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The Kind Death God - Chapter 5


Pirate invasion!

Gliss typically doesn't use the Shadow Mirror Technique, but because of the black cloaked person was moving too fast, he didn't have any time to recite a magic incantation. The thing that he earlier threw out was something that he made by himself, the Shadow Mirror Scroll! Scrolls can, in a short time, release all the power stored within them. This Shadow Mirror Scroll is one of Gliss's life saving methods. Gliss's real body had earlier floated about 10 meters away.

The earlier circumstances caused Gliss to produce a cold sweat, if he had moved any slower, right now he fears that he would have already had a hollow space through his stomach. The opponent's attack also ignited his inner heart's fury. A slice through the air, Gliss made a crack in the air in front of him, and a foot long black cane drifted out of it, the handle was neither metal nor wood, there was no way to tell what material it was made from, the tip of the cane had a one centimeter thick red jewel. Gliss held the cane in his hand and chanted a spell.

The black clothed man was very clear that if he allowed Gliss to finish his chant, then he won't be a match for gliss. So the moment that he saw Giss hold on to the cane, he started his second attack. Countless rays of black light flashed out of the cloak, becoming a huge energy net that hurtled towards Gliss.

Gliss didn't stop chanting his spell but grabbed something from the crack in space. Countless illusions of gliss appeared in the air, and the attack of the black clothed man lost it's target, causing most of the illusionary copies to be hit but none of the attacks hit the actual body.

’’Go, Black flames soul purgatory.’’ A disk of pitch black flame shot out towards the pirate crowd from the cane in Gliss's hand.

The black clothed man became alarmed instantly, he never would have thought that Gliss would be this difficult to deal with, the flames of darkness and flames mixed together can be created in such a huge amount. Although he isn't afraid of it himself, but his underlings would die from just touching that flame. Considering this, he couldn't hold back his true strength anymore, he shouted ’’Light of Hell.’’ even more black light shot out, heading straight for Gliss's attack, containing traces of evilness.

Gliss's black flames and the black clothed man's black light struck together, after sputting awhile, the deck underneath the attacks had a huge hole in it.

Gliss's body shook slightly, because from the last attack, he became sure of the other's identity, and at the same time, he understood why his black mist guard was useless against the other, and also why the other's Dou Qi attack can meet his black flames head on. But, he did not say it out loud, because he knew clearly that the black clothed man's identity was the biggest taboo, and as soon as he said it, the other side would definitely not let anyone on this ship leave alive. If he was under the best condition, Gliss would definitely not fear that man, but because he was sea sick this entire trip, his body's conditions were not good, and if he really fought with his life on the line, even though he had a bigger chance of winning, he would still walk away with heavy injuries.

Just as Gliss was hesitating on whether or not to continue the fight, a small fire ball came out of nowhere and flew towards the black cloaked man in a beautiful arc. The black clothed man was surprised, he had no time to recover from that last attack, so he could only use a ray of black light to defend against that fire ball.

Puchi, the fire ball broke apart, but a few sparks still landed on the black cloak, burning a few holes in it, and under the shining sun, traces of green can be seen under the cloak.

The black clothed man shivered inside, because although the power of the fire ball wasn't big, but the fire element contained within was very balanced, that feeling was as serene as a spell cast by a monk, he does not want to go against someone from the church, furthermore, just Gliss alone was more than he can handle, if there was a monk aboard this ship also.........., escaping should be the priority, he shouted ’’Let's go.’’ and was the first to escape back onto the pirate ship. but how would he know that this balanced and serene magic was not something that only monks can cast, but there was another type of person, and that's someone who just learned magic.

Gliss did not pay attention to the panicking and escaping pirate, his sight was looking towards the third floor of the ship, because that location was exactly where his room was, and that precisely controlled fire ball....

’’thank you, thank you for saving all the people aboard the ship.’’ the ship captain ran in front of Gliss and thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

Gliss gave him a look and told him to make sure no one comes to bother him. After taking care of the captain, he headed for his room without turning his head. that 5 centimeter wide fireball was way too familiar to him.

The pirates who came in a impressive manner escaped with their tail between their legs, and after the sea returned to calm, the ship also returned to calm.

Gliss quickly returned to the third floor, and as he had expected, Ah Dai's thin body was curled on the floor. He pulled up Ah Dai's body and used magic to check the condition of the boy. he knew without even having to check that Ah Dai was suffering the effects of magic reversal. That black clothed man's Dou qi was very high, how can someone who only learned magic for three days like ahdai can go against that. Although the fireball can be casted, but it must be controlled by Ah Dai's mental force, so when the fireball was broken, his mental force also received a shake, and because Ah Dai doesn't know how to protect himself from magic reversal, he was knocked out by it. good thing that the black clothed man wasn't at his best either, or else Ah Dai might have become insane.

Gliss put Ah Dai's body back on the bed, because the thing that Ah Dai needed the most at the moment was rest. He looked at this silly face in front of him and suddenly had a slight trace of emotion running through his heart.

That night, after experiencing pirates, the ship finally reached its destination Hill province harbor city Fes, Gliss lived on the borders between Hill province and Wa Liang province, and the distance from Fes to the border needed a three days journey.

When they left the ship, the ship's captain personally escorted them off the ship, and refunded the trip's cost to Gliss, who didn't bother arguing and just accepted. He brought Ah Dai into Fes city. This was very far from the extreme north area, and although it was night, it was still much warmer than Ni Nuo city.

Ahdai stretched lazily, still not recovered from the mental trauma earlier that day, and he still felt very tired. No matter how hard he tried to cast fireball, it wouldn't appear. ’’Teacher, where are we going now?’’

Gliss answered without thinking too much: ’’We are finding a place to rest for the night, and tomorrow, we will take a horse carriage to where I told you before so don't ask too much.’’

Ah Dai stared blankly and after muttering for a while, he went back to sleep. After he woke up, he felt that his head was much clearer than before, and he can clearly remembered what had happened before, Gliss was guarding next to him, and after seeing him wake up, Gliss's furrowed brows smoothed out, he found out that this teacher of his seemed much more human than before, and seemed much friendlier than before, so he was not longer that afraid of him.

That night was very beautiful, the moonlight shone over everything, walking on the road, he didn't feel it was very dark, Gliss suddenly asked: ’’ Ah Dai, during the day, why did you suddenly attack the black clothed person with a fireball?’’

Ah Dai answered honestly : ’’ I felt that he was a bad person, bad person was fighting was teacher, so of course i will help teacher. Didn't you say before that fireball has a certain level of attacking power?’’

Gliss said coldly: ’’You overestimate your own ability, do you think that your tiny little fireball could help me? If that black clothed person was at his best, your mental force would have been completely shattered by him, and you would have become a insane person. You Idiot, next time you attack, make sure to see the situation clearly first, the other person's power was clearly several times higher than you, so you using magic is next to dying faster.’’

Ah Dai nodded his head stupidly : ’’So magic also has a limit!’’

Remembering the black clothed person during the day, Gliss couldn't help it and said: ’’That guy today was a dark demon, and he was a dark demon expert, they are born with natural resistance to the darkness element, so even my dark flames will be resisted by them to a certain degree, causing it not to show its true power, these dark demons are savage by nature, if his identity wasn't a taboo, i would have killed him much earlier. Remember, if you meet and green skinned people with spikes on their hands, run as far as you can, why am i saying these things to you?’’ Gliss felt that his head hurts, after staying together with this little idiot a few days, he felt that he has changed a big himself.

Ah Dai said happily: ’’Thank you teacher, i know now, if i meet green skinned people with spikes growing out of their hands run as far as i can.’’

Gliss made a noncommittal noise and pointed at a small hotel in front : ’’Lets stay there.’’

Just as the two walked into the hotel, Ah Dai made a Yi sound and said ’’ Teacher look, that person is very strange! Why is he wearing that kind of clothes.’’

Gliss looked towards the direction that Ah Dai was pointing and saw a big man also walking towards the hotel, the big man was wearing a white robe with a golden hexagram on his chest, with long golden drapes hanging from his shoulders, and saintly airs around his entire person. Gliss's heart shivered, because this man was a monk from the holy church, and monks are his nemesis. Gliss's magic belonged to the darkness element, with darkness as his main and fire as support, and monks use light element magic with holy elements contained within, so they are the people that Gliss didn't want to see the most.

That monk at this moment had already walked in front of them, he lowered his head and looked at Ah Dai for a moment, then looked at gliss, smiled kindly and nodded his head slightly before entering the hotel.

Ah dai asked: ’’Teacher, he was smiling at us, his smile was warm. Why would he smile?’’

Although he was just passing by, but the holy aura coming from the monk made Gliss feel very uncomfortable, so he humphed : ’’That guy is a monk from the holy church, should be a lower level or middle level person who offer sacrifices to god, let's go already, didn't you say you were hungry?’’

’’I am hungry! Teacher, what are we eating today?’’

’’What are we eating? let me think ......’’ After several days on the ship, Gliss couldn't eat or sleep normally, and really needed to replenish his body, but he did not notice that Ah Dai seemed to have lowered his caution towards him by a lot, and he also didn't care.

After eating, Gliss and Ah Dai returned to the room for a nice sleep.

The morning of the second day, Gliss felt that his body has recovered quite a bit, and Ah Dai's mental state was also much better, looks like the injury he received was completely healed. The child's recovery rate was really something!

Gliss opened the door and called a waiter, threw a silver coin and told him to go get a horse carriage.

’’Teacher, are we really going to sit in a horse carriage?’’

Gliss furrowed his brows and said: ’’ Since when did you have so many questions, be quiet and go memorize your chants.’’

Ah Dai agreed and sat to the side, practicing the flames magic that gliss had just taught him, flames and fireballs were not the same, a fireball's attacking power might be stronger, but the area of attack was fairly small. Flames magic might have a longer incantation time and a slightly weaker attacking power, but the area of attack is much greater.

’’[Fire element that fill the heaven and earth! Please grant me your burning power, With my name, Lend thy strength, appear, scorching flames.’’ As he finished his chant, a small flame appeared above his hands, the flame wavered, and caused the temperature of the surrounding air to go up quite a bit.

’’Teacher, teacher, i succeeded.’’ Ahdai called out with excitement.

Gliss said with a bad temper : ’’What's there to be excited about, it's just the lowest level fire magic. Don't forget the incantation. Go practice it a few more times, and don't say the last word out loud when you are practicing, this type of low level magic, as long as you don't complete the chant, you can stop at any moment. Even with your meager amount of magic force, after using it a few times, you won't pass out.’’

’’Understand’’ Ahdai continued his repetitive task of memorization, after a while, the waiter came back and told them that the carriage was prepared.

Until he actually sat on the carriage, Ah Dai couldn't believe that he would enjoy the feeling of riding on a horse carriage, the soft seat made him comfortable all over. He gazed around excitedly. Sitting on the horse carriage, he couldn't help but think of yato, not knowing how yato was doing now. That old woman should be good to her right.

After three days of trip by carriage, Gliss and Ah Dai finally entered the border area of WaLiang province, on the road, Ah Dai saw many things that he had never seen before, although Gliss was impatient with the many questions, he still answered them all


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