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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 497


Chapter 497

"What? Are you still sulking from losing the last round? You want to do it again?"Tang Wulin taunted, barely holding back his laughter .

Luo Guixing spread his arms and replied, "Well, it makes sense for us to test the fruits of our cultivation . You guys are the best opponents to test it out on . Although I think we won't have that much of a chance at winning, it won't hurt to try . We've been cultivating hard with you guys as our goal . "

"When do you want to do it?"Tang Wulin asked .

"School's opening tomorrow . There's an opening ceremony in the morning and then we won't have much in the afternoon . Let's do it tomorrow afternoon then . The loser will pay the fee for the venue . What do you think?"

"Sure . "Tang Wulin responded immediately . What harm could a regular round of practice among schoolmates bring? Apart from that, he had absolute faith in himself and his companions .

Then Luo Guixing reminded, "Don't be careless, class president . We've improved a lot and we've solved the issues we had with our cooperation . We definitely won't make as many mistakes as we did previously . That being said . . . can you guys not use your soul fusion skill? It's too overpowered, and it'll harm you guys as well if you were to use it . "

Tang Wulin laughed out loud . "Guixing! If you can say something like that, it just proves that you don't have enough faith! If that's the case, I don't think there's an opportunity for you guys to even score a win . "It would be rather difficult for Luo Guixing to trick him in this manner with his words, making it impossible for him to fall into such a trap . In reality, Tang Wuling absolutely had no plans to utilize the soul fusion skill . After the reminder from Old Tang, it was best that he did not use the divine Dragon Transformation if he could help it .

"Alright then . See you tomorrow . "Luo Guixing left after saying goodbye . Tang Wulin left along with him and headed to the forging room . He did not bother informing his companions since he had absolute faith in winning this challenge .

It was already evening when Tang Wulin returned from the forging room . What shocked him a little was that he now felt more in tune when forging despite not picking up the forging hammer for more than ten days . This was probably due to the accumulation and upgrade in his blood essence's power as well as his perception which was now more sensitive .

His success rate when fuse forging was now higher than it used to be and its quality was pretty decent . He managed to forge a spirit alloy with a harmony rate that went as high as 89 percent .

Tang Wulin sent the forged metal to Yuanen Yehui directly, and a smile finally appeared on her face when she heard that it was a spirit alloy with a harmony rate of 89 percent .

When he returned to the dormitory, neither Xie Xie nor Gu Yue had returned . Realizing this, Tang Wulin frowned and dialed Gu Yue's number after taking out his soul communicator .

"Wulin?"The soul communicator went through immediately . Tang Wulin had no idea why Gu Yue's voice relaxed him .

"Yeah, it's me . School is reopening tomorrow, why haven't you returned? Where are you?"Tang Wulin asked .

"Hehe . "Gu Yue who was on the other side chuckled and replied, "I'm almost there, I've brought you some good food . I'll be at the academy in a while . "

"I'll meet you at the entrance!"Tang Wulin realized that it was a slip of the tongue and even thought that it was rather weird after uttering those words .

"Sure!"Gu Yue's voice remained calm but the excitement was evident in her voice .

Tang Wulin jumped off his bed and ran out after putting on his shoes .

Watching him left, Xu Lizhi could not help but wear a smile on his chubby face .

Just as Tang Wulin stepped out from the door, he bumped head-on into Xie Xie who had just entered the dormitory .

"Hmm? Captain, you've returned?"Xie Xie looked a little clumsy with a sweaty face . There was dust on his face, and there was even hair stuck on his forehead . He looked a little pale and seemed to be tired .

"What were you up to? Why do you look like this?"Tang Wulin asked in doubt .

Xie Xie's eyes lit up as he replied, "It's a secret!"

"Alright then . "Tang Tang Wulin did not ask further and left the dormitory after waving at him .

Xie Xie then walked to a water pipe and washed his face so that he could get rid of the dust on his face . Then, he used the clear water to rinse his head directly, relishing in the refreshing feeling it gave him .

'It felt so good! It felt good to be abused!'

He was unwilling to recall everything that he had experienced earlier, and never wanted to recall the memories of what he had gone through every other day .

He was unsure if it was caused by his comment on Liang Xiaoyu's hair the other day that caused the abuse he had been suffering . It was to the extent that he felt like he was in a living hell during the past few days . However, he remained excited as he could clearly feel an improvement in his abilities . What surprised him the most was when he found out that his body and martial soul were similar to a treasure trove . Everything eventually revealed themselves from the treasure trove as he discovered them one after the other .

He was not born as weak as he was, and the state he was in was because he had yet to fully comprehend the true meaning of a martial soul and the Agility-Type Soul Masters . That was why he was unable to fully showcase the abilities he possessed .

Under Liang Xiaoyu's guidance, he could clearly feel that he had improved by leaps and bounds .

Moreover, he now knew Liang Xiaoyu's true identity .

During the second day of being an apprentice to Liang Xiaoyu, he was brought to a place with professional training facilities, and that place was one of the Three Halls of the inner Tang Sect, the Speed Hall!

Liang Xiaoyu who gave himself the nickname of being West Mountain's Little Leon Lai was the Tang Sect Speed Hall's branchmaster . The Speed Hall was responsible for collecting news, handling public relations, marketing and several other tasks . It had the widest scope in terms of responsibilities, and the tasks were the most tedious to boot! Members recruited by the Speed Hall were usually Agility-Type Soul Masters .

Without a doubt, Xie Xie was now an associate exclusive to the Speed Hall after being directly accepted under Liang Xiaoyu . Under his personal guidance, Xie Xie had finally set foot into the Agility System's door .

If this had happened in the past, Xie Xie might not be able to undergo such a cruel a cruel method of teaching . However, ever since he was triggered by Yuanen Yehui the other day, he held onto the gush of determination within him . His amazing tolerance for cruelty even shocked Liang Xiaoyu . He gave the training he went through every single day with everything he had in him, and would never once stop until he had exhausted every inch of strength within him .

Xie Xie had a powerful drive in his bones, which was revealed in the battles he had participated in the past . This time, he focused that drive within him into his cultivation . The goal that he set for himself was simple — to surpass Yuanen, beat Yuanen, and marry Yuanen!

Everyone needed a goal, and the motivation to fight toward the goal . Naturally, the more attractive the goal was, the more intense the drive would be .

The condition Xie Xie was in right now made all the pain and exhaustion he was feeling feel like a paper tiger .

Yuanen Yehui stood before the window and looked at Xie Xie who was washing his head through the gap between the window and curtain .

She had no idea why she was looking at him after hearing the conversation between Tang Wulin and Xie Xie .

'What exactly is this guy doing every single day?'The same question replayed in her mind over and over again .

Tang Wulin stopped running once he arrived at the Shrek Academy entrance . He looked around him, but realized Gu Yue had yet to arrive . It has been a month since they had last seen each other . Without knowing why, he seemed to be able to clearly see her figure in his mind .

'What's wrong with me? Why do I care about Gu Yue so much out of nowhere?'

Just as he was thinking to himself, the flashy light of a soul car shone at him from afar . Before long, the soul car stopped at the academy entrance .

A driver got off the car and opened the rear door to allow Gu Yue to get off the car . As her gaze landed at Tang Wulin, she suddenly revealed a sweet smile and waved at Tang Wulin before she walked to the trunk .

Tang Wulin walked towards her immediately and could not help to ask, "Why did you return so late?"

"I had some matters to handle earlier so handle earlier so I only came back after finishing what I was doing . Look, see what I've brought you?"Gu Yue said while bringing out a few boxes from the trunk to pass to Tang Wulin .

The boxes were all wrapped so he could not see what was in them .

"What are these?"

"Open it and find out yourself! They're still hot . "Gu Yue smiled sweetly .

Tang Wulin placed the boxes on top of the car as he opened them . All of a sudden, a rich fragrance swept towards his face the moment the boxes were opened . For a true glutton like him, Tang Wulin's eyes stared blankly at items the box as he wondered, 'How could they be so fragrant?'

There were nine dishes in the three big boxes of food . Each dish was placed on a big plate and there were approximately twenty steamed buns .

"I didn't dare to make too many since the ride was going to be bumpy . They should be nutritious enough . . . Have you had dinner?"Gu Yue opened all the food boxes for him . There was a garden near the side of the academy with a platform outside where they placed the boxes of food .

"I haven't eaten . "Tang Wulin could not get his eyes off the food boxes any longer .

"Then let's eat before heading back . "Gu Yue said with a smile .

"Sure!"Tang Wulin could not hold back any longer . He had been holding his appetite back since the very beginning . He picked up a steamed bun immediately and began to indulge himself in the act of eating with cutleries .

It was truly delicious! With the years of experience he had in eating, Tang Wulin soon realized that these heavenly dishes were made from top quality ingredients . It was nothing less amazing when compared to the ones that he had at his uncle master's place . They were all top quality ingredients full to the brim with nutrients .

"This wild sea cucumber is amazing . It's so big, it's must've been around for at least twenty years . "Tang Wulin named the ingredients as he ate eating . Some of the dishes did not exactly taste that good but they were made with good ingredients . He ate all of them regardless of taste and smiled all the way as he ate .


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