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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 490


Chapter 490

The path was narrow and both of them were walking directly at each other's directions . Tang Wulin had seen her so it was natural that she had also seen Tang Wulin .

As they made eye contact, both of them were shocked .

Tang Wulin was very far away on the shore earlier . Moreover, he did not use the Purple Demon Eyes so he did not see very clearly at that time . At this exact moment, they were within reach of each other when they faced each other . When Tang Wulin saw the maiden's facial appearance, he blurted out, "Na'er?"

The silver-haired maiden was stunned as she stared at Tang Wulin . Initially, she was bewildered, but a layer of moisture slowly gradually rose in her eyes .

"Oh!"she suddenly shouted . Tang Wulin had yet to react to the situation when she had already dived straight into his arms .

'Na'er, it's Na'er! It's Na'er!'

Tang Wulin's heart was quivering . It did not occur to him that he would find someone he lost by chance after traveling far and wide in search of her . The maiden who was so familiar to him, and also so exquisite, was actually Na'er .

Na'er was only six years old when she left in those days . Na'er was still a girl back then while the current Na'er should have already exceeded twelve years of age . The changes in a growing girl from six years old to twelve years old were huge . This resulted in Tang Wulin's failure to recognize her the first time he saw her .

However, they still spent a few years living together when they were young after all . Tang Wulin was all too familiar with Na'er's appearance and her scent .

He called out to her in an attempt to confirm his suspicion, his attempt was surprisingly a success . It was truly Na'er!

Na'er held Tang Wulin tightly . Her slender body was trembling slightly from the excitement .

"Bro-brother, is it really you? Is it really you?"Na'er was hopping and jumping about in excitement .

Tang Wulin's level of excitement was no less than hers! He was living from place to place alone on the outside all these years . He was tough and brave, but in the depth of his heart, the deepest agony that haunted him was his family .

Na'er and his parents left . He became a solitary man, and he became an orphan .

At this moment, he finally met Na'er again . His sister was back . What else could make him even happier than this?

Na'er had truly grown up . Her figure was slim and slender . She was no longer the chubby and pretty little girl . Her height had already exceeded one point six meters . She was a twelve-year-old maiden that looked as if she was thirteen or fourteen years old .

Most importantly, she still remembered him, her own brother!

The two people's excitement only gradually calmed down after a long while .

Na'er glanced at Tang Wulin with a face filled with surprise . "Brother, why are you here?"

Tang Wulin answered, "I'm an outer court student of Shrek Academy! How about you? I learned from Teacher Wu that you're the Sea God Pavilion Master's disciple? I thought your martial soul did not awake in the beginning?"

Na'er wiped away the tears in her eyes . "Brother, tell me about yourself first . How did you get through all these years?"

Tang Wulin's eyes reddened immediately upon listening to her question . Life truly was not easy for him over these years!

He immediately told her all about his encounters after Na'er left . Na'er also frowned when she learned that his parents had left without any reason .

The sky was already dark when Tang Wulin was done telling his story .

"How about you, Na'er?"Tang Wulin asked, deeply concerned .

At the same time, the soul communicator on his body suddenly rang . Tang Wulin picked up the communicator and saw that it was Wu Zhangkong calling .

"Teacher Wu . "Tang Wulin hastily picked up the communicator .

"Come back quickly,"Wu Zhangkong spoke with an icy cold voice .

"Yes,"Tang Wulin responded . He truly wished that he could chat with Na'er for the entire night! However, this was the Sea God's Island . It was the holiest place in Shrek Shrek Academy .

"Na'er, I have to leave now . My grandteacher is His Majesty Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi . I'm going to set a time for us to meet tomorrow . Do you think it's alright for me listen to your story then?"

"Yes,"Na'er answered cutely as she nodded .

Tang Wulin opened his arms and held his sister again . He set a time and place for tomorrow's meeting with Na'er before he left in a rush .

Na'er stood at the same spot and gazed affectionately after her brother's departing figure . She watched as Tang Wulin's shadow gradually disappeared, and she could not help but pout as she muttered to herself, "Brother!"

Tang Wulin returned to Zhuo Shi's small building . Wu Zhangkong did not speak to him about anything in particular . He only gave him permission to rest earlier .

For so many years, Tang Wulin never lost sleep ever since he began cultivating . However, sleep seemed to be eluding him tonight . He could not even enter the meditative state .

He did not dream that he would meet Na'er in Shrek Academy, and even less so, on the Sea God's Island . To his surprise, Na'er had already become the Sea God Pavilion Master's official heir . She should be the first among the Shrek Academy's students .

Na'er was capable of becoming a soul master too . Tang Wulin was truly happy for her from the bottom of his heart . However, he did not understand how Na'er, whose martial soul did not even awaken back then, would suddenly become so powerful .

Na'er's emergence ignited his yearning for his parents . 'Father, mother, I've found Na'er, but where are the both of you?'

The next morning, Tang Wulin continued to cultivate Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens under Zhuo Shi's guidance . He finally regained some spirit after a long night of pondering . However, he was still very concerned about his meeting with Na'er in the afternoon .

By the time Tang Wulin arrived at the place they met yesterday, Na'er was already there waiting for him .

Tang Wulin stared into Na'er's silver eyes and could not help asking, "Na'er, the color of your eyes are different from the past! How did it become this?"

Na'er smiled . "It has been like this ever since ever since my martial soul awakened . Brother, I'm very sorry for leaving without bidding you farewell at that time . It was my family member who found me, and they took me away . "

Tang Wulin felt a jolt in his heart . "You found your family members?"

Na'er nodded . "They found me and brought me back to the family . They also held a ceremony . Shortly after, my martial soul had awakened . "

Tang Wulin asked, "What happened after that?"

Na'er answered, "My family sent me here when I was eight . I formally acknowledged teacher as my teacher and began cultivating . I've been staying here ever since then . My encounter is far less interesting than yours though . I truly miss you!"

Tang Wulin could sense that there was something else that Na'er was subconsciously hiding from him . However, he chose not to inquire too much . There was no need for him to ask for too much . Since Na'er was brought away by her family, anything else that happened was certainly related to her family members .

"It's great that you found your family . I miss you very much too . "

Na'er stepped forward and held Tang Wulin's hand on her own accord . She pressed his palm against her delicate and soft cheek as she softly asked, "Brother, when are you going to buy me something good to eat?"

It was only a simple sentence yet Tang Wulin's heart melted instantly . "Brother is going to bring you to buy some now . Is that alright?"

"Yup!"Na'er chuckled .

Tang Wulin pulled Na'er's hand along as they headed straight to the lake . He requested for Wu Zhangkong's permission to leave in the afternoon, he had told him that he had some matters to deal with .

They boarded the boat . There was a paddle on the boat . Tang Wulin made sure Na'er was sitting well before he paddled the boat . The small boat glided across the surface of the lake and headed straight for the shore .

Na'er sat in the boat . She used her hands to support her cheeks as she stared at Tang Wulin with a sweet and beautiful smile on her face .

Tang Wulin glanced back at her . A smile was etched on his face too his face too . He felt warm and fuzzy in his heart when he looked at his sister . It finally felt like he was home again . Tang Wulin would always regard Na'er as his family even if she had already found her family members .

They went ashore . Tang Wulin brought Na'er along as they left the inner court .

Tang Wulin had been studying in Shrek Academy for one semester . He was slightly familiar with Shrek City so he guided Na'er as they headed straight to his favorite snack street .

Meanwhile, in the outer court of Shrek Academy . Outside of the working student's dormitory .

"Speed, your absolute speed is still too slow . Moreover, you must pay attention to your method when you're using your strength . You must fuse the speed into your strength . Your hands and body must be one as you strike . This is what we call 'one with the sword'. Only by doing so will you be able to flood the speed into your attack . "

"Every time you attack, if you want an instant kill, you'll need to fuse all of your attacking ability into the attack . Your force, speed, strength, martial soul, soul skill, chance, accumulation, and everything else are essential to this one strike . "

Xie Xie felt a rush impulsiveness as he listened to Liang Xiaoyu's narration . He felt like he was on the cusp of enlightenment . Liang Xiaoyu's narration had completely opened up a brand new door for him .

Shrek Academy was very particular about allowing its students to explore on their own . The teachers led the students into the sect, but the cultivation process depended on the individual's effort . Students could ask questions when they needed to, but they still needed to spend some contribution points for profound questions . No one had ever given him a detailed explanation like Liang Xiaoyu did!

Xie Xie understood his problem very well . His attack was genuinely inadequate . If his attacking ability did not improve, he would never be able to make a difference in the battleground no matter how fast he was .

He had never before wielded the full formidable force of Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon Dagger .

Liang Xiaoyu continuously demonstrated to Xie Xie as he explained so that Xie Xie could experience the secret knowledge that he was teaching him on a deeper level .


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