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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 499


Chapter 499

There were several cultivation venues that were specially opened at Shrek Academy . They were suitable for the various Soul Masters, such as the elemental, plant, beast martial-soul and tool soul masters . There were more than ten categories . Although they could not include all of the martial soul types, most of them were included .

Why had Tang Wulin never thought of using that in the past? It was probably because this method was far too expensive back then .

He had been struggling with money . All the money he made was to buy alloys for forging and spirit items to break through the seals . Why would he unnecessarily spend money to rent special a cultivation venue?

If memory served him right, the rental for such cultivation venues could go as high as 100 contribution points per hour . That was the rate for each hour! He could only make 100 contribution points after cleaning the Spirit Ice Plaza for an entire day .

However, he was clearly different compared to how he was in the past . He had reached rank six in his forging and his success rate in spirit alloy forging had increased . He already had sufficient basic income now .

However, the price of 100 contribution points per hour was too expensive!

"Do you think that it's expensive?"Ye Xinglan immediately saw through Tang Wulin's struggle .

Tang Wulin coughed and replied, "It's mainly because I don't want to spend money unnecessarily!"

Ye Xinglan then said, "Don't worry about it . It's worth the value for the money you pay . Give it a try!"

Tang Wulin nodded . "Alright then . I'll give it a try later . If the results are good, I'll suck it up and stop mentioning how expensive it is . "

He had a batch of spirit alloys that he had yet to sell in his hands . Now that school had reopened, it was time for him to trade spirit alloys that were less than 80% harmony rate for resources .

With Yue Zhengyu providing him with rare alloys, he would not have any problems with forging materials . The only thing that he needed now was to make money to the purchase spirit items to break through the fifth seal in the future . It was best if he spent his remaining money on cultivation resources .

'Let's give it a try tonight!'Tang Wulin made up his mind .

'For now, let's have breakfast! I'm hungry . '

Since the new semester had begun, the canteen was naturally reopened as well . It was the thing that Tang Wulin anticipated the most .

The opening ceremony remained simple, just as it always has been . There were only several hundred students in the six classes of the six grades . After Elder Cai gave a simple speech that only consisted of a few sentences, she announced and praised Tang Wulin as well as five of his companions for defeating the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy . The opening ceremony officially ended there . Later, the class teachers brought the students back to the classes respectively for their training . Those were the only tasks they were assigned to on the first day of the new semester .

"Have you heard? Luo Guixing's gang challenged the class president and his companions again . It's happening this afternoon . I heard from a teacher yesterday that Luo Guixing rented a venue . "

"Really? They're challenging them again!? Aren't they satisfied?"

"Of course they're not! All of them are ranked on the Genius Youths Ranking . Meanwhile, none of the members of the class president's team are on the Genius Youths Ranking . It'd be ridiculous if they're happy with their loss . But maybe that's a good thing . Let's go and watch them this afternoon . I've no idea how powerful they are now . "

"It's impossible for us to catch up . Speaking of which, I've always thought that Luo Guixing, Wu Siduo, and their companions would definitely win but who would've thought? Our class president's team is so powerful! To be completely honest with you, I don't think their team has any powerful members but they won the battle anyway . Even second grade class one lost to them as well . I have a feeling that Luo Guixing's gang won't have that much of a chance at winning . "

"Yeah . I think so too but let's wait and see . With Guo Guixing's character, he wouldn't initiate a challenge without having a certain amount of confidence . Let's go watch this afternoon . "

The class training was led by Shen Yi, and the first thing she had to do was arrange the new academic year's missions . The second semester was also the second academic year, and the mission given to the students this time was rather simple . They were assigned to try their hand at making a one-word battle armor .

One of the most crucial and mandatory prerequisites to gain entrance to Shrek Academy's inner courts was to become a one-word battle armor master before the age of twenty .

Although most of the students were only fourteen to fifteen at the moment, attempting to make one was no simple task . Moreover, after Tang Wulin was witnessed sporting a complete spirit alloy one-word battle armor, there were many students in class one who had secretly been trying to make their very own one-word battle armor .

However, it was not an easy feat . The alloy required to create a one-word battle armor could be purchased but the actual process of making and designing it was extremely difficult . Completing it without a member that had a sufficient level in blacksmithing only made it harder .

After an entire academic year of learning, the students in first grade class one experienced a major increase in their overall power since they stayed back after passing their first semester's final exam .

The students in this year were now known as the most powerful new student class ever since they defeated second grade class one . Apart from Tang Wulin's team, there were more than ten of them leading a team, including Luo Guixing and Wu Siduo's team . The other students were under major pressure because of them, and all they could do was to improve along with everybody so that they would be able to catch up . Such an atmosphere filled the entire first grade class one with the will to fight .

Although they were fully aware that only a limited number of people would eventually enter the inner courts, how would they know they could not do it if they did not even try fighting for it?


"I'll be the judge this afternoon . "Wu Zhangkong told Tang Wulin to come to his office immediately after class .

"You know about our fight, teacher?"Tang Wulin smiled .

Wu Zhangkong replied coldly, "Don't be careless . Luo Guixing's gang has outstanding qualities . They're innately more powerful than you guys . Instead of giving up, they took the experience of experience of their loss as a lesson and because of that, their will to fight is now stronger than ever . Every single one of them ended the first academic year with full marks during the first semester's final exam . "

Tang Wulin nodded . "I understand . We only managed to win previously because they weren't cooperating with one another . They had the upper hand when it came to their cultivation base . After such a long adjustment period, the cooperation they had among one another had to have improved . Their power would've improved as well, but…"

Wu Zhangkong stared at him . "But what?"

Tang Wulin smiled . His smile was dazzling and it lit up his eyes, causing them to sparkle . "We are even more powerful!"

The five simple words he uttered fully revealed the confidence he had within him .

The emotion in Wu Zhangkong eyes went through a slight change . He could not help but think of how he used to be when he looked at the highly spirited Tang Wulin . 'Wasn't I just like that last time?'

"Speak the truth . "Wu Zhangkong said calmly .

"Alright . Teacher Wu, there's a favor I need to ask of you . "Tang Wulin asked Wu Zhangkong .

"What is it?"Wu Zhangkong looked at him in doubt .

Tang Wulin replied, "It's the second academic year this year . I was thinking I'd bring our class to challenge third grade class one during the second half of the year . What do you think?"

Wu Zhangkong was stunned . "You want to challenge third grade class one?"

Tang Wulin nodded . "Comparing our differences with our seniors is the biggest drive in our diligent cultivation . We can do it soon, but we're not that confident yet . "

Wu Zhangkong looked at Tang Wulin, puzzled . 'Should I call this kid's idea ambitious? Is he getting his hopes too high? Grade three class one?!'

In Shrek Academy's outer court, it was considered to be an amazing achievement an amazing achievement when the students reached the third grade .

Based on the age of students who took the Shrek Academy's admission test, those who entered at a normal age would be 20 or 21 when they entered third grade . It would take them three years for each grade .

The current students in third grade class one had been studying at the academy for seven years . Some of the outstanding ones among them were qualified to sit for the exam to enter inner courts . That being said, the biggest difference between third grade class one and second grade class one was the probability that they already had one-word battle armor masters among them .

Although Tang Wulin and his companions were rather gifted, how could they challenge one-word battle armor masters? The battle with Yan Feng had proven clearly that the immense increase in one's strength when one reached the level of a one-word battle armor master .

Put simply, it would be hopeless for those who had yet to enter the inner courts by the time they ended the third grade . Students in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades were mostly gifted students who stood a chance to achieve a standard beyond that of a one-word battle armor master before they graduated .

Even if one were to graduate from the outer courts, Shrek Academy's graduates would still be in high demand .

Wu Zhangkong asked, "What gave you the idea to think you're strong enough to challenge the third grade?"

Tang Wulin replied, "Our handwork . I'll be fifteen in the second half of the year . Xinglan is already a four-ringed Soul Master, and we already have the ability to start making one-word battle armor now . If we have sufficient materials, I think we'll be able to get them done in six months or so . Even if we don't manage to complete our one-word battle armor, there'll be a significant upgrade in our individual abilities . The most important part of completing our one-word battle armor is the last part which would be the harmonization . If we had the chance to feel the effect of the one-word battle armor donned by our third-grade seniors', it would help us immensely . Naturally, I'd love to win but cultivation is the most important part . So, teacher, you see…"

"Let's talk about it when the time comes . "Wu Zhangkong gave him a vague answer .

Feeling a little helpless, Tang Wulin replied, "Alright then . "


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