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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 502


Chapter 502

In the next instant, the second golden soul ring shone in a dazzling bright light, and the scales on Tang Wulin's body suddenly turned bright as a mirror .

The three attacks coming toward him also landed at the same time .

He neither guarded himself, nor did he try to break free of Spatial Lock . Tang Wulin just stood there and took the three hits with a faint smile .

Wu Zhangkong already had his hand outstretched . However, when he saw the faint smile on Tang Wulin's face, he held off from attacking .

Below the stage, Shen Yi and Yue Zhengyu were bug-eyed . 'There are two golden soul rings . Does he have another golden soul ring? What are those?!'

They knew it all too well . Without the first golden soul ring's amplification which gave Tang Wulin the Golden Dragon Body, he could never hope to stand against them . The only reason he was able to fend off Wu Siduo's Hell White Tiger and Yuanen Yehui's Titan Giant Ape was all thanks to the amplification from his Golden Dragon Body .

At this moment, another soul ring appeared and aligned itself with the Golden Dragon Body's golden soul ring . What did this mean? This meant that he had another powerful soul skill . It was no wonder he was full of confidence . However, what was the effect of this soul skill?

"Ding! Ding! Boom!"Three distinct sounds seemed to originate from Tang Wulin's body without any apparent order .

Hell Rush allowed Wu Siduo's sharp claws to land a hit on Tang Wulin's chest . However, the only sensation she felt was like she had scratched an iron board, and there was a certain suction on that iron board . The wild suction made her body go stiff as it caused her soul power and blood essence to pour out .

Then, as Xu Yucheng's Reaper's Scythe slashed at Tang Wulin's shoulder . He pulled back a little at the final moment for fear of mortally wounding Tang Wulin . However, on the Golden Dragon scales that were as bright as a mirror, his Reaper's Scythe made an abrupt stop . It could not even sink in for a millimeter .

The final boom naturally came from Yang Nianxia's Giant Bear Palm . He felt like he had hit an iron board that caused a portion of his powerful blood essence to be instantly taken away .

It was then that they saw that the Tang Wulin's scales which were as bright as a mirror light up violently . The glaring light terrified them and made them squint their eyes at the same time .

'How was this possible? How did he take out the attacks from all three of us with tenacity alone? Was he still even human?! Even an expert at the level of Teacher Wu would not dare to recklessly take on these attacks without donning his battle armor . '

The instant their hearts were shaken, a roused dragon's roar had already erupted from Tang Wulin's body . Suddenly, Tang Wulin's right foot had landed almost directly after their attacks hit him .

There seemed to be a giant dragon circling his shining dragon scales . The dazzling golden light made Tang Wulin seem like he was a God who descended to the mortal realm .

When he landed, a fierce roar was heard from the stage . Eight miniature golden dragons skimmed the ground and erupted outward at that instant .

Tang Wulin had never used such an attack in the past, and this attack of his had caught them off guard . Once their hearts were shaken, it would be impossible for them to dodge this attack .

Wu Siduo, Xu Yucheng, and Yang Nianxia were sent flying by the golden dragons at the same time . It was as if they were hit by lightning as they shook violently from the attack .

Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth! This was not Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth alone . This was a cumulative explosion of his power along with the energy he absorbed from Yang Nianxia, Wu Siduo, and Xu Yucheng during their attack .

Xu Yucheng had the worst luck . In the face of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth, his petite frame could not endure it at all . He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and looked as if he would be destroyed by the rising golden dragons at any time .

A white light flashed, and he was pulled out of the battle circle by Wu Zhangkong .

Yang Nianxia had the best defensive ability but his body was also shaking violently . He barely managed to hold his own by madly unleashing his soul power . However, Wu Siduo was forced to use her Martial Soul fusion skill, Hell White Tiger .

As her body enlarged, the Hell White Tiger manifested . However, under the bombardment of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth, the Hell White Tiger's body turned illusory rather quickly .

Two balls of blue light flew over them at this moment and targetted the Hell White Tiger .

Under the pressure of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth, she could not even dodge it . The two blue fireballs exploded mercilessly on the Hell White Tiger's body .

Wu Siduo shrieked, and the Hell White Tiger disintegrated . Then, three of the eight dragons from Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth hovered above her to guard her before they slowly faded away .

At that moment, an illusory figure appeared silently behind her, and a dagger was held up against Wu Siduo's throat .

Starlight appeared in the sky along with stars that shone brightly . Luo Guixing who had prepared himself to rescue Wu Siduo could only felt the pores all over his body erupt . A strong sense of danger caused him to use Spatial Retreat instinctively .

It was then that a beam of starlight descended from the sky and struck the ground with a loud boom . The terrifying shockwave dispersed the poisonous fog in the surroundings as Ye Xinglan appeared where Luo Guixing had been standing a few moments ago while wielding the Stargod Sword .

A white light flashed, and Wu Siduo was disqualified .

Yang Nianxia barely managed to defend himself against the shockwave from Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth . At this moment, he saw Tang Wulin's now golden eyes .

Then, the right Golden Dragon Claw brazenly appeared before him before bear and dragon claws collided .

"Boom!"Yang Nianxia's body was directly slammed on the ground by Tang Wulin . Even when he was at his best, his strength was still incomparable to Tang Wulin . The two great blood essence soul rings he possessed had brought Tang Wulin's strength to strength to a shocking level .

Then, as a circle of starlight appeared silently beneath Luo Guixing's feet, she appeared before him as swift as an arrow .

Although the endless poisonous fog had now begun surging toward her, it could not keep up with Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword .

The tip of the sword tip stopped right in front of Luo Guixing . Then, a silver light flickered before Ye Xinglan vanished into thin air . With Spatial Retreat, she returned to Gu Yue's side .

Tang Wulin had already turned around now . He smiled at Luo Guixing and the surviving Jade Snake Zheng Yiran .

The moment the Stargod Sword reached Luo Guixing was the exact moment he was disqualified . Silence . There was only a dead silence in the entire arena .

Even the teachers Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi's had shock in their eyes, let alone the students present from both grades .

Wu Zhangkong suddenly remembered that Tang Wulin had requested to challenge Third Grade, Class One . He had thought that Tang Wulin was trying to reach for something beyond his grasp . However, by the looks of how things were going, they could possibly emerge victorious in the challenge if they were given another year!

Only a short holiday had passed and they were clearly stronger .

Luo Guixing was also flabbergasted . Without a doubt, they lost the battle . Only Zheng Yiran remained while the opponent still had five members . Putting the others aside, Gu Yue's elemental control alone could render Zheng Yiran's poison useless . However, never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that they would be defeated so devastatingly, and in such a short time!

He was always known for his ability to take control of the situation . However, just when he thought he had gained control today, the battle had already ended .

This result was truly beyond his expectations .

Yue Zhengyu swallowed his saliva with effort, causing his Adam's apple to move . He suddenly felt that it was better for him not to challenge Tang Wulin for now Wulin for now . This guy . . .

Yuanen Yehui's gaze was solemn as she tried her level best . After losing to Tang Wulin and the others, she had been cultivating with all her might . She had improved herself in the hopes of washing away her previous loss in the new term . However, she slowly discovered that the possibility of this actually happening was dwindling .

'When did Tang Wulin become this powerful?'

This made her think back to the day when Tang Wulin asked her for help in defense not too long ago . 'He must have had broken through and achieved the second golden soul ring on that day . What ability was that? The instant increase in defensive power was terrifying! Its defensive power was probably on par with a Soul King and above .

How could she fight him? Brute force was her forte but she could tell from the strength displayed by Tang Wulin when he slammed Yang Nianxia onto the ground . Her strength would not be much stronger than his for much longer .

There was also the companions of Tang Wulin, they did not even show a hint of being flustered since the beginning . They had the utmost trust in Tang Wulin . The turning point of the battle was the defensive stance before the group attack by Tang Wulin . Then, the battle ended . The combination of moves by the companions behind him was a display of excellent skill . Obviously, they had not even unleashed their full powers .

So . . . Where would the limits be for a team like this?

"We surrender . "Luo Guixing gave a wry smile .

Tang Wulin smiled gently as he retracted his golden scales . The two golden soul rings disappeared silently while he walked up to him with his right arm outstretched .

Luo Guixing gave him a high-five, albeit with some helplessness . "I actually thought I'd be able to catch up to you guys . Instead, all I saw was an even greater gap . President, are you really human?"

Tang Wulin smiled . "Let's work hard together . We'll have a go again when we're Battle Armor Masters . "


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