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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 506


Chapter 506

Next, Zhang Yang took a few measurements of Tang Wulin's body . He was 174 centimeters high and weighed 66 kilograms . For a youth who had not reached the age of fifteen, he already had an exceptional stature .

A mecha's design had to have some leeway depending on the user's age and the characteristics of their body . Tang Wulin was still an adolescent so there naturally had to be some allowances in the design for his growth .

It had taken a full two hours to carry out various tests and finalizing the design's draft .

"You only have to pay a hundred thousand contribution points as a deposit . If you decide to cancel your order, the deposit won't be refunded . After ten days, when the final design is complete, we'll confirm it with you . If there aren't any issues, we can start making your mecha once your materials are delivered,"Zhang Yang explained to Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin confirmed with him and made payment for a hundred thousand contribution points before he left the Mecha Association .

"Phew! "he sighed . This was the largest transaction of contribution points Tang Wulin had ever done . He felt slightly heartbroken .

However, it was not in vain . Elder Feng was right . If he owned both mecha and battle armor, it would be better for his protection, and he could save on energy . 'True battle armor masters do this as well . . . 'he thought .

Tang Wulin did not made the decision to buy a mecha solely for a means of transport . A mecha consumed far more energy than a regular soul car . However, if he had his own mecha, Tang Wulin could practice with his very own mecha after he picks up some information on controlling a mecha during the new term . It would not be cheap to rent the academy's mechas .

After thinking it through, he still decided to make a yellow mecha . As for the issue of the thin armor he requested for, it could be resolved by the choice of materials used .

Generally speaking, a yellow mecha could be directly forged from rare alloys . The lower level white mechas were even made from a cast since they were mass-produced products . However, some of the yellow mechas were forged .

Of course, Tang Wulin would never have had his own yellow mecha made with such a low-level method such as casting . The thin armor was not an issue since he would use thousand refined materials . With his forging level, ten days or so was sufficient time for him to finish the thousand refining the alloys required to complete his mecha .

"You want to buy this much Star Iron? What're you going to do with them?"Yue Zhengyu was startled when Tang Wulin spoke to him .

Tang Wulin chuckled . "It's none of your business . I'm just asking if you have them . "

Yue Zhengyu gulped . "Ten tons of Star Iron . . . this is no small amount . It'll cost tens of millions of Federation Coins . "

Tang Wulin replied, "I'll trade you spirit alloys . The Jade Silver that you needed . Those with a harmony rate above eighty-five percent, I've given you four pieces already . According to the design of your mecha, you can complete it with another seven pieces . I give you my word . You don't need to pay me anything for the remaining seven pieces of jade silver . I'll help you complete it within three months . As payment, I only want these ten tons of Star Iron . How does that sound?"

"Deal!"Yue Zhengyu agreed without hesitation .

The material with which Tang Wulin forged the Jade Silver was also supplied by him . With the addition of these ten tons of Star Iron, he was still on the losing side in terms of value alone . However, not even money could buy that many pieces of Jade Silver with a harmony rate above eighty-five percent within three months .

Yue Zhengyu also had four rings now and was in agreement with Yuanen Yehui that they would assist each other in completing their respective battle armor . He was already sixteen years old and was only a few years away from twenty . Who would not wish to complete their one-word battle armor sooner?

It would be much easier to complete the battle armor after having enough materials . There were five chances of reforging a battle armor with a harmony rate of eighty-five percent . It would not even matter if he failed once or twice .

"Ten tons is too much to give you in one go . I'll have to give them to you in batches . I'll have them ready within half a month,"Yue Zhengyu said .

"No problem . "

. . .

"Class monitor, what're you up to lately? I don't see you around anymore!"Xie Xie finally met Tang Wulin who went back to the dormitory to grab some stuff .

Tang Wulin was extremely these days and spent little time in the dormitory . Most of the time, he could only be seen during classes .

Tang Wulin smiled mysteriously . "It's a secret . You'll know soon enough . Oh, right, I want to remind you guys that we'll be learning how to operate a mecha starting next week . There'll be a two-hour long elective course on mecha operating every Wednesday afternoon . Please make sure all of you sign up for that and learn it well . "

Xie Xie was shocked . "What're we learning that for? We're future battle armor masters!"

Xu Lizhi who stood at the side nodded and replied, "We still have to learn how to operate a mecha because mechas and battle armors aren't mutually exclusive . We can own both at the same time . "

Xie Xie's heart stirred, but he still shook his head, "I'll pass . I'm an Agility System, I rely on speed so mechas are unfit for me and I don't have the energy to spare . I think I'll just focus on my Agility System battle skills . "

The term had started half a month ago . He went to the Tang Sect every afternoon to learn the Agility System battle skills from Liang Xiaoyu at the Speed Hall . He was improving rapidly but naturally, this caused him to be extremely tired every single day .

Xu Lizhi sighed . "I'm ashamed of myself when I see you guys being this busy . I'll learn about the mechas properly . Besides, a mecha can carry two people so it's alright if you don't pick it up, Xie Xie . "

Xie Xie

Xie Xie smiled . "What? Are you prepared to carry me? Good brother . "

Xu Lizhi shook his head and replied, "Whoever said I'd carry you? I want to carry Big Sister Xinglan . I don't think she'll be learning mecha operating too . "

"Dates before mates, I see,"Xie Xie grumbled .

Xu Lizhi grinned foolishly, "Well, I'm not the one sweeping other people's floors, cleaning their windows, or fetching water and whatnot . A fatso like me is quite lazy . I'm not as solicitous as a certain someone!"

"Fatso, do you have a death wish!?"Xie Xie waved a fist .

Tang Wulin smiled . "Don't you bully Xu Lizhi . He said nothing wrong! By the way, how're things between you and Yuanen?"

At the mention of this, Xie Xie suddenly seemed like a deflated balloon . "Nothing's going on . She's still treating me halfheartedly . Ugh . . . Do you think it's easy for me to work from dawn till dusk?"

Tang Wulin patted his shoulder, "Persevere, you might just be rewarded for your efforts . "

Xie Xie clenched his fists . "That's not enough . She's eager to do well in everything . If I can't best her in combat power, I'm done for . That's why I'll give it my all so I can be better than her in the near future . "

Tang Wulin laughed hysterically . "Then you'll have to work very hard . "

In terms of cultivation base, the difference between Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui was not a small gap, it was a ravine!

Tang Wulin's schedule was too tight for the time being . He had classes in the morning and he had three hours planned for forging Star Iron in the afternoon . He progressed quickly by thousand refining them . After his dinner, he would go to the special cultivation venue to cultivate his soul power . He would do that all night and cultivate Purple Demon Eyes in the morning, repeating this routine every day . Naturally, it was for this reason that Xie Xie and the others saw him less frequently .

However, he was not the only one who was busy . Everybody was busy and was working hard to learn all sorts of knowledge .

The first three grades of Shrek Academy was always the three with the highest motivations .

"What? I need to pay more? Why!?"Tang Wulin stared helplessly at Zhang Yang . He could not help but bulge his eyes . When he heard that he had to pay more, he had wanted to call it quits .

"Junior, you're too extreme . Do you have to bring a bunch of thousand refined alloys just to make a yellow mecha? Do you think making them with thousand refined alloys is as easy as making them with ordinary rare alloys? If we don't ask for more, the association would go bankrupt . The exoskeleton is still manageable but the problem lies in the central array . You're making it with very high-quality thousand refined Heavy Silver, and these babies have to be inscribed bit by bit . It'll be at least five times more difficult than using ordinary alloy . We're really not asking for much with three hundred thousand contribution points,"Zhang Yang explained earnestly .

He was flabbergasted when he saw Tang Wulin bringing in a huge load of thousand refined Star Iron with him . He truly did not need a thick armor . Star Iron was among the toughest of the rare alloys and these were thousand refined . They were definitely top-grade materials for the manufacturing of a mecha . Even purple mechas were seldom this luxurious .

However, Tang Wulin wanted to use such luxurious materials for a yellow mecha, Zhang Yang was left speechless . Tang Wulin's reason for it was simple, it was for its durability .

This reason was acceptable, but Zhang Yang asked Tang Wulin why he would not opt for a purple mecha instead .

However, Tang Wulin shook his head like a pellet drum . Was that a joke? The cost of making a purple mecha was nine million contribution points . Even if he supplied the materials himself, he reckoned that the cost would not be lower than four million . However, he first had to have that many contribution points! Besides, he had no intention of bringing this mecha into combat . He only wanted it for practice and as a means of transportation and had no need for a purple mecha . If he became rich in the future, he would switch to a black mecha immediately . A yellow mecha was sufficient and was perfectly suitable for him for now .


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