hit against his body and made him spew mouthfuls of blood out. There were many times that Ji Hao could barely breathe, and almost blanked out.

From his spiritual space, the mysterious man abruptly appeared and yelled out with a resonant voice, ’’Little guy, usually you have always been extra smart, what's wrong with you today? Is your brain broken by those stupid attacks? My [Sky-Opening], is that used only for killing people?’’

Ji Hao's body suddenly shook when he heard the mysterious man;at the same time, a magical light, which was so bright and powerful that seemed as if it could even be touched by hand, had spurted out from Ji Hao's pupils.

Some magical changes suddenly happened in Ji Hao's sight. Ji Hao forced himself to stay in the magical vision that was brought by the [SkyOpening]. Soon, countless twisting lights emerged from the rapidly following river water in front of him.

Ji Hao's body agilely passed through those most vulnerable parts of this light-net that were located in the joints of these lights.

He discovered that the water resistance had suddenly disappeared, and his speed had been raised by over three times;only with a flash, he had left the river stretch that was destroyed by those Jia Clan's warriors, and ditched them far behind him.

One-quarter of an hour, two-quarters of an hour...those Jia Clan's warriors and three-eyed young men hadn't given up on chasing them.

Three-quarters of an hour, one hour...Ji Hao had ditched those Blood Fang people by three to five miles, and Man Man's wounds finally stopped bleeding, neither bubbles or steam could be seen on the surface of the river.

After an hour and fifteen minutes, Ji Hao raised his head from the river and took a deep breath. He found a small valley that was hidden in the dense jungle and had complex and diverse landform, then difficulty climbed up from the river, gnashed his teeth and carried Man Man, who was already unable to move, out from the river as well, after which he ran towards the dense jungle.

Those Blood Fang people didn't know that Ji Hao had gotten back onto the land, and ended up chasing all the way along the river.

By the time they had realised that they were unable to catch Ji Hao in that river, Ji Hao and Man Man had long gone.

One step, two steps, three steps...Ji Hao abruptly slipped and fell head on the ground, and couldn't get back up for quite a while. He was so anxious that his eye corners even started twitching - this was definitely not a good time for resting, they had to hide into the jungle before the Blood Fang's people got here;with the current situations of him and Man Man, they were unable to bear a fight against those people;the only thing what they could do was to raise their hands up and wait to be captured.

Get up! Get up! Get up!

Ji Hao bit hard on his own tongue's tip. He sensed a great pain from his tongue and tasted the blood.

He had finally got a slight trace of power back;he trembled and struggled, while trying to get back up from the ground;at that moment, a powerful hand silently held his body.

The abruptly shown up hand scared the crap out of Ji Hao and Man Man, they jerked their heads aside and looked at the man, whose hand was holding Ji Hao's arm.

It was a middle-aged man, who looked very generous and reliable. He held Ji Hao up with both of his hands, frowned and said with sympathy, ’’Whose kids are you? You're so young, who had beat you into this?’’

Ji Hao let out a hollow laugh and said bitterly, ’’Good uncle, just run. Monsters are chasing behind us.’’

The middle-aged man rubbed his own nose, laughed out and said, ’’Uncle? Hmmm? Monsters? We're humans, why should we be afraid of monsters?’’

He then smilingly helped Ji Hao up from the ground, and leisurely said, ’’No rush, no rush, both of you have been injured seriously, the most important thing at the moment is to heal you.’’

Man Man gnashed her teeth in anxiety, but Ji Hao was surprised to discover that in such a rainy season, and in such a heavy rain, the clothes of this middle-aged man were extremely dry and clean, not stained by even a single drop of rain.


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