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The Legendary Thief - Volume 5 - Chapter 169


Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Very Erotic Very Violent


The results completely exceeded my expectations . Standing at the gate, although many people solicited, the amount clearly could not be compared to the amount on Lu Xuehan's side . At my height, I could not see Lu Xuehan even if I stood on my tiptoes as she had already been submerged under a multitude of men . Fortunately, I had reminded her to activate the protection system .

However, there were also some exceptions . The screams of Li Qing and Liu Yun suddenly were heard through the guild's chat channel . Their screams sounded both shocked and pleased . It felt a lot like coming upon honeydew after a long drought . After Xu Lin asked about it in surprise, we found out that the two stupid girls, Li Qing and Liu Yun, had forgotten to activate the protection system . As a result, they had a side of their chests touched by several perverted lechers in succession . Although it was very erotic very violent, that sort of embarrassing, satisfying, and comfortable feeling was definitely beyond words! [2]

Selecting guild members is not easy . Just like Xu Lin had said, four-legged dogs are easy to find . However, morally respectable men with excellent equipment and high levels were not so easy to find .

People who want to join the guild came forth in an endless stream

After I rejected him, a level 31 little fighter said in displeasure: ’’Why hate on ma level? Ah'm the first person in my village to reach level 30 . The adults praise meh for being capable!’’ [3]

’’Then, isn't your equipment is too commonplace? You don't even have a single blue equipment and your best is a level 20 something green equipment... ...’’

’’Ah do! Ah've brought a blue equipment, li~’’ The little fighter took out a garbage level 14 blue staff from his bag . [4]

I was dispirited: ’’Next!’’

A middle-aged man who looked like an uncle came over: ’’Brother, I want to join!’’

’’Talk about your goal or motivation for joining . ’’

The middle-aged uncle rubbed his hands and said rather bashfully: ’’I want to pick up the beautiful Green Veggies Fruit . Does that count?’’

’’Of course that counts . Wipe your saliva and then let's talk . ’’ nnd, this bad uncle is unexpectedly a lol*c*n . Guo-zi is but a 20 year-old little mm . [5]

’’Actually... ... that, I think that Green Veggies Temptation is also pretty good . My purpose in getting close to Green Veggies Fruit, actually, hehe... mainly so that I can get close to Green Veggies Temptation... ...’’

I suddenly became angry but still asked with a slight smile: ’’Do you consider yourself worthy of her?’’

’’Isn't there a saying, what was it... ...oh yes, believe in yourself... ...’’

’’Well okay, are you at least 5 . 25 feet tall?’’ [6]

’’No, why?’’

’’Not even 5 . 25 feet, I won't accept . Please move aside . ’’

... ...

The four hours of continuous high intensity work lasted straight until 4pm and I almost collapsed from exhaustion . While I had recruited nearly a thousand members for the guild, there was still quite a gap until the amount Xu Lin had stipulated . This arduous lifestyle still had not come to a conclusion .

Just as I managed to let out a sigh, someone suddenly patted my shoulder from behind .

’’Brother, do you still remember me?’’

A young person smirked behind me . [7]

I became pleasantly surprised . This person was the one who had impressively challenged an entire clan by himself - ’’Never Surrender’’ . [8]

At this point, he was already level 46 . Overall, this leveling speed can be counted as being quite fast and he could be considered as an expert! [9]

I hurriedly smiled: ’’Of course I remember . How about it? My guild has now been established and I sincerely invite you to join~!’’

Never Surrender pressed the accept button without any hesitation and laughed heartily: ’’I'm extremely honored~!’’

He looked at the numerous players behind me who were waiting to join the guild and said: ’’I'll go level first . In the future, if there are any guild matters just call and I'll come . For now, I won't hold you up any longer . ’’

’’En, see you~!’’ [10]

After Never Surrender left, I once again sunk into the endless great undertaking of recruiting people . I continued straight until 6pm and had finally recruited over a thousand people . Moreover, Lu Xuehan, Xin Yu, and Xu Lin's results were even more impressive . Their combined results had surprisingly exceeded 5,000 . It was said that even players who exceeded level 45 and had nb gear all voluntarily lined up and waited to be recruited by them . Adding in the players recruited by the others, the main guild already had more than 10,000 in just 6 hours . [11]

Unexpectedly, Liu Yun became a dark horse today . She recruited nearly 1,500 people within 6 hours . According to Li Qing, once those men saw Liu Yun they became straight-eyed and rushed up one by one to request membership . There were even plenty of people who had been squeezed out of the crowd and thus had no chance at all . [12]

As a treat for everyone, Xu Lin brought out the good wine that she had collected for a long time . Moreover, the dishes she ordered from the restaurant were sufficiently luxurious . It looks like she was really bleeding quite a bit this time . It was little wonder though . Selling those purple equipment in the morning had earned her over 10 million net income . If a normal person had earned so much in one go, they might have been even more extravagant .

Because we had already recruited 10,000 members, Xu Lin was not in a hurry to fill all of the twenty thousand spots . Thus, she did not rush everyone to finish eating in order to continue recruiting players . The group of people started at 6:30 and ate for two hours before finally finishing the table full of dishes .

I rubbed my stomach and while still feeling unfulfilled I said: ’’How wonderful would it be if every meal was so luxurious...’’

Xin Yu said while smiling: ’’This table of dishes is only 800 RMB . That's 24,000 for a month and 280,000 for a year . To you, that's just a drop in the bucket . How about you invite me to eat this every day?’’ [13]

I smiled, grabbed Xin Yu's delicate shoulder, and asked: ’’I can, but what's my reward?’’

Xin Yu straightened her plump twin peaks and laughed lovably: ’’What kind of reward do you want?’’

nnd, once Xin Yu acts lasciviously it becomes too life-threatening! [5]

I swallowed hard and said with difficulty: ’’Let's talk about it later . We should head back and recruit people online again . Remember to turn on the protection . Don't let those lechers take advantage of you . ’’

Xin Yu smiled slightly: ’’En . ’’

... ...

After logging on, I received a text message before I could even move . I looked at it and saw that it turned out to be from Murong Shanshan: ’’How could you leave the guild without even saying anything? I had thought that you had been killed so much by others that you deleted your account . When you come online, contact me immediately . ’’ [14]

I examined it for a moment . Murong Shanshan's name was lit, thus I sent her an an invitation to join a call . Within a few minutes, Murong Shanshan's sweet voice came from the other end: ’’Where are you right now? The two purple equipment that we sold this morning sold for nearly 30 million . Let's find a place to split it, okay?’’

I saw that there were already a lot of players waiting to join the guild and so I replied: ’’You can hold onto it for now . I'm not currently in a rush to use it . ’’

Murong Shanshan said a bit unhappily: ’’This isn't urgent, but we still haven't submitted the quest items . The two quest items, the Element Controller's notes and the Zombie King's head, can definitely be exchanged for a lot of experience and money . There might even be some purple equipment too~’’

I hesitated for a moment but still persisted in saying: ’’Shanshan, our clan is currently crazily recruiting people and I wouldn't be able to face the others if I didn't do my best . How about this? I'll go with you to submit the quests tomorrow morning . ’’ [15]

’’Okay... I'm going to go leveling now then...’’

’’En . ’’

After closing the communication system, I continued to recruit people .

At nearly 12am, the guild had already exceeded 15,000 members due to everyone's efforts . Murong Shanshan had not recruited members as such a speed back when she had been recruiting, though this was probably because of her higher standards towards recruits .

In general, the levels and equipment of our guild members were a degree worse when compared to those of ’’Sword and Rose’’ but it was not impossible to make up for it . Romantic Master's and Mad War's reputations had already been cursed until rotten by the online community . Lots of high leveled players or players who were part of studios were unwilling to join those sorts of garbage guilds . Thus, the quality of their two guild's members was not very high . Their members were slightly worse than even the people we had just recruited . Because I had long since put out word that our Green Veggies Clan would definitely be creating a guild, there were many fellows who had held back from joining a guild and specifically waited for our guild to be created since they had been dreaming about beautiful women of Xin Yu's quality . Among them, there was no shortage of experts with excellent levels and equipment . [16]

Xu Lin opened temporary small conference and said that for the time being we were no longer in a hurry to add people . The remaining less than 5,000 spots were reserved exclusively for elite players . Of course, these elites required everyone to either go out and find them or have them be introduced by the already recruited members . To this end, Xu Lin ruled that any member that introduced a player that ranked amongst the top 1000 players in the city would be awarded 10 guild contribution points .

As for the guild contribution points, it was the ’’Guild Management Ultimate Killer Move’’ that Xu Lin and Xin Yu had painstakingly thought up . These contribution points were mainly determined by the members' contribution towards boss fights or PK . Participating in taking down a boss would reward 2 contribution points while killing an enemy player when the guild comes into a conflict with other forces would reward 3 contribution points for each player one kills . Healing and support professions would have their contribution points increased by a given amount of points on a case-by-case basis . Guild contribution points could be exchanged for equipment dropped by bosses or for money from the guild storage . [17]

The contribution points mentioned above are automatically added by the system . . In addition, the guild leader has the power to add 50 points each day . The main core members have the power to add 20 points each day . The deputy guild leader is a bit special and has the ability to add 35 points each day . This position had already been shamefully swindled away by Xin Yu from Xu Lin by means of a lollipop . [18]

Xu Lin also showed us the guild symbol that she designed . Although I am not a fine arts student, I could still see that Xu Lin's design held some sort of meaning . The symbol was very decadent and abstract . There was a sense of loss and mournfulness amongst the rich fullness of the image . [19]

I do not know why Xu Lin named the guild as ’’Lost Paradise’’ . I guess she wanted to express that if our studio, amongst the vast sea of people, was a lost paradise, then despite everyone having their own pain and wounds we are still warm towards one another . In this callous world, we are trying to maintain our precious love and friendship . [20]

Lu Xuehan was helpless towards her family, Xin Yu hid profound sorrow behind her jovial demeanor, Xu Lin was lonely and helpless under her successful appearance, Guo-zi was remorseful after having betrayed her family, JOLY and Li Qing were depressed after being ’’free and easy’’, and Liu Yun suffered under her cold mask . Maybe it is because of these that we can continue to be together... [21]

’’Alright, that's enough . Everyone should go back and sleep because we're organizing a group leveling activity tomorrow morning!’’ Xu Lin announced the end of the conference to everyone while patting her hand and then rubbing her ample hips .

Turning around towards Liu Yun, she said: ’’A Yun performed well today . The quality of her recruits were pretty good~’’


A trace of anxiety flashed across Liu Yun's delicate face before quickly vanishing .


[1] The title is 很黄很暴力 . The direct translation is ’’very yellow very violent’’ but this is apparently an internet meme that means ’’very erotic very violent’’ . For more information, click here .

[2a] The Chinese phrase 久旱逢甘露 can be directly translated as ’’long drought comes sweet dew’’ . I think a more reliable translation should be ’’after a long drought comes honeydew’’ which I infer to mean something along the lines of balancing hard times and good times . In context, we just have some thirsty girls .

[2b] The raw sentence is 结果被几个色狼的咸猪手轮番摸了一遍胸部 . According to random sources online, the translation of 色狼 and 咸猪手 can be translated as ’’pervert’’ and ’’pervert (especially those who touch women in public)’’ . Since the sentence uses both of these terms, I'm just going to call them perverted lechers . Otherwise it might translate as ’’pervert's salted pig hands’’, whatever that might mean .

[2c] The phrase 既害羞又爽又舒服的感觉 is used . It loosely translates as ’’shy, amazing, and comfortable feeling’’ . Since this involves inappropriate touching, it translates a little more closely to ’’embarrassing, satisfying, and comfortable feeling’’ . Moreover, the ’’satisfying’’ translation is an euphemism since the actual translation refers to the sensation of post-se* afterglow .

[3a] I translated 小战士 as a ’’little figher’’ . Let me know if that is some other sort of class... maybe little warrior?

[3b] This guy apparently speaks in some sort of weird dialect . As a reference, the raws are 为啥嫌俺等级低?俺是俺村子里第一个到30级的人,大人们都夸俺能干!

[4] He also apparently uses some weird end of sentence sounds (similar to the ’’dattebayo’’ of Naruto) . The raws for reference: 有啊,俺带着蓝色装备哩~

[5] Again, click here for supposed meaning of nnd (CTRL + F ’’nnd’’) . Moreover, yes, the raws really do call him a lol*c*n (loli控 to be specific) to be specific) .

[6] He actually asks for 1 . 6 meters but for the (I'm guessing here) predominantly American audience reading these translations I did a little conversion .

[7] The raw phrase is 咧嘴傻笑 . The first part means ’’grin’’ and the second means ’’smirk’’ . I'm not exactly certain what the combined phrase means but I chose ’’smirked’’ .

[8] His name is 永不屈服 . It roughly means ’’never surrender’’ or ’’never give up’’ . Please let me know if Lingson had named him something else .

[9] The raw uses 高手 . I don't think it has a direct translation to English but you can consider it as meaning a person with high skill . I went with ’’expert’’ since the meaning of the Chinese term falls somewhere between ’’very skilled’’ and ’’master’’ .

[10] This is probably irrelevant, but how would one rank the usage of ’’cya’’, ’’see ya’’, and ’’see you’’? I'm honestly not sure which one to use for this particular story since ’’cya’’ is pretty common for gamers while ’’see ya’’ is probably what people actually pronounce when speaking and ’’see you’’ is obviously the proper phrase .

[11] nb means ’’cool’’ or ’’awesome’’ according to this site .

[12] The sentence is Chinese is 那些个男人一看到刘云就眼直了 . I translated the latter part as ’’straight-eyed’’ but I don't think that actually means anything in English . Obviously the context is that the men were enamored with Liu Yun, but I want to keep to what the author literally wrote where I can .

[13] The idiom used is 九牛一毛 . It literally translates as ’’nine cows one hair’’ which is similar to the ’’drop in a bucket’’ idiom used in English .

[14] I am not sure what 删号 means in the sentence 我还以为你被别人杀到删号了呢 . I think it has something to do with deleting numbers, but I'm not sure how that fits . Going by context, I assumed that it meant account deletion .

[15] The actual phrase he used was 我不尽点力实在是说不过去了 . It actually translates directly as ’’I would not be able to explain it if I did not exhaust all my strength’’ but that sounds sort of weird .

[16] Is there some guild/guild leader named 狂战? It roughly translates as something along the lines of ’’Mad War’’ or ’’Crazy Fight’’ or ’’Violent Battle’’ . Let me know what Lingson called this character . For now, I'm going with Mad War . I thought it was referring to Romantic Master's Guild, but that was called Romantic World and the characters were different if I remember correctly .

[17] The phrase used was 行会管理绝杀技 . I'm pretty sure this particular phrasing is made up and directly translates as ’’Guild Management Absolute Kill Ability’’ . I like ultimate killer move since it sounds better to me and because I'm translating I get to have that liberty . :^)

[18] The position is 副帮主 . I think this means deputy guild leader . Directly translated it says something along the lines of ’’deputy assistant leader’’, but that sounds fairly redundant .

[19] The first thought that went through my mind was ’’???’’ when I read this paragraph . I know literally nothing about art in Chinese... or English for that matter . The raws: 甚至有些抽象的感觉,标志很颓废,一种失落而悲伤的感觉浓郁的充满的画面间 .

[20] Okay . I actually hated translating this chapter . Chinese sentences are sometimes phrased in a way that makes it so that translating them to English while keeping a similar feeling and meaning is obnoxiously difficult (probably because their ’’sentences’’ are actually like 5 sentences separated by commas) . Anyways, the sentence in Chinese is this: 是我们这一个工作室就如果茫茫人海中的失乐园一般,大家都有痛、有伤,但是却彼此温暖着,在这个人情冷漠的世界中维持着那一丝珍贵的友情和爱情 .

[21] Did I mention that I hated translating this chapter? Again, here are the raws for this line: 陆雪涵对家庭的无可奈何,欣雨神采飞扬背后的深深哀伤,许琳貌似成功下的孤单与无助,果子背叛家庭之后的悔恨,joly和李清’’洒脱’’后的忧伤,刘云冷漠面具下的伤痛 .


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