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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 558


Chapter 558: See You In A Year

This truly frustrated Tang Wulin . How could a big creature disappear just like that? Moreover, it was some so-called unyielding spirit soul .

No one would believe him if he were to say that this was normal .

He wondered what the Spirit Pagoda's reaction would be . There was nothing else he could do here anyway .

After cultivating Purple Demon Eyes in the morning, Tang Wulin met Gu Yue in the cafeteria to inquire about the Spirit Pagoda's situation . Gu Yue informed him that all was well within the Spirit Pagoda and there was no need to worry .

'No need to worry?'Tang Wulin was still puzzled . 'The Spirit Pagoda was not supposed to be so amiable, right? It was the Overlord Dragon after all!'

However, since Gu Yue said all was well, everything was probably fine . This was closely related to the academy . Under the protection of people with power and influence, one could profit . When the Holy Spirit Douluo chose to head there personally, it was already a sign that there were many problems .

"Let's begin our lesson,"Wu Zhangkong walked to the back of the rostrum and announced the start of today's class .

"Stand up,"Tang Wulin instructed habitually .

They stood up and saluted as the class began .

"I'm going to announce something before the start of our lesson . Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, and Ye Xinglan . Today is the last day of class for all six of you . You'll all be given a day's rest tomorrow before you are to depart the day after tomorrow to participate in the exchange program in Star Luo Continent . That is why today's lesson will be my final lesson for you for the coming year .

"Tang Wulin and Gu Yue's class duties will be passed on to Wu Siduo and Luo Guixing . Wu Siduo will be the class monitor, while Luo Guixing will be the assistant class monitor . Yang Nianxia will progressively take over the role as assistant class monitor and the blacksmith's committee…"

Although many people were aware that Tang Wulin and the others were leaving soon, it was then that finally realized that the time had come after listening to Wu Zhangkong's announcement . Tang Wulin and the others would represent the academy in Star Luo Continent for an entire year .

There were very few who were envious of them . This was because many people did not agree that there was anywhere else that was more suitable for cultivation than Shrek Academy .

Although a year in the exchange program would increase one's experience and knowledge, it was not necessarily a good thing for one's cultivation .


The bell rang indicating that the class had ended .

Wu Siduo walked and stood before Tang Wulin . "Don't let me exceed you when you return a year later . "

Tang Wulin chuckled . "I'm looking forward to that day . "

Yang Nianxia walked to Tang Wulin's side, he stretched out his huge arm and wrapped it around Tang Wulin's shoulder . "Leave the duties of class monitor and blacksmithing to me . Don't worry, I'll lead everyone well . "

Tang Wulin scoffed as he gave a forced laugh . "You've always been leading everyone . Naturally, the blacksmith committee should belong to yours as well . "He felt as if he had never truly performed his duties in the blacksmith committee since he usually practiced forging by himself . Yet, no one else in the class complained because Tang Wulin would frequently help the others with their forging for free or for a minimal charge . The products that he forged were of impeccable quality .

Tang Wulin's high prestige in first grade class one for almost two years was already irreplaceable from the very beginning .

Luo Guixing's gaze appeared slightly dazed as he muttered to himself, "I actually hope to explore the world . My dream is to become a traveler and visit every place in this world . I didn't expect that all of you would be a step ahead of me now . I'll definitely go once I've graduated . "

Xu Yucheng spoke coldly, "Graduated? It's still too early for you . "

He was right . Every single one of them had an opportunity to enter the inner court of Shrek Academy . Although they did not have a spirit alloy one-word battle armor, they already had more than a third of their one-word battle armor . They would certainly become one-word battle armor masters by the time they were in second grade if they continued at their current speed . They could even achieve rank-50 and above to become Soul King powerhouses . This would definitely ensure their place in the inner courts . Then, they would need to become two-word battle armor masters to graduate from the inner court . They were not allowed to leave the academy before they became two-word battle armor masters . The length of that process would depend on their natural natural talents .

"Cough! Cough! It seems like becoming a two-word battle armor master is a little . . . difficult, to say the least . "Luo Guixing's face was filled with frustration as he spoke, "It seems like my dream will have to be postponed then . "

Tang Wulin laughed in reply . "Alright, don't grieve over the passing of spring . I'll bring back some souvenirs for everyone when I return . "

"Really?"Wu Siduo asked .

"Really,"Tang Wulin replied earnestly .

Xie Xie whispered from the side of the room, "There's no need to put such high hopes on it . Coming from our stingy class monitor, it definitely won't be anything good . . "

Tang Wulin glared at him ferociously . "Will it kill you if you didn't speak so frankly? A souvenir! What is a souvenir? As long as it has some meaning to it, how is price even related to the souvenir?"

The crowd could not help laughing . Yes! He was still the stingy Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin and the rest did not leave the classroom as they chatted . They did not say it out loud, but everyone was heavy-hearted when it came to parting with one another .

Although they were constantly bustling about after they came here, they were always studying and cultivating continuously . However, it was only after they arrived that they gradually became stronger and gained an understanding of many things .

This was Shrek Academy, the most prestigious academy in the entire continent and perhaps, even the entire continent! This was Shrek Academy, the pride of every student here!

How could they not feel the unwillingness to part when they were about to leave for an entire year .

"Alright, let's go back now . We should go and pack our things . "Tang Wulin finally stood up and took a glance at the hundred tables and chairs before he walked out of the classroom .

'When we return, I'll certainly become even stronger and more powerful! Star Luo Continent, here we come!'

The blue sky was cloudless, and the sunlight was so beautifully bright that it felt hot . This type of weather always put one's mind at ease . At the very least, it was not depressing .

Tang Wulin and his companions arrived at a city that he was familiar with . It was Skysea City — the largest city east of Star Luo Continent .

Tang Wulin and Gue Yue first met Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan here back in the day .

There was a total of ten people from Shrek Academy . The Silver Moon Douluo Cai Yu'er was the leader of the group while Sky Ice Wu Zhangkong was the chaperone teacher . The students present were Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Yue Zhengyu, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, and Ye Xinglan . All the eight working students were there .

They were at the Skysea City to gather with the Star Luo Continent delegation .

After more than a year's in the exchange, the Star Luo Continent delegation was about to travel by boat back to the Star Luo Continent . They could not travel by long-haul flight to leave this place since the airspace was closed, and mechas could not travel such a long distance . Only the Douluo Continent had long-haul flights at the moment . The federation would never risk their newest technology, the soul airplane being stolen in order to send off the Star Luo Continent's delegation . That reason alone was why they were traveling by boat .

"Eat, eat all you can . The meal today is on me,"Tang Wulin called out to his companions in an extremely straightforward manner .

Ye Xinglan pouted her lips while she was eating . This little dining room was the exact one where he left her and Xu Lizhi hanging in the past .

Although the food was scrumptious, she could not help but feel offended when she recalled what happened back then .

'That treacherous fellow . . . Hmph!'

Their salt roast fish conquered everyone's taste buds, and everyone was chowing down the food joyously . Only Wu Zhangkong ate politely while Elder Cai stopped eating after she ate some seafood since she had a small appetite .

Elder Cai's gaze appeared slightly dazed at this moment because this was the first time she was seeing Tang Wulin during meal time .

"This young man is too capable of eating, right . Has he been eating like this in the academy all this while?"Elder Cai could not help asking Wu Zhangkong who sat beside her .

The corners of Wu Zhangkong's lips twitched as he nodded and spoke, "Yes . Elder Feng promised Tang Wulin that he'd provide for his meals . That's why his food allowance is paid for by Elder Feng . "

Elder Cai smiled as she replied, "No wonder . The moment that crazy old man found out that we were going to depart, his expression was as if he had been relieved from a heavy burden . So it turns out this young man scared Elder Feng with his appetite . "

The coldness on Wu Zhangkong's face seemed to become much gentler now . He turned to the side and looked toward Tang Wulin who was chomping down his food, and could not help recalling the past in his mind .

'It would be great if she was still here . '

He looked at a group of fourteen to fifteen-year-old youths eating and drinking as they chatted away, laughing joyously . It was good to be young!

"Yuanen, you should eat more . "Xie Xie placed a plate of chickpea shrimps in front of Yuanen Yehui .

The chickpea shrimps tasted truly amazing, its shell was hard but the flesh inside was exceedingly fresh and savory . Better yet, the salty gravy was absolutely out of this world .

Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi's appetite were not hindered by little shrimps that were only a finger's length but this was truly too scrumptious for them .

Yuanen Yehui took a glance at Xie Xie as she received the plate and placed before her to slowly savor the taste .

Xie Xie's gaze revealed his delight . He could indistinctly feel Yuanen Yehui rejecting him less now .

This was a truly good beginning! The trip to Star Luo Continent this time was considered a free trip that could perhaps, improve their relationship even more!

Everyone gradually stopped eating due to fullness . Although they had good appetites, they were still far behind Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi .


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