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The Kind Death God - Chapter 30


Editors: Samskor, Jonathan Hurd

Translator: Kuroneko

Chapter 30: Internal Conflict

Crouching down, Yan Shi took out a piece of map, and placed it flat on the ground. ’’I don't really have any good idea, but this time, we will need to pass through the Heaven's Origin Tribe to continue on our journey to the Death Mountains. You should know, there are four main races in the territory of the Heaven's Origin Tribe, mainly the Winged Race, the Dwarven Race, the Elven Race and the Were-beast Race. Among them, the Elven Race and the Winged Race are peace-loving tribes that care for nature as well. Thus our Puyan Tribe has always been on good terms with them, and it should be no problem passing by their territory. As for the Dwarven Race, although they may be short-tempered, they are still kind at heart, with forthright characters, so passing through their tribe should not pose much problem as well. However, it may be harder to pass through the Were-beast territory. Their aversion to outsiders is probably equal to ours, and they tend to be aggressive, hunting wild beasts in the forest for food.’’

Xuan Yue asked, ’’But, aren't they similar to ordinary wild beasts? Why would they still kill them?’’

Yan Shi glanced at her, explaining, ’’This is what you don't understand about the Werebeast Race. The very word 'Were-beast' means that they possess intelligence and the ability to think, they may be beasts, but they are extremely similar to humans. The Were-beast Race is split into many different sub-races, with Were-lions, Were-tigers, Were-leopards, werewolves and Were-bears as the main five. Their smaller sub-races are also not easily bullied, as they possess special traits, such as the centaurs who are skilled in archery, and the mysterious dark demon race.

Shocked, Ah Dai exclaimed, ’’What! The dark demon race is a part of the Werebeast race?’’

Yan Shi nodded his head solemnly, ’’Yes, although the dark demon race has been hunted down by humans, they were not discriminated against within the Heaven's Origin Tribe. Thus, they were able to continue living there. However, they remain hidden, and even the other races of the Were-beasts find it hard to spot any traces of them. The numbers of the dark demon race are not very many, but they possess extremely strong attack power. Hopefully, we won't come across them. They have a lofty status among the Were-beast race, and none of the other races will have any plots to attack them. Apart from the races that I've mentioned, there are still many other sub-races among the Were-beast race. Some of them are weak to the point that, even the normal beasts, without intelligence, are able to kill them. Therefore, these weak sub-races, along with ordinary beasts, become the prey for the Were-beasts.’’

’’Wah, they even eat their own tribesmen!’’ Yue Ji cried out in shock.

’’Yes, this is why I said that they were very savage. Their territory lies in the middle of the Heaven's Origin Tribe, and we will have to pass through it in order to reach the Death Mountains. At that time, we need to obtain the help of the Elven race and the Winged race, and it's best for us not to come into any conflicts with the Were-beast race. Their numbers are large, and it is impossible for us to deal with.’’

The rest of them looked at one another. No one had thought that they would already face this much trouble even before entering the Death Mountains. Ah Dai asked, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, what happens if we really clashed with the were-beasts?’’

A cold glint flashed across Yan Shi's eyes as he replied, ’’Then we will have to look at the situation. If they have few numbers, we can just kill our way through;however, if they have large numbers, we can only try and run away.’’

’’If only we had wings like the winged race, then we could just fly across,’’ Xuan Yue muttered.

Yue Ji rolled her eyes, ’’Aren't you a magician? If you know wind attribute magic, can't you just bring everyone across?’’

Xuan Yue retorted in annoyance, ’’If you don't know anything, then don't interrupt. Do you really think using wind attribute magic to fly is that easy? Simply flying alone is difficult enough, not to mention bringing so many people! Even the Magister Biernlog might not be able to accomplish such a task. Such a moron!’’

Yue Ji was infuriated, immediately standing up to shout, ’’Who are you calling a moron? If you got the ability, then let's spar, you can't use magic, and I can't use my bow.’’

Xuan Yue was not intimidated and proudly stood up, staring at Yue Ji who was almost half a head taller, ’’Do you think I'm scared! You'll have to defeat Ah Dai first before even thinking of challenging me. Ah Dai, teach her a good lesson on behalf of me.’’

Yue Hen pulled his sister back, furrowing his brows as he chided, ’’Okay, okay, stop fighting you two. There are still so many obstacles ahead of us, let us first get through this. We are all a team, don't fight between ourselves. Big brother Yan Shi, we've never been to the Heaven's Origin Tribe before, so we are not familiar with their customs. But, according to your words, does that mean we are likely to face conflict with the Were-beasts?’’

Yan Shi nodded, ’’I guess you can say so. Although the Elven race and the winged race are peace-loving, their likelihood of helping us is not large. After all, they are all a part of the Heaven's Origin Tribe, and they are unwilling to offend the were-beast race. The were-beasts are very prideful, when we reach their territory, we must make haste and not clash with them.’’ Sighing, he continued, ’’The most complicated place on the continent, is the United Regions Commonwealth, especially the Heaven's Origin Tribe. There are too many powers there.’’

’’If it's really impossible, why don't we just go around it?’’ Wan Li suggested

Yan Shi shook his head, ’’It's too troublesome to take the roundabout route. Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that we won't face the same trouble in other territories. Since we are on our way to adventure, we mustn't fear the problems in our path.’’

’’What are you guys talking about? Why didn't you call me?’’ Yan Li ran over, while stretching his body.

Miao Fei laughed, ’’You really can sleep!’’

Upon hearing that, Yan Li was a little embarrassed as he explained, ’’The past two days have been rough, now that we've finally had the chance to rest, of course I'm going to sleep more. Big brother Yan Shi, what were y'all discussing?’’

Yan Shi solemnly replied, ’’Ah Li, as a warrior, you must be constantly on guard. The journey ahead will get even tougher, you must be more wary of your surroundings. We were just discussing how to pass through the Heaven's Origin Tribe. Our Puyan Tribe has not had a lot of interactions with the were-beast race, so I'm afraid that we will face some difficulty in passing through their territory.’’

’’Don't worry, if they dare to block our path, I will cleave my way through, one by one. I don't believe that they will be able to block me!’’

Yue Ji sneered, ’’Do you really think you are that capable? To fight against their whole tribe by yourself? I'd like to see how are you actually going to cleave your way through when that happens!’’

’’Old hag, are you looking down me! I am one of the strongest warriors in the Puyan Tribe!’’ Yan Li raged.

Yue Ji was already pissed off by Xuan Yue earlier, but hearing that Yan Li called her an old hag, her anger immediately surged even further. ’’Who are you calling old hag, you 3-inched nail!’’

[TN: Refer back to chapter 25, when she used 3-inched nail as an insult][ED: jab about his height]

Yan Li drew his battle axes from behind his back in rage, ’’Are you still calling me 3-inched nail? I'm going to beat you up!’’

Ah Dai stood up and interjected, ’’I think we've rested enough, let's continue on our journey. Big brother Yan Li, your battle axes are very beautiful, can you let me see them?’’ As he spoke, he walked over to Yan Li, blocking in front of Yue Ji.

Since Ah Dai had helped Yan Shi regain his consciousness, and Prophet Pu Lin had mentioned that he was Yan Shi's fated person, Yan Li was much more cordial when speaking to Ah Dai. Thus, he handed over his battle axes, and humpf-ed, ’’The mouth of that old hag from the Red Hurricane Tribe is so rotten, I really hate people calling me 3-inched nail!’’

Yue Ji picked up her bow and walked over to the horse carriage, while muttering under her breath, ’’It's your own fault for being short, what's wrong with me stating the fact?’’

Yan Li's ears were sharp and he heard that remark. ’’You dare insult me, I'm going to kill you!’’ As he raged, he tried to grab the battle axes from Ah Dai's hands and prepared to go all in.

Ah Dai turned around, with his back facing Yan Li, saying to Yue Ji, ’’Sister Yue Ji, you are in the wrong, how can you make fun of someone's shortcomings?’’

Yue Ji let out a cold hmpf, ’’That's none of your business, just let him come, I'm not afraid of him.’’ As she finished speaking, she started drawing her bow.

’’PA!’’ To everyone's shock, Yan Shi had flashed out, and gave Yue Ji a slap, sending her flying. Wan Li and Miao Fei immediately drew their weapons after recovering from their shock. They were all members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group, and seeing that one of their companions was injured, they were instantly filled with anger.

Yue Ji was sent flying a few meters, and fell onto the ground. A clear, red hand mark appeared on her delicate face, and fresh blood gradually trickled down her face. She was dumbfounded;ever since young, not even her parents had hit her, but the tall, burly man in front of her, had actually slapped her so ruthlessly.

Yue Hen gripped his sword hilt in anger, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, why did you hit my sister!’’

There was no expression on Yan Shi's face as he said, ’’Because she deserved it. With her arrogant attitude, she should have been taught a lesson long ago. As her brother, you didn't educate her properly, so I shall do that for you. Every single word that she spouts from her mouth is offensive, I think that even before we reach the Death Mountains, her mouth will bring us demise. Am I wrong to have slapped her? Our Puyan warriors have our honor, which is not to be violated. If you're not happy with my action, then feel free to find me and settle it.’’

Yue Ji struggled to stand up, her armor was all messy, and her originally neatly tied hair was all scattered. Adding on the fresh red mark from the slap, and traces of blood near her mouth, she seemed extremely wretched. Her pale lips were trembling with anger, as she drew her bow and with a flash of silver, she sent an arrow shooting towards Yan Shi.

There was a hint of shock in Yan Shi's eyes, but he immediately clasped his hands together, catching the silver arrow in his palms.

When Yan Shi had slapped Yue Ji, Yan Li was extremely shocked as well. After all, she was a girl, and to be given such a harsh slap in front of everyone, it must have been an extremely embarrassing experience for her.

Xuan Yue ran over to Ah Dai's side, grabbing onto his arm as she whispered, ’’Brother Yan Shi has such a scary temper! If I say something bad in the future, you must protect me, okay? I don't want to be beaten.’’

Ah Dai nodded, then walked in front of Yan Shi, blocking Miao Fei and Wan Li, who had just rushed forward. ’’Stop fighting, all of you. We are all friends, but if we keep fighting within ourselves, how are we going to successfully accomplish our mission at the Death Mountains? Big brothers Yue Hen, Wan Li, and Miao Fei, please calm down first.’’

’’Ah Dai, don't interfere, what right does he have to slap Yue Ji! If he thinks he is so powerful, he can fight us then!’’ Miao Fei shouted indignantly.

Yan Li had also run over, trying to persuade Yan Shi, ’’Big brother, just forget about it.’’

Yue Ji's voice was a little hoarse as she pointed her bow towards Yan Shi, screeching, ’’You, you dared to hit me! No matter what, one of us will have to die today!’’ As she spoke, she took out three more arrows from her quiver.

Yan Shi stood there, staring at Yue Ji emotionlessly. Throwing away the silver arrow in his hand, Yan Shi remarked, ’’Although your archery skill is not bad, but to think of killing me, I'm afraid it won't be that easy. Just a bunch of youthful mercenaries who only have so-so skills, do you really think you are all that powerful? Do you think that you are able to make a name for yourselves with your current strength? Stop dreaming. Brother Ah Dai, please step aside, let me teach them a good lesson, and let them understand that there will always be others better than them. If not, when we reach the Death Mountains, we will all die there, because of their arrogance and ignorance.’’

Ah Dai quickly threw the battle axes in his hands to Yan Li, and turned around to grab hold of Yan Shi's shoulders. ’’Stop, big brother Yan Shi, don't be rash!’’ He shouted, before turning back and saying to Yue Ji, ’’Big sis Yue Ji, I'll apologize on big brother Yan Shi's behalf, okay? His wife had just passed away, and he might still be feeling emotional, we should be more understanding. Brother Yue Hen, Miao Fei, and Wan Li, let's just put this behind us, and forgive each other, okay? The road ahead is still long, must we really fight among ourselves?’’

Yue Hen sighed, loosening his firm grip on his sword, and walked up to Yue Ji. Grabbing hold of her bow, he led her away while saying, ’’Forget it, sister.’’ But, he turned around and glared coldly at Yan Shi, ’’Yan Shi, you've hit my sister today, I won't forget this grudge. But, seeing that Ah Dai spoke up on your behalf, and how your wife had just passed away, I won't pursue this matter. However, if there is a next time, even if I have to die, I will surely get you back for that. Let's go.’’ As he finished speaking, he pulled Yue Ji, with her face full of resentment, towards the horse carriage. Miao Fei and Wan Li also glared at Yan Shi, before getting on the horse carriage. There were faint sounds of Yue Ji crying in the horse carriage.

Ah Dai exhaled the breath he was holding and turned towards Yan Shi, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, why did you do that? Although Yue Ji was in the wrong, you shouldn't have hit her!’’

Xuan Yue walked over and added on, ’’Yeah! She's still a girl, and you've embarrassed her in front of everyone. Especially with her proud nature, how is she going to accept that?’’

Yan Shi let out a bitter laugh, and mumbled, ’’I don't know why I was so rash, I'm sorry brother Ah Dai. You can go on the horse carriage first, we still have to proceed on our journey.’’ Then, he turned and went back to his steed, together with Yan Li.

Xuan Yue held Ah Dai's big hands and said, ’’Come, let's get on the carriage and comfort Yue Ji.’’

Ah Dai scratched his head, ’’Yue Yue, their relationship has soured, what do you think will happen in the future! I think it's a little inappropriate for me to console Yue Ji, since you are a girl as well, can you try to console her? Big brother Yan Shi's slap just now was quite heavy!’’

Xuan Yue pouted, and wanted to reject initially, but looking at Ah Dai's pleading look, she could not help but give in. ’’I'll try then, but if she ignores me, I can't do anything about that.’’

While they chatted, the two of them got onto the horse carriage. Wan Li had went to the front to steer the carriage, while Yue Hen sat silently within the carriage, and Yue Ji was lying by the side sobbing. Miao Fei was playing around with his sword, and once he saw the two of them, he shouted angrily, ’’Ah Dai, you be the judge, don't you think Yan Shi was too unreasonable! He actually dared to hit Yue Ji. Do you know, Yue Ji is like the princess among our mercenary group! Yue Ji, please don't cry, I'll go and take revenge for you.’’ As he spoke, he wielded his sword in his hand, and was prepared to go down.

Yue Hen immediately grabbed hold of Miao Fei, ’’Stop it, don't cause anymore trouble. Just sit here.’’

Ah Dai let out a bitter smile as he tried to explain, ’’Brother Yue Hen, big brother Yan Shi hasn't been feeling well these past few days, please don't blame him anymore. When there's a chance, I'll get him to apologize to sister Yue Ji.’’

Yue Hen humpf-ed in anger, ’’Even though his wife died, what has that got to do with us? No matter how emotional he is, he shouldn't have hit my sister! I admit, she may be a little too pampered, but even so, what right does he have to educate her? Ah Dai, this time, l gave you face and stopped arguing with him, but they should stop provoking us. Perhaps we may not be able to defeat Yan Shi, but we are willing to die for our honor!’’

Xuan Yue giggled, ’’Okay, okay, you are all great heroes, with great honor. Stop being angry anymore, we still need to go to the Death Mountains.’’ While she spoke, she scurried over to Yue Ji's side and sat down. Patting Yue Ji's back, she asked, ’’To be slapped by that burly guy, it must have hurt a lot, right?’’

Yue Ji instantly sat upright, and glared at Xuan Yue. The left side of her face was already swollen. ’’Don't gloat, if you got the ability, why don't you receive a slap from him as well.’’

Xuan Yue stuck out her tongue cheekily, ’’He's in a bad mood now, I don't dare to provoke him. Hais, sister Yue Ji's face was so beautiful originally! But, to be beaten to this state... What if there's some deformity left behind, and your eyes and mouth become crooked or something... That would be horrifying.’’ Even with Ah Dai shooting Xuan Yue many glances, she still said it out.

Miao Fei exclaimed in shock, ’’What? Deformities?’’

Xuan Yue explained, as a matter-of-factly, ’’Of course, I don't need to explain Yan Shi's strength right? Perhaps sister Yue Ji's bones may have been broken by him, and her face may become crooked.’’

Perhaps Yue Ji thought of how her beautiful looks would just be gone so simply, tears started flowing down her cheeks. With a wail, she once more kneeled on the floor and started crying. The veins on Yue Hen's forehead throbbed as he sighed, ’’Miss Xuan Yue, my sister is already very upset, can you stop trying to agitate her?’’

Xuan Yue revealed a cunning smile, ’’I'm just warning her out of good intentions! Seeing how she got so badly beaten up, I just wanted to heal sister Yue Ji, and help her recover to her original state. But since you put it this way, nevermind then, I'll go to sleep. Ah Dai, come, let me lean against your shoulder. Although you're so silly, your shoulders are so comfortable.’’

After hearing Xuan Yue's words, Yue Ji's crying instantly abated, and she sat up again, grabbing hold of Xuan Yue. ’’Little sis, what did you say? Are you able to fix the injuries on my face?’’

Xuan Yue twirled the magic wand in her hand, replying, ’’Of course, did you forget that I'm a light attribute magician? I'm most proficient in healing. Now you're calling me 'little sis'?’’

For the sake of her looks, Yue Ji could not help but lower her voice, and plead, ’’Little sis, please just help me. I, I...’’

Xuan Yue held Yue Ji's arm, and giggled, ’’Okay okay, big sister Yue Ji, don't worry. In just a few minutes, I can help you get back your looks to the original way it used to be. Although this time big brother Yan Shi had indeed gone overboard, you were at fault too, weren't you? Just stop harboring a grudge against him, okay? We are all teammates, and we will need to help one another out next time.’’

Yue Ji glanced at Xuan Yue, and had no choice but to nod her head. Hearing that Xuan Yue could treat the injuries on his sister's face, the furrowed brows in worry on Yue Hen's face immediately relaxed, and he added on earnestly, ’’Miss Xuan Yue, please help treat my younger sister.’’

’’Of course I will, even without you asking. Sister Yue Ji is so beautiful, it would be such a pity if her looks were ruined!’’

With Xuan Yue's compliment, Yue Ji's complexion instantly improved. Just an hour ago, she still thought of Xuan Yue as her rival, but now, she was only filled with immense gratitude towards Xuan Yue.

Actually, everything that Xuan Yue said was just a hoax, to scare them. Although Yan Shi's slap was indeed not light, he had held back. Even without treatment, Yue Ji should be able to fully recover after a few days. Of course, it would just be a more painful process. Seeing that the atmosphere within the horse carriage had relaxed with Xuan Yue's words, Ah Dai also heaved a sigh of relief.

Xuan Yue cracked a smile as she instructed, ’’Sister Yue Ji, sit down properly, I'm going to start now. The others must remain quiet, okay?’’

Miao Fei and Yue Hen immediately sat back down, not daring to make any noise. Yue Ji also adjusted her position, and used her sleeves to wipe away the tears on her face. ’’I'll start now.’’ With a smile, Xuan Yue raised her magic wand, and purposely raised her voice to chant the incantation, ’’O the great god of light! This devoted believer humbly requests of you, to use the holy light of recovery, and heal all the wounds and pain before you!’’ As she chanted, the angelic wings on her magic wand started to emanate faint white light, and a holy aura filled the carriage. Xuan Yue used her mental force to direct the light of recovery towards Yue Ji.

Yue Ji flinched slightly when the light reached her, but under the light of recovery, her swollen face felt extremely refreshed, and the pain had subsided.

The light gradually became more intense, and everyone could see that Yue Ji's face slowly became less swollen, and even the hand mark on her face was fading. When all of the light dissipated, apart from the traces of blood near her mouth, Yue Ji's face was fully back to normal, almost as if she had never got slapped at all.

Xuan Yue put down her magic wand, and glanced carefully at Yue Ji, before smiling, ’’Okay, sister Yue Ji, feel for yourself, everything's okay now.’’

Yue Ji felt that all of the pain was gone, and there was only a cool feeling from where she was slapped instead;it was indescribably comfortable. Miao Fei curiously walked over to Yue Ji, and peered closely at her face, causing Yue Ji to blush. Shoving him away, she stuttered, ’’Ha-Haven't you seen a beauty before?’’

As Miao Fei fell on top of Ah Dai, he exclaimed in wonder, ’’Wah! Sister Xuan Yue, your magic is indeed powerful, not even a single trace is left behind. Yue Ji, I was just being kind to help you check! Why are you repaying kindness with evil?’’

Yue Ji rolled her eyes at Miao Fei, then touched her own face. The areas where the injuries were, no longer hurt, and her face seemed to be back to its original shape. Filled with gratitude, she gushed, ’’Little sis, thank you so much! I, I'm sorry for what I did last time, always arguing with you. But, from now on, you shall always be my good sister! If there's anything that you need help with, elder sister will be here to help you.’’

Xuan Yue giggled, ’’I was in the wrong too! But it's because sister Yue Ji is too beautiful, I was a little envious, hehe.’’

Ah Dai was dumbfounded and speechless as he looked at the pair of beauties who used to quarrel all the time. A woman's heart, was something that he could not comprehend.

Yue Hen laughed, ’’This time, it's all thanks to Miss Xuan Yue, that my sister is able to recover. I really have to thank you.’’

’’Since sister Yue Ji is all recovered, then let's just forget about what happened just now. Actually, big brother Yan Shi is a good person, just that because of......’’ Ah Dai mumbled.

Yue Ji hmpfed, ’’Okay then, since little sis has also asked, I won't bear a grudge this time, but I don't want to talk to that barbarian anymore. Hmpf! Ah Dai, you better take good care of my little sister, if you bully her, or make her sad, I won't forgive you!’’

Ah Dai let out a bitter laugh, ’’Me... bully her? I should be praying that she doesn't bully me instead. Ow! Yue Yue, why did you pinch me!’’

The conflict this time, was finally resolved with the help of Xuan Yue's elementary level healing skills, and the group continued on their adventure to the Death Mountains.

3 days later, they finally left the territory of the Puyan Tribe, and entered the territory of the Heaven's Origin Tribe, where it was filled with forests and hills. In the past 3 days, as Yan Shi and Yan Li were travelling with them, every time they passed by a clan within the Puyan Tribe, they would always be warmly received. However, there was now a barrier between the four members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group and Yan Shi, Yan Li. Yan Shi had become even quieter, and only talked when Ah Dai spoke to him. Meanwhile, although Ah Dai did not directly practice the Hell's Sword Nine Techniques, he had already understood and memorized it. As for Xuan Yue, when she had nothing to do, she would either read the magic book that Prophet Pu Lin gave her, or secretly teach Ah Dai some incantations of the Dragon's Blood. There was a special teleportation technique within the magic book that caught her interest, and caused the usually mischievous and rowdy girl to actually start cultivating it. Ah Dai also tried his best to remember the incantations that Xuan Yue taught him. The incantations were not very complicated, and was pretty much similar to the incantations for the Phoenix's Blood, with some slight differences. Although Ah Dai's brain was a little slow, he had managed to fully remember some of the simpler incantations. With his current power, it was just enough for him to use these lower leveled incantations.

The horse stopped, and Wan Li's voice sounded from outside, ’’Boss Yue Hen, there's no more road in front, with a large forest blocking. What do we do?’’

The group got off the horse carriage and took a look. Indeed, before them, was a vast stretch of forest, with towering trees and a thick canopy. With just a glance, one could tell that the forest was very old, with a long history behind it. Yan Shi and Yan Li also got off their horses, and Ah Dai walked over to Yan Shi's side, asking, ’’Big brother, how come there is no road here? Did we take the wrong path?’’

Yan Shi shook his head and explained, ’’We are on the correct path. It's just that, the Heaven's Origin Tribe has a special feature, and that is, there are no roads within their territory. Therefore, even if there are large numbers of troops trying to attack them, it may be extremely hard to break their defenses. From here onward, we can no longer ride horses. The forest ahead of us, is the famed Elven Forest.’’

Everyone had gathered around Yan Shi to hear his explanation. Miao Fei furrowed his brows and asked, ’’If we can't ride horses past through their territory, then what do we do with our horse carriage?’’

’’You can only leave them here, likewise for our horses. I'll request the elven friends to take care of them, until we return,’’ Yan Shi replied in a neutral tone.

Ah Dai looked towards Yue Hen, and Yue Hen nodded. These few days, due to the awkward atmosphere between the two groups, Ah Dai had sort of become the messenger between them.

Xuan Yue walked over as well, and asked in excitement, ’’Big brother Yan Shi, are there many elves in the Elven Forest! I've never seen an elf before, what do they look like?’’

As usual, Yan Shi remained expressionless as he answered, ’’In just a while, you'll be able to see them. The elves are generally good-natured and kind;as long as you don't harm them, they won't easily start fights. Pack up your things, we will be entering the forest.’’

Looking at the ancient forest, Ah Dai could not help but recall his days in the Illusionary Forest, and sighed, ’’Nature is still the most beautiful! This giant forest is so beautiful!’’

Yan Li hmpfed, ’’How is this considered beautiful, it's only the outermost part of the Elven Forest. Wait till you enter the elven villages, that is truly an otherworldly paradise!’’

Ah Dai was shocked, ’’Don't elves live in the forest? Why do they have villages? Don't tell me they actually destroy the forest?’’

Yan Li laughed, ’’I guess you are too ignorant. Hehe, you'll be able to see the elven villages later.’’

Yue Hen walked over to Ah Dai's side, and continued to explain, ’’There are fewer elves on the continent, and they are unwilling to interact with humans. After all, any single male elf of elven race is much more handsome than humans, and as for the female elves, they are simply incomparably beautiful. There are many nobles who are willing to pay a hefty sum for the people of the Thieves' Guild to capture some young or matured elves. According to my knowledge, a single matured female elf, can be sold for ten thousand gold coins or so, in the black market. Because of that, the elven tribe is often plagued by people from the Thieves' Guild, or even those who are lusting over money. Even when dealing with such people, the elves rarely kill them, showing their kind and pure nature.’’

’’There are people who even capture elves? They are so horrible! If I ever meet anyone of them, I will surely eliminate these scoundrels for the elves! Big brother Yue Hen, what do those nobles want the elves for?’’ Xuan Yue exclaimed in rage.

Yue Hen let out an embarrassed smile, and softly replied, ’’To become *** slaves or playthings.’’

[TN: the word was censored from the raw, and i'm sure most people should know what's the censored word >///<if you don't, good, and please remain innocent XD]

Xuan Yue was stunned, ’’What's a *** slave?’’

At that moment, Miao Fei was drinking water. When he heard Xuan Yue ask that question, he immediately spat out the mouthful of water, coincidentally right into Wan Li's face. Wan Li got a fright and grabbed hold of Miao Fei's collar, ’’What are you doing!’’

Miao Fei choked on his water, and stuttered, ’’I, I..... didn't.... do it... on purpose, Miss, Miss Xuan Yue.... she, she.... is really.... Too.....’’


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