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The Magus Era - Chapter 10



Inside the hot spring pool, the blood-red water suddenly turned pulpy. A dozen of twisted spell symbols emerged from the water.

The strong efficiency of Jiang Yao's magic spell and drugs caused great pain to Ji Wu. Ji Wu felt as if countless sharp knives had been plunged into his body. He couldn't stop twitching and crying in pain. He had almost jumped out many times but he had always been pushed back by Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao's hands were slim and slender, yet strangely powerful. She pressed her hand against Ji Wu's shoulder making Ji Wu unable to move even an inch no matter how hard he would struggle.

’’Amma! Amma! It hurts! It really hurts! Burning! It's Burning! Amma!’’ Ji Wu let out a sharp cry, followed by waves of wailing. His nose was running, his upper lip hot with a rivulet of mucus, tears around his ears and neck.

’’Hang on! Wu! Hang on!’’ Jiang Yao said with an ice cold expression on her beautiful face. She gnashed her teeth and continued, ’’You must let everyone know that my boy is better than Qing Fu's son! You must beat him at the ceremony! ’’

’’I'm helping you to trigger your internal power and upgrade to the Eleventh-Level of Novice Magus. This is the only way to make sure you will win!’’ Jiang Yao growled, ’’That little bastard, Ji Hao. I heard that he has been learning Novice Maguspriest sorceries, he can't be that easy to beat. You have to upgrade!’’

The sound of flames came from inside Ji Wu's body. Soon, a small flame spurted out from between his eyebrows. Fiery light beams appeared from inside the flame and slowly spread to the rest of his body, eventually it wrapped Ji Wu's whole body.

Jiang Yao proudly raised her eyebrows, laughed in great delight. Those muscular women that were standing aside also laughed aloud and started to talk about how talented Ji Wu was. They said that Ji Wu was a genius, who could upgrade to the Eleventh Level at such a young age. This was truly rare even in the Bi Fang Clan.

Jiang Yao held her head high proudly when she heard their words.

Ji Wu was still twitching. His muscles began to swell and bones started to creak. His body was slowly growing bigger. After a few seconds, Ji Wu lost his consciousness under great pain.

To forcibly upgrade by using drugs and magic spells instead of daily practice, can be extremely painful because the body would not be strong enough yet to handle such tremendous power.

’’Wu! You're my son, you have to win!’’ Jiang Yao gave her face a brutal expression. ’’This is not only about your Abba, but also about my reputation!’’

While she was speaking, the sound of heavy footsteps came from the jungle. The seven strong women picked up swords and axes, lined up in front of Jiang Yao to protect her.

Near Jiang Yao and her people, a towering tree swayed and cracked and Treeman walked out from behind that tree.

Treeman opened its mouth, sprayed a cold mist in the direction of Jiang Yao and her people, then started to roar. Treeman's roar caused a great gust of wind, which blew the fallen leaves into the sky. A dozen of green spell symbols appeared on his trunk. Once those symbols appeared, the gale started to blow even harder.

Jiang Yao looked at Treeman and made an odd gesture to him. It seemed as if she had used a certain magic-spell against Treeman.

’’Treeman, the guard of the jungle, I am Jiang Yao, the daughter of the Master Maguspriest of the Bi Fang Clan. Let us obey the agreement between my ancestor and the god of nature. You should just leave. Do not enrage me!’’ Jiang Yao said. Her spell seemed not to have worked at all.

Treeman took a big step forward and said in his grating voice: ’’The Bi Fang...Clan? This jungle belongs to...The Fire...Crow! This is my...jungle!’’

’’My jungle!’’ He pointed to the hot spring pool with a long branch and emphasized.

Jiang Yao glanced, while frowning, at the bubbling red water in the pool. Ji Wu was lying unconsciously in the water and his body was wrapped around by a faint fiery light. In maybe a few hours, Ji Wu's body would have absorbed enough power from the water and make a breakthrough to the next level, at which point his internal power could be triggered. At that time he would definitely win against Ji Hao.

But if Ji Wu got out of the pool now, he might not be able to upgrade by himself. Additionally, the magic-spell and the drugs she had used were strongly effective, which meant that they could not be used to upgrade Ji Wu again, not until a year later.

Furthermore, Ji Wu was injured by Ji Hao yesterday, which could make Ji Wu lose his fight again. If so, all her efforts would be in vain.

’’Is this your jungle? I am Jiang Yao. Now I need this place.’’ She pointed to the pool and said coldly, ’’Name your price.’’

Treeman stayed silent for a while, then slowly walked to the seven women in front of Jiang Yao. More green spell symbols emerged from his tree trunk, two green flames blazed up above his mouth-like tree hole. He had opened his 'eyes'.

Treeman let a roar out. A large cold mist spouted out from his mouth. The seven women had suddenly been frozen by the mist. After that theTreeman waved his arm-like branches and lashed those frozen woman away.

Treeman was at least a thousand years old. His body was as solid as steel and extremely powerful. Those strong women had been lashed and smashed onto the ground. Their bones were even exposed in the air and blood had been sprayed everywhere.

’’You bastard! I will chop you and burn you as firewood!’’ Jiang Yao shouted and stepped back flutteringly.

Jiang Yao was a powerful Senior Maguspriest. However, although she was good at all kinds of sorceries, as far as close combat was concerned, she was no better than ever her son, Ji Wu.

Treeman roared and walked towards Jiang Yao with big steps.

Jiang Yao staggered backwards. Her lips turned white with fear. She even forgot to use her Maguspriest sorceries, only crazily waving her arms. A large multicoloured smoke spurted out from her sleeves and quickly wrapped around Treeman's trunk.

The multicoloured smoke was made of a variety of highly poisonous herbs, a single breath of it could poison a hundred people to death. However, all the different types of poison from the jungle were ineffective againstTreeman.

Treeman quickly walked through the poison mist up to Jiang Yao, jerked out a branch and pierced her chest.

Jiang Yao screamed and twisted her boy odly. Her body suddenly changed into a doll hanging on the branch, which was carved out of wood and looked exactly like Jiang Yao.

Treeman stared at the doll;the doll suddenly started to burn. In the flame, a slender bird's eye quickly appeared and disappeared.

Along with a loud noise, the doll exploded. The explosion stirred the atmosphere tempestuously and blew Treeman a mile away. He let out a roar, his bark was shattered and the green wood inside was exposed to the air. A large amount of sap poured out as if he was bleeding.

Treeman howled in pain, raised an 'arm' in ragingly and growled: ’’Ouch! It Hurts!...Ten...!Booze...!Ten!’’

Jiang Yao stood up from behind a plant near the spring pool. She was constantly coughing up blood. She grabbed Ji Wu and intended to flee.

From inside the jungle, Ji Hao blinked his eyes, silently rushed out as quick as a leopard, approaching Jiang Yao, while leaving a series of afterimages behind him.


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