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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 486


Chapter 486

"I can't believe this,"Xie Xie cried out and unleashed his third soul skill with a swing of his body . He divided himself into an additional clone . The two Xie Xies stood in tandem and turned into a four-handed person as he grabbed at the middle-aged man .

The middle-aged man smiled as he stared at him . His body started swaying ever so slightly, and his movements were small . However, every time Xie Xie attempted to grab the broom, his hand would pierce through the afterimage left behind by the middle-aged man, and it did not touch the broom at all .

The shadows of human figures overlapped all at once at the side of the Spirit Ice Plaza . The two of them began a contest of inequity .

Xie Xie exhausted all his power to increase his speed to the ultimate level . His control over his body and the clone was perfect in every aspect as they moved in rhythm . On the other hand, the broom seemed to have come alive . No matter how good Xie Xie's judgment and attempts were, he could not grab the broom even after he increased his speed .

Xie Xie was already aware that the opponent before him was no ordinary person at this moment . However, he still refused to admit defeat . 'How will I know there's no other way if I don't try until the last moment?'

"It's time!"

A pop was heard, and the broom knocked Xie Xie's true body and the clone's head . Xie Xie was in pain, and he had to stop moving .

He was obviously panting in fatigue . He was truly exhausted after sparing no effort earlier .

The middle-aged man was not in a rush to collect his share of the bet . Instead, he posed a question . "Who tossed you out earlier?"

The expression on Xie Xie's face stiffened, and he refused to utter a word . Frankly, he was feeling slightly defiant in his heart . There were a few occasions earlier when the broom was within his grasp .

The middle-aged man spoke to Xie Xie smilingly, "Regardless of the reason you were tossed out, it's certain that your skills are below my expectation . Your speed is . . . passable for a person your age . However, there are still some flaws in your skills . You're also not fast enough . Your methods are pretty good, but your speed when you're making a move is not enough . You being slow when making a move means that the possibility of you scoring a hit on your enemy is low, and it also means that your attacking ability is not strong enough . Do you know that as an Agility System soul master, your ability to attack is actually more important than speed?"

Xie Xie answered defiantly, "Agility, agility, agility before attack . How can it be that the attack is more important?"

The middle-aged man said, "This is because the attack is the foundation for everything! Your speed may be fast enough to fight the opponent, but what's the point if you're incapable of eliminating the opponent? There are mechas and battle armor now, which of those do not possess shocking defense power? Without adequate attack, you're only nimble since your offense is weak . Lift up your dagger . "

Xie Xie was still holding the Light Dragon Dagger from when he unleashed his martial soul earlier . He was focused on snatching the broom earlier so he did not use the dagger .

Xie Xie raised the Light Dragon Dagger subconsciously . The middle-aged man suddenly moved at this exact moment .

Xie Xie felt his vision blurring as the Light Dragon Dagger in his hand moved gently once . In the next moment, he felt a piercing pain from his shoulder .

He subconsciously lowered his head to take a look, and his mouth widened in surprise .

It was a strand of hair . A hair that was pulled taut . The hair had pierced through his Light Dragon Dagger and into his shoulder .

'How, how's this possible? It's only a strand of hair!'

However, the truth was right in front of his eyes . The hair that was pulled taut, softened . Xie Xie felt his Light Dragon Dagger move once, and the hair was destroyed by his soul power .

The piercing pain in his shoulder remained . He truly felt that everything that had happened was unbelievable .

"Your ability to attack is related to speed and strength . When you've achieved a certain level of speed, and become capable of condensing your strength to a single point, that's when your ability to attack can advance to a brand-new level . Young lad, you still have a long way to go . "

The defiance in Xie Xie's eyes disappeared and in its place was enthusiasm .

"Can, can you please teach me?"

The middle-aged man shrugged . "First, pay your loss for the bet . Then, I'll consider it . "

"Very well . "Xie Xie took out his academy contribution card without the slightest hesitation and transferred one hundred contribution points to the middle-aged man .

"Since you've returned to the academy in advance, wait for me here tomorrow morning . "

"Alright . My name is Xie Xie . I still don't know how I should address you . "Xie Xie said .

The middle-aged man laughed . "My name is Liang Xiaoyu, you can just call me Brother Liang . I have a nickname . I'm known as West Mountain's Little Leon Lai . My family lives on the west side of a huge mountain . There was an exceptionally handsome man from my place in the early years . He went to the city afterward and forged a new generation of celebrity singers . Everyone in the village told me I look like him so I've been using this nickname all this time . "

The corner of Xie Xie's lips twitched . "Brother Liang, I'm going to be frank with you . Your appearance seems to differ a little from the definition of handsome . "

Liang Xiaoyu spoke casually, "Well, doesn't it differ just a little?"

Xie Xie darted a look at Liang Xiaoyu's slightly balding head . "That aside, don't use your hair to poke at others next time, Brother Liang . I can see that you're not that well off either!"

Liang Xiaoyu said, "… serves you right to be tossed out by someone!"

Tang Wulin decided to have his meal at the noodle place Xu Lizhi once brought him to . He enjoyed having noodles a lot, especially the meat noodles .

Tang Wulin feasted on a dozen bowls of noodles . His entire body felt satisfied and relaxed . He could not help laughing when he thought of Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui . The both of them were truly brought together by fate .

He could not be bothered with them anymore . They needed to solve their issues on their own .

Although Xie Xie could be unfortunate at times, he was still capable of solving problems well . There were only two of them left in the dormitory section at the moment so they should be able to resolve the dispute more easily .

Tang Wulin took out his soul communicator and dialed Wu Zhangkong's number .

"You're back?"Wu Zhangkong's cold voice could calm a person in just a split second even if he if he was communicating through the soul communicator .

"Yes, teacher . I'm back . When do you think it's alright for me to come and visit you at the inner court?"Tang Wulin asked .

Almost half the time had already passed since the holidays started .

Wu Zhangkong answered, "You can come over later . Enter the inner court directly . I'll help you notify them . "

"Okay . "

Tang Wulin dared not procrastinate . He rushed straight to Shrek Academy's inner court directly after he paid the bill and left the noodle place .

He was feeling rather eager to test his strength out . His meridians had advanced once again . Moreover, he had even gained the second blood essence soul ring . He had yet to try out the soul skill that came with this new ability .

He was filled with excitement and anticipation at this point . It would be great if it was a long-ranged attack .

The ambiance in front of the inner court's door was peaceful and quiet . A winding path led to a secluded and quiet place when seen from the outside . It looked as though anyone could easily enter the inner court .

However, Tang Wulin understood clearly that anyone who thought that way was completely mistaken . This place was a holy land to the people on its side, but it was akin to a dragon's pond and a tiger's cave for its enemies .

'I wonder how is Sister Mo Lan doing? Is she awake? The Holy Spirit Douluo's treatment is truly powerful!'

'It would be nice if I can achieve that level at some point in time . 'He could still remember clearly the day he witnessed the scene of six black soul rings and three red soul rings on the Holy Spirit Douluo's body . It was truly a sight to behold . His three tiny purple soul rings were indeed nothing compared to the Holy Spirit Douluo!

The air turned fresher the moment he stepped into the inner court . The fresh air caressed his face, and it made him feel unusually comfortable .

He loved it here . The moist air must have come from the Sea God Lake .

Tang Wulin walked along the stretch of road leading inside . He circled past the front of the statues that represented the Shrek Academy's ancestors and walked to the Sea God Lake .

The Sea God Lake sparkled in the sunlight . The lake water was so clear that one could almost see the bottom of the lake . Some aquatic plants floated on the lake's surface in the far distance . The lake was rippling and brimming with the signs of life .

Tang Wulin had only just fished out his soul communicator to call Wu Zhangkong when he caught the sight of a small boat that was breaking waves to come to him from the Sea God's Island in the Sea God Lake .

The boat did not move very fast . Wu Zhangkong was dressed in a suit of white clothes as he stood on the bow of the boat . His hands were clasped behind his back . Wu Zhangkong moved with the calm serenity of a god under the blowing cool breeze on the surface of the lake .

'Teacher Wu is so handsome! That white attire is very dapper as well . '

Tang Wulin could not help but secretly gasp in admiration . He wanted to purchase a set of white clothes for himself in the future since the academy's green uniform was indeed offensive .

The boat approached by slicing an arc through the water in a very natural manner and stopped horizontally before Tang Wulin .

"Get into the boat . "Wu Zhangkong was a person who refused to make small talk if it was possible .

The soul power fluctuations came after Tang Wulin boarded the boat, and it glided in the direction of the Sea God's Island on its own accord .

"I heard about the incident on the soul train . Did you bump into the evil soul master?"Wu Zhangkong asked .

"Yes,"Tang Wulin responded .

Wu Zhangkong replied, "The evil soul master's ability is extremely evil . His ability is entirely different from ordinary soul masters . Be sure to be extra cautious if you meet him again in the future . It's also possible that you've already been targeted by this evil soul master's organization that stays hidden in the dark . Don't leave the academy rashly . Remember to inform me in advance before you leave again in the future . "

Tang Wulin nodded . "Teacher Wu, I'll certainly work harder so that I'll become more powerful . I won't have to be afraid of the evil soul master at that time . "He was boiling with anger in his heart the moment his teacher mentioned the evil soul masters . Those scoundrels who completely disregarded the value of life truly deserved to be killed!


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