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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 556


Chapter 556: The Rival?

'Is the matter so serious? Even the academy was notified?'

However, Tang Wulin felt calmer upon hearing Leng Yaozhu's words . The Spirit Pagoda managed its affairs appropriately, and since someone from the academy would be here then naturally there was nothing for him to worry about .

"Very well, your eminence . I'll certainly work together with you,"he said with a smile .

Leng Yaozhu's description of the Overlord Dragon made it sound even stronger .

'Yet why isn't there a single change to my body despite being completely fused with a being so powerful?'

Leng Yaozhu seated them first . She would only begin the inspection on Tang Wulin after the party from the academy arrived .

If another soul master was in Tang Wulin's place, he would have been dragged away for the inspection much earlier . However, Tang Wulin was different . Not only was he Gu Yue's partner, he was also a student from Shrek Academy . Leng Yaozhu had heard of his situation even though she was living in the Spirit Pagoda . There was no doubt that Shrek Academy greatly valued his presence . She could easily get caught in a confrontation with the academy if she were to perform a set of thorough physical inspections in a rush . That was why they notified the academy's side at once .

Moments later, a middle-aged woman came by Leng Yaozhu's room and softly spoke, "Your eminence, the people from Shrek Academy have arrived . "

"Who have they sent?"Leng Yaozhu asked dully .

The woman hesitated for a moment before quietly saying, "It's her eminence, the Holy Spirit Douluo . "

Leng Yaozhu's body clearly stiffened for a moment upon hearing the name and she stood up at once . "Please . "

Soon, Tang Wulin was brought before the Holy Spirit Douluo .

The Holy Spirit appeared even more elegant today . It was unknown if she had intentionally dressed up . She was wearing a long white gown, free from blemishes of any kind . Her entire person overflowed with wispy beauty . Her fair complexion and tender skin looked as though they would break at a pinch . She was utterly unlike a Douluo who was famous for years . None would doubt if it was claimed that she had yet to reach her twenties .

"Your eminence, Heavenly Phoenix . "The Holy Spirit Douluo nodded gently toward the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo .

"Sister Yali, since when have you become so courteous?"Leng Yaozhui welcomed her with a smile and a gentle hug .

The Holy Spirit Douluo chuckled . "Business is business, right? It's been too long since I last saw you . I've missed you . What happened? Is Tang Wulin in trouble?"

The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo smiled gently . "There has been a little trouble . That's why we notified all of you immediately . However, it isn't his, but our trouble . "

She recounted the course of events in a simple manner . Yali did not question Tang Wulin because she knew the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo and the Spirit Pagoda she represented well enough to know that she was not lying .

"Then, we'll work together with you to investigate this matter . I'll be here on the scene through the whole inspection,"the Holy Spirit Douluo smiled as she spoke .

"Of course . "

The Holy Spirit Douluo then came to Tang Wulin's side . "Don't worry, I'll accompany you during the entire process . We'll return after the inspection,"she smiled as she spoke calmly and yet, anyone could hear the confidence and pride concealed in her tone .

Tang Wulin felt as if the Holy Spirit Douluo was different than usual . She had always been so easygoing and was as gentle as flowing water . However, there seemed to be a sharpness to her demeanor today .

Tang Wulin was taken to a huge room full of of instruments, and a series of inspections ensued .

Tang Wulin did not know most of the implements in the room . All manner of scans and measurements were carried out continuously . He felt as though he were a puppet constantly being fiddled by all sorts of things but it did not cause him too much pain .

They had some problems drawing blood, as Tang Wulin's skin was so tough that ordinary needles could not pierce it at all . In the end, he had to use his own Golden Dragon Claw to make a small incision in his skin, and only then did they succeed .

Gu Yue stayed by his side the whole time . When she saw Tang Wulin's blood being drawn, she furrowed her brows furiously .

All of the inspections were finally completed after a full two hours of suffering .

Tang Wulin, who could usually cultivate all day without being fatigued, was left feeling dizzy .

Gu Yue passed him some water and he took a few big gulps . He then sat for a while as he slowly regained his strength .

"Finally, everything is done . "Tang Wulin exhaled a breath of relief .

Gu Yue whispered, "I'm sorry . "

"Huh? What are you sorry for?"Tang Wulin asked in confusion .

Gu Yue lowered her head and spoke, "I shouldn't have acted up with you . Otherwise, you wouldn't have had come to the spirit ascension platform . Actually, I saw you and Na'er today . "

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment . "How's this your fault? I really did plan to come here . I can only say that we were a little unlucky . Na'er? What's with Na'er? She…"

"Nothing . "Gu Yue suddenly interrupted him .

Meanwhile, both of the Title Douluo's had already walked over .

"Wulin, let's return now . "Yali grabbed Tang Wulin's hand suddenly .

With a smile on her face, the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo spoke, "Sister Yali, I haven't seen you in a long time . Why don't you stay and let me treat you to a meal? It will be another two hours before the results of the inspection are out . You see…"

Yali smiled as she shook her head . "There's no need . I still have some matters to attend to when I return . He's still waiting for me . Let's go . "She pulled Tang Wulin along as they made their way outside .

The middle-aged woman who was standing at the entrance looked inquisitively toward the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo whose expression became gloomy .

The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo shook her head gently .

The Holy Spirit Douluo brought along Tang Wulin as they left together . Not even one of the Spirit Pagoda's staff tried to stop them .

"Bang!"Leng Yaozhu slapped the table in front of her, her face green with rage .

Gu Yue was startled as she had never seen her teacher so furious .

"Teacher, what happened?"she asked in concern .

Leng Yaozhu spoke ferociously, "She's only here to flaunt her strength at me . Hmph . What is so good about her?! Why is she pretending to be all holy and pure?! Hmph!"

Gu Yue was slightly dumbstruck . 'What's going on here?'

The Holy Spirit Douluo waved her hand once after she exited the Spirit Pagoda . Pagoda . A white soul ring circled around her body and Tang Wulin's . The surrounding scenery immediately turned blurry .

He could not feel that he was flying . He could not even see everything on the outside as though he was simply in a comfortable space .

"Are you feeling curious about my attitude earlier?"The Holy Spirit Douluo could not help smiling at Tang Wulin's dumbfounded expression .

Tang Wulin nodded honestly . The Holy Spirit Douluo was truly acting completely different today!

The Holy Spirit Douluo answered, "Initially, there was no need for me to come today and yet, I came over the moment I heard it was Leng Yaozhu . I would never allow her to bully you . Let me tell you a little secret — she's considered my rival . Oh, Wulin! You're blessed with natural talent in cultivation, and you'll definitely amount to great things in the future . However, you must pay more attention to your relationships . You'll attract more and more females as you grow older because of your excellence . Don't flirt . A man should be monogamous . Don't ever behave like someone…"

Meanwhile, in the Sea God's Pavilion, someone suddenly sneezed . His nose was feeling rather itchy . 'What is going on? I've long since become immune to heat and cold . How did this happen? Who's talking about me?'

Back in the Spirit Pagoda, it was announced, "The results of the inspection are out . "

Leng Yaozhu sat at the head table in the meeting room . The people sitting below were those in charge of the different departments in the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, including the manager of the intermediate spirit ascension platform .

"Alright . Explain to everyone,"Leng Yaozhu instructed her staff .

The staff immediately turned on the projector, and Tang Wulin's figure was projected onto the white wall .

Gu Yue was staring at Tang Wulin's image in the projection as she stood behind Leng Yaozhu . She could not help feeling strange since this was the first time she looked at him in this manner . He appeared rather helpless at that moment, and she felt a twitch in her heart out of nowhere .


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