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The Kind Death God - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Evil Light's First Appearance

At last, under Ah Dai's oppressive aura, the black-clothed man could not endure anymore. His body seemed to be weightless as he suddenly slid forward, barrelling towards Ah Dai. Ah Dai let out a loud roar, as he sent out his full-power strike towards the man. The surrounding air seemed to have formed a vacuum, restricting the black-clothed man's movement, causing him to be unable to react to the strike. Ah Dai sensed that, for some unknown reason, the strike just now seemed to have become much more powerful than last time. Actually, it was because, after he advanced into the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art, his boundless true qi had gradually strengthened, allowing his attacks to become even stronger.

The black-clothed man did not panic, and the short daggers in his hands gleamed as he twisted his body, using the twin daggers to strike against the blade of the TianGang Sword. With another two 'clang's, the daggers struck against Ah Dai's TianGang Sword, and the piercing dou qi around the daggers was able to counter Ah Dai's full-force strike, aiming straight towards his hands that were wielding the sword. Ah Dai could finally understand why Miao Fei had seemed to let go of his soft sword so easily. Quickly, Ah Dai circulated the liquid-like boundless true qi towards his hands. Under the continuous circulation of boundless true qi, he barely managed to diffuse the two piercing needle-like dou qi, but his hands were already a little numb.

Although the black-clothed man had successfully defended against Ah Dai's heavy sword, the weight of the TianGang Sword, along with the immense power from Ah Dai's boundless dou qi, still managed to cause him to take a step back. He had no hesitation as he feinted backwards before attacking once more. With a cold flash of light, the two short daggers were aimed towards Ah Dai's chest, as he continued attacking with lightning speed.

At such close proximity between life and death, Ah Dai remained abnormally calm, as he forcefully twisted his body and changed his attack, swinging up his TianGang Sword to face his opponent's daggers. The black-clothed man let out a cold hmpf, and did not bother to meet Ah Dai's attack head-on once more. In a flash, he disappeared before Ah Dai's sight. Ah Dai could not use the same trick again, and he suddenly felt a chilling breeze behind his back. There was no time for him to block, and he could only bend forward, falling to the ground. Just as he was about to crash onto the ground, his right palm heavily smashed against the ground, and he flew back five metres away. Despite his fast reaction, there was still a throbbing pain in his back. The daggers of the black-clothed man had left two long streaks down his back. The piercing dou qi continuously invaded his body, and Ah Dai spasmed on the ground as he focused on using his boundless dou qi to prevent the hostile dou qi from entering his body.

Before Ah Dai could even catch his breath, the chilling breeze arrived once more. He knew that he had no way to avoid his opponent's attack anymore, and it seemed as though death was just looming over him. The others could only watch and let out shrieks of shock as the daggers of the black-clothed man was about to pierce into Ah Dai's back. The black-clothed man was simply too fast, and there was no time for the others to intervene.

Suddenly, Ah Dai felt a rush of heat in his left hand, and the warmth instantly spread throughout his body. His boundless true qi seemed to be aided by the warmth and surged forth, dispelling the sharp dou qi from his body. To the others, it seemed like Ah Dai had suddenly radiated bright white light. The black-clothed man had originally wanted to use his daggers to scare Ah Dai into admitting defeat, but seeing the sudden change of events, he unhesitatingly attacked.

Once the daggers came into contact with the white light around Ah Dai's body, it was as though cutting against tough leather. The white light was firm yet pliable, and the light suddenly expanded, causing the black-clothed man to be sent flying from the impact.

Ah Dai was not feeling well either. Although he had no idea where the sudden gust of warmth had come from, the white light that was produced could only help him block most of the black-clothed man's attack. There was a metallic taste in his mouth, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Yan Shi and Yan Li both rushed forward at the same time, helping Ah Dai up. The black-clothed man did not pursue any further, and stood there calmly, panting slightly.

Ah Dai used his TianGang Sword as support, and tried to suppress his surging blood. With a forced smile, he said, ’’Brothers, I'm alright.’’

’’It's okay, brother Ah Dai, we've tried our best. These black-clothed men are simply too powerful, we can't handle them with our current strength,’’ Yan Shi sighed.

Yan Li had a solemn expression as he lamented, ’’Even if we were all to attack together, we still might not be able to defeat them. It looks like there will always be better people! The Elven Tribe is going to be in trouble...’’

’’No! We mustn't let them take away the elves!’’ Ah Dai suddenly yelled out. Glaring furiously at the group of black-clothed men, he continued, ’’We haven't lost yet. Let's continue. Brothers Yan Shi and Yan Li, you can return first.’’

Yan Shi and Yan Li glanced at Ah Dai's look of determination, and lowered their heads in embarrassment, for they had almost thought of giving up. Yan Li raised his head abruptly, declaring, ’’Let us fight it out! If all of us fight together, perhaps there might be a chance.’’

Ah Dai shook his head, ’’No, there are too many of them, it's better to follow the rules and continue with the duel, I might not necessarily lose. Brothers, please step back.’’ After he finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the black-clothed man who was standing there emotionlessly.

The black-clothed man looked coldly at Ah Dai. Ah Dai walked up to him, stopping around a distance of three metres away. With one hand, he slammed the TianGang Sword into the ground. Watching Ah Dai's actions, the black-clothed man hmpf-ed, ’’You are no match for me, get someone else to fight instead.’’

Ah Dai shook his head, ’’That may not be the case.’’ He pulled out the Dragon's Blood that was hanging from his neck, and held it in his palms. Following the incantations that Xuan Yue had taught him, he softly chanted, ’’Oh the mighty King of Dragons! Please grant me your limitless divine power to form an unbreakable shield, and defend the dignity of the dragons!’’ As he finished chanting, he turned around, with his back facing the black-clothed man, and stretched out his hands towards Yan Shi and the others. The white light expanded, and the black-clothed man hurriedly stepped back warily. He did not understand how the youth before him could have so many hidden mysteries.

The white light shot towards the others, covering almost the whole patch of sky. It formed a white-colored shield around everyone else, including the elves, and even his opponent. This magic, was the strongest light attribute magic that Ah Dai could utilize at his current level with the Dragon's Blood. Out of everyone present, only Xuan Yue knew that the magic was called Light's Protection, and it was a middle-ranked, level 5 light attribute defensive magic spell. It could purify all evil energy and contained strong defensive power. With Ah Dai's current level of magic force, he would at most be able to cast level 3 magic spells, but with the aid of the Dragon's Blood, he barely managed to cast this level 5 magic spell. Also, out of the others, only Xuan Yue understood what Ah Dai was planning to do, and she muttered worriedly, ’’Ah Dai, you must remain safe!’’ The white light not only formed a protective shield around the others, it also blocked out the surroundings and sounds from them. Yan Shi was extremely anxious and was about to rush out of the barrier, but he was stopped by Xuan Yue. ’’Don't worry, I trust Ah Dai!’’ She did not understand why, but she just had confidence in Ah Dai.

After the Light's Protection had successfully formed a barrier around everyone, all of the thieves were stunned. They could not understand why Ah Dai would use protective magic on others, but not himself. ’’What are you doing?’’ the black-clothed man asked. He was feeling a little regretful, if he had attacked while Ah Dai was casting magic, he would have already won.

Ah Dai turned back to face the black-clothed man, with a solemn look on his face as he replied, ’’Nothing, I'm just afraid that the attack would be too strong and harm my friends.’’

The black-clothed man was stunned. Although Ah Dai did not seem weak earlier, he was just a warrior who had slightly better skills. Apart from that mysterious white light, the black-clothed man felt that Ah Dai was still lacking. So, what other strong techniques could he have up his sleeves? Could it be magic? No, at such a close distance, I will definitely not give him the chance to chant any incantations. Thieves were generally nicknamed as 'Magician Killers', the agility that they possess is a direct counter to magicians.

Just as the black-clothed man was becoming puzzled, Ah Dai's right hand had already been placed on his chest.

The black-clothed man suddenly felt as though he was in the middle of a harsh winter storm, and could not help but shiver. Ah Dai who was standing in front of him, no longer seemed like that silly looking kid, there was a fierce look on his face and faint gray qi continuously seeped out from his body, filling the surrounding with evil qi. Among the first group of black-clothed men, those who possessed weaker strength shivered uncontrollably, and even the seven black-clothed men who arrived later could not help but reveal looks of fear.

The evil qi gradually became more dense, continuously spreading out, with Ah Dai at its center. The black-clothed man who was facing Ah Dai arched his body, he could barely endure the icy cold feeling for any longer. With his dagger in front of his chest, he bent over, in preparation to attack. ’’Wait a minute.’’ The black-clothed man at the very front of the group of thieves suddenly shouted out. In a flash, the other six black-clothed men appeared before Ah Dai.

Ah Dai stared coldly at them, without showing any signs of fear. Boundless true qi continuously flowed into the Hell's Sword through his right hand, and dense chilling evil qi encompassed his body. He could sense that, he would be able to use the Hell's Sword to attack any moment. ’’What? Do all of you want to fight together?’’

The black-clothed man faintly emitted blue-colored dou qi from his body, and said, while resisting the evil qi in the air, ’’Little fellow, if I'm not wrong, you should be the successor of the 'King of Hell' right?’’

Ah Dai nodded, but did not reply.

’’I never knew that someone from the Assassin's Guild would actually become benevolent and save people. Fine, seeing that you are the successor of the 'King of Hell', we shall give you some face. However, you should show us some of your ability. If not, we will just have to kill everyone here, perhaps even the 'King of Hell' won't be able to figure out who did it. Little Four, go and test if his Hell's Sword is real.’’

A tall and skinny black-clothed man walked forward, with his daggers in his hands, and stared at Ah Dai's right hand.

’’You should know, that once the Hell's Sword is drawn, there will be no survivors. It's not too late to leave now,’’ Ah Dai casually stated.

The black-clothed man who was nicknamed 'Little Four', let out a cold laugh, ’’Although the 'King of Hell' is indeed the number one assassin, I really wonder how much of his martial arts have you learnt.’’ As he finished speaking, he turned into a streak of black shadow, and shot towards Ah Dai like a bolt of lightning. Now that he knew his opponent was the successor of the most terrifying assassin in the Assassin's Guild, he was not merciful like the previous black-clothed man. One dagger was aimed towards Ah Dai's throat, while the other was aimed at his heart;the black-clothed man was filled with a strong killing intent. The thieves were all clear on one thing, although they would not usually cross paths with the assassins, they knew that the Assassin's Guild was not someone they could afford to offend. Only by killing everyone present, would they be able to silence this matter.

A cold glint flashed in Ah Dai's eyes, as he loudly chanted, ’’Hell's Sword First Flash: Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher ’’ This was his first time drawing the absolute evil sword Hell's Sword, and it was also his first time seeing how the Hell's Sword looked like. He felt the life force within his body continuously being sucked by the eerie blue glow that appeared before his eyes. The boundless true qi in his body circulated at an incredible speed, and he flashed across, towards his opponents. The surrounding air seemed to be solidified by the domineering evil qi, and all of the black-clothed men lost their ability to move as the eerie blue light, that seemed to have originated from the depths of hell, flashed past. Ah Dai reappeared behind the black-clothed man's back, causing the man to reveal a look of shock and disbelief. The color of his irises gradually dimmed and his body started to wither. With two sharp 'clangs' resounding through the air, the daggers that he was holding in his hands dropped onto the floor, and his body collapsed onto the floor. In that instant, he had already become a corpse.

The Hell's Sword seemed to quaver a little, although the evil energy still remained, it was not as strong as before. The shorter black-clothed man who had fought with Ah Dai earlier suddenly let out a sorrowful howl, ’’Fourth uncle!’’ He immediately floated towards the dead black-clothed man.

’’Retreat!’’ Their leader commanded. The techniques that he displayed were much faster than the two black-clothed men previously. With just a flash of black, he had already grabbed hold of the short black-clothed man in one hand, and in his other hand, he was carrying the corpse of the other black-clothed man. Together, they quickly retreated into the dense cover of the forest with the remaining five black-clothed men.

Meanwhile, the ordinary black-clothed men who possessed weaker powers were all rendered immobile by the evil energy that entered their bodies. Although they were not exactly weak, the extreme evil qi of the Hell's Sword had robbed their souls. Without souls, their leftover bodies slowly became weaker, and even though they would not become cold, dead bodies, they were still unable to escape from death. From then on, they would never be able to see the rising sun of the next day.

The six black-clothed men, who had arrived later, did not bother about their other companions, rapidly disappearing from Ah Dai's sight.

Right now, Ah Dai was not in a good condition either, and he was fully focused on resisting the evil energy of the Hell's Sword. Although he had merely executed the first move of the Hell's Sword Nine Techniques Hell's Flash, it already exhausted a large portion of his boundless true qi. If the black-clothed men had attacked him one more time, he would not have been able to block it. Fortunately, the reputation of the 'King of Hell' was indeed infamous;in order to protect their own lives, the black-clothed men had chosen to retreat.

After a long while, Ah Dai finally managed to suppress the evil energy of the Hell's Sword, causing it to return to normal. The draining feeling of using the Hell's Sword still left fear in Ah Dai, he was afraid that he might have become a killing monster. Inhaling a deep breath, Ah Dai gradually raised his head, chancing upon the elven magician Roma's trembling body. Even before Ah Dai had executed the Hell's Sword technique, Roma was already awoken by the shockingly dense evil aura, and she had managed to witness everything that happened. Although she was not a very high-level magician in the elven tribe, she had grown up amongst the Elven Forest which was full of life force, and along with her nature magic that she cultivated, her body was able to resist some of the effects of the evil energy, protecting her from ending up in the same state as the other black-clothed men. However, the extreme evil energy that was emanated, as well as the earlier bone-chilling scene, was still indescribably difficult for her body to endure. In Roma's eyes, Ah Dai seemed like the most evil being throughout Heaven and Earth;with each movement, he would take away someone's life, something that only a god who governed over Death could achieve.

When deciding to use the Hell's Sword earlier, Ah Dai had already forgotten about Roma's presence, and now that he saw her shivering body, he immediately got a fright. Quickly circulating what was left of his boundless true qi, he stumbled over to Roma's side, causing her to gasp in fear, ’’You... are you the Death God? What... are you going... to do?’’

Ah Dai coughed, spitting out a mouthful of blood as he let out a bitter smile, ’’I'm not going to do anything. The enemies have finally left, are you feeling very cold right now?’’

Roma nodded mutely. The cold expression that Ah Dai had when he killed was freshly imprinted into her memory, she was unable to determine, if this person who had saved them, was actually good or bad?

Ah Dai crouched down, and placed his right hand on Roma's shivering shoulder, transmitting the remaining boundless true qi in his body into hers, bit by bit. Although the white glow was very weak, it still emanated a faint holy aura. After receiving the boundless true qi, Roma felt warmth throughout her body, and was instantly more comfortable. The evil qi which had entered her body was all dispelled and she stopped shivering.

Ah Dai panted heavily, his body was almost at his limits as he grabbed onto Roma's hand, muttering earnestly, ’’Sister... elf, can, can... you promise... me something?’’

Roma was stunned, ’’What do you want me to promise you?’’

Ah Dai looked into Roma's eyes, and gasped weakly, ’’Sister.... Elf, I... wish... that... you... will... not... tell... the... others... that... I... killed... someone...., that... is... my... secret... Don't... worry..., I... don't... have... any... ill... intentions... I... did... not... want... to... kill... either..., but... they... forced... me...:’’

Looking at Ah Dai's pleading gaze, Roma was moved. She knew that, if not for these outsiders who had saved them, perhaps they might have ended up in the same state as their missing sisters, and become slaves to the humans. It was this silly and innocent-looking youth who had saved her, and despite the deep impression of the scene earlier, the kind-hearted Roma decided to help Ah Dai keep this secret. Thinking about this, Roma lightly nodded.

After getting Roma's reply, Ah Dai immediately revealed a relieved smile, then he collapsed into Roma's arms and fainted. He was no longer conscious to control his mental force, and the light barrier also disappeared gradually. The people who were inside waiting anxiously immediately rushed out when the light barrier dissipated.

Ya Yuan fluttered his wings, flying over to Roma's side and saw Ah Dai, who had collapsed into her arms. ’’What, what exactly happened here?’’ he asked in shock.

Roma hesitated for a moment, then replied, ’’It's him, this human had chased all of the bad guys away.’’

Ya Yuan was stunned. He had seen the power that the black-clothed men had displayed, although Ah Dai's was not weak either, he was definitely still unable to match up to them. He could not inquire further, as Yan Shi had already arrived before him. Yan Shi grabbed hold of Ah Dai's body, quickly using his dou qi to inspect Ah Dai's meridians. The others surrounded them, as they waited anxiously for Yan Shi's judgment.

As Xuan Yue did not know any martial arts, she was the last to run over, and she quickly squeezed to the front, asking worriedly, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, Ah Dai, how is he?’’

Yan Shi let out a long breath of relief, ’’Don't worry, brother Ah Dai is fine, he just over-exerted himself. After a good rest, he will be fine.’’

Ya Yuan shot a meaningful glance at Roma, then spoke out, ’’Friends, thank you for saving us. I shall apologize on behalf of all the elves here for our previous hostility. We were indeed too reckless. I am sorry.’’ As he spoke, he bowed respectfully towards Ah Dai's group.

’’Don't worry about it, I'm glad that we did not suffer any losses. Those thieves are indeed abominable, helping you is what we ought to do. What should we do about these bodies?’’ Yue Hen responded.

’’Let's leave the bodies here first, our men will take care of it. Let's hurry back to the elf village, I need to report this incident to Her Majesty.’’

Xuan Yue looked around, commenting, ’’Somehow there seems to be more corpses, was it Ah Dai's doing?’’

Roma nodded, ’’But I don't know how they died. After the second group of black-clothed men retreated, these black-clothed men just collapsed.’’

’’How did Ah Dai become so much stronger, and managed to chase away all of them just by himself? Is he concealing his power?’’ Miao Fei asked curiously.

Yan Shi was a little impatient as he replied, ’’Let's not care about that first. Brother elf, I'll have to trouble you to lead the way, Ah Dai needs a quiet place to take a good rest.’’

Just at this moment, a large group of elves flew towards them, there was over hundred of them. The three elves at the front gave off a powerful aura, and Ya Yuan exclaimed in delight, ’’Our companions have arrived.’’ He quickly fluttered his wings and flew to greet them, and started to converse with them in elvish language.

The large group of elves landed, and the three elves at the front walked over to Ah Dai's group. The male elf in the middle spoke, ’’Thank you for saving our sisters and brothers, I am Tian Ying, an Angel ranked elf of the elven tribe, I am honored to meet you.’’ There was a look of respect on his well-defined features, he seemed to be around 30 years old, and he was also carrying a short bow.

There was a change in Yan Shi's expression, as he suddenly ran up, carrying Ah Dai in his hands. ’’Uncle Tian Ying, do you still recognise me?’’

Tian Ying looked at Yan Shi in shock, and inspected him for a while, but replied in confusion, ’’You must be from the Puyan Tribe? Have we met?’’

Yan Shi was a little enthusiastic as he continued, ’’Uncle Tian Ying, i met you 13 years ago, when my father Yan Fei brought me here! I am Yan Shi!’’

Tian Ying let out a gasp of astonishment, ’’You, you are Yan Shi? After so many years, your appearance have really changed!’’

Yan Li also walked over, joining in, ’’Uncle Tian Ying, I am Yan Li!’’

Tian Ying laughed out loudly, ’’So you are the cheeky little boy! I still remember that time when you came and chopped the tree at my house with your axe! Oh, and I still remember the look on your face when brother Yan Fei punished you!’’

Hearing that, Yan Li let out an awkward smile, ’’Uncle, let's not talk about that embarrassing event.’’

’’Uncle Tian Ying, this friend of mine has spent all his energy and needs some rest, can you bring us to a quiet place to let him rest first?’’ Yan Shi interjected.

Tian Ying patted his chest, ’’No problem. Ya Yuan has already informed me of what happened, let's go now. Those thieves are really too rampant, they have already abducted our tribesmen many times. It seems like, if we don't take some action, they might really think that our elven tribe is easy to bully.’’ There was a cold glint in his eyes as he said the last sentence.

Yan Shi nodded, ’’Uncle Tian Ying, let us go now. After we arrive at the village, I will tell you how we came to be here.’’

Tian Ying nodded, commanding the rest of the elves and flew towards the depths of the Elven Forest, leading the way.


Outside the Elven Forest.

The six black-clothed men finally stopped, although they had been running for quite a long time, none of them were out of breath.

Their leader let out a long breath of relief, ’’It should be safe now. I didn't expect that the King of Hell's disciple would appear.’’

The short black-clothed man who had first sparred with Ah Dai glanced at the corpse in the leader's hand, and burst out wailing, ’’Fourth Uncle, Fourth Uncle! You died an unjust death!’’ His voice was no longer so raspy, and became clearer, speaking precise Holy Church language.

The other black-clothed men also revealed looks of sorrow, and the leader sighed, ’’Seventh Lass, stop crying, we can only blame ourselves for being unlucky, meeting the King of Hell's disciple here.’’

The short, skinny black-clothed man pulled off the veil on his face, revealing an exquisite face. 'He' was actually a beautiful girl, who looked to be about 17 or 18 years old. There were tears in her eyes as she wailed, ’’Fourth Uncle, Fourth Uncle died because of me! The one who should have been facing the Hell's Sword was me!’’

The leader sighed, ’’Child, stop crying, it is our duty to protect you. Number Four died to protect you, he did not die in vain.’’

The Seventh lass jerked her head upwards suddenly, with a furious look in her eyes, ’’First Uncle, what are you saying, no one deserved to die! Do you think I, Mie Feng, is a scaredy-cat who is afraid of death? If that's the case, the ten years of martial arts that I have trained with blood and tears, and my power as an Acquirer, was it all achieved under your protection? That youth just now might not be able to use the Hell's Sword again, why did we have to run? If we just continued attacking, we might have succeeded!’’

The leader, who was called First Uncle by the girl, wrinkled his brows, ’’Seventh Lass, please calm down. I know you were very close with Number Four, but what's happened has already happened. We have no choice either, do you think we are not sad now? The six of us were all brothers who have gone through life and death together. Apart from the guild leader, we were the only six Acquirers. You only became an Acquirer recently, but the six of us have been together for decades! Number Four's death, we are even more upset than you! But Seventh Lass, you have to understand, as a top tier thief, you must definitely not let your emotions overcome you. If we had not left in time, perhaps the next target of the Hell's Sword might have been you or me, or another one of us! Your words are indeed not wrong, that youth is still quite young, and his martial arts are still not too profound, perhaps he is really unable to execute another move. Even if he is able to, it is impossible for him to kill all of us, and we will be able to easily kill him. However, have you ever thought, if you were to do this, another one of us might fall victim to his sword? Do you really wish to see that happen? The Hell's Sword, the extreme evil on the continent, is not something that we can defend against. No one can escape from the Hell's Sword First Flash, with every move, someone will surely die. If we were to suffer anymore losses, our guild's power will fall even further, how am I going to report to your father? Furthermore, don't forget, our enemies this time is not simply that youth. If I'm not wrong, the reinforcement troops of the elves were already on their way. Ordinary elves are nothing to be wary of, but those elves who've already reached the Angel rank, we are not confident in dealing with them either. Child, as a thief, the most important thing is to remain calm at all times, and make the most correct decision.’’

Mie Feng clenched her fists tightly, revealing intense hatred in her eyes as she nodded lightly, ’’First Uncle, I understand. But, Fourth Uncle's death, I must avenge him! If I had killed that youth at the start, he would not have been able to use the Hell's Sword. It was all my fault, it's all my fault...’’ Two streams of tears trickled down her face, and her beautiful bright eyes became red.

The black-clothed leader patted Mie Feng's shoulder, consoling her, ’’Seventh Lass, all of your efforts, we've witnessed it, even we are awed by the amount of effort you have put in. Ever since the establishment of the Thieves' Guild, you are the only one who has become an Acquirer before 20 years old. You still have a bright future ahead of you, don't let your vision be clouded by hatred and revenge. You should know the rules of our Thieves' Guild, we must definitely not kill anyone in our missions. Unless, you want to be an assassin?’’

Mie Feng lowered her head, gazing at the body of her fourth uncle. He was someone who had watched her grow up, and had imparted all of his skills and techniques to her. The pain and sorrow in her chest made it hard for her to breathe. Biting down on her lip, she said resolutely, ’’Even if I can't be a thief anymore, I will surely avenge Fourth Uncle! First Uncle, you don't have to try persuade me anymore.’’

The black-clothed man sighed, ’’Okay, let's return first. We are still within the Heaven's Origin Tribe's territory, we need to quickly leave, wait till we get back to the Thieves' Guild before deciding anything. I believe, guild master will surely ask for an explanation from the Assassins' Guild. For hundreds' of years, both of our guilds have belonged to the same forces of darkness, and we have never interfered in each other's business. But, this time, they have ruined our most important mission. No matter what, they ought to give us a proper explanation.’’ After he finished speaking, he surveyed the surroundings, and activated a skill, pulling the reluctant Mie Feng along, towards the boundaries of the Yalian Tribe.

With the guidance of the elves, Yan Shi and the others soon arrived in the depths of the Elven Forest. The further in they went, the bigger the trees became. The lush greenery surrounded them, providing them with gusts of fresh breeze. As Xuan Yue did not know martial arts, Tian Ying specially arranged for some stronger female elves to bring her along in the air. It was Xuan Yue's first time experiencing such a light feeling, and the soothing breeze that flew past her calmed her down, making her forget all the grievances from earlier. All she was thinking right now, was 'if only I can fly too!'

The gurgling sound of water suddenly sounded in their ears. Yan Li explained excitedly to Yue Hen, who was beside him, ’’Ah! We are arriving at the elf lake. That is the elves' home, and it is the main base of the elven tribe.’’

Yue Hen was shocked, ’’There's even a lake in the Elven Forest?’’

Ya Yuan, who was nearby, heard the question and laughed, ’’Of course, our home is right on top of the elf lake! You will understand it after you see it, haha!’’

Listening to Ya Yuan's words, they continued forth with bubbling curiosity. All of them wanted to see how the lake in the Elven Forest would be like.


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