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The King Of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 2


Chapter 2 - The Good Quality Furnace

Space torn, galaxy reversal.

In here are Yan Jing City's the most famous and outstanding 'Gluttonous House'. All kind of sensual pleasures were displayed vividly and thoroughly.

In the golden cage there was a thin and weak trembling little girl. Frightened at the scene before her eyes, she was surrounded by men watching her.

’’I heard this is a good quality furnace, but the appearance not too pleasant to the eyes.’’

The little girl in the cage had pale skin, thin figure, unexpressive gloomy eyes. She can be consider as an unsalted girl.

One hand roughly extended into the cage, pulling the little girl's hair, forcing to expose her face.

The little girl uttered a painful scream, air sucked between her teeth and wailing: ’’Who are you? Why are you imprisoned me in the cage?’’

The men have heard what was said burst into loud laughter: ’’Her voice were pleasant to hear, if shouting on the bed it certainly could melted ~ the soul.’’

Among these people, a man with scar on his face looks ruthless and tyrannical, suddenly bent down pulled over the little girl. The man who hardly have tender feeling for the fairer se* tore up her clothes. His rough hands was ruthlessly pinched her naked - exposed tender skin.

’’Tsk tsk, though a bit ugly, but this body actually had soft skin and tender flesh. This father like it!’’

Another person laughed: ’’Old Jiang, however, in your home already had a lot of furnaces, don't rob us.’’

’’That's right! The initial price is one thousand yuan crystals, I would like to raise the bid one thousand five....’’

The little girl's eyes filled with fear. These men looking her as if they were appraising an items, their gaze and action was full of **** and rough.

She screamed: ’’I am the Nalan Manor's Miss, not a slave, you quickly let go of me!’’

The men on the scene become quiet at first, immediately they burst into loud laughter.

’’This shameless slave actually dare to say she is the Nalan Manor's Miss. Every daughters of Nalan doctor were elegant and dignified, also had awe-inspiring innate talent. Don't say, you lowly slave who had ugly appearance, the waste with blocked meridians, actually dare pretending to be the Nalan Manor's Miss. Don't make me laugh.’’

Someone pulling her hair to lifted her up, laughed while tearing her clothes: ’’Let me examine her first whether or not she was the jade annulus, then we decide her price. She could be just a broken-flower-withered-willow*. We spend money for a big price to buy her, isn't her just cheaper to the Gluttonous House.’’

*broken flower, withered willow means fallen woman.

Once again everyone laughing, no one questioned the man action.

Gluttonous House had auction every stuff that everyone could thinks. However there were the premium product but actually its just a worthless rubbles.

The premium products naturally must be carefully to look after. As for the ’’rubbles’’ not be able to carry out according to the auction standards. If the guests interesting they can feel free to look at it, but if bumped into it nor broken it also have to compensate with money.

’’Don't touch me! Don't touch me! I am really the Nalan Manor's Miss!!’’

The little girl's eyes was filled with desperate tears, but no matter how much she struggling and yelling, these beast still going to tearing her clothes, publicly humiliate her.

Her outer clothes was shredded and her skirt was pulled, revealing some of the little girl's pale skin.

Her ears filled with men cruel lust-demonically laughter seems like the beast's fierce fangs. The little girl's faith and self-respected totally destroyed.

The golden cage imprisoned her, make her nowhere to go.

Instead of being humiliated or sold as a slave, she would rather die!

’’Ah ah ah -!!’’ Suddenly the little girl hit her head on the cage iron lock.

The blood splattered everywhere, the sound of iron lock clanking echoed.


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