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The Latest Game Is Too Amazing - Chapter 16.2


Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16 part 2 - Thus the Magician becomes a hero

======= The Royal Palace's office =======

Wilfred looked over the report. (TL: King Wilfred, if you can't remember)

It was the results of the investigation that he ordered his vassals to do during the previous meeting.

There were some notes about the Elder Torrent, but the investigation was still ongoing.

Based on the results of the investigation of the forest thus far, the Elder Treant's roots were deep, far, and wide, which matched the report that Rafael gave. It was impossible to imagine how long they had been growing.

These roots were connected to wilted vegetation, which was most likely controlled by the Elder Treant. Dead plants could be found in the various cities and villages, and they were withered at the same time without any symptoms.

One after another, the investigations supported Rafael's report.

If the subjugation was delayed, it might be possible for the kingdom to be destroyed.

Wilfred shivered at the thought of the worst outcome.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to call the people who participated in the subjugation as heroes. But he felt complicated feelings in his chest, as he could only think that only one person should be called a hero.

The mysterious young wizard - Chaos.

Wilfred had heard of that name even before he received Wilfred's report, and it was Izrael from the Royal Magic Research Insititute who told him.

Originally a researcher would not be able to meet the king under ordinary circumstances, but they shared the same teacher when they were young and were close friends. It was an event where a revolutionary medicine was produced that Wilfred learned the name Chaos.

According to Izrael, Chaos was the one who provided the knowledge of the raw materials to make an Elixir. Not only that, he even provided the materials required, as well as where to get them, to make the highest class Health and Mana potions.

Izrael who had nothing but research on his mind, said passionately that Chaos's knowledge was one that the kingdom had never seen before and he should be recruited without question.

Wilfred himself wondered why Chaos taught the usage of these materials and had endless questions, but he thought that he could address him at a later time from Meldor and summon him to the royal palace.

However, he was not called in the days after, and yet there was another event about him.

Thieves who were trafficking people were caught. It was illegal in the kingdom because slavery was abolished. Normally they would have been caught and handled appropriately, but their hideout was a problem.

The bandits used the sewers as their base.

It might seem like a convenient place for the criminals to hide. But these sewers were specially locked because there were monsters in them which could easily overrun the area. The key was managed by the royal palace, and the Adventurer Guild which frequently eliminated the monsters would borrow it at fixed intervals.

Therefore it should not be easy to enter or exit the sewers. Nevertheless, the bandits discovered the door's lock when they investigated the area.

In the bandits' testimony, there was a person who brought out and duplicated the key from the royal palace. There were also a considerable number of aristocrats who were part of their customers, and government affairs were delayed because they had been exposed.

The bandits also mentioned about the details as to why they were caught. They had mistaken an adventurer who had black eyes and hair as a ghost, and they were caught because of him.

That was truly an unusual event and Wilfred had a lasting impression.

Then there was the case of the recent subjugation of the Elder Treant.

He did not think that the name Chaos would appear here. Thus he called Izrael to the royal palace to confirm if he was the same person and based on the description, it was indeed the very same person.

―― The Elixir, sewers, Elder Treant.

In all these events, the youth with black hair was involved in all of them.

Perhaps due to these events that were linked together, there was an illusion where he was trying to stand out in this kingdom. However, the Elixir was actually first taught in Meldor's item store, and the information was only passed to the Royal Magic Research Insititute later by chance.

The guild staff accepted the youth's participation in the sewer's cleanup and brought him there by mistake.

Therefore these events could not be linked together.

Yet this line of thinking did not explain things.

If he did not join the army that was created to subjugate the Elder Treant, why did he enter the forest alone?

The adventurers knew how dangerous the place could be when orcs inhabited that area. Wilfred was unable to accept the fact that the boy did not know about it, went deep into the forest by chance and encountered the Elder Treant.

It was more natural to think that he went to the forest in order to defeat the Elder Treant.

Wilfred pondered on it again.

It was very likely that the Elixir would not be created in time and used in the suppression of the orcs and Elder Treant.

The materials might not be gotten at all, and it was a question whether the Royal Magic Research Insititute would even possess the recipe to make the potion correctly.

As far as it was concerned, the Elixir incident had nothing to do with the subjugation event.

It was also true for the underground sewers. Monsters were definitely not involved in human trafficking. It felt like it was a series of coincidences and only seemed to be connected.


He visited the sewers by chance. Then he went to subjugate the Elder Treant. Could it possible that there was something in the underground sewers?

Underground...... Could it be!

The extent of the roots reaching in the kingdom was still not known. Could it be that the roots had reached the underground sewers? The youth noticed that fact and went ahead to defeat the Elder Treant.

If he knew how to create the Elixir potion, then it would not be strange that he knew about the matters of the Elder Treant.

Why did he not report such a serious crisis to the kingdom?

It was simple.

A youth whose identity was unknown bringing in the information of an unknown monster that had not been verified would not be accepted. And this situation was threatening the kingdom and he probably had to immediately act on it, or the kingdom would be destroyed.

In other words the youth was going to confront the Evil God's subordinate and his followers all by himself.

Was this not the action of a hero?

Wilfred felt something rise in his chest.

Chaos disappeared as soon as he finished his task. Perhaps he felt the invasion of the Evil God was far bigger than he thought and went off to a new battlefield? It might be possible that he gave the knowledge of the Elixir away in order to prepare for the Evil God's invasion.

It was all a supposition. But Wilfred could not completely deny this.

There was a high possibility of the Evil God existing, and it was necessary to reorganize an army as soon as possible. There was also the need to develop the potions urgently. Furthermore, it was necessary to warn other kingdoms that monsters in the name of the Evil God were going to invade them, and that they needed to be vigilant.

If everything was true, then the Evil God would reveal its appearance, possibly in the near future.

Perhaps that hero will appear again....

A short period after this, the hero Chaos disappeared from the kingdom. It was two months later when his name reappeared and shook the world.

The accomplishments of the Hero Chaos

- Defeated the Evil God's subordinate, an Elder Treant, and saved the Castaal kingdom.

- Advanced the development of potion making in the Castaal kingdom (the production method was later relayed to the various kingdoms)

Character Data Delete....... finished.

The closed beta test phase end.


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