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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 557


Chapter 557: The Analysis

"Tang Wulin . Male — fourteen years old . The class monitor of first grade class one's student in the outer courts of Shrek Academy . The first graders in this batch are reputed as the strongest freshman class in Shrek Academy . There are many outstanding students in the class but for him to be elected as the class monitor for this particular class . . . He has to have truly outstanding abilities . Today, he even came to the spirit ascension platform…"

Following that was a description of the events that took place throughout the spirit ascension platform .

"…we've carried out a thorough inspection and analysis of his body and discovered astonishing results . For starters, his body does not contain a single trace of the Overlord Dragon . In other words, although we clearly witnessed the Overlord Dragon being absorbed into his body, there's no sign of its existence . It's as if it has vanished into thin air . "

The meeting room broke out into a series of discussions once she mentioned that .

An elder mumbled, "This doesn't even make sense . The Overlord Dragon is an unyielding spirit soul . It possesses exceedingly vast energy in its body . Judging by normal circumstances, although it's a spirit soul, even an ordinary ten thousand year soul beast's spirit soul is not necessarily comparable to its mighty force . The energy generated from such a soul beast is definitely not something a youth at rank-30 soul power is capable of enduring . It doesn't make sense that it would just vanish without a trace now . "

"It doesn't make sense, but it's the truth . Elder Tian, we've carried out all a meticulous inspection but there's truly nothing . The child didn't lie when he told us there was nothing left behind by the Overlord Dragon in his body . "

Leng Yaozhu waved her hand and said, "Continue . Explain your other analyses . "

"Yes . "

"Although we can't detect the existence of the Overlord Dragon within Tang Wulin's body, we discovered many unusual things . First, his martial soul is Bluesilver Grass, a trash-tier martial soul which has limited growth opportunities . On the other hand, his bloodline contains a unique form of strength, and when we analyzed his blood, we found that although it meets the criteria of human blood, the vast strength it affords him is far beyond what regular human beings have . "

"Is he a hybrid?"the elder from before asked once again .

The staff shook his head in reply . "He isn't a hybrid . He's a pure human being . However, the immense strength his blood affords him is very distinct . Put simply, there's a unique energy combined with the red blood cells within his body . We were unable to separate the energy but it was rather similar to the energy generated when his martial soul and bloodline was bound to him . Under normal circumstances, the energy provided by the martial soul will dissipate into the air once the blood leaves the human body . However, his remained intact . On the contrary, the energy was strongly bound to his blood . There's only one circumstance that fits this description . The bloodline within his body is extremely powerful . "

"We've also examined his body thoroughly . How do I describe the strength of his body . . . If I were to measure his strength quantitatively, it has already exceeded an ordinary six-ringed Soul Emperor . Moreover, I'm talking about a six-ringed, assault-type Soul Emperor . Everything from his bones and nerves to his internal organs are capable of achieving such a ranking . "

The meeting room turned a little quieter .

After a long pause, a middle-aged man spoke, "Good lord, he really does prove himself to be a little monster cultivated by Shrek Academy . He's really peculiar!"

The staff gave a forced laugh as he spoke, "There were even stranger findings later on . After our inspection, we found that his spiritual power is roughly placed between level 650 to 700 . This is exceptionally above the others who are at his age . He is at the Spirit Sea rank . However, when we were attempting to inspect his spiritual power's state on a deeper level, our instruments wouldn't work so we weren't able to continue with the examination of his brain . "

"The instruments wouldn't function?"This time, even Leng Yaozhu was astonished .

"Yes . We didn't use instruments that are even stronger on him considering that he's a student from Shrek Academy .  Otherwise, it's highly likely that we'd hurt his brain . Generally, our ordinary instruments can complete all inspections necessary for soul masters who are on an even higher rank than he is . "

"Next is his data analysis, his red blood cells content…"

A series of data was swiftly presented before everyone . Basically, every single data point from Tang Wulin's body indicated an abnormality, especially the density of his muscles and bones that exceeded an ordinary person by many folds .

"According to our judgment, his strength is exceptionally strong . How do I explain this? Our comprehensive evaluation on him indicates that he's a beast in human-form . If this young man is capable of continuously growing at this rate, he's going to be an exceedingly amazing being only by virtue of his strength when he reaches adulthood . Aside from his soul power that's developing along a regular path, everything else far exceeds an ordinary soul master . "

Leng Yaozhu frowned . It sounded as if the data from Tang Wulin's inspection was so abnormal that he far exceeded ordinary beings . In reality, this was not so out of the ordinary especially since he was from Shrek Academy . Since when did normal humans exist in Shrek Academy?

The Overlord Dragon's spirit soul that they truly wanted to test showed them nothing . It was as if it had truly vanished into thin air . In the history of the Spirit Pagoda, this was the first time this situation had ever happened .

The Overlord Dragon's spirit soul valuable — this was without a doubt . However, although the information the Spirit Pagoda possessed was sufficient, the problem with such a phenomenon was the question if it was related to the spirit ascension platform .

The spirit ascension platform was the core of the Spirit Pagoda . If a problem arose there, it would be enough to shake the Spirit Pagoda's foundation .

"Platform Master Leng, please instruct us . How do we manage the follow-up? Should we continue to look for that Tang Wulin for further inspections?"

"Don't,"Leng Yaozhu had yet to speak when Gu Yue behind her suddenly spoke .

Dozens of gazes in the room were immediately focused at her .

Gu Yue did not cower because of all those gazes, "Don't . He's about to represent Shrek Academy to head to Star Luo Continent for the exchange program . The academy will never allow him to be inspected again . "

A middle-aged man looked at her before turning his gaze toward Leng Yaozhu once more . "So . . . Regarding this matter, do we just acknowledge that we were unlucky? Regarding our loss that is…"

Leng Yaozhu waved her hand . "Now isn't the time to talk about losses . The intermediate spirit ascension platform will be temporarily closed for a month of an internal inspection to ensure that it's not problematic . We'll preserve all the data and once he's done representing Shrek Academy in the exchange program, we'll inspect him once again . I'll figure out a way to convince Shrek Academy, Gu Yue . "

"The disciple is here . "

"You'll be heading to Star Luo Continent with him . You must observe Tang Wulin closely during this period of time . Remember to immediately let me know if any anomalies occur to his body once you've returned . "

"Yes, teacher,"Gu Yue answered .

She understood that when she suddenly spoke earlier to keep Tang Wulin from another inspection, she was only concerned that another inspection would cause harm to him . She lost all self-control at that exact moment when the words escaped her lips .

It was without a doubt that the Spirit Pagoda suffered a huge loss on this matter . They had no other choice since Tang Wulin was a student at Shrek Academy . Even if the Spirit Pagoda was capable of commanding the wind and rain on the continent, they would not dare to directly offend Shrek Academy . This was the overbearing power they accumulated over the years .

They would not be able to do anything even if they made no discovery after Tang Wulin was brought over for another inspection . They would not even be able to make him compensate them for the loss for one simple reason — he could not afford it!

If he was just an ordinary soul master who was unrelated to Shrek Academy, Leng Yaozhu would certainly figure out a way to make him join the Spirit Pagoda . As long as he became part of them, any advantage he gained from absorbing the Overlord Dragon's spirit soul would still be closely related to the Spirit Pagoda .

. . .

The first thing that Tang Wulin did upon returning to the academy was to visit his special cultivation venue .

He meditated to feel the change within himself .

Unfortunately, the only change he felt after meditating until the next morning was . . . nothing!

There was absolutely nothing at all . The Overlord Dragon's presence was nonexistence . It was as if it had never appeared before .


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