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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 510


Chapter 510

Guo Xiaoxu spoke in all seriousness, "I can only tell you that the Battle Soul Hall is the Tang Sect's true heart . However, there are many things that I'm not in the position to reveal to you before you truly join us in the Battle Soul Hall . This is unfortunately due to the involvement of many secrets, and I can only tell you that there are many things that are unfair in this world . There is even more evil hidden in the darkness, with plenty of things that law enforcement can't handle . This is where we, from the Battle Soul Hall come in and manage these matters indeed . We've never boasted about justice but instead, we protect the weak and vulnerable by expelling the evil in this world . For example, the greatest enemy of the Battle Soul Hall is like the evil soul master that you've met sometime in the past . "

Tang Wulin's gaze immediately became fixated after listening to Guo Xiaoxu's mention the three words — Evil . Soul . Master . Mo Lan had only barely managed to stay alive . However, there was mention that there would still be residual effects that would prevent her from becoming a soul train captain in the future . At this moment, she was serving civilians in the Heaven Dou City office . Even though she was cited for her bravery by the federation, the harm done to her was still irreversible .

Evil soul masters regard human life to be as worthless as dirt, and Tang Wulin had to personally bear witness to that .

"Alright . I'll join you . "Tang Wulin seriously considered the offer for a moment before deciding .

This history of Tang Sect has destined it for a future that made it impossible for it to become an evil organization . Tang Wulin had heard many legends regarding the Tang Sect ever since he was a young boy . This was part of the reason why he was willing to join the Tang Sect in the first place .

Earlier, Guo Xiaoxu's simple explanation of the Tang Sect was so Tang Wulin had a clear understanding of his future goals, and because of that, he made the decision to join them .

Guo Xiaoxu smiled gently . "Welcome aboard . Since you've made the decision to join us, I can now tell you about the situation in the Battle Soul Hall . The inner Battle Soul Hall does not follow the overall classification system of the Tang Sect . Our members are knowns as warriors, and they're divided into four classes — white warriors, yellow warriors, purple warriors and black warriors . We currently have about two hundred warriors in the Battle Soul Hall . As a new member, you'll automatically hold the identity of a white warrior . Every warrior will be awarded monthly basic contribution points for their outstanding contribution to the Tang Sect . The only requirement that the Battle Soul Hall asks of its warriors is to complete three missions each year . As for our members that are still learning at the academy, you'll only need to complete one mission each year, and you'll even be rewarded for the mission .

"At the same time, warriors can also enjoy certain authorizations that are not available to the other halls . However, I've to warn you that the process of completing a mission can and will be dangerous . Even if the mission might be failed, your safety is the main priority . I'd suggest for you to try completing the mission during your school holiday while you're still in the academy because completing one will definitely take some time . "

"Alright . "Tang Wulin answered .

"Follow me to the headquarters and register yourself . "

Tang Wulin followed Guo Xiaoxu to the Tang Sect headquarters in Shrek City . Eventually, he arrived at an area that he had never entered in the past with Guo Xiaoyu as his guide .

They passed through several checkpoint layers before they entered an underground area .

"This is your warrior equipment . Remember this . We, the warriors of the Battle Soul Hall live in the darkness . The outside world doesn't know about us . That's why you'll have to try your best at concealing your identity when you're out completing a mission . This is to protect yourself from enemies you've faced in the past who might be out for vengeance . "

Guo Xiaoxu passed a tray with some items on it to Tang Wulin .

There was a set of white clothes made from an unknown material, and it appeared a little old-fashioned . The fabric lining felt a little cold with a metallic feel, and there were no striations on its surface . Surrounding the white clothes were a white cloak along with a metallic white mask that only revealed the eyes .

Even close friends and family might not be able to recognize someone who was dressed i this attire .

There was also a white token made of an unknown material that seemed as pure as jade . The token had a strange energy fluctuating inside .

"This is the white warrior's badge . You can bring it with you even on regular days and request for reinforcements regardless of location by just using using the warrior's badge . You'll only need to press this button here and any Battle Soul Hall members who're within a hundred kilometers will rush over to reinforce you in battle as soon as possible after receiving the signal . At the same time, you might also receive a call for reinforcement from others and once you do, you'll have to drop whatever you're doing and head over to reinforce your peers . "

"Understood . "Tang Wulin nodded .

"It's unusual for someone like you to join the Battle Soul Hall, and since you're at such a young age, you won't be able to actually go on any missions . Your current task at hand is to advance yourself with everything you have . You'll only rise and become a yellow warrior from being a white warrior after you advance to a one-word battle armor master and complete ten missions . Different classes will be awarded with different basic contribution points . The type of mission you'll embark on is different as well . At the same time, the support you'll receive from the Tang Sect will be different as well . "

Tang Wulin could not help but ask, "Superintendent Guo, why do put so much trust in me? Is there no need for me to take any examinations before I'm allowed to join the Battle Soul Hall?"An organization that was not tightly monitored could spell trouble .

Guo Xiaoxu smiled gently . "I'm the Tang Sect Shrek superintendent for the headquarters, and I'm also the Branchmaster of the Battle Soul Hall at the same time . From the day you joined the Tang Sect, your examination has already begun . We've combined all aspects of the examination and after all these years of evaluating you, we've finally come to a conclusion — to absorb you into the Battle Soul Hall . You see, your companions have yet to meet the qualifications to enter the Battle Soul Hall because they haven't done enough . While your plus point isn't that your personal power has advanced but is instead your performance during the two encounters you had with the scoundrels on the soul train . Not only were you willing to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others, you even refused to back down when faced with a formidable enemy . We're very pleased with your actions during your ordeal that we exempted you from the obligatory examination required to join the Battle Soul Hall for your extraordinary performance . That alone is reason enough for you not to think that joining the Battle Soul Hall is an easy task . It's only because you're worthy that you've been given this opportunity . "

Tang Wulin was shocked . He did not expect that the Tang Sect would be aware of all his actions .

"Come along now . I'll bring you to experience the Battle Soul Hall's specialized resources . "Guo Xiaoxu brought Tang Wulin along and walked into a room . As the doors shut tight, the room then slowly descended .

This was actually an enormous elevator that was as large as a room .

The elevator stopped as a pathway emerged . Then, Guo Xiaoxu led the way as he brought Tang Wulin further in . Then, a large door that seemed to be cast from bronze appeared before them, and it seemed like there were plenty of mysterious patterns that were engraved on the door .

"The Spirit Pagoda and Federation each has its own specialty in the research of spatial technology . On the other hand, the Tang Sect has the results of their own spatial research . After you've entered, you can take a look inside and find somewhere suitable for yourself . There will be a voice to signal for you to leave . When it's time, you'll be able to leave naturally . This'll take an estimated twelve hours . "

'Twelve hours?'Tang Wulin thought in his heart . Twelve hours later would be the dawn of the next morning . That would not actually delay his lessons .

"Alright . "

Guo Xiaoxu did not explain to him what sort of place was this . However, Tang Wulin still pushed the door and entered the room .

The enormous metallic door was extremely heavy, and behind that metallic door was another door . However, this time it was a door that shimmered with a lustrous and dazzling brilliance, and there were three large words on the upper side of the door – Battle Soul Hall .

This place was indeed exclusive only to the members of the Battle Soul Hall .

He inhaled to take a deep breath and adjusted the soul power in his body . Then, Tang Wulin stepped through the second door with a little caution .

Immediately, everything in his surrounding began spinning and seemingly became unreal . It all seemed different as the shadows and light spun themselves around him . The intense nausea he was experiencing made Tang Wulin's Spirit System suffer from the violent stimulation .

Fortunately, this only laster for a moment . The brilliance flashed over and before long, he emerged in a middle of an area .

Similar to before, there was still a pathway and it did not appear to be that different from the one he encountered earlier . He turned around to look toward the door he had just come had just come through and noticed that it was already closing behind him without even making a sound . As the door closed, it finally condensed into a speck of light before it vanished into thin air .

'Uhh . . . I haven't taken my dinner tonight . 'This was the first thought that came to Tang Wulin's heart at that moment .

'Nevermind, I'll cross that bridge when I have to . Looks like I'm going to start for a night then . '

The pathway that seemed like it came out of a crypt was roughly five meters wide and had several doors lined along both sides . As Tang Wulin walked further in, the words — Hall of Heroes — were seen written above the first door on the left .

'Hall of Heroes? Isn't this the place we used for the trial when I first joined the Tang Sect? I can actually enter the Hall of Heroes from the Battle Soul Hall?'

Tang Wulin was not in a hurry to enter the room so he continued walking toward the back . One by one, he began seeing familiar names as he walked down the path .

Designing Room .

Manufacturing Room .

Forging Room .

Mecha Practice Room .

Battle-Armor Fusing Room . . .

Plant System Soul Master Cultivation Room . . .

There was a sign on every door . 'Was this an internal area used by the Tang Sect for cultivation? There's no way to tell if these places are even different to those in Shrek Academy . '

There was a signage on every door . 'Was this an interior zone used by the Tang Sect for cultivation? There is no way to tell if these places were different as compared to the Shrek Academy . '

Tang Wulin chose the Plant System Soul Master's Cultivation Room as he continued pondering . After all, this was still his first time here, and he had to be a little conservative .


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