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The Legend Of The Dragon King - Chapter 483


Chapter 483

He witnessed Yuanen Yehui stretching her body at the exact moment he had arrived . Although it was only for a split second, it was at that moment that he felt a gush of blood rushing to his brain . His disappointing nose just had to bleed that one drop of blood before he could quietly retreat .

All of this resulted in Yuanen Yehui's storm-like attacks .

Xie Xie groaned and complained in his heart . He understood Yuanen Yehui's temperament very well . The event earlier had to take place just when they had reconciled their relationship . Moreover, he truly felt like he was treated unjustly!

'Who would have thought Yuanen Yehui would take a bath in the courtyard? Why was she not bathing in her room? She must be doing this intentionally . '

Could Yuanen Yehui stop attacking for a moment and discuss this reasonably with him? The answer was certainly negative .

Punches upon punches of Air Cannons exploded mercilessly in the air . The powerful energy fluctuation erupted ceaselessly . Xie Xie had to make full use of his Tang Sect's ultimate skill, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to survive in the gap between the Air Cannons .

He had been diligently cultivating in the past semester and had attained the essence of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track . Yuanen Yehui could not do anything to him temporarily when he was dodging her attacks with full force .

"Stop moving!"Yuanen Yehui growled in anger .

"I won't! I don't wish to die here!"Xie Xie quickened his pace as he screamed in agony .

He was actually capable of dashing out of the student campus'dormitory . However, there would certainly be some teachers around even if it was a school holiday . If the teachers were to discover them fighting in the academy, how would they be punished? Moreover, it would be too embarrassing if news of Yuanen Yehui being peeped on while she was taking a bath were to spread . Xie Xie still needed to think on behalf of Yuanen Yehui even if he was looking out for himself!

That was why even though he was arduously dodging, he chose not to dash outside . Instead, he gritted his teeth and endured her attacks .

"Do you really think you can outrun me?"Yuanen Yehui whistled . She clapped her hand once in front of her chest as the fourth Soul Ring on her body lit up brightly . It was the Devil Titan skill!

Her body expanded once again . She punched her fists in the air successively . A ball of powerful Air Cannon shot into the middle of the small courtyard in the dormitory zone . Soon after, the second ball of Air Cannon overtook it from behind in lightning speed . The two balls of Air Cannons collided in the air and generated a low roar .

"Roar…"The powerful airstreams dispersed in all directions . Xie Xie who was running at full speed was thrown by the impact of that powerful energy .

'She's already so powerful now!'Xie Xie thought when he was thrown into the air . He was astounded by the fact that Yuanen Yehui was obviously more powerful than she was during the competition . He had not fought with Yuanen Yehui for a while now .

The gigantic body of Yuanen Yehui's Devil Titan shot into the sky like a cannonball . It took only the time for one to catch one's breath before she managed to overtake Xie Xie who had been thrown off by the shockwaves .

Xie Xie saw the gigantic shadow before he was overwhelmed by the powerful force .

However, Xie Xie was already feeling much calmer after the chase earlier . The third Soul Ring on his body flashed as he activated his Light Dragon Clone .

His body swayed slightly in the air as he transformed into two shadows in a blink of an eye . Following that, the two shadows pushed their palms together forcibly at the same time time . The two Xie Xie's had already somersaulted away to two sides and flew out abruptly at the moment Yuanen Yehui pounced towards them .

"Huh?"Yuanen Yehui was under the impression that her one strike was inescapable . She did not expect Xie Xie to have a way to escape her surprise . Reacting quickly to the situation, she separated her fists as two balls of air from her Air Cannons shot out simultaneously and chased after the two Xie Xies at once .

One of the two Xie Xies pushed the tip of his toes against the rooftop once and ascended high in the air . The other ran away with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and rolled directly on the ground . Both reacted differently to the attacks .

Xie Xie was capable of controlling the two clones separately with his mind . He had truly made painstaking efforts in cultivating this skill . This time he could finally display its miraculous effect .

Although Yuanen Yehui's Air Cannon was powerful, it was not a well-rounded and comprehensive attack after all . Moreover, she was rather scrupulous when she was attacking since this was the student dormitory . She had no way to unleash her full power . At this moment, she had truly failed to capture Xie Xie since his two clones ran away in two different directions .

"Stop running if you're a man!"Yuanen Yehui shouted in rage .

"I'd be a fool if I don't run away!"Xie Xie said, slightly defiant . He was also getting furious from the chase because Yuanen Yehui was truly merciless! He would certainly shed a layer of skin if he was struck by that Air Cannon earlier . 'If I'm caught by her, do you think she'll treat me kindly?'

"I'll allow you to run then!"Yuanen Yehui's figure suddenly shrank drastically . A pair of black wings unfurled from her back as she released her second martial soul, the Fallen Angel .

Her Fallen Angel only had three soul rings at the moment . However, her speed increased unexpectedly due to her change in martial soul . Her Her right hand conjured a Devil Sword out of thin air . It circled once in the air, and a huge wave of dark energy suddenly scattered in all directions .

It was the Curtain of Darkness!

Yuanen Yehui's Curtain of Darkness was certainly aggressive . She could exert strong control over a person if the person was enshrouded in her Curtain of Darkness .

Yuanen Yehui had been cultivating painstakingly after she lost to Tang Wulin's group . Her two martial souls were all at the peak of existence . Her power was vastly enhanced just by exploiting her martial soul's ability .

The Curtain of Darkness at this moment was launched by a special attribute of her Fallen Angel martial soul . More than a third of the soul power that she forcibly unleashed at that split second formed the Curtain of Darkness . Capable of slowing down and corroding her opponent, that gave her large-scale crowd control abilities .

Yuanen Yehui's long-distance striking power and close quarter combat abilities were both extremely powerful, and the only shortcoming was that she was not agile enough . This would become a problem when she was facing an opponent with extraordinary speed like Xie Xie . That was the reason she used the Fallen Angel's Curtain of Darkness skill . She was attempting to exert control over her opponent within a short period of time . Although she was exhausted, she could exploit the Titan Giant Ape's power to severely injure the opponent for certain if it gave her an opening to approach her opponent .

It was unfortunate that Xie Xie became the first test subject for her Fallen Angel's Curtain of Darkness .

Xie Xie's two clones felt their bodies stiffened immediately as though they were sinking into a deep mire . In order to resist the dark, corrosive energy, he quickly unleashed his light attribute although it would greatly reduce his speed . The Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was severely restricted by this other attribute .

Following that, he could see that Yuanen Yehui's body had expanded, swelling once again . The Titan Giant Ape reappeared just as one of his clones vanished his clones vanished like soap bubbles in a blink of an eye from a blast by the Titan Giant Ape .

Yuanen Yehui understood Xie Xie's clones very well . Her current attack was completely merciless because she knew that his true body would not be severely injured as long as one of his clones existed . Following that, she suddenly pounced and arrived in front of Xie Xie's true body before the Curtain of Darkness ended, throwing a heavy punch at Xie Xie .

Xie Xie could sense that the strength in Yuanen Yehui punch seemed to have weakened significantly for some unknown reason . She did not use her Air Cannon either .

'Is she showing mercy?'

Xie Xie had nowhere to hide and had no plans to use his soul skill to forcibly resist her . His forced a smile on his face as he shut his eyes and used his arms to shield his body .

"Bang!"The explosion rolled and churned, causing Xie Xie to stagger a few steps back . He was surprised to discover that no pain came with the explosion .

When he opened his eyes again, he saw a dazzling golden ball, and there was an additional person standing before him . When seen from behind, the person's shoulders, back, and right arm were covered in golden scales . Every crestline on each diamond-shaped scale protruded slightly, and the scales looked like it had some sort of texture .

His back appeared broad and tall, exuding a sense of sturdiness . One of his hands were blocking Yuanen Yehui's fist .

"Big brother, save me!"Xie Xie screamed out in agony .

Tang Wulin said helplessly, "You're such an unfortunate child . Did you get yourself in trouble with Yuanen again?"

'Did I?'

The person who appeared at the most crucial moment and blocked Yuanen Yehui's punch was none other than Tang Wulin .


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