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The Magician Wants Normality - Volume 2 - Chapter 10


Chapter 10

Black knight-san is a dexterous person.

[ After ten days you'll be picked to go to Zebrest, then destroy the inner Palace okey♪]

[ .......wa?]

[ Oh right right, your public position would be that of a noble's concubine and since our country is your guardian then you'll possess the authority of a head concubine]

The prince-sama's angelic smile shined more and more while uttering this problematic thing.

......why all of a sudden I am a noble's head concubine in this situation? Mao-sama?

No, before that?

Destroy the you intend to make it a foothold for the world subjugation at once?


After the shocking face to face.

For the time being let's self-introduce what happened so far, incidentally as per my wish in a way or another the white knight was dealt with however.

[ Then, I'd like you to listen to my request as well]

And so it turned out like this.

Uhm, I understood that.

Still, I am supposed to become a criminal?

I'll have to sink a country ?

That. Clearly execution will be waiting for me right?

The Prince-sama that was able to read the air unleashed another bomb.

[ Aa! It's fine you know. Because the client and accomplice are Zebrest's King and Prime minister!]


Do other nation's kings wish for their own country to decline I wonder?

No, Mao-sama is a Prince......if reversed, is there a country whose Prince is a devil King?

[ The previous generation was too incompetent and the nobles grew conceited and forcefully pushed girls at him]

[ Is closing the inner palace no good?]

[ They tried but it seem that those aristocrat greatly opposed it. Since he still doesn't have a legitimate wife]

[ Then, poisoning them......]

[ If exposed those nobles will become annoying?]

[ The reason is not that they are hopeless people right]

[ Yup. Because they are not people that are worth concerning over]

I know that I am terrible but the Prince is plenty awful too.

You have similar standpoint, and I guess showing a little bit of an understanding out of the question neh.

That's a refreshing smile that you got, with not a single fragment of guilty conscience.

Black knight-san is also nodding I wonder if something happened?

Black knight-san that noticed my look opened his mouth with an expressionless face.

[.......if a woman there where to become the queen it would be the end of the country]

The end ! ?

[ I can't think of myself winning. It's a gathering of female beasts] don't want to treat them as human being anymore is it?

[ I got Klaus to infiltrate and and to wait and see. And he gathered some informations]

[ Gathering information ? By any chance the interception of a while ago......]

[ Uhn, black knight is an expert in this kind of job you know? There's not only sounds but picture too.]

It's all handmade by black knight! So said Mao-sama while looking like he was enjoying himself.

it's an incredible technology ne, are there tools where you can insert magic?


Wait. Oi, just now what did he say? a hidden camera?

That is, eavesdropping and peeping?

It's a crime right ! ?

[ That's my job]

[ That's not something you can confidently declare right !?]

[ Incidentally, that's also my hobby]

[ That's even worse!!!] expected from a servant of the demon king.

To magnificently do criminal deed you also put to practical use your hobby .

Your cool atmosphere is being spoiled you know? Come on, look a yourself and fix it.

[ Incidentally it's possible for me to do detailed report]

* flap * , I was handed over a paper tightly filled with something. ........?

『07.00 Rised with a considerably bad mood. Eight attendant lady in the vicinity』

『07.30 change of clothes red selected for the main dress, thick make-up on the eyelids as usual』

『08.00 breakfast menu: bread, soup and fruit』



If it's not the active report of a stalker a stalker then, what's this?

Moreover it's extremely detailed right? Where you at the actual place?

[......a criminal, there's a stalker here]

[ I just grasped their action and put together detailed information]

[Know the limits. Humans, don't do things that are unpleasant to themselves !]

At my assertion filled with might Klaus-san slightly tilted his head.

[Not really. If they aren't able to defend themselves, they are the one that lack ability right?]

[ It's useless, this person use himself as the criteria! Al-san, Mao-sama please say something to him!

Just a few minute after our encounter, the way I call the prince is already thoroughly settled as Mao-sama.

[ Black knight is skillful that's why, him having his work as a hobby is just a trivial detail♪]

[ Klaus has been like this since childhood......I always understood his conduct]

Then don't work! Even though at first it looked plausible!

A long time ago.....I think it's strange, such a kid!

? Nh......? 『Since childhood』?

[ By any chance, are the three of you childhood friends......?]


[ That's right]

[ We associated with each other for more than twenty years] one cutted into this oddball trio right......!

Then without being corrected, they quickly grew up, and this is the result......!

[ Did you just thought of something incredibly rude ?]]

[ It's just your imagination. I only thought I only thought of a sad reality ]

[Is that so]

Sensei quitting his work as an imperial court physician and retiring to a village, wasn't because he got worn out by those weirdo right?

The white knight is a pervert, the prince is a Mao, the black knight is like a criminal.

[Black Knight......If there's one, there's 30 right, they will spring up everywhere.]

That's right, like a certain G creature.

Since they are powerful people their life force must be undoubtedly also strong.


[ Oya......]

[Wha ! ?]

When I unintentionally leaked my real intentions the expressions of the three of them changed.

Oh my, did my thought leaked?

Did they understood the meaning ??

Klaus-san, for the first time your expression changed neh-

It was a trivial thing but it compensated my lost mental state. Of course I won't apologize.

Oh my, Mao-sama's angelic smile, is in its top form isn't it?

[ Un, I am happy that a smart kid like you came♪]



His magical power are so strong that his emotion can be read, was it.....

Eh, did I prematurely raised a death flag?

Will I end up being consigned to oblivion?

[That's why listen to my request please?]

I have no technique that can oppose his threatening smile.

.......for the time being I'll nod.

Whatever happens I already don't know.....?


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