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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 507


Chapter 507

After a series of bargaining and haggling, Tang Wulin finally paid two hundred and eighty thousand contribution points in pain . Only then was his custom-made mecha considered to be complete . He would be able to retrieve this mecha in two months time .

On the other hand, the academy's mecha operating class had also begun at this time .

"I'm going to sign myself up in the afternoon . "Xu Xiaoyan raised her hand without even the slightest hint of hesitation . She expressed her wish to participate in the afternoon's mecha class and was truly interested in the class judging by how her eyes glowed .

With that, there were now three people from Tang Wulin's little group who have chosen to learn about the ways of operating a mecha . This included Tang Wulin, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi .

Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, and Xie Xie did not sign themselves up .

Gu Yue was still as busy as always . She spent every afternoon heading to the Spirit Pagoda to study when she was occupied . By the time she returned for dinner, she would usually bring along several scrumptious dishes .

Xie Xie and the rest saw the food as well . However, they had never tasted the food before . Gu Yue had never uttered a word when she returned with the food either . She would only directly pass the food to Tang Wulin . There were several occasions Tang Wulin planned to share the food with Xie Xie and Xu Lizhi, but he was met with Gu Yu's ferocious glare .

Her glare would cause Xu Lizhi and Xie Xi to run . Ever since that incident, the food brought by Gu Yue was solely intended for Tang Wulin .

"You're learning how to operate a mecha?"Gu Yue asked Tang Wulin with a puzzled look .

"Yes, I want to try it out . Battle armor master and mecha masters are not conflicting professions . Both can be combined . It is also an extra set of safeguards to have an extra ability . Don't forget that I'm also looking to enlist in the military sometime in the future . The military prioritizes mechas . How can I establish myself in the military if I don't even know how to operate a mecha at all?"

"I see . I'm only afraid that you will be wasting your time,"Gu Yue spoke with slight reluctance .

Tang Wulin laughed . "That won't happen . I've always dreamed of becoming a mecha master since I was young . I never once imagined that I'd become a battle armor master at all when I was younger . I didn't even understand the concept of being a battle armor master . Where I was born . . . Where I came from, every boy's dream is to be able to operate a mecha and gallop in the sky in the future . "

Gu Yue chuckled lightheartedly . "Very well . As you wish . "

"Class is dismissed . "Shen Yi announced the dismissal of class from the lectern . She took the lead by opening the teacher's door before she walked out . However, she stopped walking for a moment after the door was opened because someone was standing outside .

"Good day teacher!"It was a peerlessly exquisite silver-haired maiden that was respectfully saluting Shen Yi .

Shen Yi asked with a puzzled look, "Na'er? Why did you come here? Are you looking for me?"

Na'er shook her head with a smile as she stretched out her hand and pointed inside .

Shen Yi's heart jerked and turned back to look into the class . Naturally, she was acquainted with Na'er because she was the heir to the Sea God Pavilion Master . Na'er was reputed as the number one genius of the inner court and would be cultivated to enter the Sea God Pavilion in the future .

Even geniuses could be divided into different categories . She was capable of being selected by the current Sea God Pavilion Master . This alone was already proof of her genius .

'She's looking for someone in class 1? Can it be that there's someone she's acquainted with in this class?'

Shen Yi stepped away but stayed put because she wanted to take a look at the person who was capable of receiving a visit from Na'er, who was also known as the little princess of the inner court .

The moment she stepped away, the students from the first-grade class one who were preparing to leave the class realized Na'er standing at the door, wearing a beautiful smile on her face . .

Almost everyone who saw her stopped walking subconsciously, especially the students . Each of them was staring at her in bewilderment . S-She was too beautiful . Moreover, she appeared to be the same age as everybody else .

Na'er was exquisitely beautiful . She was so beautiful, she bedazzled everybody's eyes . She became the center of attention for the entire audience in the blink of an eye the moment she stood there .

The moment everybody else saw Na'er was naturally when Tang Wulin saw her as well . There was surprise in his eyes as he walked toward her .

"Na'er, why did you come here?"Tang Wulin's words immediately confirmed that he was the one Na'er was looking for . The students in the entire class now wore a completely different look on their faces when looking at him .

Aside from than Tang Wulin, only Xie Xie had met Na'er before . He stared at Na'er before changing the direction of his stare toward Gu Yue with slightly raised eyebrows as he subconsciously retreated several steps away .

Tang Wulin immediately walked out of the classroom when Na'er approached it . She took his arm while she called out to him sweetly, "Brother, I'm here because I miss you, aren't I? Is this where all of you are studying? This is such a huge place! It took me a long while before I found your class . "

There was an uproar inside the class .


'Tang Wulin's sister?'

'The sister to the class monitor?!'

"Hey beautiful, nice to meet you . I'm Yang Nianxia, the class monitor's close friend . "Yang Nianxia who had a huge stature pushed the others away as he dashed out of the class . He introduced himself to Na'er with a simple and honest expression .

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes . Since when were they good friends? This fellow's two-facedness was not that far off from his at all .

Na'er smiled . "Nice to meet you . I'm Na'er . "

"Nice to meet you, Na'er . I'm Luo Guixing . "Luo Guixing appeared next to Tang Wulin's other side with a flash of silver . he had used the Spatial Retreat to surprise her .

"Nice to meet you,"Na'er replied with the same smile .

The male students dashed out swiftly one after another . At such a young age, how could they be aware of the ways a man should reserve themselves? Na'er was truly too beautiful . Moreover, she was so beautifully kind, gentle, and warm . She did not have even a hint of arrogance in the air around her . Anyone who greeted her would get a sweet smile in return, making these buoyant, impetuous young men stare in awe .

"That's enough . All of you! Let's go!"Tang Wulin raised his hand and pushed his classmates away as he pulled Na'er along and walked out .

Yang Nianxia spoke in all seriousness as he gazed affectionately after they departed, "The class monitor is my big brother from this day onward . I'll work hard to make him my big brother-in-law . "



"Big brother-in-law? He's mine!"

First-grade class 1 broke into a chaotic mess at once . Shen Yi watched as Tang Wulin and Na'er left . Her face was filled with astonishment . 'Brother? Na'er was Tang Wulin's sister? They don't look similar at all though!'

Tang Wulin pulled Na'er along as they walked out of the academic building to arrive at the Spirit Ice Plaza .

"Na'er, you're truly well-received . "Tang Wulin could not help but say as he looked at Na'er smiling sweetly at him . Not only were his classmates were behaving like that, even the students from different grades they met along the way gave Na'er a salute with their eyes . Tang Wulin whose arm was held by Na'er on the other side also received extremely envious gazes .

Na'er giggled . "Brother . . . Don't you like it when I do this? If that's the way it is, I won't come and look for you here in the future . We can just set a place to meet up! I'm always busy cultivating on usual days so I can only come out once a week . Is it okay if we meet every Wednesday afternoon after this? You after this? You can bring me for some delicious food!"

"Alright . "Tang Wulin pinched Na'er's nose affectionally . "What do you want to eat today?"

"You can make arrangements for that yourself . I'm going to stuff myself until you're broke!"Na'er made her declaration excitedly .

"Let's go!"

Tang Wulin's heart always felt warm whenever he was with Na'er . He could always remember how his whole family became united when he was young . Na'er's appearance melted the coldness and loneliness in the depths of his heart . She was the one thing that relaxed him best .

He did not cultivate that afternoon . When he returned in the evening, he went to the special cultivation venue to cultivate his soul power directly .

In the early morning during the following day, Tang Wulin felt like something was wrong with the ambiance in the classroom the exact moment he stepped in .


At least two third of the male students in the class stood and collectively bowed in his direction as they wished him, "Good day big brother . "

The corners of Tang Wulin's lips twitched uncontrollably . 'What's happening here?!'

"Every one of you . . . Scram! Far away!"Tang Wulin replied unpleasantly before returning to his seat .

"Big brother, have some water . "Someone immediately sent over some water .

"Big brother, have some snacks…"

"That's enough, all of you . "Tang Wulin facepalmed .

"Big brother, when is Na'er coming again? Should we set a date for a meal next time?"

"Set a date? My ass!"It was right at this moment that a cold voice that was filled with rage suddenly exploded . Gu Yue suddenly slammed the table as she stood up while intense, fluctuating spirit power surged out from her body like a volcano erupting .


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