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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 484


Chapter 484

A hint of astonishment flashed past Yuanen Yehui's eyes as she looked at Tang Wulin . 'This guy's power seemed to have grown even stronger . 'Although she had weakened her attack earlier, he had resisted her attack a little too easily .

Tang Wulin said, "Yuanen, stop fighting first . We should straighten the story out before we discuss any further . What did Xie Xie do to offend you this time?"

Yuanen Yehui retorted fiercely, "It's all because of you . "

She picked up her clean clothes from the side as she turned around and ran away .

Tang Wulin turned around . As the golden scales faded away soundlessly, he stared at Xie Xie curiously . "What happened? Everything was fine . Why did Yuanen suddenly throw such a huge fit?"

Xie Xie gave a forced laugh before he replied, "I saw something I shouldn't have seen . "He quickly explained the situation that had taken place earlier .

Tang Wulin's expression became strange the more he listened to Xie Xie's story . It seemed that the situation was truly related to himself . Yuanen was only taking a bath in the courtyard because she was guarding him with good intentions while he cultivated . As a result, she was seen by Xie Xie who had coincidentally returned earlier than expected, so…

It was truly difficult for one judge who was right and wrong in this situation . This was different from the prior incident . Yuanen was in her room when Xie Xie previously peeped into her room . The situation this time was a little confusing because it truly was a coincidence . It would not be fair for Xie Xie if one was to blame everything on him .

Yuanen Yehui who was now changed into proper attire returned . She was still livid .

She wished that she could tear Xie Xie into a million pieces as she stared at him . This is the second time now . Her pure and chaste body was seen by this guy twice already . How could this happen? How could this happen!!!

'Bastard, I have a mind to kill him now . '

Xie Xie's expression appeared a little peculiar . He stood still and did not utter a single word .

Tang Wulin could only act as a mediator for them . "Yuanen, I'm truly sorry . This happened because of me . You were trying to guard me while I cultivated, only then did…"

He paused for a moment out of slight awkwardness before he continued to speak, "However, Xie Xie did not do this intentionally . He had returned early, and was initially planning to give us a surprise . I think he only saw what he saw earlier for a split second before you discovered him . Xie Xie, come quickly! Apologize to Yuanen . "

No matter how he worded it, Xie Xie was still in an unfavorable position .

Xie Xie lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, this is my fault . I shouldn't have returned without informing all of you . However, it's true that I only took a glance . "

He was exclaiming in his heart . Although it was only one glance, the image was very vivid! The exquisite image of Yuanen Yehui stretching and flaunting her charming body under the sunlight had been seared deeply into his mind . There was no disrespect, only admiration . She was truly beautiful, and she seemed to be rather beautiful even after she transformed into the Titan Giant Ape .

Yuanen Yehui's breath quickened as she extended two fingers . "Twice! This is the second time! He's an Agility System's Soul Master, who knows how long it has been since he arrived? How can I trust that he only took one glance? I won't tolerate this even if he had only taken one glance!"

Xie Xie lowered his head and held his tongue while Tang Wulin hastily explained on his behalf, "Yuanen, I'm truly sorry . This situation happened because of me . How about this, I'll forge another spirit metal free of charge for you . I can guarantee that the harmony rate exceeds eighty-five percent . What do you think about that?"

"No!"Yuanen Yehui shouted in rage, "Do you think my chastity is only worth a piece of spirit metal?!"

Tang Wulin replied helplessly, "Why don't you tell me how we should resolve this then? We're all not adults yet, and what Xie Xie did was truly unintentional . This situation is truly a coincidence . Why don't you propose a solution? We'll make it up to you . "

Yuanen Yehui said angrily, "You're a man who fancies other men . How can you ever understand the agony of women being peeped on by the opposite se*? I…"

Tang Wulin's expression changed drastically just as she was about to say something in anger again again . He lifted his hand and stopped her from speaking . "Hold on, hold on, please . What did you just say?"Tang Wulin's face was filled with bewilderment as he looked at Yuanen Yehui .

She was stunned for a moment . The muscles on her face twitched as she turned her head to the side before speaking coldly, "I'm sorry . I shouldn't have involved your se*ual orientation in this, my bad . However…"

"Hold on!"Tang Wulin stopped her once again . "What do you mean? Since when have I taken a fancy to other men? Why do you say it like it's a fact?"

Yuanen Yehui was momentarily stunned . She raised her hand and pointed at Xie Xie . "He was the one who told me that! He said that you and Yue Zhengyu…"

Tang Wulin turned around . His expression was hostile as he glared at Xie Xie .

Xie Xie looked up in astonishment before he looked at Yuanen Yehui with pleading eye . "Huh? Didn't I explain that matter to you? Tha-that's actually a misunderstanding . "

Then, Tang Wulin recalled . His fists slowly tightened before he turned around and spoke to Yuanen Yehui . "So all this time you've been under the impression that I fancied other men?"

Yuanen Yehui realized that something was wrong as well as she shifted her eyes to Xie Xie . "Since when did you explain anything to me? What did you explain to me!?"

The corner of Xie Xie's lips twitched . "Listen to me! That was a misunderstanding, I…"He immediately explained the misunderstanding regarding Tang Wulin and Yue Zhengyu in few simple words .

Tang Wulin's fists tightened even more . He cocked his head to the side as he looked at Xie Xie and said, "Very well! Not only did you cook up a story, but you even spread it around! Why don't you tell the entire academy about this matter then? Yuanen Yehui, I understand the feeling of your chastity being disrespected now . What do you think, should I strike first, or you?"

"Please don't! Big brother, I'm wrong . I truly forgot this time, I forgot to explain to Yuanen Yehui!"Xie Xie hastily begged for forgiveness . He did not have the intention to run away . There was absolutely no way he could outrun both Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui even if he ran outside!

Tang Wulin laughed . He laughed joyously before he raised his hand and grabbed Xie Xie . He pulled He pulled him all the way to the front to face Yuanen Yehui .

"This pitiful person certainly has detestable characteristics . I won't bother about him anymore . Do whatever you want to do with him . "As he said that, he released his grasp on Xie Xie . Then, he turned around and returned to his room .

Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie stood gazing at one another . Yuanen Yehui's suddenly raised her right hand, it was fisted tightly .

Xie Xie closed his eyes . He did not attempt to dodge as he knitted his brows together . He was prepared, as he braced himself for her rage . Whose fault was it that he saw something he should not have seen?

However, he waited for a long time yet he did not feel any pain at all .

He only heard the sound of a soft plop . When he opened his eyes again he saw a figure running back in the direction of the dormitory along with a crystal clear teardrop that was flying in the air .

The figure flashed past . Xie Xie stretched his hand out and caught the teardrop, feeling a twinge of guilt that flooded his heart without reason .

'This matter happened for no reason at all . I wouldn't have returned so soon if I knew that this would happen . '

He returned to the dormitory dejectedly and found Tang Wulin sitting solemnly the moment he entered the room .

"Big brother, I, uh…"

Tang Wulin glared at him discourteously . In the end, he said helplessly, "Forget it, you're a poor and unfortunate child . You're already unlucky enough . She didn't beat you up?"

Xie Xie shook his head and forced a laugh . "Actually, I'd rather she beat me up . She cried . "

Tang Wulin saw Xie Xie's dejected look, and his gaze suddenly shifted . "I see that you've taken a fancy to her, right?"

"What?"Xie Xie looked up at Tang Wulin . He nodded wearily after a long time . "How could she possibly fall in love with me now that this happened!"

Tang Wulin said, "I don't understand love, but I understand that hard work results in opportunity while resignation results in zero gain in every matter . Think about this yourself about this yourself . I'm leaving to have my meal now . "

He was excruciatingly hungry now . He heard the commotion outside after he had completed the process of absorbing the energy in the seal . He tested his punch against Yuanen Yehui once and sensed that his strength had obviously become stronger . He felt that his entire being seemed to have become whole . The blood essence in his body flowing and surging wildly . It felt condensed and viscous like mercury .

Although he used up such fine spirit items to break through the fourth layer of the seal, the effect and enhancement on his body were truly powerful .

'I'm so hungry!'The Golden Dragon King's essence did not satiate his hunger . On the contrary, his hunger grew stronger . Moreover, Tang Wulin could sense that his meridians had expanded after absorbing the essence . He would need to replenish his meridians with more nutrients .

His soul power was growing more and more condensed, and the liquid-like soul power appeared to be rather small as it rested in his diaphragm . It truly onl occupied very little space . He still needed to work harder to deal with this issue . He might not necessarily be able to achieve the four soul-ring Soul Ancestor rank by the age of fifteen based on the rate he was currently cultivating at . He was truly a little too slow . He would never achieve the six soul rings blacksmith rank, and could only do everything step by step in a gradual and cumulative process .

Xie Xie sat on his bed absentmindedly for a while after he watched Tang Wulin go .

The only image that flashed in his mind was that of Yuanen Yehui . Every frown and every smile of hers had since been seared deeply into the depth of his heart .

Xie Xie stood up and walked outside the dormitory . In a glance, he saw the basin on the ground and the dirty clothes Yuanen Yehui had removed earlier .

He picked the clothes up and placed it into the basin . He filled the basin with clean water before he soaked the clothes . Then, he started cleaning up the courtyard .

When he was done cleaning the courtyard, he washed Yuanen Yehui's clothes and hung them . He placed the basin back where Yuanen Yehui used to store it . He came to a realization suddenly . He was suddenly aware of how well he knew her .


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