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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 488


Chapter 488

The only problem that he faced was the speed of advancement of his soul power was considerably slow due to the influence of Bluesilver Grass . This could possibly become a restrictive condition for him in the future . He would still need to observe for another few years as he was still young . If his soul power cultivation did not show obvious advancement by the age of eighteen, he would need to use some other method .

As for the issue of Tang Wulin entering the inner court, they were not worried at all in reality . The fact that Tang Wulin was the youngest rank 5 blacksmith in the history of the entire continent was enough to grant him entry into the inner courts . It was definitely not a difficult matter for him to acquire a set of one-word battle armor with such a powerful forging ability . He was even capable of completing fuse forging now!

Tang Wulin inhaled deeply, and the sound of a dragon's roar appeared from his body immediately . His meridians flowed as he circled his soul power rapidly with the Golden Dragon Shocks The Heaven technique .

The blood essence in his body surged forward . Golden striations rapidly appeared on Tang Wulin's entire body . His right arm swelling as golden scales covered his skin . The golden dragon's claws appeared while the golden dragon's scales spread all the way to his neck and shielded his entire neck .

Wu Zhangkong cared for Tang Wulin deeply . He could not be more familiar with the transformation in Tang Wulin's body when he used the blood essence power . He could not help but be surprised when he saw the scales appearing on Tang Wulin's neck . Could it be that Tang Wulin's meridians had taken another step?

Meanwhile, two golden soul rings ascended from the bottom of Tang Wulin's feet . His body became slightly taller in the process . The force that was as steady as a mountain gathered rapidly . The sound of blood essence flowing within Tang Wulin's body could even be clearly heard by Wu Zhangkong and the others .

Tang Wulin's eyes soon turned golden accompanied by the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens blood essence reversal . The air swirling around his body also grew stronger and more powerful, causing the Scarlet Dragon Douluo's eyes to brighten immediately . His appraisal of Tang Wulin was already very high . However, he only realized that this young lad was even more powerful than his estimation when he unleashed his blood essence power .

'Two golden soul rings? There was only one earlier, right? The metamorphosis in his meridians is really thorough! There's even a continuity to what used to have . '

A golden light flickered in Tang Wulin's eyes . His height was boosted in just a moment when the first golden soul ring appeared . Then, his body suddenly became bulky as the golden striations on his body turned into golden scales . Although his scales were not as thick and heavy as actual golden scales, it was still a layer of fine scales . Everything else aside from his face was covered by the scales .

It was his Golden Dragon Body .

The blood essence power grew firmer and more vigorous under the amplification of his Golden Dragon Body .

Soon after, the second golden soul ring on Tang Wulin's body brightened . He wanted to seize this opportunity to test out what power came with this second blood essence soul ring .

"Clang!"The crisp sound of metals echoed from Tang Wulin's body . Soon after, the golden scales on his entire body brightened at once and unexpectedly turned into a bright gold . Every single one of the scales was akin to a small mirror that was shimmering with dazzling brilliance .

What was this?

Zhuo Shi, Wu Zhangkong, and Shen Yi were stunned . What sort of ability was this? How did Tang Wulin's scales suddenly become brighter?

Let alone them, even Tang Wulin himself had yet to understand what skill came along with his second blood essence soul ring .

It was certainly not a long-ranged ability . The blood essence power in his body did not undergo any changes when he used it . His power was not enhanced . On the contrary, a large portion was consumed instead, and it resulted in the weakening of the original Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens .

What made Tang Wulin even more speechless was that those shimmering golden scales only shimmered for about two seconds before they returned to their original state . No other changes appeared afterward .


Was this the second soul skill that came with the blood essence soul ring? Could it be that this was an enchanting skill? Just like how the male peacock fanned out its feathers to attract the female peacock . Was this just a dazzling display?

The momentary shimmer was rather nice, but what was its purpose?

Tang Wulin felt devastated . He felt like crying at this moment but he could not shed a single tear . His long-anticipated second soul ring had finally appeared . He could still accept it if it was not a long-ranged attack ability . However, it had unexpectedly turned out to be such a useless ability . He felt like if he could endure this, then there was nothing he could not endure .

However, he could not stop his Dragon Shocks The Heavens when grandteacher was still examining his ability . Fortunately, the blood essence's power within his body had increased significantly after he broke through the fourth seal .

The sound of a dragon's roar echoed, and a golden dragon's head emerged before his body following the motion of his palms pushing outward . The dragon's head appeared clearer than before . One could even see the expressions on the dragon's head .

Zhuo Shi furrowed his brows slightly, and his body also trembled once following that . 'Good lord, this young lad's blood essence surprisingly affected my martial soul . 'He could clearly sense that his Scarlet Dragon martial soul was feeling fearful .

Tang Wulin raised his right hand . A veil of fiery red light was blocking his body, and his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens shot at the veil .

Golden light tinged with a crimson shade scattered everywhere immediately . The deep rumbling sound and the violent blood essence fluctuation filled the air in the small courtyard .

Tang Wulin felt like his reversed blood essence was like the great Yangtze river that surged like a great flood . His blood essence was similar to three layers of waves that grew stronger after its predecessor as it shook that light veil so violently that it created rippling halos .

The golden color lasted for a few seconds before it gradually faded away as the arousing sound from the dragon's roar gradually subsided .

The light veil was finally removed, and the Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi nodded satisfactorily . "Not bad . Your Golden Dragon Shocks the Heaven is already at thirty percent of the standard level . Keep up the good work . I'll guide you in your Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens . "

The blood essence reversal that completed Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was just the first step of this move . Zhuo Shi created the Scarlet the Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves, and every move wielded the usage of blood essence to perfection .

Although he did not say it outwardly, he was growing increasingly pleased with Tang Wulin . The power of this young lad's blood essence was much stronger than when he was at his age . The quality of Tang Wulin's meridians was also stronger than his own Scarlet Dragon martial soul . He was indeed the most suitable candidate to inherit his legacy .

He sought high and low for decades in search for a disciple to inherit his legacy but he had failed . He truly did not expect he would have such a granddisciple .

He began to teach Tang Wulin Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens immediately .

Tang Wulin learned in all seriousness . However, the puzzlement in his heart still haunted him . What was that second golden soul ring's ability? It was truly such a waste as it only shimmered for a moment .

'I must ask Old Tang later . '

Zhuo Shi demonstrated to Tang Wulin for an hour before he allowed him to cultivate by himself .

The Origin Energy on the Sea God's Island was extremely abundant . Additionally, there was a huge quantity of aged plants . This was the most suitable place for Tang Wulin to cultivate since he was a Plant System Soul Master .

He was summoning Old Tang in his heart as he cultivated .

Tang Wulin was even more puzzled . Old Tang did not respond . It seemed like he had fallen asleep again .

"Could Old Tang be on strike?"Tang Wulin felt slightly helpless .

'It's fine . If he's on strike, then so be it . I'll slowly figure it out in the future . '

He attempted to activate the second soul ring's skill a few more times . However, there was truly no other changes aside from his scales shimmering for two seconds . Neither his attack nor his strength and blood essence became stronger either . Moreover, its consumption was one fold higher than the Golden Dragon Body .

Not only was this skill ineffective in increasing his power when he attacked, it also consumed a huge amount of his blood essence power . This was a case of loss outweighing the gain . gain .

He was truly speechless!

Tang Wulin was troubled . Fortunately, he had Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens for him to practice . He now had a much deeper understanding of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens under Zhuo Shi's guidance .

He cultivated continuously until darkness fell and before long, it was finally dinnertime .

Just as Tang Wulin had expected, his grandteacher had provided a meal for him .

The food on the table was very sumptuous . Even the black steamed buns that Tang Wulin once ate before was there . He had never learned how to be courteous when it came to having meals . After that, Zhou Shi witnessed his granddisciple sweeping the table clean .

He had already prepared a lot of food for Shen Yi . However, when it came to Tang Wulin, the amount of food he ate was not something an ordinary person could compare to . His appetite was still increasing along with the increase of his power . A lot of his energy was consumed after he spent an entire afternoon practicing with his blood essence power today, and his truly terrifying appetite could be seen the moment he started eating .

"Wulin, judging by the way you eat, do you think the money you earn from forging metal in the future is enough for you to spend on food?"Shen Yi could not help but scoff at the dinner table .

Tang Wulin sniggered . "Teacher Shen, you still don't know this . Elder Feng will prepare food for me as long as I stay in the academy! This is one of the conditions that he made me agree to before becoming his disciple back then . "

Zhuo Shi raised his brow . "That stingy Feng Wuyu can be so magnanimous?"

Tang Wulin could feel that his grandteacher liked him very much so he did not restrict himself anymore . "Yes! Your granddisciple is so outstanding . Grandteacher, I learned forging from uncle-master for a period of time when I was at Heaven Dou City . Uncle-master said that I can directly be promoted to a rank six blacksmith after I've cultivated four rings . "

Zhuo Shi's gaze shifted . "Become a six rank blacksmith with only four rings? In that case, is it alright for you to consume the treasures beneath the heavens and earth so that you can cultivate to four rings?"


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