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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 498


Chapter 498

Gu Yue watched quietly as Tang Wulin ate, and wore a faint smile on her face . As soon as Tang Wulin finished a dish, she would fetch him a new dish . He was having a feast at the academy's entrance .

Soon, he finished all of the dishes in the three large boxes of food .

Gu Yue asked after noticing that he looked like he was longing for more, "Are you full?"

Tang Wulin nodded, "It's not bad at all! Although they're not exactly in big portions, they're all made with highly nutritious ingredients! Where did you get them? You must've spent a lot on them . "

Gu Yue smiled lightly, "I made them . I've been learning for a couple of days, the taste seems to be . . . mediocre . . . "

"You made these?"Tang Wulin looked at her with his eyes wide open from shock .

To students of Shrek Academy like them, time was indeed precious . He found it surprising that Gu Yue spared some of her time to learn how to cook after she returned home . Did she learn to cook just to please him?

An oddly warm feeling flowed through his body . Tang Wulin looked deep into her eyes and stood up without so much as a "thank you". He packed the boxes of food for her and put them in the storage soul tool .

"Let's go . "Tang Wulin waved at Gu Yue .

Gu Yue walked right next to him . The sky was already dark, but under the radiant moonlight, the path to Shrek Academy was showered with shadows of trees swaying . The two of them walked in the silence .

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin felt like the feeling that he had for Gu Yue seemed to have changed ever since she came back . He had been cultivating diligently throughout the past month and was showered with the surprise of being reunited with Na'er . However, the longing in his heart grew stronger just before Gu Yue returned . He had never felt such joy and excitement up until that point .

He turned around and looked at Gu Yue . The bright moonlight was shining on her delicate, beautiful face that was nestled between the swaying shadows from trees with varying height . It was simply breathtaking .

She was not that pretty but she had a charisma to her demeanor that was rather difficult to put into words .

"What are you looking at?"Gu Yue sensed his rather passionate stare .

Tang Wulin smiled gently . "I'm looking at you . "

Gu Yue shot a sideways glance at him as she asked, "I'm not that pretty . What's there to look at . "

"Oh no, you're definitely pretty . "Tang Wulin said without thinking twice .

Gu Yue frowned with her head held slightly low . She seemed to be thinking about something and clenched her left fist . However, she eventually let go .

Just like that, the duo strolled back to the working student's dormitory .

"Sister Gu Yue!"Xu Xiaoyan jumped and ran towards Gu Yue to welcome her back to the girl's dormitory .

Tang Wulin shouted while standing outside the dormitory door, "Everybody please come out for a moment! There's something that I'd like to say . "

The dormitory's door opened . Xu Xiaoyan, Ye Xinglan, Gu Yue, and Xie Xie appeared while Xu Lizhi appeared from the other side . What surprised Tang Wulin a little was the fact that Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were present as well .

Yuanen Yehui's attitude had improved quite a bit after receiving the spirit alloy that Tang Wulin forged her . Naturally, the change in her attitude was for Tang Wulin, not Xie Xie .

"I'm sorry, this has nothing to do with you guys . It's about our class . "Tang Wulin said to Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu .

Yue Zhengyu giggled and and said, "Oh don't mind us, we'd like to listen as well! You can think of us as spies looking for information . Tell you what, the students in our class don't like the lot of you . Perhaps . . . there might be another friendly match sometime this year . "

Tang Wulin shrugged and replied, "We welcome anyone who's willing to give us assessment points anytime . "

"Woah, you sure are confident aren't you? Your recent improvements must be major then . "Yue Zhengyu looked at Tang Wulin while faking a smile .

Tang Wulin glared at him and replied, "I supposed you've already achieved four rings now?"

Yue Zhengyu stood up and held his tongue but his face revealed his pride .

Tang Wulin noted, "All of us aren't that far away from achieving four rings . If you're unsatisfied, let's have a match later and I'll show you how powerful we've become . "

Yue Zhengyu stared at Yuanen Yehui who stood beside him and had been silent all this while . As second grade class one's class president, she was the one who was a true representation of her class .

Tang Wulin turned around to face his companions and said, "Luo Guixing dropped by today, he's suggesting a challenge with our team tomorrow afternoon . Be mentally prepared guys . "

"Oh . "Xu Xiaoyan replied nonchalantly like what she just heard meant nothing to her .

The emotion in Xie Xie's eyes immediately showed excitement . "Sure!"What went through his mind was the face of the Immortal Xu Yucheng . He beat the Immortal, Xu Yucheng while being severly injured in the past . What would happen this time?

Ye Xinglan replied calmly, "That's great . Just in time for a practice . "

Tang Wulin asked, "Is your spirit soul fully recovered now?"

"Yes!"Ye Xinglan nodded .

Gu Yue then said, "Let's take the challenge then . If they're not giving up, we'll fight we'll fight them until they do . "

"Hohoho!"Xu Lizhi laughed heartily .

None of them were nervous . They were in a difficult position back when they had encountered their five classmates who were rankers in the Genius Youths Ranking . However, they had immense faith this time . They had faith in their power .

It was certain that Wu Siduo and his companions had achieved significant improvement . However, how were they any different from Tang Wulin and his companions?

It was the perfect opportunity for them to test the fruits of their recent elevation in strength .

When the night fell, Tang Wulin did not return to the dormitory . Instead, he sat down somewhere in the jungle . It was more helpful for him to cultivate among plants for his soul power's elevation .

If his soul power was compared to his companions, he actually had the lowest rank in soul power . Following the breakthrough of the second seal, he was merely at rank-35 soul power . Even Xu Xiaoyan had broken through to rank-37 soul power with the help of the Observatory . Meanwhile, Xu Lizhi and Xie Xie were both at rank-38 soul power, Gu Yue was at rank-39 while Ye Xinglan was at rank-41 .

He was quite far behind his companions . Although he had the help of Golden Dragon King soul ring, his soul power and soul ring were still on the Soul Master level . Tang Wulin had made up his mind that he would reduce his time spent on forging relatively during the new academic year and spend more time on cultivating soul power .

He had been eating massive amounts of nutritious food . Apart from upgrading his body, it aided his soul power rank . Since his spiritual power had broken through the Spirit Sea plateau, it would increase at a stable pace for a long period of time so this was nothing to worry about .

Stabilizing, elevating, and slowly accumulating soul power was what he needed now .

Tang Wulin only woke up from his meditation after cultivating until the sky grew bright .

It was obvious that there were more people cultivating Purple Demon Eyes now . Tang . Tang Wulin, Xu Xiaoyan, Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan were all participating as well .

A purple mist lingered and clearly boosted his spiritual power . There was a warm and comfortable sensation in both his eyes as a faint mist spreading in them . As the mist was slowly absorbed, he felt a gush of warmth around his eyes .

To an ordinary Soul Master, their spiritual power would not usually show a significant increase when it reached the Spirit Sea but in reality, changes happened all the time .

Tang Wulin could feel this significantly during his cultivation . When he cultivated in the past, all he knew was that his spiritual power would increase when he cultivated Purple Demon Eyes . However, he had no idea about the significance of the increase it truly achieved . Now that his perception was more sensitive, he could now begin to better sense the changes in his spiritual power . As a whole, the boost in the increase in his spiritual power was clearly much faster than before .

Gu Yue had broken through Spirit Sea much earlier, and he had no idea which level her spiritual power was on now .

He took a deep breath and quietly completed a cycle of soul power circulation through the Mysterious Heaven Method . He felt refreshed .

It was just like that . He cultivated diligently like this every single day .

"Captain, you don't actually have to cultivate here at night . Although there are many trees here, the life source and origin energy aren't exactly plentiful . A Control-Type Soul Master* like you should rent a special cultivation venue from the academy!"Xu Lizhi was already done with his cultivation when he said this to Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment . "A customized cultivation venue?"

Xu Lizhi replied . "Yes! Didn't you know that we can rent a cultivation venue in the academy with our contribution points? You've been in the academy for a year now!"

Tang Wulin suddenly realized this . How could he not know about this?! This fact should be known to him because there was a teacher who introduced this to the students when he had just entered the academy .


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