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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 496


Chapter 496

Tang Wulin smiled . "This isn't the same as last time . We've exchanged our soul communicator contact information . If you miss me, just give me a call, and you can still come out to meet me . However, I'm afraid I can't come to Sea God's Island, the rules don't allow it . I'm staying at the working students'dormitories in the outer courts so it's really easy to find . "

"Okay . "Na'er suddenly threw herself into Tang Wulin's embrace and hugged him tightly . "Brother, no matter what kind of difficulty you face in the future, you must endure it for Na'er . You must become stronger . Na'er will be waiting for you on Sea God's Island . "

"Of course . I'll work my way to Sea God's Island with my own efforts!"the youth said enthusiastically .

After Tang Wulin left, Na'er stood unmoved at the same spot . She looked in the direction he left in, and her gaze was somewhat hollow . Deep within the wells of her eyes, there was a faint hint of sorrow .

"What happened? Your brother left?"A gentle voice sounded beside her . Na'er's gaze returned to normal as she nodded lightly .

A gentle and fair hand hugged her shoulders . "Both of you are still young, you have all the time in the world . Silly girl, to think that you would be so reluctant to part with someone . Your teacher is very jealous . "

Na'er looked up and said affectionately, "Mistress, I'm also reluctant to leave you and Master!"

If Tang Wulin was here, he would have certainly recognized the person who stood beside Na'er as the assistant master of Sea God's Pavilion, the one who had the title of the kindest woman on the continent, Holy Spirit Douluo Yali .

Yali gave her a hug . "Mistress likes your reluctance . I don't have a child with your master . We've always treated you as our own child . Don't worry, your brother is excellent . In the future, he's sure to pass the entrance examination . "

"Yes, thank you, Mistress . Mistress, why can't we let him in the inner courts now? I think brother has the potential . "Na'er looked at Yali hopefully .

However, Yali shook her head and said, "Now's not the time . An unpolished jade needs to be refined . He won't get enough of that here . That's why your master and I plan to let you go out for a while . It won't be very helpful for your future improvements if you're only cultivating here . Maybe after another year, you'll have to go out for a while . "

Na'er hugged Yali and spoke in a childish manner, "No, Na'er doesn't want to leave Master and Mistress . "

Shrek Academy, working students'dormitory .

When Tang Wulin returned, Xu Lizhi was already in the room .

"Lizhi,"Tang Wulin said with a smile . "Where have you and Xinglan been? How is it that I never see the two of you around in the academy?"

Xu Lizhi chuckled . "Big Sister Xinglan went somewhere that's suitable for her cultivation . It's the same for my martial soul no matter where I cultivate so I went with her . We just got back as well . Captain, judging by appearance, there seems to be some breakthrough!"

Although Xu Lizhi was a food type Tool Soul Master, his senses were sharp . It was not something he gained from his spiritual power, it was something that he was born with instead .

He clearly saw there was something different with the current Tang Wulin . Not only was he a few centimeters taller, which added points to his looks, his eyes also showed restraint . His aura did not change, but he could feel that Tang Wulin, who seemed to be glowing from within, had become stronger .

Tang Wulin said with a smile, "I'm alright . It's It's just a small breakthrough and isn't really that powerful . I'm working hard in cultivating my soul power lately . "

Xu Lizhi chuckled . "Yeah . Who knew that the pressure would still be this intense even in the outer courts? There are already quite a few soul masters with four rings in the class . We'll have to work hard then . "

Tang Wulin asked, "Are Xiaoyan and Gu Yue back yet? What about Xie Xie?"

Xu Lizhi spread his arms and replied, "Xiaoyan and Gu Yue haven't returned yet . That Xie Xie ran off first thing in the morning, I can't find him anywhere . Yue Zhengyu is already back . He's in the dorms . I think Yuanen has been here all this while . "

"Oh . "Tang Wulin said, "I'll go check on them . "He had to fulfill his promise to Yuanen Yehui .

Yuanen Yehui's dormitory door was closed . Ever since the first time she was seen by Xie Xie, her dormitory had become very mysterious . The curtains were rarely opened even in the morning .

Tang Wulin knocked on the door . "Yuanen, are you in?"

Yuanen Yehui opened the door and stepped out . "You're back?"

Tang Wulin nodded . "I'll be going to forge the spirit alloy for you now . Your requirements haven't changed, right?"

Yuanen Yehui shook her head . "No . The higher the quality, the better . That's it . "

Tang Wulin smiled . "I'll do my best . I've not forged anything for almost 2 weeks now, I'll have to warm myself up first . "

"There's no rush . If you have nothing else to say, I'll be going back to continue my cultivation . "

Tang Wulin asked, "Do you know where Xie Xie went?"

There was a slight change in Yuanen Yehui's eyes as eyes as she answered coldly, "I don't know . You're roommates, why are you asking me where he's at?"

Tang Wulin replied helplessly, "What happened before this is a misunderstanding . I'm really sorry about that, but we're classmates after all . You…"

'Bam!'Yuanen Yehui slammed the door shut .

Tang Wulin touched his nose . That was a truly awkward rebuff .

First, he went to the forging room . It had been twelve days since he had forged something . He really did miss it . When he thought about going to the forging room, he could not help but smile faintly . He still remembered the smug look on Elder Feng's face when he was at his grandteacher's place .

Elder Feng had not been pressing him to cultivate forging lately . Tang Wulin's teachers and seniors gave him the same advice, all of them wanted him to increase his soul power cultivation base as soon as possible . Currently, that was what he was relatively weak at .

He was just headed in the direction of the forging room when he received a call via his soul communicator . It was news that made Tang Wulin exclaim with joy . "That's great, sister Mo Lan is awake . That's very good . "

The call was from Mo Lan's husband . Mo Lan had regained consciousness . Although she was still in a somewhat confused state, she could recognize the people close to her . That was considered to be quite good . Holy Spirit Douluo also heard the news and would be visiting her soon .

By the looks of things, it was possible for Mo Lan to recover .

"Captain, what made you so happy?"The slim and graceful Xu Xiaoyan walked into the dormitory and happened to see a jubilant Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin said with a smile, "A friend of mine recovered from her illness . I'm happy for her . "

Xu Xiaoyan smiled beautifully . "That's . "That's great! I'm going back to tidy up my stuff . "

They had spent a month away from each other, and everybody seemed the same . However, Tang Wulin could see that Xu Xiaoyan was more confident than she was before . Ever since her martial soul ascended on the Spirit Pagoda, her mindset had been gradually changing . Her inferiority complex was slowly disappearing and in its place was pure confidence .

Indeed, the three starry soul skills she had right now was extremely powerful in terms of control . The absolute properties of her skills alone were enough to turn the tides of a battle .

Everyone was improving at an alarming rate, this was Shrek Academy after all! Shrek, a place where one could not even afford to slack off even for a second . This kind of atmosphere could bring out two hundred percent out of everyone .

Tang Wulin walked out of the working students'dormitory . He was barely out the door when he met someone else he knew .

"Hello, class monitor . "The one who was walking toward him was Luo Guixing who had the nickname Shackler . He was one of the top five in the Genius Youths Ranking .

"Guixing, what brings you here? You're planning on becoming a working student as well?"Tang Wulin asked with a smile .

After the group battle, Tang Wulin's reputation in First Grade, Class One continued to rise, especially after they had defeated Second Grade, Class One . There was nobody who could threaten his position as the class monitor currently . His relationship with Luo Guixing, Wu Siduo, and the others had also improved . At the end of the day, they were still classmates after all . They might be competitive, but they still studied under the same roof .

"I'm here to deliver an invitation . The new semester is just around the corner, right? We've been cultivating for a year now, what do you say to a friendly match with our classmates? This'll be a training for everyone as well,"Luo Guixing said with a grin .


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