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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 508


Chapter 508

The atmosphere in the entire first-grade class one seemed to suddenly turn tense . Origin Energy of various attributes was gathering toward class one at lightning speed . There was an array of colored lights indistinctly shimmering in Gu Yue's eyes .

Then, a powerful force abruptly erupted from her body . Even Tang Wulin who was sitting beside her felt a little out of breath .

'She's so powerful, is this Gu Ye's true power?'

Tang Wulin knew all along that Gu Yue had always held back when they competed against one another . She would almost never strike at full force while her radiance would always almost be concealed by Tang Wulin . However, he knew all along that he was never a worthy opponent against Gu Yue if they were to fight head-on .

At this moment, the force within Gu Yue's body suddenly erupted . Everyone was immediately startled . Even Wu Siduo who had just walked into the class had fear written all over his face .

'I thought she hasn't achieved the status of a four-ringed soul master yet! How can the force from her body be so powerful?!'

"Gu Yue . They're just kidding . "Tang Wulin tugged at Gu Yue's arm .

Gu Yue swung her arm and flung his hand away as she replied in an icy cold tone, "Stupid!"She sat down after saying that . Her face had an air of coldness and indifference all over it .

'What's happening?'

Tang Wulin turned around and looked at Xie Xie who was sitting on his other side, "What's going on? Which one of you provoked Gu Yue?"

The muscles on Xie Xie's face stiffened while Xu Xiaoyan who was sitting on his other side almost laughed . Xu Lizhi was the most honest one, he directly pointed toward Tang Wulin .

"Me?"Tang Wulin's face was filled with disbelief . "How could I? I wasn't even with Gu Yue yesterday!"

Xie Xie covered his face with his hands as he giggled . "Big brother! Where's your emotional intelligence?"

"I don't know . It's best that all of you start explaining . "Tang Wulin asked with a tone of uncertainty .

"Tang Wulin . . . There's something I'd like to ask you . "Gu Yue tugged at his hand and turned him to herself .

"What is it?"Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue with a puzzled look .

"That girl from yesterday, is she your sister? Your biological sister?"Gu Yue was staring at with a burning gaze .

"Yes! She's my sister! Even though she isn't my biological sister but she isn't that different from one . I picked her up from the streets when she was younger . "Tang Wulin explained .

"She's only your sister?"Gu Yue inquired closely once again .

This time Tang Wulin finally understood . He suddenly felt at a loss of whether to laugh or cry at once as he replied, "What is wrong with you? Are you stressed? My sister is beautiful, isn't she? Of course she is only my sister, what else can she be other than my sister? She's only twelve years old you see .

"That's why I was saying that all of you beasts aren't allowed to fantasize about my sister . Else, I'll beat you all to death!"His final sentence was for the other students in his class .

"She's only . . . twelve years old? She's quite well developed!"Yang Nianxia could not help but mutter to himself before he saw Tang Wulin's ferocious glare .

"My bad, class monitor . I can wait, I can wait until your sister is eighteen . "

"You'll wait then . Do everything you can when Na'er is eighteen years old . Na'er is a student from Shrek Academy as well . It's only that she's from the inner court . So . . . if you think that you deserve her, you have to give your cultivation everything you have . "Tang Wulin spoke with a smile on his face .

"I'll enter the inner court!"

"No wonder she was able to get into the academy . Surprisingly, she's from the inner court . "

"Class monitor, you aren't a sincere person! Your motivation method is too… However, I'll succumb to it and try my level best to work hard and get into the inner court . "

"Alright . Now, everyone quiet . Class is starting soon . "Tang Wulin could see that Wu Zhangkong was already outside and was walking to the class .

Afterward, he peeped at Gu Yue who was sitting by his side . Her expression had already calmed down by a lot . However, she was still sitting there silently with a serious look plastered on her face .

Tang Wulin bumped against her shoulder gently . He laughed softly . "Am I right that you're feeling jealous now?"

"Go away . "Gu Yue rolled her eyes at him .

Tang Wulin could not help laughing as he shook his head . "Tell me . What's actually in your mind? We're still young, and our top priority now is to properly learn what we have to so we can improve ourselves every day . We aren't even fifteen yet . "

"Go away! What do you think was on my mind anyway?"

"Alright . Nothing then . "Tang Wulin turned around in an attempt to suppress himself from laughing .

Wu Zhangkong walked to the back of the lectern . He looked the entire class and could sense that the ambiance today was obviously unusual . He later found out that some people seemed to be especially attentive today . Others were especially focused and attentive as well while they listened to his lesson in all seriousness .

"There'll a mecha practical class today in the afternoon . To the students who've signed up, remember to come early . Class dismissed . "

Tang Wulin stretched his body . There was the mecha practical class this afternoon but he had already learned a few basics of operating a mecha . Operating the mecha was far more difficult than what he had imagined . The only upper hand he had was that he was a soul master with abundant blood essence so the weight and the impact from the mecha did not affect him as much .

"Gu Yue, let's have lunch in the cafeteria later!"Tang Wulin called out to Gu Yue .

"Hmm . "Gu Yue answered .

"Xie Xie, Xiaoyan, Xinglan, Lizhi, join us!"

"No thanks . I'm going to the Tang Sect in the afternoon . I'll have my lunch there . "Xie Xie was the first one to reject his offer .

Xu Lizhi answered, "I've something to discuss with Sister Xinglan, you guys go ahead . "

Xu Xiaoyan then replied, "I've some matters to attend to as well . My design class tonight is very important . I'm going to have a quick bite before I go back to prepare . I'll be going to the mecha practical class this afternoon as well . "

'All these people are shying away . . . '

Tang Wulin was feeling a little speechless . He could only go to the cafeteria with Gu Yue .

"What are you having? I'll go and get the food . "Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue .

"Anything will do . "Gu Yue seemed to have already lost the rage she had in the morning since she sounded rather calm . Tang Wulin could even sense the gentleness in her voice .

Having a meal was a very important matter to Tang Wulin . He could make a clean sweep of every dish available and ate in such a carefree manner every day .

Naturally, Gu Yue's appetite was incomparable to him .

Gu Yu waited until Tang Wulin was done eating before she brought out a piece of tissue and gathered forward to wipe his mouth .

She performed this action in an exceedingly natural manner . It as if she already done this before in the past for hundreds and thousands of times . Tang Wulin was stunned .

"Let's go . Go back and rest for a while . I thought you still have a mecha practical course in the afternoon?"Gu Yue stood up and led the way out .

'Was she… feeling insecure?'The corners of Tang Wulin's lips curved into an arc .

He walked quickly to catch up to her so they could walk side by side .

It was very quiet at the working student's dormitory . Only Yuanen Yehui's door was closed . She was probably in there . However, the others were probably not in the dormitory .

"Gu Yue, do you have something to tell me?"Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue to a stop as he walked to the front of his room .

"It's nothing . "Gu Yue shook her head .

Tang Wulin smiled . "It's true . Na'er is only my sister . "'

Gu Yue turned around and shot him a look . "Remember your words . "

She returned to her room after saying that .

Tang Wulin rubbed his nose and returned to his room as well . Meditation was the best way to rest .

There was a specific venue for the mecha practical class . The mecha trial arena was located at the southwest part of Shrek Academy .

There was a total of a dozen students from first grade class one that signed up for the mecha practical class . They were already gathered and stood in a horizontal row .

The teacher who would be teaching them in this practical class was a tall, huge, middle-aged man named Duan Shang .

"Good day, teacher . "Everyone saluted Duan Shang under Tang Wulin's guidance .

Duan Shang spoke with a deep rumbling voice, "We're going to continue our training in the basic operations of a mecha in the mecha practical class today . Alright, board your mecha and turn on the communication equipment . "

"Yes . "

Everyone turned around and ran toward their mecha .

The mechas used for the training were white and were the most basic mechas . They were twenty meters tall and weighed about ten tons . Also, they had no weapons installed on them and were moderately armored .

The chest armor in front of the mecha's chest opened to reveal the pilot's cockpit . The group could only enter the cockpit by climbing into it .

Tang Wulin entered the cockpit of the mecha and skillfully pressed a button, causing the opening of the cockpit to close . A helmet came down along with quite a number of corresponding alloy rings that fastened around his limbs .

Within the cockpit was a miniature keyboard in front of his hands that he could operate to perform a few auxiliary controls for the mecha .

The most important method to operate the current mecha he was in was to use the movements of one's body to exercise control over the mecha . Then, one would need to utilize the core circuit as well as the connected driving shaft to drive the mecha . With the keyboard under the user's palm, various functions in the mecha could be activated .

"Number one's communication equipment is fully turned on . "Tang Wulin turned on the communication equipment inside his mecha before connecting himself into the public channel .

Soon, all fifteen students who were in the mecha practical class were done turning on their communication equipment .

"Very well . It is of utmost importance for a person to master balance in the operation of a mecha . I explained in the last lesson that all of you had to first regard the mecha as part of you . Think of the mecha as an extension of your body . How can you operate the mecha in an agile manner? All of you have to first be agile . You have to be able to feel like you've grown ten meters taller . Our mecha's auxiliary equipment is very sensitive . Any and all small movements you make will affect its movements . That is why we must first master the balance and accuracy required in operating a mecha . Follow my moves exactly . Raise your left leg…"


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