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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 518


Chapter 518

With her control over seven elements, there were too many battle tactics that she could use . Besides, Tang Wulin felt like it would not have made that much of a difference even if he were to use his Bluesilver Golden Array on Gu Yue .


Another elemental ball exploded, putting a grim expression on Yuanen Yehui's face . Instead of using Devil Titan, she used Titan Strength along with her Diamond Titan to bear the brunt of the attack instead . It was a battle of endurance!

In reality, she knew that they had lost this competition . When Tang Wulin took the full force of the attack she made with the Lustergloom Saint Sword head-on, they had already lost .

However, Gu Yue's outburst after that was the one that she did not expect but she would never give up just like that . She would continue the fight . If she could hold on until Gu Yue exhausted her soul power, she would be facing Tang Wulin in a one-against-one battle . She might still stand a chance against an injured Tang Wulin .

Since she had twin martial souls, her soul power should unsurprisingly be much more formidable compared to Gu Yue no matter how one looked at it . Her soul power rank should be above Gu Yue's as well .

The moment one's soul power breached through the barrier of rank-40, its increase would become noticeably lower . She had broken through rank-40 for almost a year now and was only at rank-43 . Even then, she was still considered to be among those who were progressing quickly in their cultivation .

Gu Yue just had her breakthrough, so she should still be at rank-41 . Her Elemental Staff was her fourth soul skill . That, along with the onslaught of powerful attacks were probably enough to cause Gu Yue to be expending more energy than Yuanen Yehui .

One, two . . . ten, twelve . . .

Yuanen Yehui was already pushed back toward the edge of the competition stage . However, Gu Yue's elemental onslaught was still firing like drumfire and showed no signs of relenting .

'How could her soul power be this formidable? This is impossible!'Yuanen Yehui was bug-eyed .

Elder Cai was already on the stage with her eyes slightly squinted . She knew what was happening .

Gu Yue's soul power should not have been as formidable as Yuanen Yehui's, but her martial soul was allowed her to utilize Elemental Control . The difference between her and a regular soul master was her control over the elements, especially since the elements were unrelated to one's soul power but were instead, controlled with spiritual power . Gu Yue's cultivation base was a combination of spiritual and soul power . To top it off, her spiritual power was superior to Yuanen Yehui's so after taking everything into consideration, it was clear why she was able to continue fighting with such strength .

"Boom!"Yuanen Yehui's upper body leaned backward . This time, however, she did not retreat . She could not retreat even a single step . If she even took another step backward, she would fall off the stage .

"Hraghhh!"she let out a furious howl . Her fourth soul ring finally shone . She could not win by sheer perseverance so she could only gamble her win with an all-out final blow .

"Devil Titan!"Her body toughened as she threw a punch that shattered the elemental balls coming her way . She then continued firing her Air Cannons . At the very least, her increased power would afford her the opportunity to fend off Gu Yue's elemental balls .

However, this was also the exact moment when she saw Tang Wulin, smiling all the way as he walked up to Gu Yue's side .

"That's enough,"Tang Wulin patted Gu Yue's shoulder .

Gu Yue's Elemental Staff dimmed and she glanced at him before she did the same to Yuanen Yehui . She said nothing but her attacks stopped .

Yuanen Yehui was slightly panting . Although her Devil Titan was powerful, it also required a lot of energy .

She glanced at Tang Wulin, turned around, and leaped off the competition stage . The outcome of the match was already decided . She could not possibly have a chance if if she fought against two opponents . Tang Wulin had given her an opportunity to save face .

Cheers could be heard erupting from first grade class one's corner in the spectators'stand .

One could argue that their victory over second grade class one in last year's match was influenced by luck . However, they had won today's battle with their own abilities . Their class had two partnered battles and they won both matches .

The second match was especially so since it was a battle between class monitors that saw Yuanen Yehui losing .

"Are you alright?"Gu Yue asked Tang Wulin softly .

Tang Wulin nodded . "I'm alright . My blood essence was churning earlier but I'm alright now . "As he continued to absorb the Golden Dragon King's essence, his self-healing ability and resistance saw some improvements . When he was hit by the Lustergloom Saint Sword earlier, he truly felt as if his insides were on fire . However, the blood essence within his body calmed down in no time and although he felt a little uncomfortable, he was alright .

"What was that flashing skill of yours?"Yue Zhengyu was not depressed even though he lost the competition . Instead, he was filled with curiosity . He went over to Tang Wulin and Gu Yue's corner the moment they stepped down from the competition stage .

He tested the power of the Lustergloom Saint Sword with Yuanen Yehui earlier, and it was definitely out of the ordinary! Even a five-ringed Soul King could not take this attack of theirs head-on . However, Tang Wulin had took the brunt of the attack single-handedly . This was definitely the doing of his soul skill .

Tang Wulin gave him a faint smile . "You really want to know?"

Yue Zhengyu nodded forcefully .

Tang Wulin said, "I'll tell you if you repeat a grade . "

Yue Zhengyu was stunned . "Repeat a grade?"He understood it in the next second . If he repeated the second grade, would he not turn into a first grade student?

"Hey! There's no such as repeating in the academy alright? We'll be expelled when we don't pass the examination . "

Tang Wulin did not hear his grumbles . Along with Gu Yue, they were both were already drowned by the cheers from the first graders .

The final challenge list for the match between the first and second grade against third grade class one were out .

Three one-against-one matches — Yuanen Yehui, Wi Siduo, and Ye Xinglan .

Two-against-two — Tang Wulin and Gu Yue .

Seven-against-seven — team leader Tang Wulin, deputy team leader Yuanen Yehui, members Gu Yue, Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi .

The competition was slated for the following Friday .

Yuanen Yehui was still largely in shock . Losing to Tang Wulin was only secondary . After all, she had already prepared herself since she had once lost to him .

What shocked and puzzled her the most was Xie Xie's power .

If one's actual strength was judged, Duan Hunxiao and Ye Xingmo should not have suffered such an utter defeat . However, Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan were the ones taking the initiative during the competition . The emphasis was on Xie Xie . He has made too much progress, be it his speed or offense . The current him could no longer be compared to his former self . Even Yuanen Yehui who stood below the stage felt the powerful pressure from the searing heat released from his attacks .

'He had turned so strong already! How did the first graders improve so fast?'

"Faith!"If Xie Xie knew about her question, he would have definitely replied her with this word .

It was exactly because of Yuanen Yehui that he had been so hardworking . There was only one reason why he worked this hard — he wanted to catch up to her with in terms of abilities . He wanted to be good enough for her .


"You're really alright?"Gu Yue asked Tang Wulin once more when they reached the working students'dormitory .

"I'm fine, really . I have coarse skin and thick flesh, didn't you know? By the way, tomorrow's a holiday, are you going to the Spirit Pagoda again?"Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue .

"Yeah, I don't really have anything to do . So, I'm going to cultivate in the Spirit Pagoda . "Gu Yue nodded .

Tang Wulin smiled, "You had everyone fooled! I didn't know that you were this powerful already . I'm lucky that I wasn't your opponent . If you keep working this hard, the gap between us will only grow wider . "

Gu Yue could not help but smile . "What're you worried about?"

Tang Wulin smiled . "I'm worried that if we were to become opponents one fateful day, you'd send all my teeth flying!"

Gu Yue was shocked, and her gaze dimmed in an instant . Although it only lasted for a short time, it did not escape Tang Wulin .

"What's the matter?"

Gu Yue shook her head . "It's nothing . What do you plan to do on your rest day?"

Tang Wulin replied . "I might be going to Heaven's Dou City . I've amassed some of the rare alloys I forged and I plan to sell them all there . Also, I want to buy some rare alloys . I hope uncle master will teach me something about forging .

"I'll go with you,"Gu Yue blurted .

"Huh? Sure!"Tang Wulin looked at her with shock . Since the start of the second term, they've yet to go out together since everybody was busy with their cultivation . Nobody seemed to have the spare time .

Gu Yue smiled at him before turning to walk toward her dormitory .


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