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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 541


Chapter 541: Stop and Attack!


Ye Wu charged forth majestically with his blue flames burning .

The next moment, the students of third grade class one were staring in bewilderment . It was a slap! The Hell White Tiger had only needed to slap Ye Wu, and he was sent flying .

It was clear that the Hell White Tiger's two front claws were covered in scale-like armor . These were Wu Siduo's four pieces of battle armor, which were particularly effective in the martial soul fusion skill . They had truly expended much thought and care on this matter .

The martial soul fusion skill had closed and even exceeded the gap between their ability levels . Ye Wu was slapped until he was left dizzy and confused . His eight pieces of blue-colored battle armor glimmered with radiance as they released a light blue shield, protecting him from injury but with great effort . His face remained filled with fear .

She was exceptionally powerful!

This had absolutely surpassed an ordinary soul master's cultivation base! It had proven itself to be the martial soul fusion skill .

The Hell White Tiger gracefully leaped forward through the air as it attacked Ye Wu once again .

No longer daring to another high-speed collision anymore, Ye Wu turned around and fled .

The biggest problem with the martial soul fusion skill was its sustainability . His best option now was to rely on his extreme speed to run away and keep the Hell White Tiger from catching up .

But Wu Siduo's speed had increased twofold in the form of Hell White Tiger, compared to when she was the Hell Civet . More importantly, although Ye Wu's method was powerful as evidenced by the battle earlier, it had a drawback and that was his trajectory!

There was no way to effectively change one's direction when one was dashing at such speeds .

Wu Siduo had earlier realized that Ye Wu could only slightly adjust his direction while running unrestrainedly . He was incapable of turning or even backing away much .

This was the price of extreme speed .

She became aware of this earlier when she was in the White Tiger and Hell Civet form, but could not capture him due to her speed . However, the situation had changed .

The Hell White Tiger instantly turned around and dashed ahead . Based on his momentum, Ye Wu would certainly come through this direction .

Stop and attack!

Wu Siduo was not only powerful physically, but mentally as well . Having a great knowledge of battlefield tactics was what made her one of the top ten students in the Genius Youth Ranking . Not even Tang Wulin could completely outshine her in first grade class one . She was still among the best in terms of individual strength .

When Ye Wu realized that the Hell White Tiger was blocking his path, he already knew he was in big trouble . He clenched his teeth as blue flames leaped about the eight pieces of armor on his body . He curled himself into a ball and rolled toward the Hell White Tiger, protected by the armor and his awesome blaze .

Unfortunately for him, he didn't notice that Hell White Tiger was burning when he curled into a ball!

A layer of twisted fire with unidentifiably colored flames scorched from the Hell White Tiger's body . Its flesh instantly seemed even more unreal, but its eyes turned unusually bright within the blaze .


The fierce blast exploded across the ground . The Hell White Tiger's enormous body almost disintegrated and transformed into countless light streams before gathering into Wu Siduo who flew backward again .

But her opponent was even weaker . The light shield around Ye Wu's body had shattered, and he had been blasted out like a cannonball . He collided with the protective cover on the sparring arena before he bounced back and slammed the ground ferociously .

Wu Siduo's Siduo's face was ghastly pale as she kneeled onto the ground . Her breathing was rapid . Her body shivered slightly . She did not mind burning out her Hell White Tiger's strength in that one strike . She could sense that it should have succeeded .

Two streams of white light descended from the sky and fell around both her and Ye Wu separately .

Wu Siduo could feel a comforting warmth spread through her entire body all at once . The severe weakness from earlier was recovering rapidly . Even the counter-charge that came with the martial soul fusion skill had decreased substantially .

Two streams of white light descended from the sky and fell around her body and Ye Wu's separately .

"Huuu . . . "She exhaled as she slowly stood up .

On the other side, it took a few seconds before Ye Wu raised his head with great effort below the reflection of the white light . He propped himself from the ground and stood up .

By then the glow of the eight pieces of battle armor on his body was dimmer . He was covered in dust, dirt, and even had blood on his lips . Yes, he was still injured despite being under the armor's protection .

"First grade class one, Wu Siduo wins!"Elder Cai glanced at the two of them and announced the result .

Both were actually defeated and wounded in this match . Ye Wu had been knocked out despite having eight pieces of battle armor . However, Wu Siduo was already rendered incapable of continuing . However, a match was still a match, and at least Wu Siduo did not faint so she won by a narrow margin .

The muscles on Ye Wu's face were visibly twitching . His injuries were quickly healing under the reflection of the Holy Spirit Douluo's light . He gave a thumbs up at Wu Siduo's direction with a forced smile before he stepped down from the stage dejectedly .

Wu Siduo frowned hard .

In actuality, her opponent did not necessarily lose . If each was given adequate time to rest, she would certainly would certainly lose in a life and death battle .

The Holy Spirit Douluo's light was able to heal injuries and recover one's strength, yet it was incapable of resolving her martial soul fusion skill's counter charge . It was impossible for her to launch the Hell White Tiger anymore while Ye Wu who was healed only needed to rest for a while before he could continue to fight .

She was not yet powerful enough . She needed to become even stronger .

However, Wu Siduo believed that — given adequate time of one to two years — Ye Wu would no longer be a worthy opponent for her regardless . It seemed like she would have to look for a compatible second soul spirit for her White Tiger martial soul . One that was just like Yuanen Yehui's .

She had already made Yuanen Yehui her goal without noticing .

It was now a winning streak of two, with the first and second grade's team being victorious twice in a row .

The students from third grade class one had already stopped talking, while students from the first and second grade seemed like they were drowning in a sea of happiness .

There was a difference of three years between each grade! Yet, they were still capable of winning twice under such circumstances . In reality, they had already won the respect of others through this sparring competition .

The Holy Spirit Douluo withdrew her holy light and could not help nodding gently . "The new generation of children are gifted with superb natural talents . Each of their twin martial souls had its own characteristic . This will become the generation with limitless possibilities in the future . But why haven't I seen Tang Wulin onstage?"She had very deep memories of Tang Wulin .

The Scarlet Dragon Zhuo Shi who sat behind her said, "Tang Wulin will be taking part in the two-against-two match alongside Gu Yue . He'll also be participating in the group battle later . "

Yali spoke in slight astonishment, "So who is going to represent the first and second grade's team in the final one-to-one match? Is it going to be that young lad from the Holy Angel Clan?"

"I don't think so . It is Ye Xinglan who had formerly left the court . "

"Xinglan? It is that little girl . Take a good look at her . See how far she has come . "

Song Lin's expression turned somewhat unpleasant now, but she did not blame Ye Wu . They lost the first two matches not because her own students were not working hard or because the other party was too fortunate . There was a genuine difference in their strengths .

Yuanen Yehui and Wu Siduo were both at least five years younger than her own students . They were almost definitely entering the inner court in the future . Moreover, it was highly possible that they would become important personages of the inner court . But she remained recalcitrant . It was far too embarrassing for the third grade students to lose to the lower grades .

"Mo Jue . "Song Lin's gaze glowed .

"I understand . Don't worry, Teacher Song . We will definitely win the third match!"It was not known how long Mo Jue had been beside Song Lin . She raised her chin proudly .

Song Lin's expression relaxed a little . "Not only will you win this match, but we will not tolerate any losses in the matches that follow . The time to defend the honor of third grade class one is upon us . "

Her voice was calm, but the students by her side were in high spirits . "Yes, so what if all of you are gifted with outstanding talent . It is our third grade's time right now . "

Mo Jue did not jump onto the stage but walked step by step along the pedestal .

"Mo Jue!"

"Mo Jue is about to strike now . "

"Look, it's Mo Jue!"

Under the stage, students from every grade broke into a discussion at once .


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