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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 493


Chapter 493

"Bullying? Fine, the four of you can each try taking a blow from me . If even one of you can take it, I'll let all of you go . "

Na'er, who had been standing next to Tang Wulin suddenly spoke up at this moment, "Brother, allow me . "

She did not wait for Tang Wulin to respond before a strong and terrifying aura suddenly spread out from her body . Na'er's pale silver eyes suddenly lit up . The brilliant silver glow seemed to have taken on substance .

The burly youth felt an extremely sharp wind came at him instantly . He wanted to release his martial soul but at this moment, a lance was already pointed at him .

The sharpness and the cold merged as it rested on his throat . The burly youth felt as though his blood had frozen over at this moment, and the martial soul that he had wanted to release had been completely frozen as well . He could not even utilize his soul power and had no way of completing the fusion with his martial soul, let alone fight .

It was too fast . From the moment Na'er's eyes changed to the point when she attacked, the entire process seemed to have taken place within a-tenth of a second . Nobody among the people present, Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui included, could clearly see how she attacked .

One, two, three, four . Three purple and one black . Four soul rings swirled around Na'er . The silver lance in her hand was more than four meters long and the lance itself was slim, with densely packed silver scales on it . The scales were in the shape of hexagons, and they were exquisite and symmetrical .

There was only one tip on the lance, which took up about a third of its length . It was conical with a total of twelve indentations . One could already imagine how blood would flow out through the indentations when pierced a person's body .

It was exactly this lance that was currently held in Na'er's hand . The tip rested on the burly youth's throat, and it seemed to be only millimeters away from touching his skin .

Goosebumps instantly erupted across the burly youth's neck, and a strong fear of death instantly filled his body . He shuddered and was suddenly filled with a strong urge to urinate . His strong image a few moments ago had now turned into one of terror . He did not dare to make any reckless moves . The other delinquent who followed him were as silent as cicadas in late autumn .

It was precisely because they were Soul Masters themselves and had the knowledge of Soul Masters that when they saw the soul rings on Na'er's body, they were even more terrified .

Three purple and one black, what was the situation here? How old was she? She looked to be thirteen or fourteen at most . If she had such powerful soul rings at such a young age, what does this mean?

The words 'Inner Disciple'seemed to hang high over Na'er's head . To Shrek Academy, every Inner Disciple was an existence that was bound to shock the entire continent!

Even if it was an Inner Disciple, it was rare to have such an achievement at such a young age .

Na'er did not even look at the burly youth . She only turned and smiled at Tang Wulin . "Brother, let's go . I want to talk to you more when we get back . Let's not waste our time on these people . "

How could Tang Wulin not feel shocked? When he had just started training all those years ago, Na'er's martial soul had not even awakened yet . However, Na'er's cultivation base now had surpassed his . She was already a Soul Ancestor with four soul rings . Her soul rings were also mind-blowingly powerful . Tang Wulin did not think his fourth soul ring could merge with a ten thousand years black soul ring . Naturally, this was what he had hoped for as well .

Na'er's martial soul . . . Was it the lance in her grip? Was it the Agility System? Such power .


When that lance attacked, Tang Wulin felt his blood essence surged within him as if it was about to break out of his body .

A silver light flashed, and the lance vanished into thin air . Na'er casually strode outside as Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui, and Xie Xie followed her .

Xie Xie's mouth had been wide-open since the beginning . Yuanen Yehui, on the other hand, looked at Na'er with gleaming eyes .

The laymen paid attention to the fanfare whereas the professionals paid attention to the abilities . Even she could not clearly see how Na'er stabbed her lance . She put a hand on her chest and asked herself if she could have blocked it? It was too fast .

Na'er acted like nothing had taken place as she hugged Tang Wulin's entire arm . She smiled sweetly and beautifully as she talked about the wonderful taste of the food they ate earlier . As Tang Wulin looked at her joyful expressions, he felt a warmth within him . However, within that warmth, the silver glow still flashed occasionally .

After they left, Feng Ling, Little Lei, and the others slowly regained their senses . Their expressions were ghastly pale but they said nothing . They left, crestfallen .

When a gap reached a certain threshold, it was no longer a difference but a natural moat!

Tang Wulin's group returned to the Academy . Tang Wulin said to Yuanen and Xie Xie, "You guys head back to the dorms, I'll be cultivating in Sea God's Island these few days . I'll be back before the term starts . Yuanen, I'll accomplish what I promised you before the term starts . "

"Okay . "

Yuanen turned and left . She ran towards the working students'dormitory . Xie Xie glanced at Tang Wulin before he glanced at Na'er . He wanted to say something, but eventually, he bit his tongue . He waved at Tang Wulin and ran after Yuanen Yehui .

Tang Wulin and Na'er turned toward the inner courts . Na'er hopped and skipped in front, and she looked very happy .

Tang Wulin could not help but smile when he saw that she was this happy . He finally found his sister . 'Father, mother, wait for me . I'll find both of you as well, and we'll have a family reunion . '

"Yuanen, wait for me!"Xie Xie swiftly caught up to Yuanen Yehui who was in front with his Agility System Soul Master's leg strength .

Yuanen Yehui ignored him . She kept walking toward the working students'dormitory .

"Yuanen, let me ask you something!"Xie Xie kept up with her pace and suddenly asked with a lowered voice .

"What're you being so secretive about?"Yuanen threw him a sideway glance . Two days had passed, and her anger had also died down somewhat . After all, Xie Xie did not do it on purpose that day and his proposal the other day had also stirred up a change in her heart .

Ever since she was a child, he was the first male to ever confess and propose to her . Even if she was completely uninterested in the guy, any girl would be left with a deep impression after such an occasion . There was nobody who did not want to be liked by someone . That was why she was not as angry any longer although she kept telling herself to ignore him .

Xie Xie always busied himself with cleaning . He would even wake up in the morning and place a basin of water in front of her door . Although she spoke harshly toward him, he still took delight in the task .

"Don't you think that Wulin and that sister of his are too intimate? They're not biological siblings! Also, his sister is such a beauty,"Xie Xie said .

"What do you mean?"Yuanen looked at him skeptically .

Xie Xie replied, "Oh nothing, I'm just a bit worried . His sister's ability is much stronger than we imagined . She's a beauty, and she's obviously reluctant to part with him . Any guy would be attracted to this . Oh, I'm not saying that it's me! There's only you in only you in my heart . "

"Go away . "Yuanen Yehui suddenly picked up her pace .

"Hey, don't go! Let me finish . "Xie Xie caught up with her again . "The problem now is, what about Gu Yue? Everyone has discerning eyes, anyone can tell that Gu Yue fancies Wulin! We've been together for so long now . . . If Wulin ends up with his sister in the future, what will happen to Gu Yue?"

Yuanen Yehui was stupefied . She looked at Xie Xie . "Why are you butting in on somebody else's business? Only the people involved can decide on something like their feelings . "

Xie Xie said melancholically, "But we're friends! It would suck if we end up unable to be friends . Besides, Gu Yue really treats Wulin differently . I'm sure even you can tell . "

Yuanen Yehui said drily, "What if I can? What if I can't? How old are you? Your mind is only filled with these thoughts, no wonder you're so weak . "

Xie Xie was agitated . "What do you mean I'm weak? Are you saying that I'm not good enough for you?"

Yuanen Yehui said drily, "It's enough for you to know it yourself, you don't have to spell it out . "

"You…"Xie Xie exclaimed with fury, "If the day comes when I can beat you, you'll have to marry me, how's that?"

Yuanen Yehui glanced at him and said nothing . She leaped quickly and proceeded to head toward the dormitory .

Xie Xie flung his arm forcefully . He was suddenly filled with vigor . 'At least, she didn't reject me! That means if the day ever comes when I can defeat her, I'll have a chance . '

'Defeating her… might be slightly difficult . She has a twin martial soul, and they're both top-tier ones . This twin martial soul thing is unfair! I have a twin martial soul as well! Work hard, I must work hard . I must defeat her . '


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