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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 511


Chapter 511

Tang Wulin was stupefied with amazement the moment he entered the Plant System Soul Master Cultivation Room .

'Is this a room? No . . . 'He discovered that he had walked into a huge stretch of forest after he pushed the door open . It was a huge green forest with lush trees that were exceedingly dense .

There were no roads in the forest . Instead, there were only soaring trees and countless vegetation that grew in an impressive manner . The thick life force felt like it was capable of advancing one's life energy just from breathing it in . As the sounds of birds and insects chirping echoed in his ears, it made everything feel so real .

There was a tug in Tang Wulin's heart . He suddenly recalled where this place felt like . . . It felt like the spirit ascension platform on the Spirit Pagoda! The spirit ascension platform was a simulation of the Great Star Dou Forest! 'Could it be . . . that this was somewhere similar as well?'

However, it was different from the spirit ascension platform as the life force here was even denser and the vegetation was growing even more impressively over here .

Even though Shrek Academy's special cultivation venue was impressive, the density of life force there was merely a third of what it was here . If Tang Wulin had been able to cultivate here all along, he probably would have had achieved double the results with half the effort .

He did not dare to procrastinate any longer so Tang Wulin immediately sat cross-legged on the ground to allow himself to enter a meditative state . He would never let go of such a fine opportunity .

By closing his eyes and focusing his attention, he was able to sense the life force of the organisms in his surroundings . Soon, he tapped into this life force and entered a meditative state .

Time would always seem to move faster when one was meditating . All of a sudden, he felt a touch in this unseen world of his and Tang Wulin subconsciously opened his eyes . To his surprise, he was no longer in the great forest and had already arrived at the area he initially entered the spatial world of the Battle Soul Hall from . The dazzling door of light that he earlier came through had already opened itself up to him on the other end .

'Does this mean that my time is up?'

Tang Wulin immediately understood . At this moment, he could only feel refreshed and high-spirited . The soul power in his body had apparently grown stronger by a fold compared to when he was cultivating back at the academy's special cultivation venue . To top it off, the source of his blood essence seemed to have become purer while its power seemed to have become more vigorous .

'Is this the effects of being baptized from the life force earlier? What an impressive place!'Tang Wulin secretly gasped in admiration in his heart . The Tang Sect proved itself to be a sect that had already existed for twenty millennia . The secrets it held were neither less impressive nor inferior to that of the Spirit Pagoda .

The sight before Tang Wulin's eyes transformed as soon as he stepped through the door of light . He arrived before the enormous bronze door he initially saw in the beginning after another bout of nausea .

Waiting for him there was Guo Xiaoyu, decked in smiles as he saw Tang Wulin walk out .

"How do you feel?"Guo Xiaoxu asked .

Tang Wulin exclaimed, "It's simply too amazing . It feels extremely good to cultivate here . If I'm able to cultivate in that Plant System Soul Master Cultivation Room all the time, I can almost be certain that I'll be able to achieve rank-40 soul power within a year . "

Guo Xiaoxu smiled gently . "Actually, it is quite a waste for you to choose to cultivate your soul power here . "

"Wasted? Why?"Tang Wulin asked in curiosity .

"Follow me, and you'll find out . "Guo Xiaoxu led Tang Wulin as they walked outside .

This time, they continued walking until they left the Tang Sect but it was still dark outside . "Isn't it daytime yet? Perhaps I didn't cultivate for twelve hours then . "Tang Wulin asked .

Guo Xiaoxu shook his head with a smile on his face . "You've cultivated for twelve hours in the Battle Soul Hall's room . However, only one hour has passed in the outside world . "

Tang Wulin was stunned . He was slightly confused by Guo Xiaoxu's words .

"The Battle Soul Hall's room encompasses more than just spatial laws, it also encompasses time . Time moves slower in there so a person will experience some changes to their life signs . The ratio at which time moves in there is about one to twelve . In other words, only one hour would have passed in the real world after you've cultivated in there for twelve hours . What if you could utilize these twelve hours to practice your combat abilities? Or to practice forging? Wouldn't you be able to do more in there? That's the reason why you shouldn't purely cultivate soul power the next time you're in there . Doing only that will indeed, be a waste of time . "

Tang Wulin's eyes were already wide open as he listened to Guo Xiaoyu speak .

'So…what's happening here?

'A change in the speed of time?

'An hour being able to be used for twelve hours?'

This was simply unbelievable!

Tang Wulin's heart was filled with shock at this moment . Just as Guo Xiaoxu had mentioned, he would be able to do more if he utilized the time in there to cultivate other skill-related abilities .

His heart rate increased . "Brachmaster, so if I were to stay there and cultivate continuously, a year of cultivation there would be equal to twelve years of cultivating outside?"

Guo Xiaoxu chuckled as he shook his head and head and replied, "It's not possible for us to look at it that way . Due to the distinct characteristics of that place, one would be changed by the different laws of space and time there should a person were to enter if one were to enter that place for too long . If one's life signs went through a significant transformation, there won't be a way to reverse the process any longer and should your life signs were to clash with that of the world outside with, you'll age twelve times faster upon leaving . From our calculations, one can only enter that space for twelve hours at most before being able to enter again a week later . This way, your life signs will still remain synced with our world and you'll be unaffected by the different spaces . "

Tang Wulin exhaled a long breath of relief . "So this is how it works . I'd say that if a person were to stay there long enough then it'll indeed be in defiance of nature . "

Guo Xiaoxu smiled . "There are too many things to learn at your age now . It's unavoidable that you have too little time for everything . This advantage of the Battle Soul Hall will allow you to have an excess of eleven hours to cultivate in a week . Moreover, the condition for cultivation here is exceptional and we have the best cultivation area in the entire continent in every way possible . That's you should definitely allocate some time to come here once a week . "

"These benefits are simply too amazing . "Tang Wulin gasped in admiration from the depth of his heart . "I truly didn't expect that the Tang Sect would have such powerful mastery of space and time . "

Guo Xiaoxu spoke, "However these are all external forces . You'll still need to depend on yourself to become even more powerful . You're already on the right cultivation path but the advancement in your soul power has no precedence in soul masters of the past on this continent . You have to be extremely cautious in your cultivation . You know where to look for me if you have unanswered questions . "

"Yes, thank you Branchmaster . "Tang Wulin answered respectfully .

"Go . Return next week . Remember to maintain the secrecy of your newly obtained membership as a battle soul warrior . There is no rush for you to complete your mission now . We'll further discuss this matter once you're done with your second academic year and are on and are on your break . "

"Alright . "

Tang Wulin's heart was already burning with a scorching heat when he thought of how he would be able to have an additional eleven hours in the best spot for cultivation .

'Yes!'He truly felt like time was never enough for him . This was especially so after he made the decision to learn about operating a mecha .

There were various skills involved in operating a mecha, and he would need a long period of time practice . Tang Wulin was initially in a dilemma as to the number of hours he should distribute to practice with his mecha . Aside from the mecha practical class which was already fixed, should he allocate another portion of his time to practice further?

However, he would still need to practice on actual combat, forging, and the cultivation of his soul power . Every lesson required time, and as time passed, the management of it became the toughest issue he currently faced .

However, he now had an excess of eleven hours . His toughest issue just became that much simpler to resolve . He could now settle his mecha practice, forging, and combat practice in the Battle Soul Hall now .

He could still clearly recall the feeling he felt during his trial in the Hall of Heroes in the beginning . It was indeed a rather valiant but stressful feeling! Moreover, he was even able to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the most famous powerhouses in the Tang Sect's history to feel the difference between himself and the others . It was simply too amazing .

Tang Wulin's life passed in such a hectic but fulfilling learning and cultivation process . Everyone from first grade class one was making a great effort .

This was the first time Wu Zhangkong taught in Shrek Academy . However, while this was not the first class Shen Yi had ever taught there, she realized that the students in first grade class one were simply too hardworking compared to the class she had taught previously . They needed absolutely no supervision, and she could almost feel everyone's improvement every single day .


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