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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 503


Chapter 503

"Yeah . "Luo Guixing was never one to give up easily, a fire had already lit up in his eyes . However, it was only now that he suddenly felt like the Tang Wulin standing before him seemed to be taller . He was no longer the awkward youth who had just started schooling back then . Only a short year had passed, and he had already grown so much . For the first time, Luo Guixing had regret wash over himself for being so proud . He could have been an original member of the team as well!

Wu Zhangkong descended from the sky but did not comment on this competition round . Wu Siduo, Xu Yucheng, and Yang Ningxia had awful looks on their faces . They were filled with disappointment more than anything else .

They had cultivated for so long . They had intended to redeem themselves, but they did not expect to suffer a worse defeat . Wu Siduo's Martial Soul fusion skill which had been powerful seemed to have lost its effect in the face of Tang Wulin and the others .

Too strong . . . They were too strong! Tang Wulin's one defensive and offensive move had made them feel like he was undefeatable . It was not something achievable with the soul power rank and cultivation base he displayed .

Naturally, Tang Wulin would never tell the stronger the attacks received by Supreme Golden Dragon Armor, the more power it could borrow . As long as it was within an acceptable range, its effects would increase accordingly with the force of the attack received . It was precisely because of the godlike skill that was the Supreme Golden Dragon Armor that he was able to bear the attacks of three people while simultaneously launching a counterattack that shocked the crowd .

Naturally, Tang Wulin knew that a situation like this would never happen ever again . The others would be investigating the properties of his Supreme Golden Dragon Armor . The purpose of this soul skill was for saving his life at the most critical of moments .

With this battle, his prestige was once again established among the first graders . It even shocked the second graders .

After comforting their opponents, it was time for Tang Wulin and his companions to celebrate . In the eyes of others, this was an outright unfair battle due to the differences in abilities . However, Tang Wulin was aware that this was due to the unique properties of his Supreme Golden Dragon Armor which was overly powerful that it caught his opponents off guard . This was the case when Luo Guixing was tricked . Such a situation could happen once but the chances of it repeating itself are close to zero . The actual difference between their strengths was not really that big . After all, they had three four-ringed soul masters!

Generally speaking, Luo Guixing's team would not have won regardless of circumstance . The control Xu Xiaoyan's Starwheel Ice Staff exerted over the battlefield was just too powerful . To top it off, it was coupled with the explosive power of Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Xie Xie . With Supreme Golden Dragon Armor and Golden Dragon Body, Tang Wulin had no reason to fear Wu Siduo's Martial Soul fusion skill . All this negated the advantage their opponents had .

Although Xu Yucheng's attacks were powerful, his weaknesses were too obvious — his body was too weak .

"Don't you see? If they wanted to, they could even form a team made up solely of four-ringed soul masters and they'd surpass us in no time,"Yue Zhengyu said to Yuanen Yehui .

Yuanen Yehui kept her silence as she turned and left .

She knew that it would be better to not have the match between the second and first graders this year . Tang Wulin's earlier display of strength had shaken her self-confidence to the core . Before she was able to think of a way to deal with him, it would be difficult to go against Tang Wulin's team . She also recalled that he still had that powerful martial soul fusion skill with Gu Yue .

The competition ended, and the students were free to spend the remainder of the day as they saw fit . Tang Wulin went straight to an exclusive area in the academy, the Adaptability Cultivation Area .

Today, he intended to see just how much of an enhancement the martial soul soul special cultivation venue could bring, especially since it required so many contribution points just for one to be qualified to cultivate here .

"A hundred contribution points for an hour . How many hours are you going to be here for?"the staff asked Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin felt a tinge of pain . "Teacher . . . If I buy lots of hours, can I get a discount?"

The staff replied, "No . The prices are fixed . No matter how many hours you buy, this is the final price . "

Tang Wulin gritted his teeth and said, "Then I'll get an hour to start . "To practice thrift was a virtue . The cultivation venue might turn out to be unhelpful so he thought he would decide after he gave it a try .

"What's your martial soul attribute?"the staff asked .

"Plant System,"Tang Wulin replied hastily .

The staff gave him a green number plate . "It's the seventh room on the left . The door can be opened electronically with the number plate . There'll be a reminder for you to renew the session after an hour . You can tap your student ID onto the number plate to renew your session or you may come to me here and buy more hours . "

"Thank you . "

With the number plate in hand, Tang Wulin quickly went towards the seventh room with curiosity .

The door . . . Even the walls were made of metal . There was no discernible difference between this place and the world outside .

He placed the number plate on the scanner and the door was unlocked with a 'click'.

Tang Wulin pushed the door open and went inside .

There was nothing special about this room, it looked just like any ordinary room . There was a downward staircase in the middle of the room . It seemed like he should go down .

Tang Wulin dared not dally around, time was precious! He hastily walked down the stairs and after traversing a dozen meters, slowly, he felt something different .

It was an azure world, and there were all kinds of plants around him . The plants grew on the wall, and on the ground . They were everywhere! Dense natural energy greeted him here, and the air was especially fresh . After he entered this place, Wang Wulin suddenly felt like his Bluesilver Grass seemed to be rejoicing .

He unleashed his martial soul, and blades of Bluesilver Grass spread out to cling to the surrounding plants .

The place was not too big as it was only about a dozen square meters . Even if they were all plants, there should not have been such a dense energy! How exactly did the academy accomplish this?

Tang Wulin was filled with curiosity . He had expected no less from Shrek, this was a reality behind a facade!

He dared not waste time . He hastily sat çross legged on a reed cushion and began to meditate .

With a slight vibration of his spiritual power, he could immediately feel that the Origin Energy in the air was obviously denser than the world outside . It was even comparable to Sea God's Island .

He was hit with a sudden realization . The biggest perk of being an Inner Disciple was probably the luxury of training on Sea God's Island without having to spend anything . As it turned out, he could also train under similar conditions in the outer court . The only difference was that he had to spend contribution points .

He had experienced the cultivation effect the cultivation effect on Sea God's Island before where he obtained twice the results with half the effort so he already had a rough idea on what to expect when cultivating in this room of plants .

His cultivation speed would be heightened by twenty percent at least . For this amount of enhancement, it was worth the hundred contribution points he paid .

It seems that his original plan of selling most of his spirit alloy to Heaven Dou City would have to be put off for the moment . He needed some of his stock here in the academy so that he could do some business here in exchange for contribution points .

He was lacking behind the others in terms of his soul power's cultivation speed . With this amplification of twenty percent, he might just have a chance to attain rank-40 soul power by the end of the second school term .

By then, his companions would have also reached rank-40 as well .

After rank-40, the rate at which one's soul power increased would gradually decrease . According to Teacher Wu, it was only possible to reach the rank of Soul King by the time the student was about to graduate from the third grade under regular circumstances in the outer court .

The first thirty ranks of soul power cultivation were the easiest . After rank-30, the cultivation speed would begin to drop . After rank-40, it would drop significantly . In reality, it was not that the cultivation speed that dropped, but the increase in of soul power required to break through each rank . After rank-40, compressing of soul power would be required, and it would become significantly more difficult to cultivate .

The sooner he reached rank-40, the better it would be for him . Tang Wulin was aware that his body was different from an ordinary human . When he reached rank-40, he would be able to fully utilize his abilities as a rank-6 Blacksmith and pave the way towards becoming a Saint Craftsmen . At the same time, when he reached rank-40, it would not be a problem for him to don a complete one-word battle armor with his body's tenacity . By then, he could work toward becoming a one-word battle armor master .


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