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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 495


Chapter 495

Na'er vaulted off the ground with the Silver Dragon Spear . However, she was still affected by the airwaves even after she did that . Her body was shrouded in a silver light as she flipped and dove toward Tang Wulin's skull .

Tang Wulin had told her long ago that the only position where one could evade Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was above him .

"Did it hurt?"Na'er asked Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin shook his head . The Silver Dragon Spear had only stabbed him for a moment when the scales on his body flickered . At that moment, he only felt that he had ample blood essence, and he unleashed Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth almost by reflex . As for pain, there was not even an ounce of it, and there was no damage to the Golden Dragon scales on his arm either .

"Then that's right . I think I know what your soul skill's ability is,"Na'er said with a smile .

Tang Wulin asked inquisitively, "What is it?"

Na'er said, "Part of it allows you to become invincible for a second or so . You must've heard of these kinds of soul skills before . Once you use it, you can endure attacks that are three times stronger than your defensive limit for a short period of time . That's why it's called invincible . Although it's not absolute invincibility, it'll tremendously increase your defensive ability . As for the other part, it allows you to absorb your opponent's attacks and convert it into your own power before unleashing a powerful counterattack . When I hit you earlier, I felt a portion of my soul power and blood essence being drawn away by you . "

"It can do that?"Tang Wulin had studied in Shrek Academy for quite some time now but this was the first time he had heard of such a soul skill .

Na'er smiled . "There are all kinds of soul skills . Besides, this isn't an ordinary soul skill to begin with . The possibilities of what it can be are endless . If you can utilize this soul skill properly, it'll turn out to be a great power during actual combat . "

Tang Wulin's heart stirred . He thought about it carefully, and it was as she said . This skill would tremendously increase his defensive abilities in an instant while increasing his combat prowess at the same time . If he used it right, it would not only be a great power but would be a godly skill as well!

"Na'er, try hitting me with more force this time . Let's see what this defensive power can do,"Tang Wulin said .

Na'er nodded . "Alright . You better be careful . "

Tang Wulin nodded . His blood essence had broken through the fourth seal, it should not be a problem for him to use the second golden soul ring's soul skill four or five times .

Na'er drew a deep breath . Silver light flashed brightly in her eyes and immediately, her entire aura changed .

In Tang Wulin's eyes, it was as if Na'er had disappeared . Amidst the endless silver light, Na'er fused with the Silver Dragon Spear in her grasp . A three-foot-long beam of light shot out from the blade of the spear, and the spear's blade shone with a terrifying gleam .

Such power! Tang Wulin had great eyesight so he could see the terrifying power the spear contained with just a glance .

Na'er shouted, and a sweet sound was heard . The Silver Dragon Spear in her grasp was pointed at the sky at an angle, and the four soul rings on her body rippled like water . The spear was aimed at Tang Wulin and in a split second, a gust of sharp air shot toward him . With Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Body's defensive capabilities, the scales on his body stood up . The soul power within his body swirled swiftly without him even realizing it .

"Begin!"Na'er nodded toward Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin took a deep breath . The second golden soul ring shone, and his scales lit up once again .

A brilliant silver light with a crystal-clear flame in its wake shot toward him instantly . At that moment, Tang Wulin could not even see how Na'er had made her move .

'Ding…'A crisp ring and two dragon roars sounded at the same time . One roar was loud and excited while the other was clear and resonant . Even Tang Wulin could not determine which dragon's roar came from his own body .

His body shook, and an immense wave of energy surged into his body in an instant . Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens appeared again . The giant golden dragon's head was clearer than before, it was as though there really was a giant dragon breaking out of Tang Wulin's body .

The dragon's head was in high spirits as golden light glimmered around it . The space around it was torn apart in an instant . If Tang Wulin had not desperately tried to control it, the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens would be headed toward Na'er .

The spear glimmered, and it was as powerful as a dragon . The Silver Dragon Spear seemed to turn gentle at that very moment as it coiled around Na'er's body like a silver dragon . The silver light pulsed as it dispersed the shockwaves from Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens .

Tang Wulin had never experienced Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens being expressed so fully and delightfully in all its glory . The slightly awkward parts of the skills that Zhuo Shi had passed to him were suddenly linked together . Soul power surged and his blood essence raged . He was clearly on a higher level now .

The Golden Dragon's dragon head maintained its form for a full three seconds before it slowly faded away . The scales on Tang Wulin's body and the powerful blood essence power faded along with it .

The blood essence within his body could no longer endure such an immense consumption in power, and it stopped working .

Exhaustion quickly followed . However, that feeling of fullness and delight earlier still made Tang Wulin feel happy .

"Brother, when you used that move earlier, I wouldn't have been able to break your defense even if I went all out . Did you feel anything else?"Na'er put the Silver Dragon Spear away and went toward Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin nodded . "This time it felt clearer . The stronger your attack is, the more energy I absorb, which in turn makes my attack stronger . However, at the same time, the stronger your attack is, and the more powerful my counterattack becomes, the more energy I'll have to expand . Which means that, if you want to break my defense, you must make it so that the energy I receive exceeds the limit of what my blood essence can take . Only then will it be possible . That way, I'll be greatly injured with a direct a direct hit . However, what I felt must be what you've described . This is the effect of an invincible soul skill . . . The attack would probably have to be at least two to three times greater than my defensive abilities for it to break my skill . "

Na'er smiled and nodded . "Congratulations brother, you've obtained a godly skill . "

Tang Wulin smiled . "I should be the one thanking you . If it wasn't for you, who knows when I'll be able to figure this soul skill out . Let's try again tomorrow after my blood essence recovers . I'll have to continuously try this soul skill out to master it . "

Na'er replied, "I don't think I can break your defenses . If that counterattack earlier was directed toward me, even I would have a hard time escaping from it unscathed . That counterattack was like a combination of your own power and mine . Brother, do you have a name for this skill?"

Tang Wulin shook his head .

Na'er said with a faint smile, "Then how about I give you a hand?"

Tang Wulin smiled . "That'll be great! What will you call it?"

Na'er paused to think for a while and said, "Why don't we call it Supreme Golden Dragon Armor? Doesn't it sound cool?"

Tang Wulin laughed, "Alright, Supreme Golden Dragon Armor it is . "

The Golden Dragon King's bloodline's first soul skill, Golden Dragon Body, and the second soul skill, Supreme Golden Dragon Armor!

Although the long-range attack that Tang Wulin had hoped for did not appear, he was still happy that he figured out the effect of this soul skill . If he could use Supreme Golden Dragon Armor correctly, it would certainly be something that could turn the tides in a battle . The effects would be even more prominent especially if he was up against an opponent who was much stronger than himself .

Supreme Golden Dragon Armor was also exceedingly helpful in Tang Wulin's cultivation of the Scarlet Dragon's Nine Moves . When he activated Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth with his suddenly spike in blood essence power, it enabled him to better understand the essence of these two soul skills with his heightened powers .

Zhuo Shi quickly discovered that this discovered that this disciple of his was especially gifted! When it was about time for the term to resume, he had almost fully mastered Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth along with becoming proficient at utilizing Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens . He definitely fit the description as a prodigy .

"Wulin, you'll have to work hard to increase your soul power next . Naturally, these battle techniques will increase your battle powers, but soul power is the foundation of a Soul Master . There are many in your class who have already attained a four ring cultivation base, you must also improve yourself to four rings as soon as possible . If your soul power is raised another level, the things you'd be capable of would also increase,"Zhuo Shi exhorted Tang Wulin before he left the Sea God's Island .

Tang Wulin felt a chill in his heart . His teachers and seniors seemed to be always reminding him to cultivate his soul power . It looked like he would have to put everything else aside when the term resumed to make more time to cultivate his soul power . Even if he could not reach rank 40 during the second semester, he had to achieve that rank by the third semester .

One semester was only a year long . When the fourth semester came, they would start year two .

Before he left, Tang Wulin found Na'er .

Soft green grass covered the ground like a carpet, and the air on Sea God's Island was always intoxicatingly fresh . If Tang Wulin had a choice, he truly did not wish to leave this place . Origin energy was exceedingly dense here . If he could train here all the time, his cultivation base was bound to improve at a much faster pace .

However, he had to leave eventually . He still did not have the qualifications to enter the inner courts . Moreover, even if he entered the inner courts, not everyone had the qualification to enter Sea God's Island .

There was no other way apart from working hard to ensure that he could truly stay here in the future .

"Na'er, I'm going back to the outer courts . You must work hard cultivating in the inner courts, okay?"Tang Wulin caressed Na'er's head .

Na'er's eyes were slightly reddened . "Brother, I don't want you to leave . What should I do?"


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