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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 539


Chapter 539: The Powerful Yuanen

All of a sudden, Wu Rui sensed danger and hastily raised his hands to the front of his body .


A tremendous force imbued with a terrifying darkness surged towards him . Wu Rui was struck such that he flew out backward with the light of dark purple electricity shimmering around his body .

The six pieces of battle armor on his body glowed white as they withstood the tenacious sword blows .

'How could this happen?'Wu Rui's heart was in disarray . The next moment, while still flying backward he abruptly sank . He was attempting to control his body subconsciously, yet he could only sense the tremendous pressure akin to a hill on top of him .


Wu Rui dropped to the ground and the twisted space vanished . The crowd watched as Yuanen Yehui kneeled on Wu Rui's chest, using her knees to forcefully slam him to the ground . The tip of the Shadow Devil Sword in her hand was pointed downward at Wu Rui's chest .

Though the battle armor was capable of protecting his body, he had yet to own a complete set of one-word battle armor . Yuanen Yehui needed only a moment before she could directly attack Wu Rui's unprotected head .

"Stop!"Elder Cai's voice echoed promptly, as she announced the match's victory and defeat .

The wings flapped behind Yuanen Yehui's back . She floated up from Wu Rui's body and fluttered backward ten meters before she slowly touched the ground .

Sounds of cheering reverberated through the entire arena . The cheers from the second grade class one students were especially lively .

"She has become even stronger,"muttered Tang Wulin . "If she had such power during the two-against-two match earlier, I don't think we would've triumphed so easily . Her Titan Giant Ape was surprisingly not her strongest technique, but the Fallen Angel was . This is truly unexpected!"

Gu Yue spoke, "Generally the second martial soul is stronger than the first . It's only a matter of when one chooses to advance it . I didn't expect for her to obtain a second spirit soul for her martial soul so soon . It would seem that she has made a vast improvement in her spiritual power . "

Tang Wulin laughed . "This is quite stressful! Everyone is advancing so fast . "

He was unaware that the reason for Yuanen Yehui's quick progress was directly related to him . Yuanen Yehui had been desperately striving under pressure from first grade class one's outstanding students . She had only very recently obtained the ten thousand year soul ring . Yuanen was truly powerful now .

"The first match goes to the first and second grade team!"

Wu Rui was uninjured, but his appearance was slightly marred by dust and dirt as he made his exit . It was absolutely shameful for him to lose to his junior sister when he had six pieces of battle armor .

Song Lin frowned a little . It was rather embarrassing for third grade class one since they lost in the first match! However, as a teacher, she could see that their defeat was fair, for Yuanen Yehui's power was unexpectedly strong . It was no wonder the academy agreed to allow the first and second grade team to challenge the third grade . They had a hidden secret as anticipated .

Setting the issue of battle armor aside, Yuanen Yehui was certainly gifted gifted with unusual aptitude . She possessed a twin martial soul that had both achieved four soul rings, and even possessed a ten thousand year old spirit soul . This sort of power was rarely seen even in third grade . Not even Li Qiankun and Mo Jue were at her level when it came to natural talent . When she could own a set of one-word battle armor in the future, she would utterly exceed the outstanding students in her class . However, this was currently impossible since she had yet to become a one-word battle armor master .

Song Lin squinted her eyes as she turned around and looked toward Ye Wu . "It's your turn in the second match . "She did not advise anything else as these students had been with her for seven years . She understood their characteristics very well .

Ye Wu's eyes burned with flames of excitement as he raised his hand to pat Wu Rui's shoulder . "Big Mouth Wu, I am going to avenge you . "

Wu Rui pouted . "I hope that you'll meet an even stronger opponent . "He was actually feeling somewhat recalcitrant . After the Fallen Angel released the fourth soul ring, his ability was apparently restricted . He could sense that he was suppressed by that ten thousand year soul ring's martial soul, or his soul skill would not have failed . After Cloning lost its effect, he no longer had the upper hand . If he was able to clone himself, he was confident that he could fight to the end by relying on his soul power enhanced by the battle armor .

On the lower grade team's side, Wu Zhangkong's gaze shifted to Wu Siduo and Ye Xinglan . The former took a step forward spontaneously . "Teacher Wu, I'll go for the second match . "

Wu Zhangkong nodded slightly . "Give free reign to your power and all will be fine . Do not enter recklessly . "

"Yes!"Wu Siduo answered and floated upwards, lithely landing on the competition stage .

Ye Wu, who had arrived onstage one step ahead of her, perceived the vision before his eyes brighten . A beautiful maiden had appeared before him . A girl's development was always slightly earlier than a boy . That was why even though Wu Siduo was only fourteen years old, she appeared not much younger than Ye Wu .

"Nice to meet you, junior sister . I'm Ye Wu of third grade class one,"Ye Wu spoke with a smile . Surprisingly, his earlier aggression had subsided to some degree .

"First grade class one, Wu Siduo . "Her reply was much simpler .

Astonishment flashed in Ye Wu's eyes upon hearing her name . He had learned of her long ago . She was ranked tenth on the Genius Youths Ranking, twin martial soul, and she possessed a martial soul fusion skill . There was no doubt of her natural ability . Her martial soul might not be as strong as Yuanen Yehui's, but her twin martial souls could utilize a martial soul fusion skill, and that was truly terrifying . Moreover, her cultivation base had already exceeded four soul rings even though she was only in the first grade .

The current batch of first grade students was truly frightening!

She would probably break through to the fiftieth rank by the second grade if she were given a few more years to develop herself .

She deserved to be honored as the best among the strongest freshman class in Shrek Academy in the past few centuries .

"Begin!"Elder Cai announced the start of the competition in the same exceedingly simple manner .

The two competitors moved simultaneously . It was as if two streaks of lightning appeared on the battleground . Ye Wu's whole body seemed to have ignited in the split second he dashed forward . His back spurted out intense flames out intense flames that allowed him to instantly reach an extreme speed .

The first and second grade students were startled by his quick pace, especially the agility-type soul masters who had never seen such speed before .

Yes, Ye Wu's speed was beyond reason . Like a line of fire, it only took him a blink of an eye to approach Wu Siduo .

Wu Siduo herself was very fast . Her Hell Civet was extremely agile, yet she had only crossed a third of the distance between them when the opponent reached her .

'What kind of speed is this?'Wu Siduo could not help feeling fear in her heart . However, her reaction was incomparably swift . She released her first soul skill - Hell Rush!

Her Hell Rush was not meant to dash straight into the opponent, but for her to adjust her position ever so slightly . She dodged sideways using the Hell Rush's explosive speed .

Flames flashed past as their two bodies almost alternated positions . Ye Wu had already arrived on the other end of the arena between the glimmer of shadows formed by the light . He only changed direction when he approached the stage's edge . He drew out an arc as he turned and dashed toward Wu Siduo once again .

"He's swift but it seems he lacks agility,"Tang Wulin whispered .

"Perhaps it's because he is so swift that his level of agility is affected . "As a similar agility-type soul master, Xie Xie was startled by Ye Wu's speed as well . His linear assault speed was too fast that one's eyes would not be able to take everything in . Xie Xie wondered if he would be capable of such speeds, but he could see from Ye Wu's difficulty in stopping mid-stride that his agility was affected by his momentum .


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